Are You Wet?

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You knock on the door. I call out that it ‘s open and you enter to find me sitting in a chair across from the door, fully dressed, my legs crossed, hands folded in my lap. You enter and close the door behind you.

You’re wearing what I had instructed you to wear. A white blouse, Black skirt that falls below the knees, stockings, heels, nails polished, light makeup…”very pretty and sexy” I am thinking to myself. Very pleasing.

You start to cross the room towards me and I tell you to stop. You do. I reach across to table beside me and turn on a CD. It’s the Pilgrim album from Eric Clapton. The music is slow, deep and rhythmic. I ask you to dance for me. You hesitantly comply.

I tell you I want you to dance sexy, touching yourself. You move rhythmically to the music your hands caressing your body through the material of your clothing. At first you show signs of nervousness but you relax as the wine we drank during our dinner is taking its effect. Your hands travel first inside your blouse and then under your bra. Playing with your breasts and nipples.

Then you watch my eyes as your hands travel down your body pulling up your skirt with one hand and the other sliding down canlı bahis şirketleri into your panty hose, sliding down…and you play with your clit for a few seconds before withdrawing your hand to bring it to your lips.

“Most pleasing” I tell you. You know what I like. But there is still a surprise, a test if you will, yet to come.

I tell you I want to see more of that and you show me. “Put your fingers in” I command of you. You spread your legs more and bend at the knees slightly as you comply by sliding first one, then two and finally three fingers inside your wet pussy. I can hear your wetness from where I sit.

You are telling me how many fingers you have in and you can tell I am very excited by how I am fidgeting in my chair even though I try to hide it. “I’d like to put more then 3 fingers in you,” I say. You know by the bottle of lotion that is on the table that I would like to try and slide my hand in so I can feel deep inside you. Seeking a special pleasure spot attempting to find your ultimate orgasm.

You continue to dance for me. Showing me. Then suddenly I tell you to stop. You do. I stand up and with my foot I push the hotels trash bucket from beside canlı kaçak iddaa the table over to you. Sliding it between your still parted legs. I return to my chair and cross my legs, looking at you. You look back at me with a puzzled look on your face and then a realization crosses over your eyes and you begin to shake your head no. I nod my head yes. Wild eyed, humiliated and embarrassed you know you must comply.

You continue to watch me. Blushing. I am watching and you see me reach down and adjust myself in my pants. You can tell that the prospects of what is to follow is very exciting to me and this in turn excites you and puts you at ease in front of me.

You start to pull your pantyhose down around your hips and stop when you see me shaking my head no. “You mean…” And your voice trails off.

“Yes” I nod. You think for a second and then shrug compliantly. You again spread your legs, lower one of your hands back inside your panty hose fingering yourself and then spreading your lips. You are watching my face as you lower yourself down over the bucket. Your other hand is resting against your upper thigh for support.

You hold like that for quite a while placing me in canlı kaçak bahis suspense, then you let out a little moan as the first trickle begins to flow from within you and sliding hot and wet onto your fingers to drip into your panties.

I watch from my vantage as a few droplets fall from the center of your crotch and land in the bucket. Now that you have established your aim, you release your flow. You feel yourself release and then feel it splash back in a gusher against your fingers and back into your spread open pussy. Your pantyhose fill with your hot piss as it tries to find an exit. Trickling at first through your crotch and then running down your legs. I watch in excitement as I see you wetting.

Only a little makes it into the bucket as you try in vain to control the flow. I watch as you stream onto the floor forming a puddle there, even on top of your shoes. You let out a little moan surprising yourself with your very own reaction.

You find yourself mysteriously aroused to the warm flow from between your legs and embarrassed all at the same time. As your flow begins to trickle, I notice that you are again rubbing your pussy. I can tell that this may have excited you nearly as much as I. As I stand to approach you, you withdraw your hand all wet and glistening and looking me defiantly straight in the eye, you bring it to your lips and slide your index finger into your mouth…

“My turn” I say…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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