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It was a mid summer night dream or so I thought. Actually it was closer to the Autumnal equinox and I was feeling pretty low. I had fallen in love with the right girl, only it was the wrong time. Apparently too much too little too late, and in trying to get her back I only succeeded in pushing her further away. So I did what any guy in my position would do… I went out to get drunk.

I went to a local dive bar to drown my heart in continuous twelve-ounce drafts. As the night went on I began to like I was being watched. The bar was crowded so I just chalked it up to inebriated paranoia, until I caught a glimpse of a familiar calf peeking out from a corner table. I followed the calf up to a thigh topped by a very short skirt. I watched closely as the owner of the gorgeous limbs crossed her legs slowly. I had to blink. Was she not wearing underwear? I looked around to see if any one else saw, or if it was just me. I tried to turn away, but a force greater than my own will compelled me. Lust.

It was “her” alright. She was wearing an all too familiar black skirt and red top. She wasn’t looking my way but I knew she knew I was here. I tried to turn away, but I kept finding myself looking in her direction. She turned to face me and leaned over to scratch her ankle. I caught a glimpse of her breast. They weren’t large. She wasn’t even what you would consider ample, B-cup at best, but they were perfect. with Large nipples. Pierced.

A sparkle reflected off of the surgical steel of one of the rings. I lost concentration. I shifted in my seat. A familiar stirring in my crotch was making it hard for me to sit still. I finally looked up to her eyes. She was looking right at me. My heart skipped. I smiled. She didn’t. She just stared. My smile slowly left my face. Her stare was deep. Controlling. I felt as if I was enveloped by her power. She lowered her gaze… canlı bahis şirketleri I followed. I couldn’t help myself. I found myself staring at her feet. Freshly manicured.

She had me and she knew it. Each move she made was like the stroke of an artist paintbrush. I was lost in her. She slowly stood, no, she wasn’t wearing underwear. My throat dried I began to tremble. She walked to the far end of the room and stopped at a dark empty booth, tucked onto the corner. She turned and looked over her shoulder. How did she know I was watching? Her expression never changed, but I knew she wanted me to come over. I cautiously walked over to her. She watched as I approached. I attempted to sit.

“No.” She said, “On the floor, at my feet. That is where you belong.”

I tried half heartedly to protest and sit on the bench. She immediately went cold and turned her back to me.

“If I want to talk, you have to sit where you belonged.”

Reluctantly I sat on the floor, she commanded I move closer.

‘Under the table.”

I moved to where she stated. The waitress came over. All I could see were her legs from the knees down. I couldn’t make out the conversation. I assumed it was a drink order, until I heard the laughter .

The waitress walked away and I sat on the cold tile floor wondering what was happening, what was she up too, why was I obeying? I smelled tobacco; she lit a cigarette and shifted in her seat. Once more, the sight of her bare crotch teased me. She had shaved smooth. Something I had asked her to do many times. Was this for me or in spite of me? I didn’t know or care. She had the most beautiful pussy, and hairless it just made me want to lick.

She deliberately removed a shoe and placed her bare foot on my shoulder. She leaned down just enough for me to hear her.

“You’re not worthy of the seat canlı kaçak iddaa next to me.” She told me. “You should be grateful that I am even talking to you, no less allowing you to be at my feet.”

Then without warning she stuck her foot in my face. I knew what she wanted and I wanted to give it to her.

“Thank the Goddess above that you are allowed to worship her foot.”

Before I could speak, she placed her foot in my mouth. I was a little humiliated at first. Could I be seen? I was overtaken by her power once more. The rest of the bar seemed to disappear as I made oral love to each digit. Moving my tongue in, out and around each toe. Her scent and soft moan told me I was doing okay. I suckled first one toe then another and another. I dragged my tongue down her sole and nibbled her heal and moved up to take her foot again in my mouth. She slightly spread her legs and began to stroke her self. Then with her other foot she kicked me away.

I barely had time to think when she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into her thighs clamping them on each side of my head, just inches away from her pussy. I could hardly hear anything but there I was face to face with her precious glory. She slid her finger along the length of her pussy. Her lips parted at her touch. She slipped her finger in just enough to get her moisture on the tip. She then wiped it under my nose and across my lips, pushing it into my mouth. I sucked it clean as she drew it from my lips. She yanked me by the hair, drawing me closer in between her legs.

“Please me you dog” She said.

I didn’t need to be asked twice.

I slid my tongue between the folds of her outer lips. Her scent filled my head like opium. My tongue moved probing for her swollen clitoris. Once I found the protruding treasure I sucked it between my teeth. I was determined to please her. canlı kaçak bahis She squirmed slightly in her seat. I pushed my tongue deep inside her. She bucked. My own excitement was building in my pants. I couldn’t remember ever feeling like that. She had me at her whim. Her pleasure became my world. My face was drenched in her nectar.

I buried my tongue deep inside. Sucking harder on her clitoris. She squeezed my head between her thighs. I moved my tongue in, out and around, flicking, licking and sucking her glory. I had to make her cum. She wouldn’t have it any other way. I felt like she was resisting, prolonging her own pleasure, punishing me by making me work harder. The sweet agony was almost more than I could bear.

My hard cock was pushing against my pants. She shuddered; my jaw was getting tired, so I stated sucking on her swollen clit. It seemed to be twice as big now. My face was completely drenched. She moved her foot between my legs and started to rub my crotch. This brought a whole new life to my efforts. The harder and faster she rubbed, the deeper I pushed my tongue, the harder I sucked her clit. I couldn’t take any more and moaned inside her wet pussy and came in my pants, on the floor under the table with my face bury deep between her legs. She pulled me in deep, clamped tight on my head with her thighs and cameShe held me there for what seemed an eternity, filling my mouth, before letting me go.

She pushed me on my ass and told me to go.

I stood up slowly wondering if anyone had seen the heaven I just endured… I knew it was written all over my face. The dark spot on my jeans was the exclamation point.

The waitress returned with a shot and told me what a good boy I was. She smiled at me with approval as she patted my wet crotch. I took the shot. Then she pushed me towards the door telling me I had to leave. I was so dazed I just did as I was told, no questions asked. At the door she handed me a note with an address and told me that is where I’d better go.

I got in my car and drove to the address on the paper… not knowing what to expect when I got there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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