Baby Doll – Tina

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My name is Tina, I’m 12 years old, and right now I’m ascending the stairs grumpily heading towards my room, leaving the heaps of teenagers behind me that are enjoying the party. I’m annoyed that even though that my 18 year old bitchy sister Tanya had allowed me to join her party, all of them seems to have the same thought of just ignoring me.

My sister planned this party about a week ago after our parents had informed us that they are going into a trip for 5 days. It’s a business trip for the two of them since they’re both high ranking officials working under the same company.

They could have brought us two with them but we have school and the examination week is coming. So even though they are doubtful that Tanya will stay out of trouble on their absence, they have no choice but take the risk and leave the two of use under the care of each other.

But as expected, Tanya had used this opportunity to host a party on our house. She even tried to trick me to stay on a friend’s house but of course I didn’t buy it. So we come up with a deal, she will let me join the party in exchange of my silence.

When she agreed, I was ecstatic. I prepared and looked forward for a lot of things for this night but as expected on how a 12 year old girl will be treated in a party full of teenagers, I’ve been outcast.

I also didn’t saw Cyrus, my sister’s hunky classmate from the Football team and also my long time fantasy, which just pissed me off even more. So now, I’m abandoning the party that I begged so hard from Tanya and just give myself some goodnight sleep.

But when I opened the door of my room, something ceased me from my advance. Six good looking men, all about 17 – 18 years, and one of them is the one that I been looking for all night.


Cyrus stands at 6’2, the Receiver of the Football team. He has a body that perfectly followed the Adonis Body Index, brown hair, and a handsome face to match everything up.

I’d been fantasizing about him for almost a year now after I’d heard from one of Tanya’s conversation with her friend, Susan, a member of the cheerleading squad that got lucky to sleep with Cyrus. She said that he’s the biggest that she’s ever had and aside from his size, he also knows how to make a woman go crazy with pleasure.

Since overhearing that conversation I could now stop pleasuring myself every night with the fantasy of Cyrus fucking me with all his strength. But being reality oriented, it also leave me frustrated on the fact that it will just remain a fantasy with an almost impossible chance of happening.

Well, what will Cyrus would like from the likes of me. Not that I’m ugly, I’m like the miniature version of my sister who is very popular among the boys from our school. Green eyes, cute face, and a smile that can kill. The huge difference is that Tanya is a developed woman. At the age of 18, she stands at 5’6, has a firm 36C breast, nicely curved hips, and a shoulder length brown hair to deal the package. While I’m only 12 years old and still being treated like a kid by them. I have shoulder length blonde hair and only stand at my preteen height of 5’0 and my budding tits are only 36A.

To kids my age, I can be considered as the most developed but towards Tanya and her friends I’m just merely a kid among them.

Cyrus is surrounded with women like Tanya and even better. And with his looks and status, he has an unlimited option of girls that he could fuck. So I stopped hoping that I could ever have a chance to get myself near him.

But right now, he’s inside my room with other 5 equally gorgeous men. I don’t recognize all of them by name but I’m certain that they are some of the hottest guys from our school.

They are all huddling up behind Cyrus, trying to have a view of something in his IPhone. At first I had no idea what they up for are but when I started hearing the moaning sounds of pleasure, I realized it then that they are watching porn.

The boys’ attentions were locked on what they are watching and didn’t notice me moving closer to them, even when I stood in front of them, they are still too preoccupied with the video.

“What are you watching?” I said all of a sudden, surprising all of them.

Initially, the boys froze and just look at me. Then they started to look around and realized that the room that they infiltrated was mine. They all suddenly looked guilty. Cyrus tried to turn off his phone.

“Can I watch too?” I said before Cyrus could completely turn it off.

“Uhm, I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

“It’s Sasha Grey, right?” I asked innocently before Cyrus could finish his sentence. “Her gangbang with 15 guys.”

Their jaws dropped which I found to be very amusing.

“I downloaded that movie before but Dad reformatted the computer and the file was lost.”

I’m 12 not naïve boys. I thought. I don’t just play with dolls and computer games but I also explore the games and plays of life especially on the opposite gender and most of all in sex.

“I did watched it though, well, most of it, I didn’t make it till the last part though.”

Still, the boys were speechless.

I didn’t wait for any of their replies. I immediately made a space for myself beside Cyrus to watch the video. “C’mon let’s watch it,” I urged him.

Cyrus looked around to his friends like he’s asking some sort of permission. They all just shrugged it off, leaving the making of the decision to him. Cyrus just shrugged it too and pressed the play button again, resuming the video.

Watching it before, the initial scenes were already familiar to me but when we reached the mid-part till the end in which I’d failed to watch before, that’s when things gets steamy not just for me but also for the rest of the boys that are obviously getting aroused by the scenes from the video.

“Damn! I wish I could do that to my girlfriend.” Someone said.

“Shut up, Jet!” Cyrus scolded him, reminding him that there’s a 12 year old girl with them.

The video ended with a massive cumshot. I couldn’t stop myself slipping my hand in between my legs and touching my pussy on what I saw. Sasha Grey had pooled the cums of 15 men inside her mouth before swallowing them all in one gulp.

“Wow, that was hot,” I said as I started playing with my folds.

“Yeah, it is.” A boy in whom I recognized as Harry said. “You liked that?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Looks like you boys had something new to do to your girlfriends tonight,” I teased.

All their faces suddenly fell including Cyrus in which confused me. “Not really,” Jet said. “They don’t let us go that far.”

“Why?” I asked. “It looks fun.”

“Really? You think so?” Jet asked, still trying to absorb what I had just said.

“Yeah! If I’m you’re girlfriend I’ll let you try a lot of varieties with me!” I exclaimed. I blushed upon realizing on what I just said, not to mention that I said it a little too loud. But with all honesty, I really did mean everything that I had just said.

It resulted into an awkward silence between me and the boys in which just stared at me for a long time. And then I saw their eyes diverted on my hips. It was just then that I realized that my hand was still in between them.

I immediately yanked it out, my cheeks turning tomato red from sheer embarrassment. “Sorry about that.”

“Hey, I like this girl,” Harry said. “I can’t believe that she’s Tanya’s sister, they’re totally not very much alike.”

“What do you mean?” I curiously asked.

“Well, the truth is that all of us tried to get our way with Tanya. But she’s a self-absorbed bitch, thinking of herself like she’s a very precious gem.”

They would really think it that way since they don’t know the truth. Tanya has a reputation of being a slut at school. But little did they know that my sister is only playing easy to get and in reality Tanya is just like her, a virgin. And based on what I know, the furthest that her boyfriends had ever had from her was a 2 minute blowjob.

“Well, what will you expect from an 18 year old virgin?” I said.

“No way!” Harry exclaimed in disbelief.

“You can’t be serious?” Jet said.

“I am serious.” I said. “She’s a Queen of Blowjobs but no one had ever really made it between her legs.”

“The bitch is still a virgin? Unbelievable!” said another guy, its Jim if I’m not mistaking.

“How about you?” Cyrus finally spoke. “Are you still a virgin?”

“Dude, he’s only 12.” Jet reminded Cyrus.

But Cyrus ignored him and still waits for my reply.

I suddenly get uncomfortable answering that question but I already started it, there’s no point of just stopping now. “Uh yeah, sort of.”

“What do you mean?” Cyrus continued, getting more curious about me.

I suddenly felt like having butterflies on her stomach. This is the first time that a guy gets interested on me not to mention that that guy is Cyrus, the man that I’ve always been dreaming of. “I’d never been with a man but I sometimes used my Mom’s vibrator. So I guess my hymen is already ruptured.”

“So you mean that if someone fucked you now it won’t hurt even though it’s your first time.”

I’m starting getting nervous on where this conversation is heading. Not that I’m complaining. I’m enjoying the attention and all. But am I really ready with what might happen if this still progresses. I guess I’ll just cross that bridge when I get there. I told myself. “Yes, I think. But if it’s bigger than my Mom’s vibrator then it might hurt a bit.”

“Well, how big is your Mom’s vibrator?”

“I don’t know, I can’t tell.”

Cyrus then stood up. He unzipped, unbuttoned his pants, and pushed his pants down, showing me for the first time his massive cock.

I gasped. His cock is not erected yet but she’s certain that it’s already bigger than my Mom’s vibrator. But I didn’t give him the answer, but instead I said, “I’m not so sure.”

His eyes were filled with lust and I grasped it now that Cyrus is up to something. “Why don’t you come over here and have a closer look.”

I did as what he said. I crawled closer to him. His cock is like a white sleeping python up close.

I looked up to his face which is now full of anticipation. “You can touch it too,” he said.

Again, I did what I was told. I could feel that the air around me is getting heavy. Looking around, I saw that the rest of the boys are now stroking their cocks against their pants while watching attentively on me and Cyrus.

“C’mon, touch it,” he urged me again.

I tentatively reached my hand to touch it, wrapping my small fingers around it. One hand wasn’t enough to wrap it all the way around, so I have to use my other hand to completely grasp it.

“Stroke it,” Cyrus commanded.

Like an obedient girl, I followed his command and slowly I stroked his cock to life. I gasped when it started growing to its full erection. It’s so long and thick.

“That’s it,” he groaned in pleasure. “Keep going.”

I obeyed and stroked his cock with my tiny hands. I stroked it slowly it first and then slowly increased my tempo until I was stroking his massive cock into the fastest way that my young hands could handle. Cyrus responded by groaning louder and breathing much faster and heavier as I augmented my assault on his cock.

Cyrus reached the point of no return. I sensed that his balls are tightening, ready to explode. He groaned loudly and shot a huge load of cum to my face. The first three shots landed on my chin, cheek, and neck. I instinctively yanked his cock faster, milking it even more. And then I opened my mouth, catching the succeeding loads with it. The taste of cum was strange but I was surprised that I sort of like it.

Even though he’d already cum, Cyrus was still as hard as steel against my hands. Not knowing what to do next, I did what I’d learned from watching a lot of porn. I put him inside her mouth. When the bulbous head went past my lips and into my mouth, I stroked his cock with the same manner as what I’d done earlier but using my lips now instead of my hands.

Cyrus held the sides of my head and moving his hips back and forth, plunging himself deeper into her mouth. I don’t know what Cyrus is up to on doing such thing but still aid him by meeting his thrusts with my own. By then I realized that he wants me to deepthroat him.

I’d seen it and also know how it works but uncertain if I can do it considering the size of Cyrus. He’s at least 9inches long, very thick but can still perfectly fit inside my mouth without any difficulty. I don’t know if I can do it but I don’t want to disappoint Cyrus. And also I already went too far to stop now. So breathing through my nose for air, I expanded my mouth until his huge cock breached my throat.

I held the sides of his hips for support while he pushed his entire length to penetrate even further inside my mouth and throat. This go on until my nose finally brushed against his pubic area.

For a minute or two, Cyrus held me still, making me get accustomed with his size. And then he started moving, plunging his huge dong into my throat. I instinctively suck him as he moved in which I was rewarded with an animalistic groan from him. He slowly increased his speed, embedding himself even further inside my willing mouth. After 5 minutes of sucking him vigorously, I finally get what I wanted.

Cyrus grunted hard and his cock exploded inside my mouth. For his second release of the night, it was still thick and plentiful that some even escaped my mouth and dribbled down my chin.

When he was finish shooting, I licked his cock clean. Then I lay back on the carpeted floor, my chest heaving as I try to catch my breath.

Just then, I noticed that Harry, Jet, and the others are starting to remove their pants, showing me for the first time their own cocks. And none of them was a disappointment, they might not be as big as Cyrus but they’re certainly beyond the average.

“You won’t leave us hanging, right?” Jet said.

I smiled sweetly at them as I pushed myself to my knees again. “Of course not.”

And with that, all of them including Cyrus hurdled around me. I opened my mouth wide, not caring whose cock will claim it first. Ken, Vince, and Roy, the other 3 that are with Cyrus, Jet, and Harry are the ones that made the first moves.

Roy slid his hard cock inside my mouth while Vince and Ken took each of my hands to stroke theirs. And like what I did to Cyrus, I didn’t fuck around. I let Roy plunged himself deeper and deeper in my mouth to my throat as I enthusiastically suck him.

When I finally swallowed his entire length, I looked up to see that he had his eyes closed tightly as he enjoys the sensation of my mouth wrapping tightly around his glorious meat. I worked on his length back and forth, sucking him vigorously as I move him in and out of my mouth.

Meanwhile, my hands were busy giving handjobs to Ken and Vince. Both of them are also groaning increasingly louder as I increased my pace on their cocks.

Faster and harder, I sucked and stroked the three of them in a demented manner. Roy then put both of his hands at the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. I let go of Vince and Ken’s cocks to hold the sides of Roy’s hips for support. But I could still see by the corner of my eyes that they are yanking themselves, continuing my unfinished works.

I looked up on Roy with complete surrender as he worked his cock back and forth in my mouth. And it didn’t take long before he groaned heavily and unleashed his massive load of cum into my throat. He isn’t as big as Cyrus so I managed to swallow every drop of it. At the same time, Vince and Ken also groaned and shot thick wads of cums on each sides of my face.

I slid Roy’s cock from my mouth and I breathed heavily for air. When I manage to catch my breath, I looked up and saw the trio stepping away, giving way for Harry and Jet.

“Our turn,” Jet said enthusiastically.

Jet and Harry stood at my sides. Aside from Cyrus, their cocks are the most enticing. They’re almost as long as Cyrus, Harry is just as thick while Jet is definitely thicker than him. I drool shamelessly on the sight of their cocks being offered to me. I wrapped my hands on their cocks and start my assault, sucking Jet’s head first vigorously while I yanked Harry and then vice versa. I did this repetitively, pushing both of them closer to the peak of orgasm.

And for finale, I took both their heads inside my mouth, sucking them with all I have while yanking the base of their cocks.

The sight might have been too much for the 2 boys to handle that I suddenly feel them stiffen, their cocks swelling inside my mouth. I know that they are about to blast a huge load, so I slid them out and yanked them both violently.

They finally grunted and showered me with huge wave of warm and sticky wad of white sperms. I still continue stroking them, milking them until they could not cum no more. On that very moment, I feel like a cheap $2 whore but I didn’t care.

When they were finished, they collapsed on the floor. And well, so did I. I lay back, smacking my lips in relish. I could only imagine casino oyna what I look like at the moment, lying in the carpet, my face vibrant and flushed with semen all over me.

For a few minutes, I remain lying on the floor, my chest heaving, trying to regain my breath and my strength.

When I finally gain enough strength to move, I stood up and check myself out. And just like what I thought, I was a total mess. It was not just my hair and my face but also my clothes are covered with the semen of the boys. “Shit! My clothes are all soak.”

“Why don’t you take it off?” Cyrus suggested, also implying that they should proceed to the main course of action.

“That’s a good idea,” I said lasciviously.

But when I start unbuttoning my blouse, Cyrus added, “But I think it’s better with music.” With that, he took his IPhone and plays a mellow music.

I smiled and give them the strip tease that they’re asking, increasing the sexual tension that is still continuously building up in my crotch. I unbuttoned my blouse, swaying in tandem with the music. I was then rewarded with applauses from the boys that are obviously starting to get hard again, commenting on how sexy I am and urging me to show them more. With that kind of pleading, of course I gave them more. When all the buttons were undone, I slowly slipped it off my shoulders and let it fall on the floor.

The burning intensity in my cunt grows into a feverish pitch as pieces of clothes abandon my body one by one. I closed my eyes and unbuttoned my skirt next, dropping it next to my blouse. The boys whooped in approval, whistling shamelessly as I bare my body to their lustful gazes.

Now I am barely covered by the thin fabrics of my undergarments as I continue my show. But I guess that the boys had grown impatient because when I opened my eyes, Cyrus was in front on me. He gently pushed my lower until I am laid back in the floor.

I saw Jet locked the door. I was breathing hard, both in fear and anticipation. It’s finally going to happen. There’s no turning back now.

Cyrus knelt between my legs, rubbing my slit hard against my panty. I squirm and moan as he works his fingers on my most sensitive part. The muscles in my crotch tense more in anticipation.

He then moved his hands up to squeeze my tits, sending electric jolts throughout my body. He continued doing this, squeezing my mounds and pinching my nipples against the cotton fabric of my bra while he licked and sucked my navel. I moaned louder as I climbed higher and higher to the peak of my first orgasm of the night. Just as I reached the peak and squealed in climax, Cyrus ripped my bra off and took a third of my right breast into his mouth with tremendous suction while his other hand grabbed my left mound and rolled my nipple expertly. I screamed louder and shook more violently as this stimulus intensified my orgasm.

When my orgasm subsided, Cyrus stood up and removed his clothes. And mama mia! He is simply just an embodiment of perfection. With broad chests and six pack abs with the most enticing cock. What more could I ask for?

Now totally naked, he knelt down between my legs again and just like what he’d done to my upper undergarment, he ripped soaked panty off me, baring to them for the first time my hairless slit.

“Spread your legs wider,” Cyrus ordered almost impatiently.

Obediently, I did as what he commanded. My face is now burning with embarrassment. I’d never experience such a feeling before. The feeling of being bare in front of so many people, I’m so ashamed of myself but the burning itch in my pussy is overpowering it.

He grasped my legs and separates them even wider, and then lowered his head to my most private parts. And again, like what he’d done to my breasts earlier, he applied his vacuum-like suction to me, drawing my clit into his mouth.

“OH MY GOD!” I grabbed his hair and let out a glass shattering scream. I’d feared that someone from outside could have heard me. But on the other hand, I doubted it since the music outside was so loud.

Cyrus ate me for about a full ten minutes, causing me to climax several times. And while I was still at the peak of my latest orgasm from his oral service, he climbed on top of me and positioned his steel-like cock on my virgin pussy lips. “You ready?” he asked.

“YES! PUT THAT COCK INSIDE ME! I WANT IT SO MUCH!” I replied with a shameless cry again.

He doesn’t need to be told twice and pushed his cock into my burning fuckhole. I howled as I felt Cyrus massive cock filling me. And true to what I’d said, my hymen was no longer a problem. But still, with his huge size he still needs to go slow and let my love canal gets accustomed to his size.

When half of him filled me, I climaxed. And with every inch that he pushed deeper into me, smaller but escalating orgasms followed in a manner that it seems like to be saving power to bring a massive explosion. I screamed by each hump of his hips and my arms and legs wrapped around him. And then, with one big push, he shoved his entire meat in me down to the hilt.

My eyes almost bugged out of my sockets, my jaws dropped, and my entire body went rigid to the point that I could no longer breathe when those little orgasms brought that massive explosion of pleasure that I was anticipating inside me.

Cyrus stayed still for a full minute when his cock was embedded fully in me. I, on the other hand was holding tighter on him savoring the feeling of fullness and the afterglow of my orgasms that are still churning against my now filled pussy.

I gasped when without any warning he withdraws his cock until only the head remains in me and then rammed it back home. It lit a new fire in me, it feels so fucking incredible and I wanted more. I humped back on him, meeting each of his strokes. I was able to keep up at first but when he increased his drilling into a ramming speed, I was completely under his mercy again.

I know that I was screaming and yelling but could not stop it. I would no sooner have one orgasm until I started another one and it just go on to the point that I am in a constant state of having one. I was completely helpless. I could not do a thing but to cry and accept the pleasure. I was losing my mind. The electrifying sensation that’s mounting inside my body just doesn’t want to stop. If there’s something, it only intensified and I don’t know if I can still handle it any longer.


Three strong orgasms that stand out among the rest exploded again. Cyrus grabbed my right tit and pounds me faster but stronger and shorter this time. I could feel his breathing getting shorter and more labored against face. He kept that fast pace and soon I was in the throes of another explosive orgasm.

Finally with a grunt, Cyrus embedded himself as deep as possible and spilled his terrific load of cum inside me. The intensity of his ejaculation pounded my G-spot so hard that I climaxed in a fiery manner here and there. I spread my legs wide, relishing the feeling of his warm cum filling me.

We clutched each other for minute or two as our climaxes washed over us. When his cock finally softens, he slipped it out from my now gaping pussy followed by a stream of our cums that forms a puddle on the carpet.

He got up and motioned towards his friends. “She’s all yours,” he said, his chest still heaving.

I was also still on the process of catching my breath and recovering from the aftermath of my orgasms but they didn’t gave me that chance because upon Cyrus’ words, five hungry wolves had hurried up to get rid of their clothes and fight over to take the place that he had occupied between my legs.

In the end, it was Jet that won it, the one guy along with Harry who is almost as long as Cyrus but is definitely bigger than them in girth.

I wanted to tell him to give me a few minutes break to recover but the glow of anticipation in his face had stopped me. I then reminded myself that I’d chosen this to happen, so I have no right to disappoint these people that are just following what I want.

Jet then positioned himself in between my legs and pressed the head of his cock to my opening. I howled and climaxed instantly when his fat head had passed my gate and infiltrated my pussy. And since Cyrus had already fucked me for a good 30 minutes before his turn, we both knew that I’m already conditioned to completely accept his beatings.

And help me God, that’s what he did. He growled and shoved his entire length balls deep inside my twitching cunt. I yelled as he stretched my love canal wider than ever before, and in no time I was rocketing up high again from one orgasm to another.

He grabbed my hips and hammered my cunt like a piston, punching my G-spot so hard every time he plunged his cock back deep inside my cunt. So in no time, I was brought back to that agonizing place again. I entered that constant state of multiple orgasms once more, letting them torture my 12 years old young body before exploding mercilessly throughout my entire being repetitively.

This continued for 15 minutes when surprisingly, Jet stopped, which give me some moments to rest and breath. He pulled out his cock out of my pussy, lifted my legs up and put them over his shoulders. He bent me until my knees touched my breast. He placed the head of his cock against my slit and by bearing his entire weight towards me he shoved his cock all the way down the hilt in one heavy thrust.

Of course, as expected, I screamed. My eyes got so fucking big and my mouth stretched wide open as my body absorbed Jet’s mindblowing intrusion. He continued pumping in and out of me, fucking me ruthlessly. It was slow at first, but quickly he goes harder and faster until his cock was just a blur. My fingers began to dig into the skin on his butt.

I moaned at each intrusion and it grows louder and louder, so I knew that another heavenly orgasm driven by this possessed stud is about burst again.

I blasted hard with a scream again, my pussy walls constricting around his thick rod. Jet panted and groaned until he thrust down hard and cum, releasing a huge torrent of cum deep into my cunt.

Jet continued to thrust deeper into my cunt with each succeeding spurt of his cum, lengthening the span of our orgasms. With a final push, his cock slowly wilted and vacated my pussy leaving a gaping, cum filled void.

My nails rent the carpet in frustration on the sudden emptiness, my hips undulating for them, desperate to be filled once more.

But I didn’t have to ponder for too long Vince came to the rescue and fill the emptiness that Jet left. However, after having two monsters inside my box, I thought that Vince’s smaller cock wouldn’t do much. But fortunately what he lacks in size, he compensated in power and expertise.

He lifted me up from the floor, pressed my legs around his thighs and arms around his neck. Holding my back with one arm and the other on my hip, he positioned my dripping pussy above his rigid pole. He then lifted my entire body up and shoved my entire weight downward while his rigid cock meet my pussy with a ruthless upward thrust.

When our hips collide, I erupted instantly into a violent orgasm as his entire length plunged deeply inside my pussy. And he didn’t stop there. He pushed his cock harder and deeper while he pulled me to him just as hard.

I threw my head back, my eyes and mouth are wide open, and my tongue sticks out shamelessly. I was drooling as I failed to keep track with all the raptures that are churning up inside my womb.

My legs suddenly lost their grip on his thigh and began to dangle in the air. That moment, he rammed me mercilessly, the shaft of his cock bombarding in and out of me and penetrating so deeply. I could not ponder of anything on that very moment except if how hard can he fuck me more. Well, I didn’t have to wait long for the answer. For no sooner, the speed and power of his thrust magnified in a brutal manner that it makes me wonder that I’m still in one piece.

A burst of cheers from the other boys suddenly erupted. It appears that they found the way that Vince fucks me to be very erotic and arousing.

My arms give up next and they dangled to my sides. I then struggled in trying to move my powerless arms to find something to hold on. Suddenly, I sensed a presence behind me and I realized that it was Harry.

Harry leaned my back against his broad chest as Vince continued his assault in my cunt. Harry then started caressing my body, running a hand on my neck and the other on my tummy. He also started kissing temple then my cheek. His hands moved to my breasts and groped them, twirling and pinching my sensitive nipples.

I yelped, Harry’s caresses feels so incredible and is intensifying everything. I blasted sky high on what they are doing, my orgasms exploded continuously, almost constantly.

And when I screamed again, Harry silenced me this time with kiss. His action took me by surprise. Surely, half of these guys had already fucked the shit out of me but it was the first time that one of them kissed me. Not to mention that it was my first kiss.

I closed my eyes and welcomed Harry intrusion letting his tongue wrestled against mine. I then heard Vince grunt and plunged me deep one more time before spilling his addition of the pile of cum inside me.

Harry then hooked his arms under my armpit and draw my away from Vince. Our mouths remained lock to each even when he whirled me around to face him. We continued kissing for quite a while, savoring the sweetness of his mouth while his hands make magic all over my body.

He pushed me slowly around until I felt the hard wall against my back. Harry parted his lips from mine and when I opened my eyes I was welcomed with his handsome face carrying an evil grin. I stiffened instantly. Whatever he has in mind, I’m 100% certain that it include about fucking me senseless.

He faced me to the wall and placed my hands there to brace my weight as nudge my thighs wide apart. I turned to see him over my shoulder before he brushed my hair from my neck and nibbled my skin there. Chills exploded over me, he still hadn’t fuck me yet but I’m already at the verge of cumming.

He pressed himself closer to me, his hands moved down my body and started to caress and squeezed by buttocks. “I may say, you have a nice ass,” he whispered against my ear.

I moaned and then gasped when his fingers rubbed against my asshole. “Oh my God!”

“I wonder how tight it is?” he teased again, sending more chills down my spine.

By then I realized that Harry is the lover type of fucker. Someone who doesn’t just fuck a woman physically but most of all mentally and right now I am being driven by his pace.

“You want it?” I teased back, swaying against his pace.

“Uh huh.”

“Do you want me to give it to you?”

“Yes,” he hissed.

“Make me,” I dared.

“What do you want then, Baby Doll?”

“Fuck my cunt, give me four orgasms before cumming, and I’ll give it to you.”

“Is that all? You sure are underestimating me.”

I shrugged. “Maybe or maybe I just want you to win so you can fuck my ass.”

He growled and without warning drove himself deep inside me. I cried as my muscles jerked in response to his brutal intrusion. My hands clenched into fists against the wall as unimaginable pleasure filled me.

He drove himself so deep inside me that I swore that he actually touched my womb. His hands moved around to my stomach and trail down to my violated snatch until he’d pinpoint my clit. His fingers teased my clit in tandem with his thrusts and sooner I was cumming non-stop in a sense that before I could finish one orgasm, a new one with greater intensity starts, and the same process repeats over and over again until I am crazily being driven with sheer lust and bliss.

We both knew then that Harry had already won our deal but he didn’t stop there to claim his prize. Instead, he withdraws until only the tip of his cock remains and plunged back with a vengeance.

He pumped me then like a jackhammer. He worked my cunt like a piston in a jet engine. Backing and thrusting forward until his stomach collide with my ass. I viciously came three times with that.

His hard thrusts gradually pushed me forward until my cheek and breasts are being mashed against concrete wall. I moaned and groaned as my orgasms punished me again and again.

I giggled when his puffing tickled the back of my neck and I could also feel him beginning to hit the much shorter and faster strokes until he scalded my pussy with his cock.

As I screamed out in another fierce climax, Harry stiffened and spewed a huge cumshot into my womb. He clutched my breasts as we relished the peak of our orgasms. And then he did something again that took me by surprise.

He bit my shoulder.

I screamed but not in pain. To my shock and delight, I didn’t find it painful but instead it created a peculiar sensation that brought me to another satisfying orgasm.

After spurting the last drop of his cum, Harry pulled his still rock hard cock out of me. When I was freed from his grasps, slot oyna I tried to catch my breath, my chest heaving in deep exhalation.

My knees had reached their limits that they started collapsing. I could have dropped to the floor if Harry didn’t wrap his arms around my waist to keep from falling. “Hey hey Baby Doll, don’t sleep yet,” he whispered. “I still haven’t claimed my prize.”

“Sorry,” I panted hard. “I forgot.”

I felt Harry opening my buttocks followed by his hard cock that was well lubricated by the combinations of our cums probing against my backdoor. And then the moment of truth came. I drew a deep breath, anticipating his cock into my ass and then he put the head of his cock at my puckered anal bud and pushed it slowly but firmly all the way in.

“Oh damnit!” I screamed. “You’re killing me!”

Harry laughed evilly, “Not yet.”

I climaxed when all of his meat is deeply implanted on my asshole.

“Whoa!” Someone who I think sounds like Jet exclaimed. “He’s fucking her ass!”

“No shit!?” The other said.

I heard their footsteps moving closer to us as they seek for a better view on how their friend would violate my ass.

“Fuck her hard, dude!” One of them whose voice I could not recognize urges.

And almighty Lord in Heaven! That’s exactly what he did. After making sure that my anal muscles had finally relaxed, he withdrew until only the head of his dick was in me and then slammed it all the way in again causing me to yell. And no amount of preparation on that moment could have readied me on the power that Harry displayed when he rammed into my ass hard, pounding into my asshole with deep thrusts.

I gasped and then squealed as Harry pounded me relentlessly. In each thrust he will withdraw almost his entire length and then drive it all the way back inside me, filling my ass totally.

“Damn! You’re ass feels so incredible!”

“Thanks,” I panted before he rammed me even harder.

My face and breasts mashed against the wall. I cried and claw the wall. And then I my orgasms exploded again, taking my breath away. I inhaled hard, desperate for oxygen, only for his brutal thrusts to drive the air out of me again. I could not breathe properly, could only gasp repeatedly, gulping for air between each rapid pounding.

My ass felt like it was being pounded by a jackhammer powered by a rocket engine that can pound me endlessly. Each time he rammed into me hard, his thigh also slapped hard repetitively against my buttocks.

I was delirious, I was losing track of time and reality, and I could no longer distinguish if I was still sane or I have gone mad for everything that I could comprehend was only to shake vigorously every time huge amount of pleasure burst inside me.

“AH FUCK!” Harry yelled sharply, jamming up into me with all his strength, pushing my tiptoes upward and then off the floor. And then we lost it. I mewed sharply at the feel of him burying himself so deeply inside my asshole. I wrapped my arms around his neck as we shook together with a massive orgasm. His semen exploded inside my ass and his hand shot onto my center, fingering my cunt in a punishing manner as he pierced my ass even deeper.

Harry embedded himself profoundly inside of me until he had blasted every last drop of cum against my anal walls. Only then that he pulled out, releasing me slowly. As he backed away, I turned round in wobbly legs and I crumpled to the floor like a broken doll. I was silent, still shaking with aftershocks.

When I looked up, six men are watching me, four that have been served and two that are fidgeting for their turn. I have no idea how long they have been taking me and I couldn’t care less.

For hours, I think, I have been sucked and fucked beyond my wildest imagination. But oddly, still, when I looked at them I could feel that there is something wrong, that there is something missing. That even after experiencing the most mindblowing pleasures and orgasms of my life, I could not help but to feel disappointed.


I shuddered at the word. How in the hell that I could still feel disappointment in spite of all the things that I’d just experience?

But when I watched them as I gathered my strength back, I recalled their words and their expressions earlier while we were watching that pornographic video on Cyrus’ phone as well as how they had fucked me and their conditions afterwards, I realized the reason why despite everything, I still feel somehow incomplete.

In addition, it also became a trump card for me against them. I know these boys pretty well. They are nice men but I also know that right now they are not taking me seriously. For them, I’m just a plaything, a mere pastime. That when this night ends, they will walk out of my life forever.

Tanya taught me this. Women can either be typical or addictive towards the eyes of men. It just depends on me on how I can make them crave for me over and over again. If I can do that, my situation will be flipped the other way around. I will be in control.

The six of them remains unmoved from their places, waiting for me to regain my strength and service the remaining two.

When I gather enough strength to stand, I looked to the six of them and carried out my plan. “You know what guys I’m really disappointed to all of you. None of you even meet my expectation.”

As expected, they all frowned. “What the hell are you talking about?” asked Cyrus.

“Yeah?” Vince added, also offended. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean…c’mon guys I’m letting you fuck me. No rubbers, no ground rules, no strings attached, no, nothing. Just pound me, bang me. And I’m giving you all these without asking anything in return.”

All of them waited profoundly on what I’m going to say next.

“But c’mon boys, give me your best shot,” I finally said. “You guys are damn great lovers but I noticed none of you are giving his all. Remember, I’m not one of your grumpy girlfriends that might scold you somewhere in the middle. I’m your fuck toy for the night. So please guys, I’m giving everything I got here and I think it’s just fair that you’ll return the favor, right?”

Some feel guilty, some feel ashamed, and some might even feel furious. But disregarding that, what’s important is that they finally realized what they lacks and that bad habit of holding back that they are subconsciously practicing up until now.

“I’m going to take a shower and prepare myself for the next round,” I told them. “When I return, I want to see six hard studs that are going to fuck the living shit out of me. Is that a deal?”

They all nodded.

I looked to Ken and Roy that are both a little frustrated that their turn on me had been postponed. “Don’t worry boys,” I said to the two of them. “You two are first on the line when I return.” I winked at them before I walk to my room’s personal bathroom.

When I stepped into the bathroom and locked the door behind me, I instantly collapsed to the tiled floor and start pondering what kind of a big mess I put myself into.

Going all out? Fuck the shit out of me? Yeah right. Maybe before asking something as stupid as that, maybe I should have considered first if I can handle it. My body had been beaten up so badly already, my legs can barely keep up, and my throat is starting to sore from all the screaming.

The only thing left that’s still fired up on me is my lust for their bodies and my desire for the cocks that’s still burning inside me. That’s the only and last thing left that still insist me to go on and forget the limitation of my young and immature body.

I forced myself to get up and make my way to the shower. The water isn’t hot but after being caged by four burning bodies for hours, it wasn’t cold either. It feels great, the sprinkles of water landing on my flesh are like magic that are rejuvenating my overworked muscles and abused tissues. In no time I feel so refreshed and recharged, ready for more action.

I licked my lip lasciviously knowing the fact that 6 horny men that can fulfill my wildest fantasies are just waiting for me outside. The burning sensation in my cunt that no amount of cold shower can neutralize intensified again. I’m fidgeting, I need their cocks in me again, want their cums filling my holes.

I soaped my body and finished my shower. I dried myself with my pink puffy towel and then cover myself with it.

I stood in front of the door for a long time, my hand glued on the doorknob. I’m still in the process of bracing myself on what is about to come. Six hungry wolves that I just released from their collars are waiting for me behind this door. And once I go out, they will feast on my body again, harder and more brutal than what I’d just recently experienced.

Well, there’s no turning back now. I agreed to be their fuck toy for the night and a 12 year old fuck toy is what they’re going to get.

I opened the door and started to step outside but before I could completely get out, someone grabbed me and tossed me to the bed. And before I know it, Ken was already above me, caging me with his huge frame.

“Oh how I miss you,” I said.

His eyes are blazing with immense lust, telling me that he has no plan to just screw around. And it wasn’t just him. Cyrus, Harry, and the others are acting the same. Looks like my little trick had worked.

“I will punish you for making me wait!” Ken growled.

“I can’t wait,” was my sweet reply.

He then rolled us both until I’m above him. He held the sides of my hips and positioned my pussy above his angry cock. And using the power of his muscular arms, he slammed my small frame down his pole, burying his cock to the fullest.

I threw my head back with a cry of anguish when his invasion against my sensitive cunt walls ignited an intense orgasm in an instance.

“YES!” I screamed. “FUUUUCK ME!”

Ken started raising me off his cock and then slamming me back all the way in while his cock pound upward into me just as hard. He repeated this in a brutal fashion over and over again gradually increasing his pace until he reached top speed.

I was cumming uncontrollably, I could not recognize if an orgasm is starting or ending because they seems to be existing at the same. His right hand is cupped on my buttock, slapping my bum from time to time as he continue his vicious pounding while the fingers of his left are rubbing against my asshole.

I gasped when he began inserting his fingers on my asshole. He inserted first his ring finger, pumping my ass slowly, opening it up good before adding his middle finger. With 2 fingers, he started pumping my asshole in tandem with his pounding on my pussy.

My whole body stiffened and I cried out sharply as countless tumultuous orgasms erupted on me. I shook and shimmied as the twin invasion brought me back to paradise. Before I was trying to avoid that place as much as possible, for it is dark and vague but now I no longer care. For only on that place I can truly be satisfied.

Suddenly, it was starting to lose its effect and I was being pushed back in reality. NO! Then I realized that what Ken is doing in no longer enough to keep me on that state. So I started to get greedy. I began pounding my hips back, assisting his slamming force and meeting his upward thrusts. However, it’s still wasn’t enough, it was great but it can barely deliver me on that constant state of orgasm that I really want.

I was getting frustrated when I suddenly remember the gangbang video of Sasha Grey that we watched earlier. I then realize the best option that can do a much greater job than Ken’s fingers.

“Stop,” I breathlessly told Ken.

Though in the middle of his passion, Ken obeyed with a questioning expression on his face. When we stopped moving, I pushed his fingers out of my asshole and then called onto Roy who is impatiently waiting to have his turn.

“Roy,” I gasped. “Come over here and take my ass.”

The faces that they all made the moment that I breathed those words were priceless. They could not believe that a 12 year old girl is going to let them do a carnal act they believe only exist in a cheesy porn movie.

When Roy didn’t move, I rephrased anxiously, “Roy! Come over here and take my ass!”

Hearing the seriousness and desperation on my voice, Roy climbed into the bed and knelt between my legs. Ken parted my ass cheeks for him, revealing my puckered asshole.

Roy slowly slid his cock’s bulbous head on my anal opening while I was doing my best to relax my anal muscles to assist him. He’s going slowly, so agonizingly slow in order not to hurt me. But when his cock finally penetrated my sphincter, he slammed his entire length into me hard.

I threw my head back and my back arched while wailing deafeningly when a pleasure like no other exploded inside me like an atomic bomb. They’re not moving yet but my consciousness is on the state of bliss again with my nails digging hard on Ken’s chest as I cum like crazy.

My toes are curling and uncurling as I absorb all the tremors that vibrating throughout my body. My eyes and mouth are wide open from shock and anguish. I can’t believe that such sensation actually existed. It feels so incredible that it’s illogical.

They didn’t move for quite a while. They’re probably still pondering what will be their next move or maybe they’re just waiting for me to get accustomed of having both of them at once before doing any act. But regardless of the reason, they’d given me an enough amount of time to completely savor everything while bracing myself on things to come.

Finally, with a nod from Ken to signal Roy, Heaven and Hell break loose when they started pounding me so hard in perfect synchro. Whenever, Ken withdraws from my pussy, Roy would slam into me and then vice versa.

Both my orifices feel tighter and their cocks are scrapping newly revealed sensitive spots against my pussy and anal walls, causing me to burst into numerous hard orgasms in rapid succession.

“Shit!” Jet exclaimed, rubbing his monstrous cock. “Isn’t there anything that this Doll is not willing to do?”

The answer is pretty obvious. None. I will surely do everything to sexually satisfy them and myself. It doesn’t matter how carnal or how lewd it is as long as it will give me an orgasm.

Ken and Roy moved faster and harder against me and I respond by humping my hips back as hard as possible to meet their thrusts. Roy lowered his head and buried his face on the side my neck. Chills instantly crashed into me when he started licking and sucking my flesh.

My orgasms grow stronger and longer, mounting then exploding and bursting uncontrollably, invading my entire being. I’m having Goosebumps everywhere. My body is getting numb and I’m having some hard time breathing. My insides feel like they’re burning and stirring nonstop. I can no longer scream, can only moan almost inaudibly. The pleasure is consuming me so hard that it speedily eats the life out of me.

I could feel myself falling into a dark void. My consciousness is slipping and I can barely keep my eyes open. I was so overwhelmed by the power of their constant fucking that I thought that I was done for sure.

But for the second time that night, Harry saved me. He stood in front of us and then he bends down until his cock is poking straight into my mouth. Instinctively, I opened my mouth widely and slid him all the way in.

I don’t know how it works but it snapped something in my head and the next thing I know is that I’m wild alert again and enthusiastically sucking Harry’s huge monster.


Two orgasms simultaneously exploded inside of me. My whole body shook aggressively on the powerful intensity of my dual climax that it even vibrated to Harry’s cock. Harry groaned sharply in response. He grabbed a handful of my hair with both hands and fucked my mouth even harder.

The duo’s thrusts are starting to get more aggressive, their groaning and grunting are growing more evident too, and I know that they’re about to cum any time soon.

Again, Ken signaled something to Roy. Roy then grabbed my shoulders, holding me still. Ken also did the same by grabbing the sides of my hips. And with Harry holding my head in place, I was completely fixed and immobile in between these three horny studs.

And the next thing they’d done. It was something I will never forget for the rest of my life. Roy and Ken simultaneously withdraw from my ass and pussy. At first I thought they’re planning to completely pull out of me. But I was wrong. When only the tips of their cocks remain inside my orifices, they slammed their cocks balls deep back into me at the same time.

My eyeballs almost popped out of my head, my entire body trembled fiercer and stronger than ever before. I want to scream but Harry’s cock had had me muted. I burst into cumming over here, over there, and up there from my ass and pussy all at once.

They’d done this in 10 successive strokes, bringing me to oblivion again and again before their rhythm was disrupted. However, they are so close to cumming that they can just stop. So like they can canlı casino siteleri read each other’s minds again, they compensate onto something that work just as good.

Ken slammed into my cunt, embedding himself as deep as he can go. Roy on the other hand will be jackhammering my ass as fast and hard as he can. After a dozen of thrusts, Roy will stop by burying also his cock into my ass, and then Ken will take his turn on pounding my pussy. One will stop, one will pound, one will pound, and one will stop.

This sequence goes on, stretching me so far beyond my endurance, my pussy being rammed, my ass getting pounded, and my mouth being used. It continued until I felt their cocks are starting to swell inside my holes. They then started hammering on their own. No more sequence, no more rhythm, no nothing, just an animalistic, selfish means to acquire relief for their passions.

I climaxed hard for the last time before the three of them cum almost simultaneously. First is on my ass. Roy pound uncontrollably on my asshole and with a loud grunt, he filled it with a huge amount of his abundant loads of semen. Next are Ken and Harry that erupted at the same time, filling my womb and tummy with their warm, thick and salty cums.

Their climaxed slowly subsides along with the wilting of the cocks on my cunt and ass. Roy and Ken slowly soften and slid out of me. Roy collapsed to the left side of the bed and lay beside Ken. Both of them are obviously at the edge of fainting.

On the other hand, even after cumming hard, Harry is still hard inside my mouth. So I resumed bobbing and sucking him vigorously.

“Baby Doll! Stop!” Harry groaned objectively. “Give me some break.”

He tried to push me away but I held him still, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist. I pulled him deeper until his balls touched my chin. I then started sucking his cock hard like it’s a clogged straw.

He screamed and begged me to stop but I ignore him. I’m the one who is in control now. I suck him harder and harder, forcing his unwilling body to eject his reserved cum.

“Please!” He grunted. “Stop!”

I had to say, I was really enjoying Harry’s screams for my mercy which I continuously disregard. A while ago I was the one who is helpless, now it’s my turn to be in charge.

I persist on my vicious assault, applying my vacuum-like sucking on his cock. His balls started to tingle against my chin, his cock swelling up again inside my mouth. I looked up on him through my eyelashes and watched his tortured expression as he struggled against my hold.

Finally, with a last hard slurp, Harry yelled in anguish and exploded viciously down my throat. I remove my arms from his waist and pulled my head back, withdrawing half of his cock and then yank the withdrawn part violently with my hand. He climaxed again before his first orgasm could subside.

Harry screamed even louder as splashes on his semen continue to eject into my willing mouth.

And with a final spurt of his cum, I released his cock and licked its head clean. Harry stumbled and with a soft thud, his back landed on the wall before he slid down unconscious to my bed.

I swallowed a few times, making certain that I’d taken all of his delicious cum in me. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply to replenish my lost air while relishing the afterglow of my first triple fucking.

When I opened my eyes, I smiled when I saw the aftermath of my carnage. Harry, Ken, and Roy are piled up in my bed and are all knocked out, like their lives had been completely sucked out from them.

I then glared to the remaining three studs and I have the satisfaction when I saw a glint of fear from their eyes. By then, I know that they no longer see me as a material for a temporary satisfaction but already as a sexual person that can satisfy them beyond their wildest dreams.

I know on that very moment too that they are all mine. These six hunks that are constantly being chased by countless of busty babes from our school are now under my control.

“Who’s next?” I asked them.

It was Jet that stepped forward and took me off the bed, leaving the three unconscious studs to have the bed for themselves.

Jet wrapped my legs around his waist, imitating the position that Vince had used on me earlier. But instead of taking my pussy, he pounded my asshole with a loud bang of my butt cheeks colliding on his hips.

He gripped my waist and slammed in and out like a piston. I moaned and savor the intensity of his assault and in no time I was cumming hysterically all around him.

I thought that he’s about to go all out and bang me senseless, but surprisingly, he slowed down into a stop. And while his cock is buried tightly inside my backdoor, he massaged his strong hands from my waist to my back and then upward until he gripped my shoulders. He then slowly lowers me until I’m lying flat in the air with nothing but his arms to support me.

At first I was clueless on what he is planning to do since he cannot fuck me well in this uncomfortable position. But when I sense a presence above my head which I realized to be Vince, I immediately figure out what they want.

I grabbed Vince’s hips and pulled his cock into my mouth. Jet unties the knot on my towel and pulls it off, revealing my naked body to their sight and accessible to their touches. Vince grabbed my breasts to support me while Jet held my waist again.

They looked at each other and confirmed their readiness and soon they are ramming in a fast pace in my mouth and ass. I was being squished by their hard bodies and by the strength of their thrusts.

Vince hands squeezed and groped my tits as he pounded my mouth and Jet’s fingers dug into my waist as he ravaged and stretched my ass. The sounds of their moans, grunts, and growls filled my ears as I let out a muffled scream against Vince’s groin.

After being double bang earlier by Ken and Roy, my ass felt so sensitive now that every time Jet’s cock scraped against my anal wall, I will cum and cum and cum hard. And since he’s the thickest among them, he’s scraping the insides of my asshole in a constant manner, making me cum, climax, and burst continuously. The semen pooled inside my ass and pussy and my own juices too are dripping out from me down to Jet’s legs as I began to haze out from reality.

I tighten my arms harder around Vince’s waist, holding him still. And once I ensured that he’s immobilized and the entire length of his cock is buried inside mouth, I sucked his cock hard in the same manner as what I’d done to Harry.

Vince reacted similar to Harry on my brutal service. He tried to push me away when the pleasure that I’m giving him started to become too much for him to handle. But of course, his resistance was futile. I gripped on his skin like a leech and Jet’s pounding on my ass is pushing me hard to him which just makes it more difficult for him to get rid of me.

I continue to suck Vince vigorously while Jet slammed me with everything he got. Sooner, Jet entered his topspeed and I’m pushing Vince to the edge.

Jet climaxed first out of the two men, releasing several thick streams of cum straight into my cunt. Vince wasn’t far behind, howling as he burst hard straight into my throat. Vince shook viciously while Jet kept thrusting as he came, sending me smaller sparks of pleasure after exploding several times from his assaults.

The two studs collapsed, dragging me along with them. Luckily I landed on them, so I avoided an injury from the fall.

I sat on the floor and surveyed my two new victims. Jet is done for good and had already escaped for the next world. Luckily, Vince is still conscious but nonetheless just as exhausted as Jet.

I crawled in between his legs and started stroking and sucking his cock back to life. “Christ Tin, can’t you give me five minutes?” Vince groaned, his tone was exasperated but obviously enjoying the attention.

“Make me,” I challenged him.

I wasn’t expecting it but he’d actually fallen for that. “What do you want from me?”

“You.” I said. “In my ass.”

He contemplated for a while before agreeing in the condition that I will do most of the work. I agreed on his terms. I lick, stroke, and suck his cock until it’s hard as rock again.

Facing away from him, I parted my ass cheeks and slowly slid my asshole down his waiting pole. When his cock penetrated my asshole and successfully infiltrate pass my sphincter, I slammed my whole weight down, plunging his entire length in me.

We yelped in unison and I started riding him up and down, feeding his cock repetitively to my ass. I climaxed hard left and right. Vince gripped my hips and applied more force. My body is being filled with ecstasy again. However, having just Vince alone is not really what I truly wanted.

I looked back through my shoulder and saw Cyrus just staring at where Vince and I were joined, his fist steadily working his cocks.

“Cyrus!” I gasped. “Come here and stick your cock in my pussy. I want you and Vince to sandwich me.”

Cyrus doesn’t need to be told twice. He knelt in front of us and I opened my legs wide, exposing my angry pink pussy ready for his taking. With lubrication from the cum stored in my cunt along with my own releases, Cyrus easily slid his huge bat all the way in with just one push.

The moment Cyrus completed the double penetration I instantly lost it, a climax burst and exploded throughout my body, followed by another one, and another, and another until I am in a steady orgasmic spike.

And that didn’t stop there. Cyrus grabbed my ankles and parted my legs even further as he intensified the strength of his assault on my willing pussy. Vince didn’t stay quiet too and tried to compete with Cyrus by ramming upward on my asshole.

They persist on their showdown for a good 35 minutes. I burst into numerous climaxes, exploded in dual cumming in my ass and cunt, electrified by massive orgasms several times that I almost passed out twice.

I was throwing my head side to side, screaming like a banshee as I was consumed by all the overwhelming pleasures that these two studs are giving me. Too bad I don’t have a cock in my mouth. It moment could have been perfect that way.

But I could not complain when they’re steadily fucking me harder as they also get nearer to their own climaxes. Cyrus let go of my ankles and began groping my tits and pinching my nipples while Vince reached in front and attacked me clit.

I was dragged along with them. I came hard in the same time that they spilled their cums so forcefully in me. A force so intense that I thought their cums had hit my tonsils.

After cumming so hard, Vince passed out while I’m still at the peak of my release. Cyrus used this opportunity to pull me up while still buried inside me and pin me against the wall.

“What? You didn’t get enough?” I giggled.

“Same is true with you,” he said. “Looks like you didn’t get enough either.”

“Well, it’s just the two of us now. What do you want?”

He pulled out of me and raided through their pile of clothes on the floor. Cyrus returned with three handkerchiefs that he knotted together. He led me to my study table and pulled the chair. He turned it so it’s facing us and ordered me to kneel on the seat which I obediently followed. He took my hands next and tightly binds my wrist on the top rail using the handkerchiefs.

“I never expect that you like bondage,” I teased.

“This is my first time babe,” he admitted.

“And you’re gonna do it with me? Wow, I’m flattered.”

“I took your virginity remember.”

“No, you didn’t. My Mom’s vibrator did.”

He chuckled and shook his head, then continued securing my restraints.

Once I’m totally secured and fastened on the chair with my ass pointing out, Cyrus positioned himself behind me. He parted my ass cheeks and rubbed his hard cock up and down against the puckered crack on my backdoor. He did this for a while, teasing me before ramming his whole length into my drenched asshole.

He didn’t fuck around. He grabbed my hips and hammered me with everything he got. After cumming three times already that night, he can move as hard and as fast as he can without the fear of prematurely cumming anytime soon.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned. “Fuck my ass.”

Cyrus obliged and increased his pace. I was constricting and shivering nonstop. My entire body tightening and convulsing after each orgasm that washed over me.

Time passes by but the strength and power of his pounding seems to be limitless. He’d been fucking me for almost 40 minutes but he’s still jackhammering me like he’s just barely starting.

Soon, it became too much for me. Aside that I’m cumming hard in a nonstop manner, my nipples and clit are stiffening and tingling frantically too while my insides feel so hot like my body is going to explode any second. My vision is starting to blacken too and my consciousness is slowly fading.

But when I was about to pass out, Cyrus surprising climaxed and pumped a good load of cum in my ass. The strong spurt of his ejaculation and the hotness of his semen alerted me, triggering my body to explode into another earth-shattering orgasm.

I exhaled deeply in relief when Cyrus slid out of me followed by gush of warm semen from my ass.

But when I thought that it’s over, I cried out in surprise when a new pair of hands gripped me hips and another cock slid into my gaping asshole.

I looked back through my shoulder and I was shock to see that Harry and the others had regained consciousness and they are lining up on me to have their turn on fucking my asshole.

It was Jet who is first in the line. He rammed his thick monster into my backdoor for 20 minutes before cumming with a wild grunt. Ken pushed him aside and took his place, being the only one that haven’t fucked me ass he quite impatient to have a taste of it. Ken last longer than Jet, for 30 minutes he pounded me with all his strength and expertise before adding his contribution of cum inside my ass.

It was such a wild scene. I was tied down, helpless, as six men lined up and take their turns on my backside.

Roy came in me next with shout and then Harry and Vince. After Vince unloaded his cum, Ken returned to have another turn on me as well as Jet and Cyrus that are back in the line again.

The boys are driven to a crazy frenzy by my willing ass tied up and helpless in front of them. I closed my eyes and let them gangbang me in the ass without pause, each cock immediately replaced as soon as it finished shooting cum.

They fucked for only God knows how long. My mind was a blown-out shell. I no longer have a conscious thought, just the overwhelming feeling of a never-ending climax.

Finally, I completely lost touch with reality. I could feel myself falling into a dark hole, and the last thing that I remember is someone grunting and shooting a massive load into my ass before everything completely turns black.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the bathtub. My body from neck below is dipped under the bubbly water. The water is cold and feels so nice against my abused body. There’s also a cold towel placed on my forehead. And I could see through my hazy vision that someone is beside the tub and is watching over me.

“Baby Doll?” I immediately recognized it as Harry’s voice.

“Harry?” I croaked almost inaudibly.

When my vision cleared, I was welcomed by his handsome face looking affectionately down me.

“What happened?”

“You passed out earlier.”

“Really? How long I’d been unconscious?”

“An hour or two,” he said.

“Where are the others?”

“In your room, waiting for us to return, they want to make sure that you’re okay before we leave.”

“That’s so sweet.”

He smiled. “Just rest for a while and then we’ll go back once you feel better.”

I stay submerged in the bathtub for a good 20 minutes before I decided that my body is already conditioned enough to return. Harry dried me with a towel and carried me back to my bedroom.

The other boys were already dressed and are happy to see that I’m okay. They helped dress into my pajamas and tuck me comfortably on my bed.

“Hey, Baby Doll, how do you fell?” Cyrus asked.

“Sleepy,” I said jokingly.

Cyrus chuckled and kissed my forehead. “Well, you were great last night.”

“Maybe you mean you earlier,” I grinned.

I glanced to the clock and it just strikes 6AM. We started 8PM last night and ended at 4AM earlier this morning. The six of them had fucked me in all holes for 8 hours straight. And I enjoyed every second of it.

“Was I good?” I asked.

“Are you kidding me!?” Cyrus exclaimed. “You’re no doubt that best we’d ever had and I don’t know if there’s another girl out there that can do it like you.”

“Thank you. You’re not bad yourself.”

“It’s all thanks to you. You reminded us that sex can be that wonderful.”

“I’m glad to be at service.” I said and then yawned.

“Well we have to go.”


Each of them kissed my cheek goodnight except of course of Harry who French kiss me on the lips.

“You’re amazing. Always keep that in mind.”

I nodded and closed my eyes. I heard the door of my closed before I fell into a deep slumber.

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