Aunt Jo’s Dirty Secret Ch. 04

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Jack got home bang on nine; there were so many things going on in his head before he opened the front door he took three deep breaths, opened the door and went straight into the lounge where mum was sitting on the sofa. She stood up and came and put her arms around Jack, the kiss was amazing, it was sensual, affectionate and tender. It lasted several minutes. The weight of mum’s enormous tits felt so good on his chest. Mum was pushing her pussy against him with a circular motion; his massive cock was rock hard. They were both taking their time, enjoying their togetherness, they were so close, they both knew it now, mum said, “I love how you kiss, I’ve wanted this for so long, it feels so good and so desirable, kissing you feels so nice.”

Jack replied, “I feel the same mum; let me love you, then you will know how I feel towards you.”

“Love me, Jack, I want and need you so bad.”

“Mum, I’m going to take off your top, then I’ll suck and play with your magnificent tits, we’ll go back twenty years, I’ll suck your tits and only that until you cum, then I will love you as you’ve never been loved before.”

Mum took off her top; her tits were enormous, they looked magnificent, she had a gorgeous all-over tan, she must have sunbathed nude. Jack then saw her perfect Camels Toe; her tight leggings showed it to perfection, Jack was sure that his mum wasn’t wearing any panties, he laid his mum on the sofa and went down on her enormous tits, slowly and systematically he sucks, squeezed and played with her two melons. They were looking in each other’s eyes as Jack pleasured his mum’s tits then without warning mum said, “Baby, don’t stop, I’m cuming, you do that so good, baby love me, let’s go to bed, I want the light on, I want to watch you doing it to me, love me baby, and I’ll love you back more.”

They went to mum’s bedroom; mum left the two bedside lights on as she pulled her leggings down, her beautiful vulva was hairless, she was like Aunt Jo, her slit was the same length as Aunt Jo’s. Jack stripped naked when he turned around mum saw his massive erect cock, mum said, “Jesus Jack, you have an E for enormous cock, I’ve seen one so long or so thick before, baby, I want you to love me with that beauty.”

Jack laid his mum on her bed; he spread her legs wide open then he went down on her. He positioned himself in a way that would allow them to sixty-nine, he left it entirely up to his mum on how she wanted to proceed, all Jack was going down on his mum where he would suck her clit and finger fuck her until she orgasmed again.

Jack was not disappointed; mum’s clit was the same size as Aunt Jo’s. Jack knew that it would be as sensitive. Mum’s clit was like a little cock, she grunted with pleasure when he started sucking it, mum’s cunt was so wet, but it was also tight, Jack was finger fucking her with three fingers, mum was gripping his fingers and even riding the fingers that he had inside her hungry cunt, mum grunted, “Baby, it’s so good, I love what your doing to me, I’m going to cum again, baby, let me cum again then I’ll casino siteleri make you cum.”

Jack continued what he was doing; mum was getting hotter, Jack felt his mum’s tongue on the slit on the head of his cock, mum licked the precum away, Jack then felt his mum’s lips wrap around his cock as she slid his erect cock into her mouth.

Jack then lubed his middle and index finger with some of mum’s cunt juice; he slid his middle finger inside mum’s ass, mum grunted with pleasure and said, “Baby, I love that, your mum loves it in every hole.”

Jack then slipped his index finger in with his middle finger; he was then sucking her huge clit as he ass fucked her with two fingers. Mum loved it; Jack knew then he would ass fuck her first to give her a couple of vaginal organs before taking care of her hungry cunt.

Jack was now finger fucking mum’s ass with three fingers; she was ready for him. He took her off the bed; she stood beside the bed. Jack bent her over her ass level with his hard cock. Mum hands were on the bed, giving her balance and support. Jack centered his cock in the middle of her tight ass, with a gentle thrust he was home. He soon had a dominant rhythm going, mum was pushing her ass against his massive cock, out of nowhere mum had her first vaginal orgasm, she was trembling with it then mum said, “I can’t believe what’s happened, I never had that before, the head of your cock was stimulating my G-spot, and you’ve made me cum with a powerful orgasm, baby, make me cum again.”

Jack continued to pound his mum’s ass; he had felt the warmth of mum’s orgasm on his fingers as he stroked her huge clit. Mum’s second vaginal orgasm came a couple of minutes later, mum was shaking with this one, Jack went out of her ass and into her very hot wet cunt, it felt so good, mum said, “That feels so good, your cock is enormous, your banging against my cervix, no one has ever done that before, your mum loves you and loves your cock.”

Jack was looking in mum’s dressing table mirror; mum was bending over, her flat stomach visible, there wasn’t an ounce of fat on mum, then these two magnificent pair of tits bouncing in every direction, on seeing this Jack started to fuck his mum harder, and she loved that.

Mum was a great ride; she was gripping Jack’s cock beautifully with her strong cunt muscles. Mum then put her right hand onto Jack’s balls and started massaging them as he rode her. Jack sensed his mum was close to cuming; Jack said, “Mum cum for me, let me feel the warmth of your cum on my cock. I’m going to cum soon.”

They both climaxed within seconds of each other; it was an incredible feeling for both of them. Jack pulled out, turning his mum around he held her in his arms as they kissed tenderly with much affection. Mum said, “Jack, I’m so happy we have done this, to feel you inside me was amazing, you made me feel like a woman again, I haven’t felt that for a long time. I want to spend time with you, in three weeks you’re back at University and staying here again, I’m so looking forward to that, I’m now going to order slot oyna the Indian, goodness, look at the time, it’s eleven, the last two hours have flown in.”

Mum ordered the Indian; it delivered in thirty minutes. Jack opened a fresh bottle of Champagne; she also brought Jack a towelling dressing gown telling him there was money in the pocket to pay for the meal. Mum sat beside Jack naked; she was glowing, mum asked, “Baby, when can you stay till?”

Jack replied, “Until Sunday night, Aunt Jo is in the Clinic so I must be there for Monday morning, we can stay here until I leave on Sunday night.”

They kissed and touched, then the Indian arrived. They ate in the kitchen; the meal was excellent, mum said, “Jack, I’ve to work in the morning, I’ll be at the clinic from eight until eleven, I would love to make love to you in the morning before I left, how do you feel about that?”

“Mum, we think the same way, let’s go back to bed. I want you now.”

The next morning they woke at six, their lovemaking was so intensive, mum had multiple orgasms as she had last night on their second session. Mum left for the clinic just before eight. Jack checked his phone; he had a message from Dot, it read, “The party was good, we managed to get it cleaned up early this morning, I’m happy it’s over. I can be free on Monday morning. I’d love to come down for a swim. Let me know what time is good for you. Thinking about you, Dot.”

Jack replied, “Dear Dot, thanks for the message. I will be at the reception at nine on Monday morning. I’ll then take you to the Spa; you can have your swim and see around the facility. We could then meet at eleven for a coffee and a chat. If this is good for you, then please let me know. Regards, Jack.”

Jack then made his breakfast and showered. Just after nine, he had a message from Jean which read, “Dear Jack, thank you for the time that you spent with me yesterday and thanks also for the use of the suite to spend the night. I’ve looked at your website which is so informative and so easy to navigate through, is it the Sovereign Suite that I’ll be staying in? It looks wonderful.”

“I have two hygienists, one is on holiday, and the other has to attend a funeral on Wednesday morning. I’ve checked the appointments, and you have a checkup and the hygienist at nine on Wednesday morning. Is it possible that you could come at twelve on Wednesday and I’ll do the hygienist work for you and the checkup? This would be the easiest solution to this problem. If it’s good for you, then I’d like to invite you for lunch afterwards. I have so many things that I want to ask you.”

“I intend to carry out all the procedures that the Bride’s father would have carried out. Bob, Jill’s fiancee, has only his mum as his dad died five years ago. Sheila, Bob’s mum, whom I have not as yet met, wants the two mothers to carry out all the protocols the fathers would have carried out. I would love to spend some time with you on Wednesday afternoon. Please let me know if this is convenient for you. Kind regards, Jean.”

Jack replied, canlı casino siteleri “Dear Jean, thank you for your message. I will see you at twelve on Wednesday. I can give you lots of advice on the protocols involved; in fact, I can even help you with your speech. Until Wednesday. Kind regards, Jack.”

Just before eleven, Jack got a message from mum; it read, “Baby, I feel so good, I can’t get your magnificent cock out of my head, I want you before and after lunch. Let’s do dirty things when I get home. I love you so much, mum xx.”

Jack had a reply from Jean, it read, “Dear Jack, you’re so kind, I’ve been worrying about the speech, I want your advice on that. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday; the Practice closes at twelve. You can’t eat or drink for forty-five minutes after your treatment, we could go to my house, and I’ll cook you something. If you want this, then please tell me what you’d like to eat. Kind regards, Jean.”

Jack replied, “I’d love that; I leave it to you to surprise me. I know that it will be good, Jack.”

Mum came home; they had terrific sex, mum was now talking dirty when Jack was fucking her, this turned both of them on. They then went out for lunch; they were speaking about everything. Back home, they had another fantastic session. Mum suggested having a Chinese takeaway instead of her cooking or going out. After the Chinese, which was delicious, they had another intensive session, mum said, “I have never cum so many times in the one day in all my life, Jack, I love you, and I adore your cock.”

They kissed and touched then mum said, “May was working this morning as well. We had a coffee together, she told me that Jo is a changed woman, she looks so good, and she seems so content with herself. She didn’t mention once to May, which is so unusual for Jo.”

Jack thought for a moment; he said, “Mum, Aunt Jo’s new church is the church of Jack’s cock. We are lovers; I want to be honest with you. I still want us to be lovers, but you must be prepared to share me. I’ve had sex with Aunt Jo and her friend Maria. I’m a young man, one day I’ll want to marry and have children but at the moment I love being with older women. I hope that you can accept that then we all can have so much fun.”

Mum then took Jack in her arms; they kissed passionately and affectionately for several minutes then mum said, “Jack, you have given me the best sex that I’ve ever had in my life, I want you, I will share you. In a way I’m happy that you’re giving Jo pleasure, we must all have a session together. Jack, I’m bisexual, May and I are lovers. I know that she would love you and your magnificent cock. Please always be honest with me and tell me what you’re up to. If you see other women, then I’d like to know.”

They kissed then Jack said, “I’ll always be honest with you mum, on Monday I’m seeing Dot, Charlie’s mum. On Wednesday day I’m seeing Jean, Jill’s mum, I find both of them very attractive.”

Mum said, “Thanks for your honesty. I also find them attractive. I’ve flirted with both of them but only kissing and touching; we should invite them for supper one evening.”

They then went to bed and had the best lovemaking that they had ever had; they both knew that there was a future in what they were doing.

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