Apologizing to Mom

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The relationship between me and my mother has always been strained. Now, with my face buried between her legs, I feel like things could be looking up.

I go to college about a two-hour drive away from my hometown. I couldn’t wait to move, either. Nothing was ever easy with Mom; she’d turn every little argument into a full-blown crisis. Throughout high school, she hated every girl I ever dated. It seemed like I was always the preferred target when it came to exorcising her daily frustrations, and I was sick of the drama.

So, I traded a full-ride scholarship at a local college for considerably lower financial aid at someplace further away.

Now, I live with a girlfriend who has evidently decided that she will not fuck me anymore. Mom lives with my stepdad, a straight-laced band director at a private Christian school. I’d be willing to bet they don’t fuck all that often, either. It’s Thanksgiving break and I could use some distance from the girlfriend, so I make the drive home to surprise the family.

We live in the Northwest, so there’s already snow and frigid, biting cold wherever you go. My car is not equipped for snow, and I’m sliding all over the place for the majority of the drive. It takes longer than I expected, and soon night falls. I can hardly make out the road, so it’s a small miracle that I arrive at Mom’s house without slamming into a snowbank.

I’m shivering violently as I step out of my car’s comfortably heated interior and walk down the driveway towards the front door. I ring the bell and stand there, holding my arms tight over my chest and trying not to freeze. It takes her awhile, but eventually Mom answers. She looks happy and surprised, and once I step inside and the door’s shut behind me, she wraps her arms around me.

“Hi, sweetheart! I had no idea you were coming down!” she says.

I say, “I didn’t really either, not until this morning.”

She’s so warm compared to the outside air. It feels amazing. I hug her back and squeeze a little. It’s a happy side-effect that the gesture squishes her tits up against my chest, and I can’t help but take notice. They’re huge, always have been.

At 42, Mom looks pretty good. She’s about a head shorter than I am with a slightly chubby hourglass frame. She’s got reddish-brown hair and pale blue eyes. Wide hips and a rack to match them. Not a supermodel, by any means, but not far enough away from one to prevent her from becoming the object of my teenage fantasies.

Somehow, the fact that she could be an overbearing bitch never took away from that. In fact, sometimes it made her all that more appealing to me . . .

“Where’s your husband?” I ask.

She tells me that the school’s band is performing at some out-of-town competition, and he’ll be back in two days.

We make our way to the couch and initiate the standard small talk. Eventually though, like it always does with her, it starts to turn ugly. She launches into a rant about how my new girlfriend seems like a slut. If only that were true.

But then she brings up the scholarship and how it would have been much smarter to stay here for college.

“Why did you want to get out of this town so badly?” Mom asks.

Already on edge from the drive, I can’t stop myself from giving her an honest answer.

“Because I needed to get away from you,” I say coldly.

She’s hurt, and it’s immediately apparent. There’s tears and everything escalates from there until she storms off, declaring that she’s going to bed. Growing up, I was usually the one who did the storming off. I feel bad. I’d like to think it’s not usually in my nature to be casino siteleri an asshole, but there’s nothing good about what I said.

After wallowing on the couch for awhile, I doze off. Maybe it’s the lack of action back at college, but I’ve been having weird, intense sex dreams lately. Usually about my girlfriend or one of the attractive women I catch my self ogling in class. But tonight, it’s about Mom.

She’s so damn warm, and we’re hugging just like we did earlier. Only now, she’s not wearing any clothes. Her skin is hot and soft to the touch, and her breasts are now pressing firmly into me. She reaches down and grabs my wrists, guiding my palms to brush against her nipples. She kisses me on the neck, and the little hairs back there stand up.

I can’t take it anymore, I want her now. I take her face in my hands and bring my lips hard against hers. She slips the edge of her tongue between my lips and I meet it with mine.

Moving my hands back to her magnificent tits, her long nipples are growing so hard. But the kiss ends, and as our faces pull away, I see that she’s crying.

“I’m sorry,” I hear myself say. “I didn’t mean it.” But she begins to slowly back away, sobbing and slowly shaking her head.

I wake with a sudden gasp. There are so many feelings running through my bones, and I look down to find a powerful, throbbing erection trapped against my pants. I feel like I’m in a trance.

I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on. Hell, I can’t remember the last time I was this weirded out.

Aside from my early teenage years, when I jerked off to just about anything with tits, I haven’t thought of my mother in a sexual way for a very long time.

But I have to go tell her I’m sorry.

I walk softly from the couch to her bedroom door and open it, trying to make as little noise as possible. She’s sleeping on her side with her back turned to me, wearing what looks like a bra and nothing else on top.

What am I doing?

I unzip my pants slowly and let them fall around my ankles. I take off my shirt and crawl delicately under the covers next to Mom. I’m still wearing boxers and my erection had started to subside just a little, but as soon as I cuddle up to Mom and make contact with her warm ass, it’s back in full force. I lay an arm over her stomach, just beneath her breasts, and pull her close to me.

“Mom,” I whisper, “are you awake?”

She doesn’t respond and her breathing is steady. Carefully, I unhook the clasp of her bra and remove it, tossing it over the side of the bed. Immediately, I cup her tits, feeling their satisfyingly heavy weight. I brush my thumb over her nipple, and she responds by gasping a little and sleepily pushing her ass into my crotch.

I run my hands down her side and feel the lining of her panties. I bring my lips to her neck and plant a few soft kisses. Her breathing quickens a little, and she makes little cooing noises with each one.

When I was little and it was just me and Mom living together in a tiny apartment, I remember that she used to walk around naked sometimes. She wore her pubic hair in a thin, neat little strip. I wonder if she keeps it the same way now, and I can’t stop myself from finding out.

My hand travels further down, fingers brushing against her soft pubic hair, still trimmed in a straight line. I follow it with the tips of my fingers.

I’ve come this far, haven’t I?

The fingers find their way to her pussy lips, slightly moist and blazingly warm. I continue to plant the kisses on her neck and begin to slowly rub two of my fingers up and down the middle of her slit. slot oyna Now her breathing is heavy, and the cooing noises are turning into low moans.

“Mom, I’m really sorry about earlier,” I breathe into her ear, stopping to nibble on the lobe. “I’m sorry about everything. I wish we got along better. Will you let me make it up to you?”

I focus on her clit, pressing a little harder and making slow circles. She’s waking up, and I think it’s starting to dawn on her that her son is rubbing her pussy.

“Baby, no . . .” she starts, but I bite her neck and cut her sentence short, turning the “no” into a long, loud moan. “I’m your mother,” she manages to get out.

“I know, Mom. Nobody will know but us.” She’s definitely losing this battle, and I decide to get a little bolder. “Mom, I want to see what you taste like,” I whisper. “I would really love to lick your pussy.”

She gives a little shudder at that last word, probably surprised to hear me talk like that. I continue to rub and she begins involuntarily writhing against me, rubbing her ass up and down the length of my erection.

I can tell she’s weighing the decision, but at this point it’s not a fair fight. “O . . . Okay,” she breathes, and she definitely sounds conflicted about it.

I kiss my way down her back, down her butt, and roll her over on her back, now laying on my stomach in between her legs. I reach up and gently squeeze her tits, and I’m pleased to feel those same rock hard nipples against my palm. I think it sends her over the edge.

She takes her own hand, places it in my hair, and pushes me down towards her vagina. I tease her slit through her underwear with light licks, and begin to slowly pull down her panties with my teeth. She gets frustrated and raises her legs up higher, allowing me to take them off entirely.

“Just do it baby,” she moans. “Do it. I love you so much. Make me come, sweetheart.”

I go to work, making light circles around her clit with the tip of my tongue before starting longer, rhythmic licks. She still tastes sweet and the scent of her pussy is driving me wild.

It doesn’t take her more than a few short minutes, and her ass raises off the bed as her legs tremble with orgasm, thighs tightening around my face. I keep licking all the way through it, getting her juices all over my chin. As she comes, she lets out long breathy sighs. On my stomach, my erection is drilling a hole in the bed.

She settles down eventually, legs occasionally spasming while I continue to plant light kisses on her pussy. She’s making long “Mmmmm” noises, and I look up to find a dazed, satisfied smile on her face.

I kiss my way back up to her tits and stop to suck on her long, hard nipples. She pulls me up gently until we are face to face. With her eyes open and firmly fixed on mine, she starts to lick her juices off my lips. It leads to a long, deep kiss, our tongues slowly swirling around one another.

Through my boxers, my aching erection is resting against the opening of her soaked pussy. She reaches down suddenly and squeezes it through the underwear. With our tongues still wrapped together and our open mouths locked, I can’t help but let out a moan.

At that, she takes me by surprise and rolls me over onto my back, straddling me between her smooth legs and giving me a clear view of her naked, shapely body. Her massive tits hang over me, with large areolas spreading outwards from pointed nipples.

The sight drives me crazy. I sit up a little, cupping her breasts with both hands and bringing my lips to her left nipple. I suck on it forcefully and roll the other one between my thumb and canlı casino siteleri forefinger.

Mom runs her hands through my hair while I suck, folding them behind my head and keeping my face engulfed in her cleavage. She’s breathing in with sharp gasps and letting out low moans.

Eventually, though, she puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me firmly down, my head resting back on the pillow. Her hands begin to trail downwards, nails dragging against my abdomen.

“Get those off, sweetheart,” she says, tugging at the waistband of my boxers. I don’t disobey, and she lifts up a little so I can get rid of them. She puts her palms on my chest for support and grinds her pussy lips over my bare cock a few times, smiling down at me with each compulsory moan that escapes my mouth.

Soon, she kisses her way down my chest and takes me into her mouth, slowly sucking her way further down the shaft and holding it there for a few seconds. Her mouth is wet and warm, and the blowjob is completely uninhibited.

She starts at an achingly slow pace, the soft ring of her lips moving up to the tip and a little further down the shaft with each bob. Gradually, she picks up speed, slurping even more forcefully. It’s sloppy, with plenty of wet smacking noises as she bobs up and down.

Without a doubt, my mother is currently giving me the single greatest blowjob of my entire adult life.

With a sudden pop, she lets me out of her mouth and asks, “Where do you want to come, baby?”

This is too fucking good to be true. I’m so close, I can’t imagine it would take long wherever. But I still haven’t felt her pussy from the inside.

“Inside you,” I say.

She crawls up with and gives me a soft kiss before rolling over onto her back beside me. I follow, positioning my cock between her legs. I bury my face into her neck and slip into her, making her gasp. I am so close to coming, I can’t afford to do anything but move in and out of her with slow, deliberate thrusts.

Her pussy is still tight, and it grips my cock as well as any other college-aged one.

Mom doesn’t seem to mind when I tell her I’m going to come soon. She’s digging her nails into my back as she whispers into my ear, “Come baby. Come inside Mommy.”

I lose it, and I see stars as the first wave of orgasm pulses through my erection and sends a violent eruption of sperm into her pussy. I thrust in and out faster and harder, spurt after spurt of cum filling Mom up. From the noises she begins to make, I think she’s close to another orgasm, too.

When I think I’m done coming, I drag my lips across her breasts and find her nipple again, this time holding it between my teeth and using the tip of my tongue to tease it. I thrust three more times, hard. That does it, and she wraps her legs hard around me, holding me deep inside of her as her orgasm hits.

Her hips buck wildly and her pussy pulses. She moans loudly over and over again, “I’m coming! I’m coming baby! You’re making Mommy come!” I keep thrusting as hard and as fast as I can for what feels like minutes until finally, she collapses.

After laying intertwined together for a few more minutes, I kiss her neck and roll over. She rolls over, facing the other direction, and presses back against me, my fading erection nestled in between her butt cheeks. My cock is absolutely soaked.

There’s no tension left between us anymore. I can’t feel it.

“Mom?” I ask, laying my arm over her like before and cupping her breast. “If you want our relationship to be better, and you don’t want us to fight so much, I think maybe doing this would help with that.”

“I think so too, baby,” she says sweetly. Without turning over, she reaches back and takes my penis in her hand.

She begins to stroke me as she says, “Get hard again soon. We have a lot to make up for.”

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