Arseholes and Casseroles

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Rob sat in his room watching TV, the Sun bright and low as it streamed in across the floor as the afternoon faded fast to the evening.

He then shifted where he sat for about the third time, annoyed as the light was in his eyes yet again.

As he sat heavily on the bed, it creaked so loud that his mum suddenly popped her head round the door and said, “Careful you don’t break that! You know I can’t afford new furniture since your dad left.”

Rob glanced round, “Sorry, mum…” he said. “The Sun’s in me eyes.”

“Well, close a curtain or something.” She frowned.

He rolled his eyes as he got up and leant over, giving the nearest curtain a sharp yank as it drew over.

“See.” Mum said, smiling, “Mother knows best.”

As Rob sat down, he saw in the corner of his eye his Mother lingering in the doorway a moment longer. But when he turned to face her, she quickly moved and went away.

“Dinners’ ready in five minutes!” she called out as she went downstairs.

Rob sighed and figured he might as well go down now. He switched the TV off and stood up; a semi-erect bulge now in his jeans.

He guessed his old mum had probably noticed it; and his bum when he’d bent over!

She’d been divorced for only a few months, the result of marital problems from years earlier, Rob being their only reason to stay together this long.

But as he neared thirty, they neared their mid-fifties. And now Rob noticed his mum’s eyes lingering on him more and more…

He started to fantasise about seducing her at the kitchen sink and giving her hugs whenever he went out, “for comfort”, and seeing where it led.

Rob felt like a new man. He hated his dad and knew he’d never see him again, so his mum was ripe for the taking…

And he was definitely sure she’d heard him jerk-off at night. His bed-springs creaking with primal enthusiasm; his wad creaming over anything as it shot up in the dark!!

Tonight would be the night; he grinned as he sat on the little wooden stool at the pine table.

A glass bowl of steaming casserole was already set. A hot dollop of it on two plates, cutlery laid beside casino siteleri them.

“I’m just nipping the loo…” mum said, as she suddenly stood and glanced down at Rob’s steeple-like crotch, and appeared almost to wince…

Probably going for a sticky frig in her knickers, Rob guessed, as he knew it was now or never.

Without glancing round, he ripped undone the buttons of his faded-blue jeans and forced his rigid fat dong into his mum’s food, his fist tightening as his cock twitched from the heat as sauce splattered about.

After a good dip, he squelched his throbbing tool out, quickly buttoned his package up, wiped his hand on his ass, and took his seat again.

Mum came back in and silently tucked into her food. Did she suspect he’d done something?

She stayed quiet the whole time, slurping away as her lips pouted as pre-cum and sauce lathered her mouth and chin.

Rob smiled thinly.

Fuck, she was sloppy!

“I enjoyed that.” She said at the end, and sat back in her seat, smiling.

Rob only toyed with his food and then quickly stood up.

“I’ll do the dishes.” He mumbled, as he scrapped the food in the bin and began running the water.

In the corner of his eye, he saw his mum staring at him; and he wasn’t the least bit surprised…

His crotch bulged, and probably had casserole stains seeping through.

Shit, he thought!

But he avoided looking down.


He stayed cool and calm; and got on with washing the dishes.

Mum then moved from her chair, round the table to the stool, and then she learnt back against the table behind, her slender legs crossed as her left foot swirled and bobbed noticably about.

Rob glanced to his right, and smiled at her.

Fuck, he wanted her bad!

She slowly scratched the side of her mouth, as she sat there, just staring. And then he realised, she’d always done this…

Slowly scratching the side of her mouth had happened for years. And it wasn’t some female body-language thing, it was a Her-thing, and the bitch was doing it now. Wanting him, too…

Rob sunk his hands in the soapy slot oyna water, the white liquid sponk-like and milky as he finally turned, ass to the cupboard beneath the sink as he stood there, drying his hands on the tea-towel, his bulge shamelessly on full view.

He didn’t care anymore.

He wanted to drink her juice.

He wanted his mum!

Her cunt!

Her mouth!

Her asshole!

Heartbeats raged in his chest; and then he decided…

This was it…

“Can you pass me that cup?” he said.

His mum turned, grabbed the cup from behind her on the table, and then turned back to pass it to him.

Rob smirked and playfully tossed the tea-towel at her.

“You can clean that!” he said.

His mum smiled, and got up and done so.

Rob stepped to one side, arms folded, as he now stared down at his mother’s curvy arse in her floral-print knee-length pants. Her top, a little white t-shirt, and her pumps, matching and white, too.

Heartbeats pounded in Rob’s chest.

Adrenalin surged through him.

His cock stiffened hard and then…

His mum turned to face him, cup in hand, tea-towel in the other, and then they fell–

Rob stepped forward, arms wrapped instantly around her, his tongue swirling defiantly in her mouth; his very-pronounced bulge jabbed right into her stomach!

After several unbelievable minutes, Rob had his mum snogged to submission!

He reached down, his wide manly hands clutching her arse-cheeks, as he heaved her up and slammed her down on the table-top!

Moving quicker than she knew what was next, Rob reared back and yanked off her slim-fitting summer pants, and her skimpy pink knickers in one go!

He grabbed both her ankles with his left hand, reached over and dipped his other in the glass casserole dish, and then he smeared his right hand all over his mum’s little pussy and arse-hole, the neatly-shaven pubes of which already glistening from her ultra-quick bathroom fumble minutes beforehand!

Rob stepped back and rolled his panting mum onto her belly; her pale white arse plump and now His forever more…

There was canlı casino siteleri no going back.

“Do you want me?” he asked her, bluntly.

“I always have…” she breathed heavily, her face pressed on the table-top, “That’s why I only had you…” she revealed, “so when I did divorce, I could take your cherry…”

“You’re a little late for that…” Rob said, as he slowly wanked his shaft.

“I know…” his mum said closing her eyes, “your dad wouldn’t sign the divorce papers when you were nineteen, so I waited till now and sued him into doing it…”

Rob grunted as he felt his shiny red nob touch his mother’s sopping wet pussy for the very first time…

“Forget him…” he told her… “You’ve got me…” he said, “Forever…”

“I love you…” she sobbed, “I fucking love you, my man!”

“I love you too, woman.” Rob said tearfully. “I fucking love you!”

As his tip became his helmet, and then that became every inch of his thick cock… finally, his wrinkly ball sack and prickly pubes then met with his mother’s gash, as she held wide her own bum cheeks for his entry.

For a very long moment, the lovers remained like this; both feeling the sexual rhythm of one another…

Rob felt his mum’s pussy twitch and squeeze his prong, and she felt her son-lover’s tool fill and stretch her long-unused box.

“Thank you for spreading your legs so long ago…” Rob told her, “You birthed the lover you’re meant to be with…”

“No…” she whimpered, “Thank you.” She said, “You’ve give me reason to live each day, and now we’re together.”

Rob pulled off his t-shirt and threw it away.

From now on, clothes would be forbidden indoors.

“Are you ready, Janet?” Rob gasped.

“Don’t hold back…” she said, “Don’t fucking hold back…”

Rob then slowly grinned.

“I don’t intent to…” he said, and then in one wet move of excellence, he thrust out of his mother’s soggy pussy and straight into her warm wet arsehole…

His quick thrusts building momentum as Janet rose her twat to fuck her sons cock. Her bum-cheeks wobbling as they slammed against his stomach…

“Fuck my rooter!” Janet squealed; “Shit-stain your dick so I can lick it!”

And from that moment on, every fanasy and frustration of these two lovers was unleashed…

This was the start of A LOT of adventures…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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