Autobiography with No Names

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One of the commenters on my stories said he would like to know more about me so here goes. I’m in my sixties now because I was born a long time ago. I grew up in St Catharines and came to sexual maturity in the mid-sixties. For a lot of the younger readers it will be hard to believe how different things are now compared to then.

First I have to say that although I started playing with men and women at about the same time just after turning legal in age it was years before I actually met anyone I knew who admitted to anyone that they ever did anything homosexual. The reasons for this were many. In many jurisdictions the actual act of homosexual sex was illegal. Even where it was not illegal it was so frowned on that it would have cost jobs, lead to ridicule and violence, shunning by most if not all organizations of any sort etc. etc.

When I was in my late teens calling someone queer was considered about the worst insult you could use and in the entire city there were only 2 men that I was in anyway aware of who were reputed to be gay.

Although I was in a high school of about 700 students I didn’t know of any of them that were in any way gay. None of them ever knew I was either. I started dating my first girlfriend at 16 yrs of age and over the next 5 years we progressed from necking to having semi regular sex without either of our parents knowing anything about it. That is not to say the parents were entirely dense about this sort of thing but nothing was ever admitted or overt. At the same time as this was illegal bahis going on I became aware of the local city hall washroom. The bus station for the city was based in the parking lot behind the city hall and there was a washroom there where the walls and stalls were covered in graffiti offering or requesting blow jobs. Some of these had names and phone numbers attached but I never knew if they were real or just put up to trick people or harass others by getting people to phone them. There were however often men hanging around the washroom and I became aware that some of them hung around there longer than was needed to relieve yourself.

My first ever sexual encounter with anyone besides my own hand was with a guy I met there in the washroom. He was probably in the neighbourhood of 30 years older than me but as a horny late teen who had been thinking about it for months I finally got the nerve to actually try my luck with this guy. We went in his car to a wooded area at the south edge of the city and there gave each other blow jobs.

Over the next few years I met other men around downtown St Catharines. Some of the signs in the washroom said that the area under the Burgoyne bridge was a place to find action and I soon found out that was true. Right in under the bridge there was an area with more signs written on the steel work or the concrete again offering or asking for gay sex. I went there every once in a while and sometimes I got lucky lots of times I didn’t. At no time did I ever go to anyone’s home or take illegal bahis siteleri anyone home.

My girl-friend was also unaware of any of this. Again as I went on to university and then to work I kept up the same sort of thing. I dated and went to bed with women and I found semi anonymous sex with men from the washroom or around the bridge. I often got rides in the cars of some of the men looking for sex and without exception they were almost always older than I was, anywhere from 5 to about 30 years. It also became clear as the 70’s progressed that there were things called bath houses, porno theaters, movie arcades and other spots where hooking up could be accomplished.

SO that is how my life long bisexual life got going. I still am in the closet although I have through the years found and been found by a few people who I knew back when we were all young. I still occasionally go to a porn theatre or arcade to find relief with guys and I still have relations with women. I love getting sucked and sucking cock and did so as late as last week.

On that occasion I went to a theater that I know of that cater to a lot of men where the owners don’t interfere with any of the action. It ranges from mild to wild. Last week while there after my eyes adjusted to the dark in the room it was apparent that one guy was down on his knees sucking on another while three other men crowded around watching and stroking. I went over to the group and joined in with the others. After taking my own cock out and stroking it canlı bahis siteleri hard I decided that I would suck some cock first. I simply got down on my knees and the man beside me turned towards me and rubbed his cock over my lips. I opened my mouth and took him in and he immediately started pumping in and out of my mouth.

The group was getting larger now with several men standing around stroking and myself and the other guy on our knees sucking. The man in my mouth only lasted a minute or two and then I felt his cock pulsing as he shot a load into me. As he pulled out another presented his cock to me and so I took him in as well. This time he lasted a lot longer and I got to try several techniques with him. I deep throated him several times and pulled back to just hold the head of his cock in my mouth while I stroked him. He was content to stay still and let me set the pace and I did everything I know to get him off. Licking his balls and sucking them into my mouth while stroking his cock. Licking up and down the underside of his cock and sliding him in and out turning my mouth and throat into a substitute pussy for him to fuck.

He started moaning and then warned me he was going to come so gently squeezing his balls I sucked on the last few inches of his cock and felt him spurting into my mouth while I licked the ridge just under the head of his cock. By then my knees were aching and though another guy offered me his cock I stood up and proceeded to find someone who would suck me off. Altogether by the time I had been in the theatre for about an hour I had sucked 2 guys and been sucked by another and then left and went home satisfied.

Next story I’ll get back to more details about my sex life and less biography. Hope this isn’t too boring for you readers.

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