Blood and Love Ch. 19

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Hi everyone. Great to be back. I had taken the season break to think about the story and to shape it better. Season 2 begins with Ch.19. I have added a recap of Season 1 to refresh the events for old readers and to acquaint the new readers with the story till now. This will be the longest chapter so far. Considering I was asked a lot to write longer chapters, I will now be posting chapters of 5000+ words. Hoping that you guys like the story. Also, I’ve tried to brush the style of writing a bit. All reviews, suggestions are welcome and desired. Also, Season 2 will mark the end of the novel. Also, Should i include a list of characters in the next chapter, so that you don’t feel lost when they come up? Thank you. 🙂

Season 1: RECAP


Sean Geller lives in the town of Mystical Domus with his brother Aaron and aunt Amanda. His parents died in an accident last summer. His life has been disappointing since then with Aaron blaming him for their parent’s death.

But, fate has something else in store for him. Evan Damien has come to town. This new student/ stranger soon becomes his love interest, helps solve his life’s issues, esp with Aaron. It is soon revealed that he is a vampire. Evan’s brother Daniel, also a vampire, is interested in Aaron. But his complicated past and inability to move over Alex, his dead boyfriend hasn’t helped matters.

It is soon revealed that Sean’s friend Rebecca is a witch and is assisting the Damien brothers in protecting Sean from ‘Someone’. Sean is attacked thrice. In the first attack by Ruth, Sean discovers the brothers’ identity. In the second attack, Sean’s best friend Stephan, who happens to love him too, becomes a vampire. In the third attack, Sean is abducted but rescued by Evan and Stephan, only to find that Alex is alive. Meanwhile Daniel and Aaron have resolved their complications and are now lovers.

What will happen now begins…

Season 2


Chapter 19


Excerpts from the journal of Daniel Damien….


1855, 5th January.


Today has marked the end of the bond closest to my heart. Arthur has gone. The promises of a lifetime of bliss and love have gone with him. I have nothing left to cherish. My life has come to a standstill. The entire Damien estate around me is bustling with activity: rigorous cleaning and preparations. A serene chaotic atmosphere is pervasive in the mansion. I enquired and was informed by our bubbling butler that my father’s closest friend of years Mr. Askern and his son Alexander are coming to stay with us. While the butler was providing me with the information, I heard my father’s commanding voice from the top of the spiral marble staircase.

“Daniel, I would like to talk to you in my study. Now.”

I looked up at the frame of the decisive man, his hand clutching his sturdy walking stick, standing against a large portrait of the smiling visages of my brother, my father and me. I noticed the differences between the art and the muse. The thick bushy eyebrows and moustache set on a hard, lined and impassive face. While the art showed a smiling benevolent father, the muse was a decisive, firm, strict and dominating authoritarian. I had no inclination to speak with anyone, let alone him. However, I was in no mood to direct another argument and decided to do as directed.

The study was a huge room with shelves of books, maps and artifacts, some family heirlooms while others mere decorations. The ensemble boasted of generations of royal education, the Damien lineage and bloodline. My father was sitting in the ornate chair behind his huge ebony desk covered with papers, few books, quills, ink et al. Perhaps, matters regarding the city’s governance and development. Being the Mayor, my father exhibited the grandeur of the position and the associated responsibilities.

“Yes father. You wished to speak with me.”

He looked at me with his piercing grey eyes from below the bushy eyebrows. After analyzing me for a minute, he spoke.

“How are you?”

I bit back the retort and answered in a restrained tone. “Let us not discuss my well- being father. I do not wish to talk about …that.”

He narrowed his eyes but spoke softly. “You know whatever I did was for your good. Your association with that young man was most unnatural and unacceptable. The prestige of the estate, the family and the honor of our lineage was at stake.”

“For my good! Unnatural and unacceptable! I’m sorry father but you were, you are and will always be incapable of understanding your children. After mother’s death, you may have given us wealth, name, education but the one thing, the most important one: love; Father, you failed to provide us!” I hissed in frenzy.

“Daniel Damien! That’s enough!” He bellowed. I could see anger building in his shivering frame and hurt pride in his eyes. “I will not tolerate an argument from my sons. Behave and be in control of your tongue! You will not indulge in your unnatural whims till casino oyna I breathe. Arthur Ray was a abomination and you will forget him! You will do as I say!”

I looked at him in sheer anger but could not utter another argument. I couldn’t argue any further. Seeing me quiet he continued.

“My friend Askern is coming tomorrow. His son Alexander will accompany him. Remember Daniel, I have known Askern since my Wittenberg university and militia days and I shall not tolerate any misdemeanor. Moreover, Alexander is nineteen now and wishes to enroll in the University. You have been an eminent scholar there and with your twenty-first birthday next week, you will have earned your degree. Askern expects you to help Alexander with the University enrollment procedure. And I have promised that you will. Is that understood?”

I looked straight into his eyes. I had a lot to say. I wanted to refuse. I wanted to do anything to thwart the man.


“Then we are settled. You may leave.” He said and returned to his documents.

I turned and walked out to the roof. As I stood looking into the distant orange horizon and the vast landscape of slowly darkening greenery, a tear made its way down my cheek.

“Was I going to suffer forever?”

1885, 6th January.


The Askerns arrived today. A certain feeling has emanated in my being. I can’t make sense of it. The more I try to fathom the depths of this alien feeling, the more elusive it seems to comprehension. My existence appears to be a paradox. Perhaps, I’ll narrate the entire episode in this journal. Maybe then I shall receive some clarity about this issue.

We stood at the ornate, majestic oak door waiting for the Askerns. My father stood leaning on his stick looking into the distance. I stood near the entrance away from him. Evan was not back from the trip to a relative. The other officials and servants stood according to the decrees and status. As the receiving party stood patiently I started taking in the weather. It was a gloomy day. The January sun was veiled by slightly dark clouds promising rain. The wind had gathered momentum and was cool, slightly strong. The clouds cast their shadows on the earth below and the ambiance was that of a dusk scene at noon. Birds were flying towards their nests perhaps; the rain was to come soon. The scent in the air indicated that the clouds had landed somewhere.

Suddenly, the call of the watchman brought me back to my company and I saw the iron gates being thrown open to let in a carriage drawn by two handsome white horses of superior breed. The black but lavish carriage traversed the path leading up to the house and halted in front of us. The valet got off the ride and handsomely, with the grace of a noble’s official, opened the carriage entrance. An old man in his sixties, clad in a traveling coat on top of a handsome suit, with a stick and an eye-glass, got out. With a beaming face he walked towards my father and the men embraced.

“It’s been so long, Damien.” Mr. Askern spoke in a cheery booming voice.

“Sure it has. There is a lot to talk about. Let’s proceed to the hall.” My father stopped for a second and looked around puzzled. “Where is Alexander?”

“Oh! Alexander was behind us. You are aware how charged a youth my son is. He decided to ride on his horse to the place. He will be here in another minute. Ah! There he is.” Askern pointed towards the gate from where the neighing sound had come.

I turned to look and time stopped.

A handsome black horse was galloping on the stony gravel path that led up to us. But the rider, Alexander was a rarity. Young man, the look of an eighteen year old, an innocent face with a cute grin rode the horse. The wind was flirting with his medium length blonde hair. His coat flying with the wind as the horse gained speed. He stopped at the door and dismounted. He wasn’t that tall. In fact he came up to my shoulders.

“Alexander! How are you, my boy?” My father cheered and embraced him.

“I’m fine, sir.” Alexander curtseyed and flashed a shy charming smile.

I found my self gaping at Alexander. His face was flushed with the ride and a rosy complexion arose on his pale cheeks. His lips were light pink and his eyes the color of the emerald green. They twinkled like a diamond and had an intensity that could seer through you. His physique was impressive. He appeared to be athletic.

“Meet Daniel. He will be helping you in the admissions.” My father suddenly said.

Alexander turned to look at me and flashed another charming smile and lifted his hand.

“Good morning, Mr. Damien.”

I hesitated for a second as his words got me out of my reverie. Slowly, I took his hand. It was very soft and cold. My hand was cold and sweaty. At the touch he politely frowned for a split second before smiling cheerfully.

“Call me Daniel.” That was all I managed.

“Only if you call me Alex.” Alexander answered softly and winked.

I simply shook my head and smiled confused.

“Let’s slot oyna get going. It’s time for dinner. I’d suggest that you both get ready for the dinner. It’d have been a long journey.” My father announced and everyone entered the mansion.

Alex stopped and turned to look at me. There was something in his eyes that I couldn’t read. A soft smile on his face as if he was amusing himself on a private joke. With that he turned and entered.

I stood watching him go. I walked outside the portico and stood staring into the mansion. I could see Alex smiling. Laughing and talking to my father, acting a perfect gentleman. I could see my father being impressed. I felt a rush of warmth in me. But, this warmth had a tinge of fear to it. I was soaring into unnamed territory. I had no idea. Was this right?

Suddenly, the sky burst open and thunder and lightning filled the atmosphere. Rain made its way to the earth. I stood in the rain letting it wash over me. I needed answers. But for now tranquility was what I desired.

1885, 10th January


Alex. The mere mentioning of the name sends shivers throughout my being. An unfamiliar nervousness coupled with ecstasy, a fluttery feeling in the heart and an immediate smile are the results of his name. I can only imagine how I look when he is actually present.

It’s been a few days yet I feel drawn towards him. His charm is magnetic. Whenever we sit for the meals or during the conversation sessions in my father’s study, I can’t stop myself from looking at him and losing track of time and space. But, the best feeling of bliss comes when I see him subtly looking at me and smiling softly. Often he winks at me while taking a sip of wine. Whenever we run into each other in the corridors, he smiles his charming smile while I stand with my hat in my hands, staring at him and smiling foolishly. Often he arms brushes mine while passing in the corridors and I can’t help getting shivers of anticipation running all over me.

Today, he spent the afternoon with me writing his applications for the university. We were seated in my room. While he sat at my table writing a letter, I sat across from him feigning to read a novel. Often I tried to sneak a glance at him. Heaven knows he was innocent and beautiful as he sat nibbling at the end of the quill, slightly frowning at the contents of his letter, thinking deeply. He then looked up and our eyes met. I hastily returned to my novel.

After a few minutes I heard his soft boyish voice addressed to me.

“What are you so engrossed in Daniel?”

I looked up aghast. Perhaps, the look on my face showed some mortification, for he instantly said.

“Did I disturb you? I’m sorry I had no idea you were busy.”

“Oh! No, not at all.” I immediately spoke. “I was just lost in these lines here. It took me time to take in what you were saying.” I tried to smile.

“What lines have enamored you so much? Can you read them to me?” He suggested and leaned on the table to listen.

I was trapped. I looked down at the random page that was open. What impressive lines would I talk about? My nervousness was getting paramount when I noticed a line which explained my predicament well. I cleared my throat and in an almost steady voice read.

“He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.”

That was all I read. It hardly took a few seconds. I looked up at the reaction of my listener.

Alex was smiling softly. There was a twinkle in his dark brown eyes.

“You seem to be of a very romantic disposition.”

“Uhm…Well…I can’t really say.” I tried to formulate an answer. “It’s just that the lover’s predicament is so universal.”

“This predicament has been the bane of several unrequited relationships.” He said.

“True. But it’s not his fault. Love is an over-whelming emotion. We tend to transgress all boundaries, all social and even moral codes for love. Love is like the raging waves of the oceans. Once they cross the limits of the shore and enter lives, they wash everything away that comes in their path. Love over-whelms everything. Hence, this predicament is natural and justified. It prevents any crossing of lines.” I answered thinking about Arthur and my failed relationship and my swaying aside the feelings for Alex.

Alex got up and walked towards the window. He cast the curtains aside and threw them open. It was raining outside. Cold strong winds made their way into the chamber. He stood looking into the night without speaking. I felt uncertain about what to do so I sat still looking at his back. Finally, he spoke.

“Do you see the rain, Daniel? It’s another form of the waves you talk about; another form of water’s existence. You say love is like the raging waves. It encompasses and over-whelms. Love is also like this rain. It sooths, it washes away the mundane, the dust, the weariness of the summer sun. It liberates and rejuvenates. True love breathes life into you. You look at the destructive canlı casino siteleri side only. Yes, love over-whelms. But that’s the nature of love. The thirst for love…..the pining for affection. Unrequited love gives a lot of pain. But, the worst is the regret of not confessing your love. It stays there forever like a thorn stuck in your heart.”

He turned to look at me. He was smiling. I sat transfixed, staring at him. I had been swept away by what he had said. Lightning and thunder appeared outside and I woke from my trance. I looked at him framed against the rain enveloped landscape. I don’t remember how it happened. I threw the book aside, crossed the distance between us in three strides and came face to face with him. He was a head shorter and looked up into my eyes. I looked into the deep twinkling brown eyes.

“Then, I don’t want to live with this regret forever. I love you, Alexander Askern.”

With that I took his face in my hand and kissed him on the lips. He reciprocated and our lips united in a passionate confession of love. The rain intensified, the winds blew harder and thunder filled the air. Love had prevailed.

1885, 17th January


It has been the most exhilarating one week of my life. Alex and I are gradually coming to terms with this new found intimacy and platonic love between us. Ever since the first kiss and declaration of love, I have started feeling the familiar warmth and deep connection with Alex. I become uneasy if he’s away from me for more than an hour. The desire to hold him to me and never let go is gradually gaining strong hold in my heart. I feel a yearning for him whenever he’s away from me. Our physical intimacy is restricted to kissing and lying together. The consummation of our relationship may happen tomorrow night.

Evan is back and I immediately told him everything. Evan and I are very close and never keep secrets from each other. He was extremely happy for me and congratulated me while embracing me. I was at peace. As long as I had Evan with me, I felt the sense of right being there and my conscience wouldn’t prick. But, the moment of truth remained. My father was unaware of what was budding under his very roof. What he had banished in the form of Arthur from the door step had crept in and pervaded his entire realm as Alex.

1885, 19th January.


What has happened? The sole question has been gnawing at the edges of my existence as I’m trying to comprehend the events that have happened in the last 36 hours. Where has everything suddenly come to? Everything that has happened since the eve of 18th January is now a blur for me. I need a clear memory to envision my next step. I need to get rid of the frenzy. I’ll write down everything that has happened chronologically and decide my stratagem.

It was the town’s establishment day. The elite members of the society of Mysticus Domus were to sign the document of the town’s establishment and establish governance comprising of the elite families. The historic event was to happen during the grand gala ball in the evening. Our family was the oldest and most respected, hence the Damiens were hosting the event. Needless to say, my father had gone all out to ensure the grandeur of the historic event that would mark the prestige of our lineage.

The guests had gathered in the atrium of the Town Hall. The Town hall was at a convenient distance from the Damien estate and hence the management of the event had been easy. Amidst the huge gathering that had turned up for the event, the proletariats staid outside, waiting for the announcement. Inside were the rich and wealthy upper middle class and aristocrats. The inner circle of the governance, the core of the establishment comprised of the Damiens, the Rochesters, the Gellars, The Brontes, the Keats and the Oakwoods. The atrium was huge and could accommodate about five hundred people. Ornate, grand with beautiful and expensive portraits, velvet curtains and intricate designs, the Town hall was a symbol of power, position and the town’s history.

The evening commenced with the signing of the documents by the core members at a table in the centre of the hall, designed for the specific purpose. My father was made the Mayor while the legal authority went to the Brontes. Oakwoods took the economic departments while Keats the public concerns. The Gellars held the law and justice departments while Rochester became the deputy Mayor. Hereafter the Mayor declared the celebrations to commence.

An exquisite night of fireworks and carnivals! The entire town was rejoicing its new status as a developing place. Development was knocking at the doors. The elite celebrations moved from the atrium to the Damien’ estate. Wine, music and dance- a lavish feast and ball had been thrown for the rich. I stood with a glass of wine looking at the party. My father was busy socializing while Evan was dancing with the Ms, Rochester-s and the Ms. Bronte-s. As I turned towards the staircase I saw Alex and my heart stopped due to the breathtaking view. He looked exceptionally handsome, in fact gorgeous. The suit he wore fit his form perfectly and accentuated his physique. His hair was done neatly and he glowed. At that moment I just wanted to rush to him and make him mine.

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Acts of Pleasure

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I guess you can imagine how shocked I must have felt at first. I just got home from school, I’m 18 and a senior at high school. I usually stay afterwards for football, but practice was cancelled for the day. I guess my mother thought I’d be gone for a few more hours, because she had other plans. She’s 38 years old, blonde hair, nice thin body, 36C tits, and killer ass. I am not ashamed to admit that I often imagine what it would be like to fuck her.

When I got home I walked upstairs, I heard some moaning coming from my mothers room. The door was wide open and I can see everything. She was in the most shocking position that I have ever seen her in. There she was on her knees giving some strange naked guy a blowjob. His hands were on her head guiding her. She was also wearing some trashy clothes. She had stiletto heels, fishnet stockings, and old pair of daisy duke shorts, a see-through fishnet shirt that shows her black lacy bra. She had a lot of makeup on like a hooker, and she had a blindfold on.

The strange guys eyes were closed so he didn’t see me. There was also a video camera laid on the dresser next to the doorway recording the whole thing. At first I was very mad, I felt like breaking that guys neck. But than I had a very clever idea. I quietly turned off the video camera, took out the tape, than hid it in a very secure place. I than got my gun, not a real one but a movie prop replica and quietly tip-toed back into my mothers room. I pressed the gun up to the guys neck and startled him.

“Don’t say a word,” casino şirketleri I whispered to him. “Take you dick out of her mouth, get dressed, and get the hell out of here without saying a word or making a sound”

And he did, he got dressed and left the house.

“Brad where are you?” my mother called out. She was still on her knees with the blindfold on.

I took off my clothes real quickly, I found that I’m having the best erection ever. Getting ready to do what I’m gonna do really turned me on.

I approached her and grabbed her head and guided my erection right into her mouth. She sucked on my cock like it was candy or something. I never had a blowjob that good before. She wasn’t too rough or too easy on it. Her lips were properly sealed around the shaft as she rapidly pumped it into her mouth.

15 minutes later I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I shot a huge load of cum right into her mouth, she appeared shocked but went with it and drank every drop. When she was done, she pulled it right out.

“Dammit Brad,” she said. “I told you that I don’t like to drink it, you promised to just squirt it in my face.”

“I’m not Brad,” I finally told her.

She took off her blindfold and nearly fell over when she realized who she really was sucking.

“What the hell… How can you make me do that to you? Are you sick or something?”

“How can you cheat on dad?” I asked her.

She didn’t say a word, I knew that would shut her up.

“Well then… I guess we’re even. casino firmaları Lets just forget that this ever happened.”

“What about your video?”

She looked at the video camera and saw that it was open and the video was gone.

“Where’s the video?” She asked as she stood up.

“I hid it someplace that you would never think of. If you want it back you have to do what I say.”

“What do you want? Money? A car? another blowjob? What is it?”

She was very frustrated. I approached her smiling and brushed my fingers against her left breast.

“Are you mad? That’s disgusting.”

“You have no choice, either you do this with me, or I show dad the tape.”

“What if I tell your father about what you asked for?”

“Go ahead.” I said.

Actually I was very scared that she would tell, but I hoping that she wouldn’t call my bluff. She thought it over for a few seconds.

“Alright, you win. what do you want me to do?”

“Get on the floor,” I said.

Before she could move I grabbed her arm and threw her on the floor. I jumped on top of her. I started kissing her passionately she went along with it, but I can still tell that she felt very apprehensive about it. I moved down to her tits. I pulled off her shirt than her bra. Her tits were better than I had imagined. I sucked on them like a little baby. I squeezed them, bit them, licked them, sucked on the nipples. My saliva was all over them.

I than took off her shorts and panties. Her pussy was shaved, just how I güvenilir casino like it. I shoved my head right between her legs and worked my tongue around it. She was getting very wet I can tell. I looked up at her, she was grabbing her tits and moaning. She was finally getting into it.

I moved back on top of her I guided my penis up against her pussy. Rubbing the head and down her clit. I can see by her face that she wanted it now. I pushed only the head into her and pulled it out, and I did that a few more times.

“OOOH please, give it to me now,” she cried.

I finally pushed it all the way in, all 8 inches of it. I started ramming her pussy harder and faster, grabbing her tit with one hand, and pulling her hair with the other. She started screaming louder and louder, her nails were digging into my back, and her stiletto heels that she still had on was digging into my buttocks.

We were rolling on the ground for a while, at one point she ended up on top of me. She rode me for a while, she really enjoyed being on top. I reached out and grabbed her tits, I really liked grabbing them. She than got off of me and got on all fours. I got behind her, grabber her hips and fucked her doggy style, it was fun I never tried that way before.

I got her on her back again and got on top of her. We pressed our bodies against each other tightly as I pushed in her much faster and harder. I finally shot my load into her, it felt like a geyser erupted or something.

“Oooh yes, I can feel it flowing in me,” she said.

I fucked her a little bit longer before I stopped and rested my head between her tits.

“That was the best fuck that I ever had,” she said exhaustingly.

“You want to do it more often?” I asked.

“Hell yeah,” she said.

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Cindy’s Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

Cindy’s journey ends, new life begins

I arrived at work at 8 AM, an hour before Patty and her law partners. Monday morning is especially busy. Saturday’s mail and any packages left in the drop bin needed sorting for delivery as the lawyer’s secretaries arrived at 8:45.

Attorneys at law, Clark, Jones, Hurst and Johnson is large, well known and profitable, occupying five floors of large office building in Long Beach a well known area of Los Angeles,, California. Richard Clark and Robert Jones’ fathers founded the firm 50 years ago. Their portraits hang in the lobby. The firm is highly regarded and lists among its clients influential politicians and business leaders. It is staunchly progressive politically and environmentally supporting such organizations as the Sierra Cub.

Patty is the only female partner. Her impressive record in law school, her brilliant mind and calm demeanor under court room pressure moved her quickly from associate to partner. She earns a $250.000, of which $50.000 goes to securing a 25% share of the firm.

It is an all purpose firm, handling civil, corporate and criminal cases. In criminal and civil matters, the firm works closely with a well-respected team of investigators, all former cops and FBI agents.

Patty’s niche is family law, from divorcés to spousal abuse. She represents mostly women victims in abuse cases. It can be risky business in a world of violence. She carries and knows how to use a 38-caliber revolver. So far, she has had no need to defend herself, shooting only at a range once a month. She is an expert marksman.

The serious nature of Patty’s work perfectly suits her warm, caring personality. She has a fast mind with an incredible memory. In court she cites case law from memory, often baffling and bewildering her adversaries.

Her clients, mostly frightened, abused women find her easy to open up their lives of abuse, both physical and psychological. She hides a burning anger when children are involved. She is currently involved in seven cases winding their way thru the courts.

I delivered Patty’s mail abut 9:15. As usual, she was on the phone. She started to wave, looked at me closely and ended her call, ‘I have it go. Call you later.”

“Cindy! You are positively glowing! You found a new lover, right?” She asked,

I could not come right out and tell her about my marathon sex with my mother and her lover. Nevertheless, I had to be honest with my best friend, smiled and nodded yes.

“Tell me all about it. Oh, gosh I do not have time now. Let’s do lunch. Better yet, I will get a sitter and take you out tonight. It will give us more time. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I am so happy you have come out of your shell.”

She kissed my cheek, “Pick you up at you mom’s at 7. You still live there, right?”

Blushing, I answered: “Yes, still there, for now.”

“For now? That does sound exciting.”

I was a little relieved to be on my way. I have always found Patty attractive. Today I thought of her in a new light and found her interest in my love life sexually exciting, a fact not lost in my dampening pussy.

It is not enough praise to call Patty beautiful. She is beyond beautiful. She is a goddess. She is comparable to a young Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor. Her shoulder length jet-black hair is impeccably groomed. Her piercing blue eyes can be harsh, turning uncooperative witnesses or defendants to jelly. Her kind, caring eyes ease the mood when dealing with abused women and children.

Patty is 5-9 and weighs 120 lbs. In court, she turns Amazonian wearing 4″ high heels. The courtroom is her domain and she rules it only slightly less than the judge.

She wears form-fitting pants suits to work and short dresses in court. In any case, her perfect 37-inch breasts, 23-inch waist and 36-inch hips draw admiring and leering looks.

She lives and works for her children and dates men only on firm involved social occasions in the unstressed company of a closeted gay investigator. They have an understanding and get along well.


I felt nervous as a school girl preparing for my date with Patty. Clair and mom helped me choose what to wear.

“You want to look sexy not like a slut” Mom advised. I ended up in a form fitting white blouse that revealed just a hint of my cleavage. I added a black skirt that fell just above my knees and clear pantyhose, modest high heels, and a pearl necklace Mark gave me on our first anniversary. I put the essentials in a white clutch purse and waited for Patty to arrive.

She arrived right on time looking like a model from a fashion magazine. She wore a sexy black evening dress with a deep plunging neck line. It fell from her shoulders, barely covering her boobs, and crossed behind her back. A diamond studded golden open heart necklace hung from her neck. She gave me a greeting hug and warmly greeted my mother and Clair with pecks on the cheeks.

Mom told us we made casino siteleri a lovely pair “I hope you two have a wonderful time.”

We piled in to Parry’s Mercedes convertible and drove away.

“Your dress compliments your beauty,” she remarked.

“I love your dress, too” I told her. Your necklace is stunning.

“I like the advertising claiming love finds its way in an open heart.” she reminded me.

“You have definitely attracted my heart.” I softly told her.

She smiled kindly. “Just promise not to break my heart and run off with another bad man.”

“Not likely. One is more than enough for me..” I promised. “You must attract all the studs and horny women as well. You are absolutely mouthwatering.”

I was surprised when she replied, “From the look on you face I do not think your mouth is the only part of your body watering.”

It was a joke, but right on. I was positively dripping, glad I had a spare panty in my purse.

“We have a little way to go. Do you want to tell me about your new lover now or at dinner? I have arranged a private booth so we can wait if you desire.” she said kindly.

“All I can tell you now is that there are more then one. The rest I want to tell you face to face.” I replied.

“Wow! Really! At this point in my life, just one is more than I have.” she admitted.

“With your beauty and intelligence, I find that hard to believe.” I said.

“Honey, you would be surprised. Sometimes beauty and intelligence can be a curse. People see only my looks and are intimidated.” she said unhappily. “Besides I care more about my children. Most men shy away from women with kids anyway. Lately the only sex I have is casual flings with some of the secretaries. They react to me very differently than men. They see beyond beauty. No issues like love or commitment interfere. I think that is why most lesbian couples are happier and more open in their relationships than traditionally straight couples.”

I was happily surprised to learn Patty is gay but left the issue alone until she heard my story.

“Is the father of your children still in your life? ” I asked after we had settled down for dinner.

“The short answer is no, but it is more complicated. They are not my own. They come from one of the most abusive homes I have ever seen. The little Girl Maria and her brother Mario lived in terror of their father. He regularly beat his wife and finally killed her. He pled out to life without parole to avoid a death penalty.

“It was one of my first cases representing the children’s interest. God, Cindy, they were so scared. I felt so bad for them. When I found out the system planned to separate them, I could not bare the thought and filed for adoption. They came home with me 3 years ago. Maria is now six. Mario is seven. At first nightmares haunted their sleep. I believe the love I show them everyday gives them only happily dreams now. They are my world and the only good reason I live without an encumbering relationship.”

Tears filled my eyes. I touched her hand.

It was a solemn moment and dramatically increased my love for Patty as a caring, loving person. I felt love for her deep in my heart.

From the look in her eyes, I knew she understood my feelings for her.

“Hey love, this is supposed to be a fun evening. Out with it. Tell me all about your lovers,” she beckoned.

I told her the entire story from the beginning to the end, including my lesbian fantasies. I told her every details of my first sex with Clair and my mother.

Patty listened to the entire story without saying a word. I thought for one dreadful moment that I completely turned her off. “Please say something Patty.” I frantically urged

“Sorry dear. That is a lot to digest. Your mom and Clair are special people to recognize your desires and act so lovingly.

“I completely support your incestuous relationship. You are consenting adults and there is real love involved. How can anything be wrong?”

“I hoped you would understand. It is one of the many reasons I love you.” I told her.

“Do you really love me?” she asked, emotion dripping from every word. “If you are the person I think you are, your desire is not strictly sexual.”

“You are so correct. You are in every way, the woman of my dreams. I cannot think of anyone I would rather share my live with.” I sincerely responded, “We have known each other for about five years. You know more about me than I know about you. We always talked about my problems. I am ashamed I do not know more about you and your children. They are so adorable.”

“Only a very few know of our unique situation. It is for their benefit and mine. I dread the day a long lost relative of their parents will file for custody.”

“It is the main reason I am such a private person. To tell you the truth I have held you close to my heart for a long time. I dreamed of making love to you since we met. Pardon my selfishness but I am happy your divorce led to your new life slot oyna as a lesbian. I feel so compatible with you. You make me happy. I love you and will be thrilled to share life’s journey with you.

That great Monday night began our week long courtship. We had our work to consider and could not afford to arrive tired every day after making love all night. We agreed to see each other casually until Friday night.

Tuesday we took Maria and Mario to a Disney movie. Wednesday night we took Mom and Clair to a lesbian night club. We stayed home Thursday night playing with the kids. They called Patty mom. Mario and Maria called me Miss Cindy. Both hugged and kissed us both at bedtime. Since their bedroom was on the other side of her house she had a sound system fed throughout the house which alerted her to any signs of trouble.

As she told me several times, her kids meant the word to her.

“Seem they like you Cindy.” Patty remarked. She drove me home and we parked outside mom’s house for a long time making out like teenagers. We petted, fondled and fingered each other. Friday’s work dragged slower than cold honey. We were both on pins and needles and found it hard to concentrate. Thankfully it was a slow day and most of the attorneys and staff left early.

Patty and I found ourselves alone in her office.

“I can’t wait for tonight!.” we both said at the same time, breaking into hardy laughter.

“I have booked a the same private both for dinner and will pick you up an 8.” Patty revealed.

I happily agreed and suggested we dress in same clothes we wore Monday night.

“Seem appropriate,” She agreed. “The night we fell in love will always stay with me.”

We shed a few tears as we kissed.


Friday proved to be by far the most memorable night of our life together. It seemed like a honeymoon.

Patty picked me up on time. I told Mom and Clair not to expect me home anytime soon.

We arrived and were quickly ushered to our booth. We ordered gasses of wine and dinner once the wine arrived. The wine mellowed us and we talked about the fun times ahead lf us, the vacations in Jamaica, cruise to Alaska, hiking thru national parks, and too many adventures to remember.

We revealed secret fantasies. Patty surprised me revealing she dreams of us having sex with my mom and Clair. It seemed mildly appropriate to me. Without them I would not have discovered lesbian life, not to mention Patty.

I told her my fantasy was to have an orgy with all the secretaries at work. “I know a few who would love the chance to jump your bones.” she laughed

It is a good that we had a private booth. Other patrons would be shocked to see us.

Patty moved next to me. We kissed fervently. The intoxicating scent of aroused pussy filled the booth, “We need to go home,” Patty urged,

We changed our soaked thongs, closed the booth leaving a substantial tip, paid the bill on the way out and drove to Patty’s home. Patty paid the sitter and found the children sound asleep.

We hurried to her bedroom shedding our clothing the second Patty closed the door behind us. The woman of my dreams stood in radiant beauty. For a moment, I prayed this was not a dream. I shivered. Goose bumps covered my body.

Patty hugged me tightly. Her warmth quelled my fears. I hugged her in return and massaged her back. She gently held my head in her hands, tilted it to the side and softly placed her luscious lips to mine in a spine tingling kiss.

I melted to her touch. We opened our mouths locked in passion. We swallowed a massive volume of saliva as our tongues probed, swirled and jabbed.

We ran our hands over each other’s back. I found myself holding Patty’s perfect ass with both hands.

We fell to her waterbed covered with red silk linens. I had never lain in such comfort. Patty lay beside me. We hugged, kissed, and rolled from one side of her bed to the other. The sheets trapped our sweat-covered bodies in a silk cocoon. Our boobs smashed each other. Our pussies dripped juices. We laughed and rolled our way to freedom.

We were having a ball, laughing and hollering. A pillow fight turned into a gentle tug of war to see who could pull the pillow from the hands of the other. I never had so much fun in a bed even as a kid. Of course, I never had a playmate like Patty,

Patty and I turned to a slow methodical pace, relishing every moment and touch. I returned to my back with Patty on her side next to me. She leaned into me pressing her right breast into my left and tenderly kissed me. Her lips are full and succulent, her kissing tender and unforced.

I urgently returned her kiss softly pecking at her lips. I could have kept kissing all night. However, other erogenous zones beckoned.

Patty knelt over my body and caressed my breasts. “I love your boobs,” she moaned, “so full, so soft. God you are so hot my love.”

Her words encouraged me onward and I reached for her head. Her thick canlı casino siteleri black hair yielded allowing me to move her head from one breast to the other. She alternated sucking and tweaking my nipples as I moved her head side to side.

Her sparking eyes fastened on mine in a look of love and passion. I kissed a finger and placed it to her lips. She opened and sucked it and returned it to my open mouth. The sexy movement became our bond. Whenever we found a moment alone at work or in public, each of us kissed a finger and placed it to the lips of the other.

Patty’s tit play continued until I could take no more. I lifted her head. She kissed all over my face and ears. She licked my neck and shoulders, and gently grasped by boobs licking down the valley to my navel. My navel, for some unknown reason, is extremely sensitive. Patty’s probing tongue sent pleasurable spasms throughout my groin. I tucked my tummy in hard.

Patty mistook the pleasure for pain and looked at me for any sign or discomfort. I smiled and she probed my navel repeatedly. The spasms grew to lengthy tremors and I swooned in ecstasy.

Patty gave my navel a final lick and a kiss.

She moved between my spread legs and gazed at my shaved pussy. By now juices slowly and steadily flowed from my cunt. Patty lapped up and drank a mouthful. She smiled and licked her lips, enjoying the taste.

She licked my slit softly from my asshole to clitoral sheath repeatedly.

Her heavenly touch fueled the furnace of my lust. My heart pounded. Deep breaths filled my lungs sending oxygen-enriched blood throughout my burning body.

Patty inserted two fingers into my vaginal opening. I screeched as my first orgasm of the night tore thru my body. Hot frothy pussy juice covered Patty’s sweet face. Time seemed to stand still. In a trance like state, I found her face and cleaned my juices.

I returned to reality and found Patty again at my pussy. My nerves were still on edge as Patty’s fingers returned to my vagina. She expertly located my G-spot. I forced myself to relax as para- urethral liquid filled my special ejaculate gland.

Patty gently rubbed my G-spot and flicked my clit. I lost control of my urethra as a tremendous orgasm launched long clear streams of clear ejaculate fluids soaking Patty and her beautiful silk sheets. Liquid turned her hair into a tangles mess. It dripped off her chin and tits.

She licked up the last of my ejaculate and cleaned her body with the only dry area of the sheets she could find.

I helped her remove the sheets and wipe down her waterbed. Our bodies reeked from pussy juices, ejaculate and sweat. We badly needed to clean our sticky, smelly bodies and agreed to a shower.

Patty’s shower has all the modern conveniences. Adjustable spray heads are located on each wall and the ceiling. Shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap is contained in a dispenser near the sprayer controls. A watertight digital temperature control completes the dream shower.

There is even a padded seat with a separate drain for enemas.

Patty turned on all six spray heads. The gentle warm water splashing my body from every angle felt intoxicating. She collected a hand full of scented body wash in a bath sponge and cleansed my body from had to toe. Our bodies constantly touched.

I placed my arms on her shoulders as she washed my chest and underarms and stole a kiss when she finished. She shampooed my hair and added conditioner. I never felt so clean and frisky. My lust grew wild as I washed Patty. I boldly licked her pussy and her soft black hairy runway before sponging it clean. I fondled one ass cheek while sponging the other. I treated her breasts in the same way. By the time I competed her hair, her lust grew equal to mine.

As a final cleansing step and prelude to anal sex, we gave each other a series of warm water enemas.


Patty lay on the fresh sheet and pulled me on top of her. Our breasts tingled as they fell besides each other. Our pussies fell on our spread thighs. We meshed perfectly. We kissed deeply flaming our passion to new heights.

“Oh my lord, you have incredible lips,” I told Patty. “I love kissing you. Your lips are so soft. You are so tender.” She muffled my next compliment as she planted her lips around my open mouth and ran her tongue around my lips and teeth. I stayed still never wanting her kiss to end.

“Your lips are adorable Cindy. I love your touch. If there is such a thing as a natural born lesbian, you are one. I cannot believe this is only your first week in the sisterhood. I am truly honored to be your lover.” Patty humbly proclaimed. “You could have any woman you want”

I decided to profess all my feelings.

“Patty, until Monday, I did not know you are a lesbian. I have always been attracted to you as a dear friend. When I found I was a lesbian the first woman I thought of was you. Knowing now that you are a lesbian is a dream come true. I dearly love you with all my heart and hope to be with you the rest my live. I love your Mario and Maria and want to help you raise them.”

“If that is a proposal I accept,” Patty agreed’

We fell into each other’s arms crying our eyes out.

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Church Ladies Ch. 02

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Jean awoke first and for a moment she forgot where she was. A moment of panic set in as she realized she was not in her own bedroom and that she was naked. As Lisa moved gently next to her, it all came back to her. She lay there for a moment feeling guilt and remorse. While it felt so wonderful, she did feel she had committed a terrible sin.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Lisa said, “Hi, sleeping beauty.” Jean blushed at the compliment and replied, “Hi yourself.”

Jean lay motionless as the pastor’s wife lightly caressed her arm. The room was quiet when Lisa said, “Are you, ok?”

Jean took a breath and said, “Lisa, I love you and I love what we did, but right now I am feeling guilty about what happened. We are both married women and we both know that what we did is, uhh you know, not natural.”

Lisa waited and replied, “Not natural? What we felt, what we shared was very natural for two people who care for, who love each other. I felt a bit of guilt at first but then realized that what we shared was beautiful and right.”

Jean objected, “But the Bible,…”

“I know what the Bible says, but are you sure that those ritualistic rules apply to us, or were they written for a culture some four thousand years ago? I’m thinking that maybe those rules were meant for others and not for people today.”

Jean was quiet for a moment and then said, “OK, I’m not sure you are right, but let’s assume for a minute you are right, what would our husbands say?

Lisa replied, “I don’t know, but then again I’m not casino oyna going to find out.” She giggled as she completed her thought.

“Do you keep secrets from your husband Lisa?” asked Jean.

“I don’t tell him everything, and since I am not with another man, and since this was done with someone I love, and since it was not a one time event, I have no intention of telling him.”

Jean thought for a moment, looked at Lisa, and said, “‘not a one time event.’ Does that mean that you want to do this again?”

Lisa leaned over and placed a soft, moist kiss on Jean’s left nipple. Lisa then looked up and said, “I hope this was the first of many events between the two of us.” Caressing Jeans breast, Lisa waited for a reply.

Jean stared at the ceiling and said, “I’m a bit sweaty and maybe we should have a glass of wine and take a dip in your whirlpool before, uhhh our next event.”

Lisa rose and as she walked out of the bedroom she said, “You fill the tub and I’ll get the wine.”

Jean rose, took one wistful look back at the bed and made her way into the bathroom. She started the water running and lighted several candles. The scent of cherry blossoms began to fill the air. She lifted the seat, sat down, and let out the amber stream. It hissed agaaints the side of the bowl and just as she had finsiehd Lisa returned.

Handing Jean a glass Lisa said, “Good idea.” She traded places with Jean and as she let her own amber stream go she said, “Thanks for warming the seat.” Jean giggled and climbed in the tub full of hot slot oyna water. She settled back and waited for Lisa to flush and get in next to her.

The two women clinked their glasses and sipped. They sipped their wine and chatted about any number of things, including things that needed to be done at the church. Finally the wine was gone and both women put up their glasses. Jean turned toward Lisa and the two women kissed. It was a kiss of passion, a kiss of need. Their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths as their hands began to glide up and down each other’s damp backs.

Heads tipped in opposite directions the two women exchanged a long soulful kiss. They melt into each other and for a while they were not sure where one of them began and where the other left off. As they kissed they began to explore each other’s breasts. Gentle massages alternating with pinching and tugging on each other’s nipples only increased their desire.

Their passionate kiss was broken and as the two women looked into each other’s eyes, Lisa said it first, Jean, I love you.”

Jean replied, “Oh Lisa, I love you.”

As they grew silent one hand of each women slipped below the surface of the water and between the other woman’s legs. Their fingertips moved through the blonde curls until they reached the swollen lips of the other’s pussy.

They began to kiss again as they started to circle each other’s clits. Round and round the fingers moved. The small buds began to swell with arousal and soon Lisa let out the first audible moan. The canlı casino siteleri women caressed each other’s backs as their fingertips probed each other’s slits.

As the women kissed, as passion grew fingers entered into each other. The soft folds of each pussy welcomed the fingers of the other woman into their pussies. Both women had masturbated but now they were touching the genitals of another woman. While it felt strange it felt the same. It felt right. Both women had two fingers inside their thumbs flicking up and back across the other’s clit.

The room became hot and steamy and not just from the water. Beads of perspiration appeared on each woman’s forehead as they masturbated each other closer and closer to orgasm. Probing fingers and dancing thumbs were taking their tolls on both women.

Breathing became labored and moans audible as the two women began to move their hips up and back. Clits became swollen and erect and then Lisa surrendered to Jean’s fingers. She gasped and her hips began to buck up and back agains Jean’s hand. Lisa was flying high through the clouds as her orgasm swept her away and as she was returning to earth, Jean began her flight into orgasmic frenzy. Jean came hard, her hips splashing water up the sides of the tub. Her voiced was strained as she grunted like an animal.

Too soon it was over for both of them. Cradled in each other’s arms, they leaned back and relaxed. Breathing returned to normal and Lisa said, “Jean, stay for dinner and then please stay the night. I want to fall asleep and wake up next to you.”

Jean looked at her with tears forming in her eyes, “Oh Lisa, that is so sweet of you and I would love to stay.”

The two women cuddled until it was time to make some dinner.

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Body Heat

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“Fuck!” David exclaimed as he unpacked our suitcase.

“What’s wrong love?”

“I left the extra blankets at home on the table,” he said with anger still in his voice.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll keep you warm, besides what’s better than body heat?” I said in a devilish tone.

He cracked a smile and went back to unpacking our things. We had just come from my parents’ house informing them of our relationship. When we told them we were living together, my father nearly had a heart attack and my mom cried profusely. Even though I made my homosexuality known from the time I was 17, they thought it was just a phase.

“Andrew, kids go through these things all the time; not knowing where they belong or what they are. I know you will get through this and start liking girls, ” I remember her saying when I first told her of my personal discovery. “Besides, the girl next door has a crush on you!”

My mom really believed that I would date girls very soon and my obsession with boys would cease and of course it never did. Once I graduated high school, I met David, the love of my life, at a rock concert. A tall, well built Caucasian with beautiful blue eyes, long blond hair, seemingly pierced and tattooed everywhere. He’s very straight acting, hates dance clubs, loves rock and roll.

Since I’m straight acting and love rock as well we seemed to hit it off immediately. We talked about Zepplin, Floyd, and Anne Rice over sushi after the concert. Then, a couple of weeks later we talked about dating. Only a couple of months passed when we finally slept together. Because I was a virgin, I didn’t know casino şirketleri exactly what to do but him being the experienced one guided me through the whole night.


He lay on top of me, his white mixing with my coffee colored skin on the bed sheets. That beautiful cock piercing me with every thrust. Consumed with pleasure, I wrapped my legs around his waist engulfing his tongue with my mouth as he fucked me. He knew from that first moment I was his and his alone; I wouldn’t be going anywhere.


Now a year later here we are going to my late grandfathers cabin in Wisconsin. Until now, I had never brought anyone here because I didn’t have anyone to share it with. Now that David was my life partner, I decided that it was time to use the cabin my Grandfather left me to spend some special time alone.

Lovingly, he caressed my bald head and ran his hand down to the stubble on my chin. “Body heat is better than blankets sweetheart, however, I’m not sure how warm it will keep us in weather that’s twenty degrees below zero.” I melted as his blue eyes met my light browns.

“Oh David, I’m sure we’ll be fine,” as I grabbed his waist and dropped my hands down to his ass.

Later that evening after I finished putting the food in the fridge, I walked behind him and rubbed his shoulders then kissed his neck. He moaned as I left a mark below the heart tattoo to the left of his chin then turned him around to face me. As soon as our eyes met, I kissed him long and hard; his manhood rose as I pulled him closer. I put my arms under his sweater and tickled his side with my fingertips. casino firmaları As he whispered dirty nothings in my ear, my nipples instantly responded.

To add to the spice, I whispered, “let’s test the body heat theory shall we?”

I led him to the bedroom and pushed him on the bed.

“I love it when you’re rough!” he said with a chuckle.

As I pulled the sweater over his head, I stared at his body; his tattoos were glistening with sweat, his nipples so hard they could cut glass. I licked them and played with the rings. His breathing accelerated when I stroked his cock through his pants.

“Shit Andre you are such a tease, don’t make me wait!” he said in a playful tone.

Quickly, I pulled the zipper down and unleashed the most beautiful member I’d ever seen. The head was swollen and purple, the cock piercing shone brightly. Like a porn star, I took it all into my mouth and looked up at him; his eyes were closed, his mouth gaped open. As I made slurping noises, he bucked back and forth into my mouth. I gagged a little and caressed his balls while touching his hole.

Seemingly when I poked him there, he pulled me up and I fell on top of him. I sucked and nibbled on his tongue as he caressed my back through the shirt. In one movement, he rolled on top of me and pulled my sweats down. My cock stood at attention as he traced my navel with his tongue. I ran my fingers through his hair and opened my legs wide. As I felt him circle the tip of my cock, my toes curled.

“Damn David, oh baby…” I breathed as he continued to devour my cock. Getting me ready for penetration, güvenilir casino he licked and sucked my hole leaving his own “lube” there for easier entry.

Now, I wanted him to ram his cock inside and show me no mercy. I put my legs atop his shoulders as he probed my hole some more with his finger. As I heard the sound of the condom wrapper, I braced myself for his sweet violation. He started slow, then asked me if I wanted more.

“Yes, baby!” I said in a whisper.

I looked into his eyes as he penetrated me further. Beads of sweat were forming on his forehead; his hair stuck to his shoulders and chest. The scent of obsession cologne was intoxicating as he leaned down to kiss me. When I begged him to push harder, he politely obliged. Even though I was ready to explode, I wanted us to come in unison.

“Are you almost there baby?” I mouthed as he continued to fuck me.

“Yeah, just a few minutes longer inside of you love…” his voice trailed off then he smiled and kissed me again. I nuzzled his neck as he slowly rode me. The intensity was building so much I clenched my teeth, I knew neither of us could hold on much longer.

“Fuck, Andre!” he yelled, pulled his dick out of me and threw the condom aside. Several shots of his juice landed on my stomach, resembling paint blotches on a wall. I ran my finger through his jizz and licked it off.

Lovingly, I ran my hand through his hair once again; it looked as if he just showered.

“So babe are you convinced that our body heat will keep us warm?” I said trying to catch my breath after our hot romp.

He leaned in closer and licked the drops of sweat from my head. “I’m still a little chilly baby, I think we need to test that theory once again!” he said with a wicked smile.

I smiled back and pulled him on top of me so we could go again.


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A Woman in Hardware Ch. 13

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It was a long weekend coming up. Usually Helen used these periods of relative quiet to catch up on work. She would spend long hours in the office undisturbed by the normal flurry of a regular day. Sue had insisted she take the holiday for a change and had aided a great deal in organizing her affairs so she could. Sue had even arranged it so they arrived home early Friday afternoon so they would have time to make love before the children arrived home from university. Sue had been especially tender in her love and brought her to orgasm with a long slow tonguing which seemed to go on and on before her body had demanded its’ release with body racking spasms which left her in an unusual state of lassitude. As she lay on the bed in Sue’s arms recovering Helen finally, after all the encouragement Jill had given her, asked Sue if she may have Chris. Sue hugged her close and replied “Helen I wanted you to ask and I had hoped you would this weekend so you will have the time to enjoy my lovers’ body as I do. Go get yourself ready for him, I’ll send him along with my blessing as soon as he gets in. Helen I love you but I also fear you; please return him to me.”

Helen hugged Sue close and replied, “Sue it is you he loves as a man loves a woman, it is why he has not touched me even though I have tried to encourage him to do so. Let’s be blunt, he’s excited at the wickedly decadent thought of screwing his mother as I find myself also attracted to the depravity of allowing his body to return to mine. I promise you’ll find him even more attentive to you once he has satisfied his iniquitous cravings to desecrate his mother.”

With a promise to return Chris to her, Helen excitedly left to prepare for her son. She tried on many different styles of clothing, ranging from the demure to the provocative, from formal dress to skimpy lingerie agonizing over what to wear. She looked at the products she had purchased at a pharmacy weeks ago in anticipation of her bodies ravishment by her son. She wondered if she was going too far in her debauchery before she accepted her moral debasement. Stripped she squatted in her bedroom, removing the gelatinous suppository from it foil package, reached between her legs, and shoved it up her ass. She waited with buttocks clenched, the time instructed on the package, doing the squirmy dance, which seemed to help resist the urge to go.

Finally, she relived herself and without wiping, took the other package into the shower with her to slip its spout into her anal cavity and fill herself with the cleaning liquid holding it inside of her the required length of time before allowing it to be spewed onto the shower floor by her spasmodic bowel. Satisfied she had done all she could to be clean internally she soaped up and slid a finger back and forth in her anus rotating it as she did. She repeated this process several times making sure she was clean before she turned her attention to the rest of her body. Helen had decided she wanted to give the only virginity she had left to her son if he were wont to take it. She cleaned the rest of her body saving her hairy pussy for last carefully cleaning every crease and crevice before soaping her fingers heavily and sliding them into her cavity to make sure all was clean. She rinsed thoroughly not wanting to leave behind a soapy residue, which would be unpleasant to the taste or interfere with her natural scent.

Helen exited the shower and using a large towel carefully dried herself then plugged in her hair dryer and after drying her hair fluffed her pussy hairy until all its beauty was prettily displayed. She looked at her various body powders and perfumes before making up her mind as to what she would do. Helen left the bathroom to begin hanging up the clothes she had torn from her drawers and closet in a frenzy of indecision. Standing naked in her bedroom she held each piece against her body before rejecting it and placing it in closet or drawer; finally she was left with nothing and understood her decision had been made she would greet him naked proud of the most beautiful clothing she owned, her skin. She heard a car in the driveway and knew it would be him; she only had a few minutes of waiting left.

She sat on the dresser bench, spread her thighs slightly and fingered her pussy freshening her juices and scent, before taking the probing finger and wiping it behind each ear placing the perfume she had selected. Helen dipped her finger once again in her scent and then dragged the finger down her chest between her two pendulous breasts making sure she smelt strongly of woman. Helen shivered momentarily in anticipation her body aching with need. Then she brought her knees together sweeping them to one side, her gorgeous bottom spread nicely over the bench, her posture straight, the small of her back beautifully arched demonstrating the width of hip as she began to brush her hair. She knew full well the sight of naked womanhood she would present when her son entered her casino siteleri room. Helen had done all she could, she was ready.

Sue had kept faith and the moment Chris had arrived home told him she felt it was time for him to go to his mother. She told him how happy she was with the idea. They each had honored their agreement and she loved his mother, it was time and she had no regrets. Chris had looked deeply into her eyes before leaving her, assuring himself she spoke the truth. Sue went looking for Jill wanting to be held in loving arms, but also because her pussy just plain wanted Jill.

Chris came rushing into his mother’s room only to be confronted with this naked vision of loveliness and a habit of a life time had him back peddling as he tried to apologize for bursting in on her. She turned, this vision, arching her back even more to jut out her breasts as she continued to brush her hair both arms high allowing Chris to see the exquisite beauty sitting before him.

“No, no, son I was sitting here waiting for you, Sue said you’d be along.” Helen said in a voice deepened by recognizable passion. Helen watched and then stood as the change of expressions crossing her son’s face allowed her to read his mind. Helen crossed the floor and stood before him picking a piece of lint off the turtleneck sweater he had worn this day. Then she slid her arms up over his shoulders hooking one arm to pull herself up and in as the other snaked a hand through his hair before pulling his face down to hers, her lips unadorned simply soft, succulent, touching his and fire burned through their bodies. Chris’ arms enfolded her naked body against his fully clad one, lifting, her feet left the ground, one leg lifting, as the kiss continued. Then his face nuzzled her neck, her scent she had left behind, arousing, one of his hands in the small of her back holding her against him, the other fondling her bum. She, arched against him, presented her teats next for nuzzling as he held her high. She was not to be disappointed as he lowered his face further; her hand at the back of his head helped him pillow his face in her feminine voluptuousness, moving his face back and forth for maximum contact. Then his mouth started a series of small kisses, which traversed her mammary flesh leaving her areolas, and nipples for another time, her pussy began to weep, as he settled her back on her feet.

Helen stood proudly sensuously erect her breasts full and lovely to the eye, her body ached with need, as her son began to circle her, admiring her beauty, feeding his lust on the beautiful feminine flesh standing before him. He saw the dimples formed in her flesh just above her rounded buttocks accentuating the beauty of the upper slope of her bum. His cock became so hard it hurt. His body shivered with lust as he moved in behind her slipping his arms beneath hers to clasp her breasts, lifting to feel the soft weight, massaging, to send wonderful messages to her pussy. His mouth trailed a series of kisses which began at her ear followed the long slope of her neck, tasting woman before ending in the hollow of her shoulder, only to be repeated on the other side.

One hand traversed her chest so his right hand clasped her left teat as his left hand began the long descent of her body past her carefully coiffured pussy hair to split the succulent lips of her sex. His balls ached with lust. His finger dipped into her lubricity exposed her arousal, before leaving her sex, abandoned to its own resources, sliding the finger into his mouth to taste her thick viscous exudate, inflaming his already aroused sensuality. His hardness overpowered him and he spilled his seed into his briefs, unable to control the libidinous his mother’s body fertilized in his over heated imagination.

He, with his body, steered her towards her own bed, his turgid hardness undiminished by his first emission, seeking closer contact, to further activate the inflammatory sensations, which consumed them both. In his lust he tried to bend her to the bed, but she would not allow it, resisted his manipulations so she could raise the waist line of his sweater over his head to expose his own succulent flesh to her awaiting mouth. Their mouths laved and loved their enflamed bodies, seeking new erogenous places, to further inspire their iniquitous desires. Helen began to search for the male flesh she had not touched in a sexual manner since before he was born, seeking completion in an act she had not indulged in since he had been conceived. Undoing his belt and sliding his zipper down allowed her to drop his pants to the floor leaving only his briefs, sticky from his own emissions, to be pulled over his hardened cock and added to the pants already on the floor.

Her cunt wept in it need, sending small rivulets down her thighs. She lay back on the bed raising her knees spreading her quivering, glistening, white thighs, allowing her son his first view of his mother’s hairy pussy, open and ready, slot oyna it’s fresh juices shimmering on the swollen, aroused folds, its redolence filling her bedroom with its own message of desire. “Come to mommy, son.” She moaned. He crawled up onto the bed chasing that, which led him like cheesecake to a glutton, for he was a glutton where she was concerned, and his mouth descended to taste for the first time his mother’s carefully freshened exudate. Her rounded buttocks erogenous in their own right, but a tray to serve her carefully prepared meal of sensuality.

Nature caused her to present her most beautiful look, her buttocks spread, her asshole exposed, and just above it the moist beauty of her glistening hairy folds which his tongue explored. He licked, going further and further a field tasting all in his tongue’s path. His tongue was soon running over her asshole as it traversed from bum to clit, sometimes dipping deep in her cunt to bring forth fresh nectar to slather over her entire groin. In a paroxysm of love so intense, he finally drove his tongue deep into her asshole driven wild by her sexuality and his need for everything about her. He wondered, as his tongue explored, why an area which is so maligned by every language on the planet; an area which he had been trained since birth to avoid; and area so disgusting he would be unable to touch in any human being except his three loves. Now, he found it a beautiful addition to the mind numbing sight his mother presented for him. She loved the varying sensations his tongue created basking in her delight, thankful she had had the foresight to under go the discomfort of cleanliness, knowing before the night was out her last vestige of virginity would be lost.

Chris’ body, almost out of control, demanded more and his mouth began to slowly move up Helen’s body. He sucked on her hairy pubic mound, before licking her domed belly as the tongue with kisses slid towards her navel, then probed, causing her stomach muscles to quiver. He explored each new area of her body, not wanting to miss anything, which might bring them further delight. His head bumped into fleshy mounds and for a moment, he stopped to admire his mother’s wonderful teats noticing the large areolas, knowing where Jill had inherited hers. Then his hands pinched her nipples tightly between thumb and forefinger, sending soft, soothing, erotic pain directly to her twat as he pulled her teats high turning them into cones of flesh as he noticed the beads of titty sweat which had been hidden in the under creases of her teats. His tongue flickered out then dragged across a crease tasting the saltiness, her teats still held high, as the tongue once again tasted her creases enjoying the new found moisture. Her nipples ached with passion still gripped tightly and her pussy with help from her stomach muscles rubbed against his abdomen causing her clit to swell as the pleasant sensation of rubbing her twat against his skin filled her mind with ever increasing lust.

Suddenly her nipples were released and one lucky one was engulfed in the warm moist velvet of his suckling mouth while the other found solace in a gentle rolling between a renewed but far gentler thumb and forefinger grip. His mouth continued to suckle as his hand fondled her other breast, sometimes grasping the entire mound as though in amazement of it size and texture, at other times a single finger pad followed the circle of her areolas around its nipple testing its puffiness adding to its arousal with his touch. Helen luxuriated in the sensuality of his movement, stretched her body beneath him presenting as much skin surface as she was able to expose to him. Further inspiring her own lust was the thought that as his mouth moved towards hers his hardened male flesh was coming closer and closer to her own, swollen with passion, feminine flesh. The fantasy of months was moments away to becoming a thrusting heated reality. His mouth slid up her teat and kissed her neck once again. Her teats rubbed against his chest their nipples aching with desire.

Her pussy radar could feel the heat emanating from his blood-engorged shaft and in a final act of pre consummation flooded, her cunt in a swampy slough of mucilaginous slime so superfluous much spilled onto the bed forming an ever expanding stain of moisture below her quivering ass. As his lips touched hers, branding them with fire, her hand forced its way between their bodies grasped his heated hardened cock and centered it in her cunt lips demanding insertion, penetration, consummation. Her screams of lust echoed through the house awakening Sue and Jill from post coital bliss as her body reacted to the smooth insertion of his incestuous prick penetrating her juicy slough, filling her with cock. Her cunt contracting around the male flesh in a series of contractions so tight they sent her into convulsions of orgasm her body shivering and shuttering on the bed beneath him. But it was not enough and as her first orgasms canlı casino siteleri subsided she dropped her feet flat on the bed her knees bent and with stomach and thigh muscles drove her hips upward seeking ever deeper penetration as Chris’ cock filled her with a depraved sense of incestuous love so overwhelming, her body thrust at his without conscious volition.

“Oh mommy’s boy is so big now. Are you going to fuck mommy good? Are you going to make mommy cum and cum?” she asked looking at him through lust hooded eyes. His reply was harder deeper penetration, he felt like he wanted to thrust his entire body up her snatch. She found sensations that exposed the fact that all her hardware was but a pale imitation and the dildo of such huge girth simply an attempt of substitution that she realized failed miserably in light of the wonder of the reality of her son’s thrusting, hardened, flesh. Flesh of her flesh returned to her body in an act so libidinous her pussy sang, vocalizing its’ passion through her vocal cords in and unending song of lust. Her cunt a sea of juice as it welcomed the thrusting cock. Her thighs spread wide forming the saddle, which contained his thrusting body as her own thrust back seeking its reward.

She wanted to be creamed, to feel the warm cream of his love injected into her gapping body, to be filled. Helen felt as though her cunt was sucking on his cock as her body continued the repetitive thrusting milking him for his essence, knowing the shudders of release from passion would also release his creamy goo. Her own sexual tension built on thoughts of the warm spunk soon to fill her. Then it happened, his body convulsing in her arms the wonderful warmth spread in her pussy brought on her own spasmodic orgasms, and the moans of lust they entailed. She felt a moment of disappointment as his flesh withdrew from her but was soon content when she found, with her hands, his head drinking their commingled juices from the well located between her thighs. His tongue dipped in her delight as she held him tenderly to her pussy enjoying the sensation of his drinking tongue in her post coital bliss.

Finally satiated he moved up her body kissing as he went until she found her ear lobe in his mouth, his hand cupping her pussy, his two middle fingers inserted deep in her pussy as the palm of his hand rubbed the hood over her clit which brought a tingly sensation. His fingers rubbed and rubbed against the upper center of her canal seemingly having found a rough spot to carefully smooth. His fingers rubbed as his mouth kissed and sucked traversing ear, neck, and shoulder with a tenderness which evoked a renewed tender passion of her own. Chris tucked one of her soft succulent legs between his thighs his shaft pressed tightly against the leg sometimes humping to reawaken his turgidity. His mouth went to her breast kissing, licking, and sucking, engorging her nipple and retuning the beginnings of lust as his fingers continued to stroke deep in her pussy. She stretched her body beneath his mouth and hand, opening her thighs a little more, arching her back to thrust her breast tighter against his ministering mouth. One hand held his head to her body and the other played with the abandoned teat until its nipple was as excited as the other. His hand continued to stroke, his mouth left her breast to press softly against her lips. Her mouth opened against his and suddenly the kiss became one of passion and fire. His wonderful mouth moved against hers kissing and kissing, the palm of his hand stimulating her clit, causing it to swell.

The fingers continued to stroke, which brought a lassitude to her body as her mind began to concentrate on lips, breast, clit and those soft tender stroking fingers. The tingle in her pussy changed to an ache of desire the fingers stroked and stroked. His mouth returned to her nipple sucking more blood into the already engorged nipple, her hand pinched and pulled at the other. A golden languidness suffused her body as her mind only knew breast, clit and pussy, the sexual intensity increasing almost unbeknownst to her as her mouth sounded her moans of passion. The hand rubbed and rubbed her hips began to respond with movement of their own, her mind focused on clit and cunt. A sensation of heat permeated her body as her blood rose to the surface of her skin flushing it with a rosy hue, adding to her lassitude. Suddenly her body began to orgasm coming almost as a surprise and with it an overwhelming need to pee. Oh God she couldn’t help herself her body spasmodically forced the liquid from her with such force she could hear it hiss, spilling onto her thighs and bed. She began to blush with embarrassment until her son’s lips began a kiss so enflamed she had not felt the like before. “Oh mother!” he cried, “That was so beautiful” She struggled to explain between the kisses her son was raining upon her, why she couldn’t help herself until he realized she thought she had peed. “Mom you didn’t pee you ejaculated. It’s a beautiful clear liquid. See!” His hand went to her thigh wiping the moisture from her skin and brought it to her mouth so she could taste her own ejaculate. It had little taste but it certainly wasn’t urine.

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Celeste’s College Adventures Ch. 01

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It had seemed like my junior year of college was going to be perfect. My assigned roommate never showed up, so I had a double room all to myself. I had rearranged everything to my exact liking and sprawled my things all over the place- well, as much as one can sprawl in a small dorm room. I had no 8am classes- and 4 out of the 5 classes I enrolled in were in the same building. Ah- the joys of having most of your gen-ed out of the way. Less than three weeks into the semester, it all came crashing down on me.

I came back to my room after my last class of the week- on a Thursday no less- being an art student does have its perks- to find the RA, Tabitha, and some strange black haired girl standing in my room, moving things around.

“Excuse me, my room. What’s going on?” I said, more than a little perturbed that people were in my room, touching my things.

“This is your new roommate, Kara. She’s a transfer sophomore. I’m sure she’ll be a positive influence on you and you can help her adjust to her new school,” my RA replied in her way too perky voice, completely ignoring my pissy tone. She was a sorority girl and she was trying her damnedest to make sure she embodied every stereotype. I looked them both up and down, trying to decide whether to scream at them or just scream in general. Kara apparently misunderstood my look and grinned a devilish grin at me and looked me up and down with one eyebrow raised in appreciation. I felt the heat rush into my cheeks so I quickly turned and started moving some of my things to my side of the room, which would be the one closest to the window, of course. Once my back was to them, I decided that I needed to speak.

“Welcome Kara, I’ll get your half of the room cleaned out as quickly as I can. I don’t need any help- I’d rather move my stuff myself. Maybe Tabitha can show you around campus and I’ll be done by the time you guys get back.”

I could hear Tabitha whispering and I already knew what she was saying. It was what several of the girls in the dorm said about me and only a few had the guts to say to my face. I’m anti-social. I’m aloof, I’m bitchy, I’m too good to hang out with the other girls. So, I didn’t want to join a sorority. That doesn’t mean I’m anti-social. So, I find most of the conversations the girls in the dorm carry on to be drool, demeaning to women and just plain boring. I don’t care who is screwing who on whatever TV show is hot at the moment, nor do I care if Professor Albertson is packing something in his way too tight jeans or not. I am a nerd, and I am picky about who I spend my time with- and I was praying that Kara would be someone that I could bear to spend at least a little time around. The library was only open so late these days.

“We’ll give you an hour,” Kara said in a playful tone. She looked me up and down again and subtly licked her lips before walking out of the room. What the hell kind of room mate did they assign to me?

It was actually two hours later when I was dragging her steamer trunks out of the hall and into the room. So much for my semester of sprawl. All the furniture was lined up as it was supposed to be and all of my things were crammed into my half. I had just lain down on the bed to rest when Kara came in the room.

“Good job, Celeste. I would have been more than happy to help you, but Tabby told me you’re antisocial and don’t like people around,” she said, flopping on my bed beside me.

“It’s not that,” I stammered, taken aback and impressed at the same time by her honesty.

“no?” she asked, looking over at me grinning. “So you’re a social butterfly then?”

“Um, no.” I mumbled. “I’m just picky”

“Well, if it’s not too far beneath you, I’m going down to the Strip to see what’s going on. I think it would be cool if you came with me- a nice little room mate bonding adventure.” She raised one delicate eyebrow at me in challenge. “If that’s not your scene….”

I propped myself up and took a long look at her. What was she trying to do? She’d just met me and here she was taking it upon herself to be my social savior. I wasn’t ready for that. I mean, someone besides me was lying on my bed! That was about all the personal space invasion I could take for one day.

“I think I’ll pass this time. I’m kinda beat from moving everything around,” I replied, looking down at the floor. It was nice to be invited somewhere.

She shrugged. “Maybe next time,” she replied, with a smile. And it was a real smile- the kind that meant she really would try again.

I went about my normal routine, and as she was about to leave to go to the Strip, it was late enough for me to go to the showers. I was gathering up my bath-bag when she asked me what I was doing- I think she thought I might have changed my mind about going out. I explained that I showered between the hours of 11:30pm and 1am to increase my chance of being alone in the communal showers. I didn’t like to be around all the other girls. I hated listening to their gossip as they shouted from stall to stall. I expected her to laugh. My last room mate did. But instead she just smiled and said something about it being good that casino oyna I was doing my part to keep the morning traffic down in the girls’ rooms. I was beginning to get the feeling that I would be able to live with her for a semester. She was very to-each-their-own and laid back.

I didn’t see her much over the weekend- I was working all three days and she was in and out a lot. I noticed posters hung on her side, a new rug for the middle of the room, and various other little things. Monday morning was a surprise though. I showed up for my first class and there she was, sitting two desks over from my normal seat.

“Art or art history?” I asked, slipping into my desk. She looked up and smiled.

“Art, with an art history minor, you know in case I have to teach,” she replied with a wry grin but a sparkle in her eyes. “You?”

“Art history, but I’m hoping to teach,” I replied in my usual apologetic way. Most people didn’t understand that I was completely aware of the future job prospects in my chosen field and still I continued down that degree path.

We chatted a bit more- she told me about the art program at her old school- until the teacher came in and began class.

After class, she slipped out before I could ask if she wanted to join me for lunch and honestly, I was a little disappointed. So, I ate lunch alone, went to class then went off and did my scholarship hours filing in the admissions office and went to work. When I came back to the dorm, she was already asleep, so I grabbed my bath bag and went to the computer lab to kill a couple of hours.

Tuesday was another surprise- my second class of the day, she was there again.

“You know, I’m going to think you’re stalking me,” she said jokingly as she sat down beside me.

“Hmm, seems like you’ve got that backwards. I think you might be stalking me.” I replied in kind.

“Would you really mind if I was?” she said, with her eyebrow raised in question and that witchy grin of hers that made me blush.

I was surprised with myself though- I had a witty comeback off the cuff “I’ve had worse stalkers. At least I know if you steal my panties, they’re just on the other side of the room.”

She laughed so loud people in the hallway looked in. I was a little embarrassed, but then I laughed along because I realized that it wasn’t just what I’d said that made her laugh so much- she had opened her backpack and stuck to her plush binder was a purple velvet thong.

“Just remember, I could carry them around with me first,” she whispered as the teacher walked in the room.

Over the next couple of weeks, we established a kind of pattern. Lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays turned into lunch pretty much every day and dinner at the café on campus where I was meeting lots of new people whenever I didn’t have to work. We were really beginning to become friends. She extended her invitation to come to the Strip again. It had only been three weeks since the last time she’d tried, but I decided to accept her challenge. After all, it was going to be the first time in a month and a half that I wouldn’t have to work the following Friday. It would be a shame to waste an opportunity like that sitting in the library.

“Ok. I’m game. What should I wear?”

Her surprise was visible. “Seriously? Wow. Cool.” And somehow I could tell that she meant it.

An hour later we were walking out the door. I let her dress me, kind of. It seemed to make her day that I let her dig through my closet. I drew the line on the short skirts though. I was ok with being seen, I just didn’t want that much of me to be seen.

Once we got to the Strip, it seemed like she knew everyone. Every time we turned around, someone was shouting “Hey Kara!” She would wave, say hi, introduce me to people and we would all chat for a bit before moving on to another person. I think a couple of guys hit on me, but it had been so long since I’d even thought about dating someone, I wasn’t sure. Boys were handing her drinks everywhere we went. She was young, attractive and outgoing- the perfect pick up target. I guess the drinks were why I thought nothing of it when she started touching me more- stroking my hand as we were sitting a table talking to someone she had met in her biology class. She appeared to be engrossed in the conversation so I thought the touching was just like a fidgety thing that she did when she got drunk- something she didn’t even realize she was doing.

It was almost 2 am when she said she was ready to crash out, so we started walking back to the dorm. I think I had met more people that evening than I had ever met in my entire life, and strangely, it didn’t bother me the way copious amounts of people usually bothered me. It had actually been kind of fun. She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her.

“Have fun?” she asked, grinning like someone who had just won a battle of wills.

“Yeah, I did actually,” I replied, feeling ok with being conquered.

“Good. You’ll have to come out with me again. People seemed to really like you- you must put off some good vibe or something.”

I was a little embarrassed. slot oyna “Hrump. Maybe- I think they like you. No one offered me drinks.”

“Oh god! I know! You’re so lucky in that. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of a drink without them seeing you? I hate to be rude, but I am not interested in going to jail for underage drinking or getting the bar in trouble. Besides, I don’t think I look that easy. At least get to know me a bit before blowing six bucks on a drink to try to get me to go home with you!”

I was surprised. I had thought for sure she was drunk. “So, you’re not drunk?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Not at all. Why? Was I acting like an airhead or something?” Her bright green eyes were sparking as if she knew something I didn’t.

“No… it just didn’t realize, I guess.” I stumbled with my words, unsure of what to say, or if I really wanted to say anything or not. We were back at the dorm by this time and I decided I didn’t want to be in the room with her. I just didn’t know what to think or what to say. Maybe she was just friendly- she *was* very social, after all. I just didn’t have friends that interacted the way she did. None of them had ever put their hand on my thigh, or stroked my arm. Or looked at me the way she had.

She saved me from having to come up with an escape plan. “I’m going to go shower, I’ll see you in the morning?”

I yawned so big my face hurt. “Yeah, I’m all out of energy. I forgot what it was like going out and being social. I think we may have to ramp up to normal social behavior for me,” I said, smiling as much as I could.

“Ah you’ve gone out with me now, so I know it’s possible to get you out in a true public place- you know -one not on campus. Just wait until next weekend. If you’re not working Friday morning, you’re so going with me.” She had a big smile on her face and it made me feel good that she wanted to hang out with me more. I was realizing just how much I had alienated myself.

After she left, I changed and got in the bed and was out before she ever came back.

It was late afternoon when I woke up. She was sitting on her bed, writing on her laptop and listening to her iPod. She nodded to me as I stumbled across the room. “Where you going like that?”

“I’m going to go shower to get the smoky smell out of my hair,” I said, scooping up my shower bag.

“Eat afterwards?” she asked.

I nodded and my stomach rumbled for emphasis. “Be back soon. They should be empty at this time on a Friday.”

I was standing under the water, letting the shower just wash away my worries. It had been a kind of intense week, new social butterfly metamorphosis notwithstanding. I heard some one open the door and I couldn’t help but get all tense. Community bathrooms had taken A LOT of getting used to for me. Back at home, I didn’t even share a bathroom with my family members. Thankfully, the showers here had little changing areas that were curtained off in front of them so it wasn’t like the nightmare showers I’d heard about as a freshman. I listened for a few and didn’t hear anyone, so I assumed they must have changed their minds. I went back to my unwinding.

My eyes were closed, water was running down my face and I was just breathing deeply when I felt her touch me. My first instinct was for my eyes to pop open and to push her away, but a voice inside me said relax. Anyone could be touching me- invading my privacy in a HUGE way, but the voice also told me that I knew who it was. Panic was just under the surface though- this went more than a little beyond friendly.

Her fingers traced down the side of my face, along my jaw line, down my neck and onto my collar bone. I was still, eyes closed, breathing deep. Her other hand gently went along the curve of my breast, down my ribcage and rested on my hip. I bit my bottom lip unconsciously.

“You’re even more beautiful than I thought you would be,” she whispered, her face much closer to mine than I realized. “May I kiss you?” she asked, sounding so vulnerable.

I nodded, unable to find my voice, and afraid to actually speak. I stepped out of the water enough that it was still on my back, but no longer running down my face. Her lips touched mine very gently. They were so soft and smelled of peaches. One hand still on my hip, the other moved to my face as she began kissing me harder and faster. None of the boys I’d ever kissed had felt like her. Her body was pressed against mine in a way that felt so natural to me.

“Have you ever kissed a woman before?” she asked, between kisses.

“No. Have you?” I responded, afraid too many words would make her stop. “ummmhum,” she responded, her lips on mine. The vibration between our lips was an interesting sensation- almost like a low level shock. Her tongue wrapped around mine and she pulled me tighter to her. I felt my heart rate jump up a notch and my breathing got shallower. Her hands were moving all over my body and I realized that I could touch her too. I began, timidly, trying to mirror her touches. She pulled back a little and started caressing my breasts, rubbing my nipples with her thumbs. I was biting canlı casino siteleri my lower lip hard and I could feel the heat between my legs growing to an intensity I had never known.

“Do you want me?” she asked, taking my hand and placing it on her small firm breast. I rubbed it, like I would touch my own, nodding in response to her question. I looked her up and down- she was so perfectly beautiful. Her skin was a soft golden color all over- not like she tanned, but like she was born that way. She had the subtle hour-glass shape of a woman that liked to play outside. Not athletic enough to be boyish and not voluptuous enough to be gaudy. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anyone- more than I even knew I *could* want someone. She brushed her finger ever so gently across my clit and my eyes rolled back in my head.

“How long has it been since someone pleasured you the way you deserve to be pleasured?” she asked, her voice soft and breathy.

I was embarrassed. I’d never had sex – with a boy or a girl. I had dated in high school, a little, but the only one I’d ever gotten serious with had never been willing to ‘return the favor’, not that I had gone down on him more than a handful of times.

“I’ve never actually been with anyone,” I finally mumbled.

“Really?” she said, with a mix of excitement and doubt. I nodded. She kissed me hard. “Well then, I think we have some catching you up to do,” she said, reaching up to move the shower head to point at a wall. “Give that a minute to warm up the tile. In the meantime, I think I need to give your breasts some much needed attention- as long as you don’t mind.” She looked at me, waiting for me to let her know that it was ok to proceed. I smiled and nodded, timidly.

“This is just really strange for me, like in a not real way. Not in a bad way though,” I said, wanting her to understand that I felt like I was in a dream and that in a moment I would wake up and be terribly disappointed.

She smiled then bent her head down and began sucking on my nipples gently- flicking her tongue softly then hard as they drew up into hard little buds. It felt like little shocks along my entire body every time she did it. Nothing I’d ever done to my own breasts while masturbating even came close to the amazing way her mouth felt on me. She attended to each of my breasts, then kissed up to my neck. Pulling my wet hair off my shoulder and neck, she kissed up to the base of my ear, then started nipping at the sensitive spot behind my ear that I didn’t even know existed. I moaned unintentionally, feeling like my legs were weak beneath me. She nipped at my earlobe. That was certainly an erogenous zone no one had ever explored on me before. My stomach was fluttering and my body was tingling from just that little bit of attention.

She reached up and moved the shower’s spray to the other wall and gently maneuvered me against the warm spot. “Lean back,” she said, crouching in front of me. All of a sudden, I got terribly nervous. She ran her hands up and down my legs.

“Such lovely legs. You really shouldn’t hide them in those baggy pants.” She kissed the inside of my knee and started moving up. Gently, she pushed my legs apart so she could kiss the inside of my thigh.

“Celeste- don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.” She said looking up at me, sensing my anxiety. “If you don’t want me to, I won’t,” she was watching my face carefully.

“I do, but,” I said, embarrassed for reasons I didn’t even know. I took a few deep breaths. “I do.” I finally said, with confidence. “I do want you to.”

My hair was neatly trimmed- it was an OC kind of thing for me. I couldn’t stand it not looking right when I wore certain panties. I was so turned on, my clit was poking out a little- bright red and oh so sensitive. She touched me first, watching my face the whole time. Her delicate fingers traced gentle strokes along my lips, then small circular motions on my clit- just barely touching. It was so strange to feel someone else’s fingers there. I was relaxing with each stroke. When she slipped her fingers in my wet pussy and lowered her mouth to my clit, all anxiety left my body. The first caress of her tongue had me seeing stars, in a good way. She had ahold of my hips with both hands as she licked harder and faster. She alternated long, hard licks with fluttery lashes. My head was tilted back, my breath coming faster and faster. I could feel my orgasm building- my legs were already beginning to feel hot and tingly. My feet were buzzing with the energy. I tilted my hips towards her, needing more, wanting more, amazed at how unselfconscious I felt with her hands and mouth all over my naked body.

She took two fingers and began pumping my pussy as she licked hard and fast. I was rocking my hips in time with her, grinding against her, moaning softly. I felt it come up from my toes, moving up my legs like fire. “I’m about to come,” I said breathlessly. She didn’t stop, slow down or anything. The fire was in my thighs then it erupted all over my body as my knees went weak, my back arched off the tile and I moaned “Oh my god,” much more loudly than I think I had ever done in my life. I realized she was holding me up with both her hands, her mouth still on my clit. When she made eye contact and I started to stand on my own, she began licking me again. My knees went totally weak and I slid down the wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Arkadaşımın kocası

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Arkadaşımın kocası

Benim yıllardır çok sıkı dostum, arkadaşım, kardeşten öte bir kız arkadaşım Didem, yeni evlendi. Kocasıyla arkadaşlık ettikleri ve nişanlı oldukları sürece adamı hiç gözüm tutmamıştı. Samimiydik, konuşuyor, geziyorduk, ama hoşuma gitmeyen bir şeyler vardı bu adamda.

Çok yakışıklıydı ve bir o kadar da ahlaksız bir yapısı vardı. Bana bakışlarını yakalıyordum ara sıra… Bacaklarıma, vücuduma istekli istekli, sikecek gibi bakıyordu. Benim baktığımı anlayınca başını başka tarafa çeviriyordu. Arada Didem olmasaydı, o bakışlara başka türlü yanıt verirdim!

Didem havalarda uçuyordu, aşktan bir şey görecek hali yoktu. Her fırsatta öpüşüyorlar, koklaşıyorlar, sevişiyorlardı. Üstü kapalı uyarmaya çalıştım, ama Didem dinlemedi, o adamla evlendi…

Balayı falan derken evleneli bir ayı geçti. Didem’in ısrarlarına dayanamayarak, bir akşam yemeği için evlerine gittim. Üçümüz, yeni ev kadını Didem’in hazırladığı yemekleri yedik, hediye götürdüğüm güzel şarabı açıp içtik. Sohbet ettik. Her şey güzeldi, yemek, şarap, sohbet…

Benim güzel arkadaşım mutluluk sarhoşuydu zaten. Kocasının ağzının içine bakıyordu. Balayını anlattılar. Oteli, denizi, havuzu falan. Hatta, kocası bir ara içeriye gittiğinde, Didem üstü kapalı olarak, kocasının harika seviştiğini, yatakta kendisini çok mutlu ettiğini bile anlattı.

Gece yarısına doğru kalkmak istediğimde, ikisi birden beni evime bırakmak için ısrar ettiler. Ben, gerek olmadığını, taksiyle gideceğimi söyledim. Tam bunun tartışmasını yaparken Didem ağırlaşmaya, bayılır gibi kendinden geçmeye başladı. Ben hemen,

“Ne oldu Didem? Neyin var?” diye ayıltmaya çalıştım. Kocasından kolonya istedim, getirdiği kolonyayı alnına, boynuna sürüyordum. Didem halen kendinde değildi, yere halının üzerine serilip kalmıştı. Kaldıramıyordum. Telefona davranıp 112’yi aramaya çalıştığımda, kocası tutup telefonu elimden aldı ve

“Merak etme, bir şeyi yok. Uyuyor sadece…” dedi. Gözlerinde acaip pırıltılar dolaşıyordu.

“Nasıl yani? Nasıl uyumak bu?” diye olayı anlamaya çalışırken, kafama dank etti. Adamın gözlerindeki parıltılar anlatıyordu her şeyi.

“Uyku ilacı verdim uyuması için! Seninle yalnız kalamıyoruz hiç… Uyursa yalnız kalırız diye düşündüm!” dedi.

Şeytanca yakışıklı yüzünde, yine şeytanca bir sırıtış vardı. Anlamıştım olayı, karısını uyutup beni sikecekti… Üstüme gelmeye başladı. Tam bana sarılmak isterken buna bir tokat patlattım ve

“Seni şerefsiz! Nasıl düşünürsün bunu?” diye bağırıp kapıya fırladım.

Ama nafile, kapı kilitliydi. Açamayınca arkamı döndüm. Yavaşça üzerime geliyordu. Sıyrılıp balkon kapısına koştum. O da aynı şekilde kilitliydi. Sanki açılacakmış gibi kapı kolunu zorlayıp açmaya çalıştım. Tekrar dış kapıya aynı şekilde yüklendim. Yok, açılmıyordu.

Çaresizce döndüm, üstüme geliyordu. Yana kaçtım, kollarını açıp üstüme geldi. Kaçacak yerim kalmamıştı. Sırtım duvara dayanmıştı. Ellerini iki yanımdan duvara dayadı, kollarının arasında hapsetti. O yakışıklı, kirli sakallı suratı bir santim burnumun dibindeydi şimdi. Korkuyordum,

“Yapma! Nasıl böyle bir şey yaparsın? Karının en yakın arkadaşıyım ben! Yeni evlisin, neden böyle bir şeye gerek duyuyorsun?” diye bağırıyordum yüksek sesle. Koca eliyle ağzımı kapadı,

“Bağırma canım! Bağırırsan hem sen, hem ben, hem arkadaşın rezil oluruz mahalleye! İster misin böyle bir duruma düşmeyi?” dedi. Başımı iki yana salladım. Elbette yapamazdım bunu.

“Seni seviyorum canım! İlk gördüğüm andan beri seni istiyorum. Öyle güzel, öyle seksisin ki… Güzelliğin, giydiğin seksi giysiler bitiriyor beni! Delirtiyorsun! Hadi, zorluk çıkartma, sen de zevk alacaksın, inan!” diye fısıldıyor, ılık nefesi kulak memelerimde, boynumda dolaşıyordu.

Tüm bedeniyle yaslanmıştı bana. Kasıklarımda onun kalkmış erkekliğinin sertliğini hissediyor, bu da alarm zilleri çaldırıyordu beynimin içinde. Elini ağzımdan çekti. Yalvarmayı denedim,

“Sakın aklından bile geçirme! Bırak gideyim, şerefsiz! Nasıl bunu düşünürsün? Kız oğlan kızım ben. Hem sen… Sen yeni evlisin! Karın yetmiyor mu sana? Bırak beni!” dedim, ama nafile.

Çırpındım, tekme vurmaya, kollarından kurtulmaya çalıştım. Umurunda bile değildi. Gözleri vahşi vahşi parlıyordu. Kafaya koymuştu, bugün, bu gece beni becerecekti bu adam. O vahşi ışıltıları görünce anladım. Kızlığımı kaybedecektim bu gece! Yine de kurtulmayı denedim. Ama olmadı.

Saçlarımdan kavrayıp dudaklarıma yapıştı. Başımı çevirdim, bir tokat yedim aniden. Sarsıldım. Tutup yere yatırdı beni. Sağa sola kıvrılıyor, üstümden atmaya çalışıyordum. Minyon tipli, 60 kilo bir kızın ne kadar kuvveti olabilir ki? İri yarı erkek ağırlığının altında eziliyordum.

İki elimi tek eliyle tutmuş, halıya bastırmıştı. Bacaklarıyla bacaklarımı hapsetmiş, kıpırdamama izin vermiyordu. Didem, benim güzel arkadaşım, yanı başımızda kendinden geçmiş, baygın yatıyordu. Ona seslenmeyi denedim, ne faydası olacaksa?

“Didem, nolur kendine gel! Didem! Kurtar beni!” dedim. Ama Didem’in ruhu bile duymuyordu. Kocası ise yanı başında beni yere yatırmış, sikmek üzereydi…

Nefesim kesilmiş, gücüm kalmamıştı bu hayvanın altında. Kendimi bıraktım, mücadele edecek halim kalmamıştı. Baskıyı hafifletti. Bluzumun yakasından tutup aşağıya çekti, yırtarak çıkardı. Sütyenimin askılarını kopardı, fırlatıp attı.

Boğuşmanın etkisiyle nefes nefese kalmıştım, göğsüm aşağı yukarı inip kalkıyordu. Belden yukarım çıplak, gözlerinin önündeydim. O da bir an durup hayranlıkla seyretti memelerimi,

“Ohhh! Canım benim! Çok güzelsin! Harikasın!” diye soludu. Sonra eğilip öpmeye başladı. Dudakları sıcak sıcak, memelerimde, uçlarında dolaşıyordu.

Sol eliyle ellerimi bastırırken, sağ elini aşağıya okşayarak indirdi. Eli, çıplak bacaklarımı okşaya okşaya, boğuşurken sıyrılan eteğimin altına girdi. Bacaklarımın içlerini okşayarak yukarı çıktı. Külodumu avuçladı. İrkildim. Ama hareket edemedim. Ağlıyordum.

“Bırak! Lütfen bırak beni! Dokunma bana! Zarar verme!” diye yalvarıyordum.

Dinlemedi beni. Elleri okşamaya devam etti. Şimdi hazineme ulaşmıştı parmakları. En kıymetli hazinemi, evet, amımı okşamaya başlamıştı parmakları. Ve o anda dehşetle bir olayın farkına vardım: Zevk alıyordum!

Arkadaşımın kocası, resim ?3
Evet. Her yandan ateş altındaydım. Dudakları memelerimin uçlarındaydı. Islak dili memelerimde, kabarmış meme uçlarımda dolaşıyordu durmadan. Etli dudaklarının arasına hapsediyor, diliyle okşuyordu meme uçlarımı.

Ya parmakları? Çıplak amımı, klitorisimi okşayan o parmaklar. Dakikalar boyu sürüyordu bu durum. Kasıklarımda bir ateş, bir yangın başlamıştı artık. Ve o yangın gittikçe büyüyor, tüm vücuduma yayılıyordu.

Islandığımı hissediyordum. İçimden sular akıyordu sanki. İnanamıyordum buna. En yakın arkadaşım yanı başımda baygın yatıyor, kocası ise her yerimi okşuyor, öpüyor, emiyor, beni zevkten kıvrandırıyordu. Duygularımı anlatamam. Korku, dehşet, heyecan, zevk, utanma, vicdan azabı.

Hayvan herif her tarafımı okşayıp yalarken, ben içimden kendi kendime konuşuyor, telkin etmeye çalışıyordum, (Tamam, sen bir kadınsın. Bu hayvanın okşamalarından zevk alabilirsin, ama kendini kaptırma. Geçecek bu. Şeytanın seni alt etmesine izin verme. Hayır!) diye.

Elimde olmadan ağzımdan, “Ihhh…” diye bir inilti koptu. Ve o da anlamıştı zevk aldığımı. Parmağını amımdan çekti, ıslanmıştı parmakları, ışıkta amımın sularıyla parlıyordu. Parmağını kokladı, yaladı bana bakarken.

“Görüyor musun aşkım, nasıl zevk alıyorsun! Nasıl ıslanmış amcığın! Hadi bırak kendini bana, zevkine var!” diyordu.

Sonunda dediği gibi yenildim, kendimi bıraktım ben de… Elini eteğimin kopçasına getirip kopardı. Eteği sıyırıp bacaklarımdan çıkardı. Minicik pembe külodumla kalmıştım. Hemen arkadan koparırcasına onu da çıkardı. Çırılçıplaktım şimdi.

Utançla ellerimi apış arama götürdüm, hazinemi saklamaya çalıştım. Gülümseyerek yavaşça elimi tuttu, kenara çekti. Hayran gözlerle bakıyordu amıma. Yeni ağda yapmıştım.

Amımı bir süre seyretti, sonra eğildi, öptü. Elimde olmadan yine, “Ooohhh…” diye inledim. Kapalı tutmaya çalıştığım bacaklarımı araladım yine elimde olmadan…
Ve ağzı, benim göz değmemiş, el sürülmemiş amıma kapandı. Islak dilini hissettim amımda…

Ne oluyordu bana böyle? Nasıl bir zevkti bu? Hele dilinin ucunu klitorisimde hissettiğimde mahvoldum. Beynimde şimşekler çakıyordu sanki. İki elimi halının tüylerine geçirmiş, kasılmış parmaklarımla yoluyordum zevkten…

Fakat yine de ona katılmıyor, zevkini arttırmamaya çalışıyordum. Ama ne kadar saklayabilirdim aldığım korkunç zevki? Gözünü benden ayırmadan yalıyordu amımı. İçimden akan sular, zevkten kızaran yüzüm, kısılan gözlerim her şeyi anlatıyordu ona…

Sonunda yalamayı bırakıp kalktı. Aceleyle üstünde ne varsa çıkarıp attı. Şimdi aralık bacaklarımın arasında, heykelsi, kaslı, sportmen vücuduyla dizlerinin üstünde duruyordu.

Az önce kasıklarıma bastırdığı sertlik serbest kalmış, yarağı havaya dikilmişti mızrak gibi. Muhteşem bir yarağı vardı. Biçimli, damarları kabarmış, geniş şapkalı bir şey…

Dizlerinin üzerinde yanaşıp o yarağı ağzıma yaklaştırdı. Ne istediğini anlamıştım, başımı diğer yana çevirdim. Saçımdan tutup kavradı. Can acısıyla istediğini yaptırıyordu bana. Ağzıma dayadı yarağını. Ağzım sımsıkı kapalıydı. Diğer eliyle çenemi tutup sıktı. Acıyla açılan ağzıma taş gibi olmuş yarağını sokuverdi…

Çaresizdim. En ufak hareketimde saçlarımdan asılıp canımı yakıyordu. İstediğini yaptım ben de, yarağını yaladım, emdim. Zorlukla ağzıma sığan yarağını vantuz gibi emiyordum artık. Porno videolarda seyredip mastürbasyon yaptığım oral sahnelerindeki kadınlardan farkım yoktu şimdi.

Aklımda o videolardan ne kaldıysa, ağzımla, dilimle hepsini yaptım yarağına. O ise başını arkaya atmış, iki eliyle saçlarımdan kavramış, yarağını ağzıma sokup çıkarıyor, sonra yalamamı bekliyordu. Ben de yalıyordum boylu boyunca. Yaladım, yaladım…

O kadar yalamama rağmen neden boşalmıyordu bu hayvan? Yoksa planını önceden yapmış, karısına uyku hapı, kendine geciktirici falan mı almıştı sapık herif? Herhalde öyle olmalıydı. Dakikalarca yaladığım halde, zevkten böğürüyor fakat boşalmıyordu bir türlü…

Sonra bıraktı yalatmayı… Bacaklarımın arasına girdi tekrar. Tükürüklerimden ıslanmış yarağını, benim zevk sularımla ıslanmış amıma sürttü. Eliyle tutup boydan boya gezdirdi ıslaklığımda. Klitorisime baskı yaptığında kıvrandım.

“Yapma… Bana bu kötülüğü yapma! Kızım ben. Bekaretime zarar verme. Bırak ağzımla boşaltayım seni!” diye inledim tekrar.

“Çok güzel yalıyorsun tatlım. Müthiş oral yapıyorsun. Ama merak etme aşkım, seni öyle seveceğim ki, kendin yalvaracaksın içime gir diye!” dedi.

Öyle de oldu… İçime girmeden üzerime abandı. Kasıklarıma yaslanan yarağını ayırmadan dudaklarıma yumuldu. Etli dudaklarıyla dudaklarımı emmeye başladı. Eli bir mememi avuçlayıp sıkarken, dilinin ucuyla dudaklarımı okşuyordu bir yandan da.

Nefes alabilmek için dudaklarımı araladığımda içime girdi o dil. Dilimi okşuyordu. Kendimden geçiyor, bayılacak gibi oluyordum. Nefes alamıyordum. O geniş kaslı göğüslerinin altında eziliyordu memelerim…

Namussuz adam, öyle güzel öpüyordu ki, öyle güzel sevişiyordu ki, her yerime ayrı ayrı aynı anda zevk yıldırımları salıyordu sanki. Dayanamıyordum artık. Kasmaya çalıştığım bacaklarım, kendiliğinden sonuna kadar ayrılmıştı şimdi. Ve o açılan bacaklarımın arasında kıpırdayıp duruyordu yarağı.

Hayvani yarağının sert başının amımın girişini zorlamaya başladığını hissediyor, içime girebilmesi için kalçalarımı oynatıyordum. O ise hiç acele etmiyordu.

Beni zevkten zevke sürüklerken, memelerimle, dudaklarımla haince oyalanırken, hiç aldırış etmeden, sertliğinden bir şey kaybetmeden öylece bacaklarımın arasında duruyordu…

Zevk sularımın taştığını, arkamdan halıya süzüldüğünü hissediyordum. Sonunda dediği oldu. Yalvardım,

“Hadi, gir içime artık! Bitsin bu işkence! Sok şunu içime namussuz!” diye. Gülümsedi dudaklarımın içinde,

“Emin misin? İstiyor musun gerçekten?” diye sordu. Haykırdım,

“Evet! Oh… Evet, istiyorum piç herif, istiyorum! Sikini istiyorum. Bekaret falan umurumda değil. Ne yapacaksan yap, bitir şunu, bitir işimi, dayanamıyorum artık! Sok şu sikini içime…” diye.

Ve doğruldu. Bacaklarımın arasında yerleşti iyice. Gözlerini gözlerimden ayırmadan kalçalarını bastırdı içime doğru. Yarağının başının amımın girişini zorladığını hissettim. Girdi. O kadar ıslanmıştım ki, kaydı içime yavaşça. Başı girdi. Durdu. Gözlerime bakıyordu. Bense heyecanla, titreyerek bekliyordum onu…

Ve tüm kalınlığıyla bastırıverdi içime. Bir sızı duydum içimde. Kollarımı boynuna sardım. “Ahhhh!” diye inledim.

Acının bitmesini bekledim. O da bekledi. Sonra hareket etti. Yavaş yavaş. Soktu. Çıkardı. Soktu. Çıkardı. Hızlandı. Hızlandı.

Zevk suları fışkırıyordu bacaklarımın arasından. İnanılmazdı hissettiklerim. Böyle bir zevk olamazdı. Resmen çığlık atıyordum zevkten. Zirveden zirveye uçuruyordu beni hayvan… Aygır…

En sonunda boşaldı içime. Döllerinin sıcaklığını rahmimin derinliklerinde hissedince ben de delirdim. Tırnaklarımı sırtına, dişlerimi omuzuna geçirip, haykırdım, haykırdım, haykırdım…

Kasılmalarımız bitince üstümden yuvarlandı yanıma. Sırtüstü uzandı. Yan dönüp başımı onun inip kalkan göğsüne koydum. Kalbinin çılgın bir tempoyla atan gümbürtüsünü duyuyordum.

Ellerimle, dümdüz, sert karnını okşadım. Bacağımın biriyle, onun sert, erkek kaslı bacaklarını sardım. Halen zevk alan amımı, onun kıllı, sert bacağına dayadım. Bastırdım. Amımda bacağının sıcaklığını, sertliğini duyuyor, zevkten kasılıyordum.

Bir süre böyle kaldık. Dinlendik. Sonra kalktı. Beni de elimden tutup kaldırdı. Zavallı Didem, halen baygın vaziyette uyuyordu halının üzerinde. Eğilip yerde yatan arkadaşımın omuzlarından tuttu, bana baktı, ben de ayaklarından tuttum, kaldırıp koltuğa yatırdık. İçeriden örtü getirip üzerine örttü. Dudaklarını sevgiyle öpüp, başının altına bir yastık koydu.

Ben koltuğun kenarında ayakta durmuş onu izliyordum. İçimi bir kıskançlık duygusu kavurdu birden…

Dolan, bulutlanan gözlerime baktı, anlamıştı hissettiklerimi. Gülümseyerek kalkıp geldi, beni kucakladı. Çırılçıplak birbirimize sarıldık. Ateşli ateşli öptü dudaklarımı,

“Söylemiştim sana aşkım… Karımı sevdiğim kadar seni de seviyorum. Merak etme, ikinize de yetecek gücüm var benim!” dedi.

Ve o güçlü kollarıyla kucaklayıp, kuş gibi kaldırdı beni. Banyoda bacaklarımdan akan dölleri, kanı temizledi özenle. Yıkadı beni. Ben de onu. Sonra yine kucaklayıp üzerimizdeki akan su damlalarıyla, çırılçıplak yatak odasına götürdü. Yatağa yatırdı nazikçe. Sonra üstüme geldi.

Seviştik. Saatlerce… Sabaha kadar…

Aklımda sadece o an vardı. Hiç bir şeyi umarsamıyordum. Bekaretim… Namusum… Didem… Geleceğimiz… Hiç biri…

Umursadığım tek bir şey vardı: Erkeğim!

O’nun bana verdiği, yaşattığı korkunç şehvet, içinde yüzdüğüm zevk denizi.

Ve artık onsuz yaşayamayacağım duygusu!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

İtalya’da Yaşadıklarım

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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İtalya’da Yaşadıklarım
Bu anlatacaklarım üniversite son sınıfta Erasmus öğrenci değişimi programıyla gittiğim İtalya’da başıma geldi. Bundan tam 1 bucuk yıl önce öğrenci değişimi programıyla İtalya’nın Floransa kentine gittim. Sıcak kanlı biri olduğumdan kısa zamanda pek çok arkadaş edindim. Bunların arasında gay olduğundan emin olduğum iki kişi de vardı. Bunlardan biri Benito diğeri de benim gibi Erasmus programıyla Yunanistan’dan gelen Yannis. Yannis ve Benito ilk günden itibaren birbirleriyle çok yakın arkadaş olmuşlar ben onların biraz daha uzağında kalmıştım. İkisi de cinsel tercihlerini rahatça açıklayabildikleri için birbirleriyle güzel zaman geçirip eğleniyorlardı. Bir akşam eğlenmek için beni de çağırdılar. genelde gaylerin takıldıkları kulüplere gitmelerine rağmen benim için sorun olmayacağını bildikleri için beni de davet etmişlerdi. Büyük ihtimalle beni beğeniyorlardı. Daveti kabul ederek anlaştığımız yerde onlarla buluştum. Benito’nun çocukluk arkadaşı Monica’nın da bize katılmasıyla güzel bir gece kulübüne gitmek için yola koyulduk. Monica 170 boylarından kavruk tenli dolgun kalçalı ve iri memeli Akdeniz tipi hoş bi kızdı. Benito ve Yannis de 180in üzerine boyu olan esmer sevimli iki gençti. Yannis genelde kirli sakal gezen mavi gözlü kıllı bi gençken Benito kalın dudaklarını ortaya çıkaran tıraşından asla vazgeçmeyen kısa siyah saçlı atletik yapılı hoş bir gençti. Hep beraber Floransa’nın en iyi kulüplerinden birine gittik ve eğlenmeye başladık. Yannis ve Benito çılgınlar gibi öpüşüp dans ederken ben de Monica ile eğlencenin dibine vuruyordum. Alkolle birlikte Monica gözümde daha da seksileşiyor ve onunla ilgili fanteziler kuruyordum. Bunun farkında olan Monica beni daha da ateşlendirmek için elinden geleni yapıyordu. Gecenin ilerleyen saatlerinde Benito hepimizi yalnız yaşadığı evine davet etti. Pansiyon tipi bir yerde kaldığım için Monica’yla daha rahat edeceğimizi düşünerek daveti kabul ettim. Hep beraber onun evine gittik. Benito ve Yannis odalarına çekildiler biz de Monica Antredeki koltukta sevişmeye başladık. Stüdyo daire olduğu için yalnızca tek bir oda vardı. O nedenle antrede sevimek zorundaydım. Alkolün de etkisiyle hareketlerimiz ağır ve ateşliydi. Monica’nın ateşli dudaklarını ısırarak öpüyor boynunu iri memelerinin çatalına doğru emiyordum. Üzerinde zaten dar ve kısa olan her giysiyi yavaşça çıkarıyor anın tadını çıkarıyordum. Bu esnada Benito birkaç kez odasından çıkarak bizim bulunduğumuz kanepenin önünden çırılçıplak geçip banyoya gidiyor birşeyler alıp geri dönüyordu. Bu esnada Monica hiç bir tepki vermediği için biz de işimize devam ediyorduk. Üstümüzdeki her parça giysiyi itinayla çıkardıktan sonra Monica’nın son giysisi olan siyah tangayı da itinayla çıkarınca ikimiz de çırılçıplak kalmıştık. Monica’nın henüz epilasyon yapılmış bembeyaz amcığı hiç sikilmemiş gibi daracık duruyordu. 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Gördüklerim beni iyice azdırmış olacakki Monica’nın amını parçalar gibi sikmeye başlamıştım. Üzerine bütün ağırlığımı vererek sert bi şekilde sikiyordum. Bu onu daha da bağırtıyor ve çıldırtıyordu. Tüm bedenim onun bedenine sürtüyor ve dişleri boynumu ve omzumu morartıyordu. Ben bu şekilde devam ederken Benito ve Yannis ellerinde bir şişe ucuz şampanya ile odadan çıktı ve size katılabilir miyiz diye sordu. Bi an duraksadım ve tabi dedim. Benito bir taraftan şampanyayı patlatırken lutfen devam et diyerek devam etmemi istedi. Aynı zevk ve iştahla Monica’nın üzerinde gitgellere devam ediyordum. O esnada Yannis Benito’nun patlattığı şampanyanın köpüğünün sırtımdan aşağı döktü ve sırtımı kuyruk sokumuma kadar yaladı. Bu benim daha da azmamı sağladı. İki kadeh doldurarak bizi izlemeye başlamışlardı. Yannis Benito’yu kucağına almış şampanyasını yudumlarken bizi izliyordu. Benito da götünü Yannis’in kıllı yarağına yerleştirmiş bi şekilde şampanya yudumluyordu. 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Yannis’in içinden çıkarak Monica’nın üzerine boşaldım. Bu sefer izleme sırası bizdeydi. Kadehlerimiz elimize aldık ve bir süre Yannis ve Benito’nun 69unu izledik. Kısa bi süre sonra boşaldılar. Alkolün ve seksin verdiği yorgunlukla olduğumuz yerde sızdık….

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Boyish Fun

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Tits

I hadn’t always been like this. During all my 38 years I had considered myself hetero-sexual, “normal”; I’d had sex with around 20 women, counting quickies as well as relationships; when I masturbated it was to images of sexy women or fantasies involving women.

So what had happened to make me so obsessive about John? How had this intern, 15 years my junior, started to appear in my darkest thoughts, sparking images of wanton sex, leading me to imagine all kinds of things I had barely even read about?

Was it really just from that afternoon at the lake, when a few colleagues from work had met up for a picnic, sharing cold food, cold wine and a lot of laughs? John, who had been sent to us for a month from our corporate HQ, was just getting to be accepted by our team of accountants. He was making a good impression – he could be funny, was clearly bright and had good potential at work, but wasn’t pushy and too obviously trying to get himself noticed.

I noticed him particularly when – several bottles later – someone suggested a skinny dip. We were in a secluded area and it didn’t seem to be a bad idea. Anyway, it had happened before and some of us at least had seen each other naked. I was actually looking forward to seeing Jean, a new staff member in her mid-twenties, get her gear off.

I hadn’t expected to be so interested in seeing John – his slim body, almost hairless apart from a little bush at his groin, stayed etched in my memory after I got home. I couldn’t stop him from coming into my thoughts as I lay in bed stroking my cock and thinking of Jean’s perky breasts. John reminded me of the Michelangelo statue of David, even down to the rather small, uncircumcised penis. He looked more 18 than 23, and that alone worried me.

Just as I was getting close to cumming from thinking of Jean, John would appear, his smile, his hairless chest, his… penis. I squeezed my eyes shut and imagined touching him, and him touching me… very quickly I climaxed in a breathless, hard spasm that left great blobs of cum on my chest and tummy.

It was all very well feeling embarrassed, even guilty about it the next day; just that was enough to make me think of him all over again, resulting in strong arousal under the shower. I resisted the urge to masturbate, instead putting the shower on cold. That may have been my big mistake…

At this time John was working in my section so it was natural for us to spend time together – I was taking him under my wing, after all. I was especially sensitive to his mood that Monday morning, wondering if he had noticed me looking at him as he dived and cavorted naked in the lake. However, he greeted me in his usual, slightly timid way, and we got on with our work.

From time to time I found my mind wandering and images of him came and went, leading me to get aroused. Try casino şirketleri as I might not to let it happen, it did – and when he came over to ask me a question, standing beside me to see the computer screen, there was no way of hiding the outline of my erection. He blushed – just a little but unmistakably, enough to make it clear he hadn’t missed it. We went on with out working session but I sensed that a line had been crossed.

At midday I was still so aroused that I went to the men’s loo and masturbated, deliberately thinking of John and letting my imagination run riot around his body… I came heavily into folds of loo paper and spent a long time cleaning myself up afterwards. In the afternoon I was able to concentrate on work and not on him.

That evening I was not troubled by any raunchy thoughts at all and went off to sleep without needing to masturbate. In the morning, though, I was once again horny and this time let myself go under the shower, figuring that this would stop me thinking about John at work. In fact, as I travelled to the office, I made up my mind to put some space between us and so end this haunting obsession.

I had a word with a colleague who agreed to take over my coaching sessions with John, on the pretext that I had some urgent work to catch up with. That way I didn’t have much contact with him at all. I still found myself, once or twice, looking over to him, and noticing his hands, small-boned and rather fine: how often, I mused, did they touch his own penis, and get sticky with his own cum?

This was entirely the wrong tack, for it had me back in the loo in the afternoon, masturbating almost viciously to get shot of my arousal, my sperm, my desire for John. For that was what it had become: desire, to touch him, stroke him, kiss him… it was unbelievable and I knew I had to take every possible step to avoid him.

Later in the week he passed me in the corridor and stopped, calling after me: “Mike?” I stopped and turned, feeling a knot in my throat. “Mike,” he went on, “Is there anything wrong with my work? You seem to have been avoiding me lately. I’d prefer you to tell me directly if I’ve messed up on something.”

I went over to him, trying to keep my emotions under wrap. “Hell no, John,” I said, “Your work is fine. You’re doing very well. It’s just that…” I had to cough, “Just that I’ve had quite a lot of work to finish this week.”

“Really?” he replied, looking almost childishly relieved (which started to spark off more unwelcome thoughts in my mind). “If there’s anything I can help with, just say, I don’t mind staying late to help you. You’re very inspirational, Mike… I wanted to tell you that. Whatever I can do, you only have to ask.”

He didn’t blush saying it, but I certainly did hearing it. For a moment I was lost for words. Then some casino firmaları inspiration – diabolical rather than divine I suppose – came to me: “Thanks John, but it’s just about finished. Sorry I’ve been remote. Maybe we could go out on Friday evening, have a couple of beers, whatever?”

“I’d really like that Mike. Thanks so much. See you later!” And he walked away beaming, while I had to take a hard decision not to go to the men’s room.

Friday came and I had only the vaguest idea of what we could do. Start with a couple of beers, maybe at a mildly adult bar, just to make John feel more grown up (I hoped he carried ID with him). I’d play the rest by ear.

At Zoë’s Place the bar stools were starting to fill up with fellow TGIF believers. The music was not too deafening and a couple of girls were limbering up at the poles – the delicious dark-haired beauty I’d noticed the last time was there and I gave her a big smile. She looked straight through me as she wrapped her legs round the pole.

John seemed slightly edgy and I asked him if the place was OK. “Sure,” he said, with a shy smile, “but I’ve not been to this sort of bar for real. Seen it in films but… wow!” He was looking at the girl who had so pointedly not greeted me, and who was now massaging her breasts.

We squeezed onto the only remaining stools and ordered up beer. John seemed quite at home with beer, at any rate – he drank down half in one go. He caught me looking at him in my quizzical way and smiled, saying “Sorry, I just need to get myself to relax a bit!”

One of the things I like about Zoë’s is that the music is not so loud that you can’t have a conversation. I asked John whether he had a girlfriend. He paused, looking into his beer, before replying: “No-one special right now.” I sensed he didn’t want to talk about it but was intrigued – the thought flashed through my mind, could he actually be gay? The idea prompted my cock to twitch and the beer – we were on our third now – gave me enough Dutch courage not to worry about it. I was beginning to have some very lurid thoughts and they weren’t to do with the woman on the pole.

“How about we get something to eat?” I asked him. He agreed and as we stepped down from our stools he bumped into me, his thigh directly on my groin where my arousal was beginning to grow (fortunately not to show). The feeling was sublime, and that was when I decided that I would follow this feeling to wherever it might lead.

We found a restaurant which I like because it has booths that give you some degree of privacy. John seemed to be enjoying himself too, and had opened up a lot, to the point where he was asking me questions about my personal life. I told him I was divorced, had no relationship at present, but was always open to suggestions… this last comment might have sounded too obvious güvenilir casino to be true, but he laughed and said “I have a sister who’s 25 – you’d like her but she’s engaged.” I didn’t comment.

Towards midnight, when we’d eaten and drunk as much as we could, it was time to go home. In the men’s loo we stood at adjacent stalls to pee and I couldn’t help glancing over at him – to be astonished at the sight of his cock, no longer the flaccid boy-penis I had seen at the lake, but a thick, half-hard shaft that he was holding out as if for me to see. The sight gave my own semi-erection a twitch, and I realised that he was looking quite overtly at me.

We stood like that for a moment, a long moment in which I tried to search for some words that would take us out of the impasse. But it was John who broke the silence: “I have some scotch in my hotel room, Mike; do you like scotch?” And he smiled his boyish smile.

I don’t remember how we got to his modest hotel, it seemed to take ages. But upstairs, in his room, he produced a bottle of first class single malt and poured two shots. “Cheers,” he said, smiling and appearing strangely relaxed. He went into the bathroom leaving me to try to work it out: had I misjudged everything? Was he giving me a come-on or simply being the relaxed worker, glad to have the company of a senior colleague?

Any doubts I had on the issue were compounded when he returned from the bathroom, dressed – apparently – in only a white bathrobe. “Hope you don’t mind,” he said, smiling, “I needed to get shot of my day clothes. I’d offer you a gown too but I only have one.” He paused, then added: “But there are plenty of towels…”

The hint was clear, and I didn’t need him to repeat it. A few minutes later I was back in the room with a towel knotted at my waist. John had dimmed the lights and had topped up our glasses. We stood facing each other, and raised our glasses in a silent toast. After sipping the strong whisky John said “I saw you looking at me the other day at the lake; I was surprised you hadn’t let me know before.”

Suddenly embarrassed I said “Well, I… I… was surprised myself, John. I’m not usually… um…” He broke in: “You’re not usually interested in guys? Well well….!” And with that he moved closer to me, closed his eyes and murmured “In that case I’m just very flattered that you made me the exception, Mike,” and in so saying, kissed me lightly on the lips. As he did so his robe opened and I sensed, rather than immediately saw, that he was indeed naked under it. I felt his penis rise and push against the front of my towel where my own cock was pushing out. John kissed me again and said “Isn’t it time to introduce our two friends…?”

He reached out and untied my towel, letting it drop to the floor. I could feel the warmth from his body invading the foggy arousal of my mind; unbidden, my cock thickened and lifted, pushing out against John’s. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I felt so happy that it was.

“Come to bed, lover,” I heard John say. “You have a lot of catching up to do…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32