Baby Sister Blair Ch. 02

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**Thanks to Airsearch1 for edits!**


Blair and Elijah froze. His hands still on her exposed naked breasts and his cock still shoved into her tight pussy, both of them twitching for a release. From his position in the doorway, their father spoke, “Oh please, continue. I’ve rather been enjoying myself watching my children fuck for the past 20 or so minutes. Blair, your face is beautiful when your brother makes you cum.”

Still, Blair and Elijah stayed still even though his cock was twitching to fuck her more and he could feel her pussy pouring juice out all over him. Their father, Paul, stood there with a bemused expression for a moment before he growled, “I said continue now” Elijah began to pump his cock in and out of his sister’s tight hole again and twist her nipples as their father stood there and watched.

Paul moved silently into the room, his own cock expanding with each step, until he stood directly in front of his beautiful little girl. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his own massive cock, and shoved it into Blair’s mouth telling her to do what he had taught her. Blair began to suck her daddy’s cock while her brother fucked her from behind. After only a few minutes and without warning, daddy shoved his cock deep into Blair’s throat as he came.

Elijah had Blair cumming the next moment as well as himself, filling her to overflowing with his hot potent cum. Before he could extract himself, their father said, “Here, pull your cock out and put this in. Blair, you are no longer on birth control, not that you ever really were.” Daddy handed Elijah a special plug that wouldn’t allow his semen to escape Blair’s pussy.

Later that morning at breakfast Elijah and Blair were both on edge, dad didn’t seem mad or upset at all about catching his children in such a compromising incestuous position, in fact he seemed amused.

Elijah was concerned about what his father had said to Blair before shoving his dick down her throat, “‘do it like you’ve been taught'” how long had their father been molesting her and to what extent? After breakfast they were headed upstairs to their separate rooms when their father stopped them, “You two, den now.” he commanded. He had used his I’m not kidding voice which put them both on edge.

After they entered the den, their father indicated for them to sit on the couch before he started to speak again. “First, let me say your mother will not be home for quite awhile. She is taking an extended vacation at a spa and then she’s going to her sister’s for awhile. Second, let me address Elijah’s unasked question. I started training Blair on how to properly suck dick the day she turned 18. So almost a year ago and yes that’s all I’ve trained her in. Third, while we are all here together without the presence of mommy dearest, here’s what’s going to happen, you two can fuck wherever and whenever you please, birth control is not allowed, and if I so choose I will join in or watch whenever I want. Does everyone understand?” They nodded yes in unison. “Good. Also, Blair you will not wear panties or bra of any kind unless that’s the entire outfit, you will also be sure to wear only your shortest skirts and dresses, the tighter or more see through the better. Do you understand?” “Yes father.” “Good, that’s my good girl. Now, stand up please. Elijah, pull the plug, let’s see if you’re soon to be a father or if it all runs out, shall we?” Elijah reached between his sister’s legs, ran his fingers up and down her slit a few times before grabbing the plug and removing it.

Cum came pouring out of her cunt and down her legs, still hot and thick. “Elijah, take your mouth and clean up your sister’s thighs, but don’t touch her pussy. Elijah quickly dropped to his knees and went to the task, licking his own cum off of Blair’s legs and thighs. Once he was finished, Paul told Blair to lay down on her back on the couch, as soon as she did, her father pushed her knees open wide to see her pretty little pussy and to note that it was very wet and shiny with her juices and her brothers. He leaned down, inhaled her scent deeply, and then plunged his tongue into her pussy, licking up and down her slit slowly, before using his fingers to spread her lips apart and plunge his tongue deep into her cum hole. After licking and sucking it clean he moved up to her sensitive little nub and began to flick his tongue over it before latching down and sucking on it.

Her father was eating her out. Her father was eating out her freshly brother fucked pussy and seemed to be loving it. The look on Elijah’s face was one of amusement, shock, and jealousy. Blair reached for his cock to suck on while her dad continued to work her clit with his mouth and was now sliding 2 fingers into her tight pussy. Daddy apparently did know best. As her dad licked her clit and rammed his fingers inside of her, Blair latched her cute little mouth onto Elijah’s massive cock and started sucking and working his dick like she’d never get another taste. Elijah casino oyna was starting to cum, letting the hot spray go down Blair’s throat as she continued to suck greedily on his cock. Blair was brought to orgasm at the hands of their father, rewarding him with a face and mouth full of pussy juice. When she came she sucked so hard on Elijah’s cock he almost hit the floor from the intensity. Dad stood up, face dripping and said, “This should be a very interesting summer.” Then turned and left the room.

Elijah and Blair went to their rooms as he to nap, and she wanted to take a nice hot bath. She must have dozed off in her bath because she awoke with a start and the light from the window indicated it was mid to late afternoon. She stood quickly and rinsed off the remaining bubbles, then went to get dressed. She selected a mini skirt from 2 years ago that was 3 inches too short now, barely covering her ass, and a fitted sheer top. Blair headed to the kitchen for a quick bite to eat and then headed to the family room to watch TV. Elijah was in there staring blankly at some TV show, so Blair sat opposite him on the couch.

After a few minutes he snapped out of it and noticed her, “Hey sis, come sit with me.” Blair slid over next to him and laid her head on his shoulder. After a few minutes, Elijah spoke, “Blair, are you ok… I mean with everything that’s happened the past few days?”

“Surprisingly, yes. I know I should feel bad and I know it’s supposed to be wrong…but it just feels so right. Granted it was a bit awkward when dad joined us, but really? Even that’s ok.”

“Well, if you’re sure.” With that Elijah began to feel one of his baby sister’s titties through her flimsy top, teasing the nipple through the material.

“Come here little girl, come sit in your big brother’s lap.” Blair slid over into his lap with her back leaning against the arm of the couch. Elijah leaned down and took one hard nipple into his mouth and began to suck and tease it through the material. He could feel Blair’s pussy heat up through the leg of his pants and he was sure there would be a wet spot. Blair began to arch her titties closer to his face, wanting him to take in more, to do more. Elijah slowly trailed one hand up her soft smooth thigh underneath her non-existent skirt to her mostly bare perfect little pussy.

Just like he thought, Blair was soaked. He skipped his usual pleasantries and inserted one thick finger into her tight pussy. Little sister let out a moan of pleasure. He worked that finger around a little, getting her warmed up, his mouth never leaving her nipple, then he placed a second finger inside of her tight wet pussy. Blair let out a small gasp and spread her legs open a little more for Elijah.

God he felt good. That’s all Blair could think, Elijah felt so good. Why shouldn’t he use her body and give them both pleasure and happiness? He’d been playing games with and protecting her since they were kids, how was this any different? His mouth on her already sensitive nipple sent ripples of pleasure through her. One of his fingers inside her pussy was enough to drive her insane, two was almost unbearable, it hurt so good. If he kept on she was going to cum in his hand. Maybe he wanted her to?

Elijah could sense Blair’s growing tension and abruptly stopped what he was doing and ordered her to sit with her back to him. As she repositioned he pulled out his already stiff cock and waited for Blair to lower her perfect tight pussy onto it. Blair slowly put the head of his cock into the opening of her little cunny. She had planned to lower herself slowly; Big brother had other plans apparently as he put his hands on her hips and slammed her down. Elijah slammed her a few more times up and down on his cock before telling her to lean back. She leaned into him with his cock buried deep in her wet pussy. He ran his hands over her beautiful body, pausing to play with those luscious tits he was so fond of, down her belly where he could actually feel his cock inside her womb, then one hand down to her clit.

As he began to play with her clit and tease it with his fingers she started to wiggle, he lightly pinched the little head of her clit while he said, “No babygirl, no moving until I say. Lock your hands together behind my neck and keep those legs spread wide for your big brother.” Blair did as she was told and quickly. He started teasing her clit again this time moving his other hand up to one of her hard rosebud nipples to pinch and twist it. She had his lap soaked in no time and although she hadn’t moved she was moaning and telling her big brother how much she wanted him to fuck her with his massive cock. He teased her for another 10 minutes before he allowed her to move, it was such beautiful torture.

“OK little sister, you may move, fuck you’re big brothers cock until you’re happy, pretend it’s one of your toys, but ask permission before you cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” and with that Blair started riding his cock like slot oyna her life depended on it. She started by pulling all the way up to the tip and then slamming down, Elijah was recording this beautiful sight. It only took 5 minutes before Blair was begging to cum, “Please big brother may I cum? Please let me cum all over your giant cock?” Permission granted, she exploded.

She had paused for a moment to catch her breath, then started again this time rocking in a slower rhythm slightly bent forward. Elijah had the perfect view of watching her tight pussy swallow his cock up again and again, another video was made. After a moment she began to beg her brother to let her cum again, he listened as her sad pleas took on a frantic tone then he said yes. He liked this game. Blair came and soaked his lap again.

She took a few minutes to catch her breath and then she was back at it bouncing up and down on his cock like it was a ride at the fair. This time he wanted to cum. He grabbed her tits and began his assault on her tender nipples, causing her to moan and squirm with pleasure. He could feel her already tight pussy clenching around his cock, not yet little sister not just yet, he thought. He instructed her to abuse her own nipples, he wanted one in her mouth and the other being pinched, twisted, and pulled. While she did as she was told he put his hands on her hips and started fucking her hard. When their father walked in, neither slowed or stopped.

Dad watched a few minutes letting his cock harden in his pants, looking at his daughter’s pussy stretched almost to tearing, her clit visible and engorged from his son’s massive cock inside of her. He undid his pants, walked over to his fucking children, and positioned himself so that his head was between Blair’s legs, while his cock was closer to Elijah. “Elijah, jerk me off while I munch on your sister’s clit.”

Elijah knew it wasn’t a request. He very cautiously wrapped his hand around his dad’s dick and began to jerk him off, hearing a moan of pleasure come from his father. Dad had already started his oral assault on Blair’s clit, alternating between licking and sucking it, catching a lick of his son’s cock here and there. Finally he reached down and started playing with Elijah’s balls and slipping his ring finger up his ass. He wanted both his kids to cum as much and as hard as possible. Both were extremely close, he could tell.

Elijah finally relaxed a little and turned his head to give his dad’s balls a little tongue bath, before giving him a full blown rim job. Dad was impressed. It wasn’t long before dad was cumming on Elijah’s stomach and Blair’s back, Blair was cumming and spraying her yummy pussy juice everywhere, and Elijah was filling Blair’s womb with enough cum to impregnate several women. All were very happy and satisfied. Before their dad would let them separate he found the pussy plug from earlier and instructing Blair to clinch tight and not spill a drop as she stood and he popped it into place.

“There, nice and full of big Brothers cummies” dad said as he gave her puss an appreciative pat. “Now that some of the fun is out of the way, I expect both of you cleaned up and ready to sit down to dinner in 30 minutes. Blair, remember your new dress code.” and with that their father left the room.

30 minutes later found Blair in a super tight and short wrap dress that left nothing to the imagination. Her ass cheeks had about a 1/2 inch of material hanging past them and it fit so tight her titties were popping out right to the areola. When she arrived in the dining room, she was informed by her father to remain standing a moment. As she stood there he walked over to her and told her to bend over and grab her ankles. Much to her father’s delight her breasts spilled out of the dress and her pussy was a nice and red from being used so much the past 2 days. The pussy plug was still in its correct place, he gave it a little twist to make it expand a little more inside her, then he attached something to her clit, that felt heavy but fit close. She stood back up and went to fix the top of her dress and was informed that no, her huge jugs hanging out on display was preferred.

Dinner was simple, just pizza, that Blair ate with her titties on display. In a few minutes she felt an odd tickle on her clit and her nipples visibly stiffened. It was over as soon as it started. In another 15 minutes or so it happened again, lasting a little longer this time. She quickly realized that her father had attached a remote clit stimulator to her while inspecting her pussy plug. She looked up at him and he just smiled.

“Blair, I’m sure by now you know I’ve placed a toy on you. It’s waterproof so no need to worry about that. The only time it is to be removed is when you are actively being fucked and replaced as soon as you two are done. The pussy plug is supposed to remain in anytime you aren’t being fucked as well and I think topless is how you should remain while at home.”

“Yes father” canlı casino siteleri was all she could say. He buzzed her randomly throughout the meal and when they were finished he decided they should all go watch a movie in the family room. Dad informed Blair to lay down with her head in Elijah’s lap and her feet propped up, to ensure that as much brotherly jizz made its way to her fertile little womb as possible.

She lay there watching the movie, Elijah’s hand had absentmindedly roamed to her tittie and was playing with a nipple, making her wet. Their dad just sat back and watched them. Finally it seemed father had had enough and turned on the clit vibe to a low buzz. Blair quickly relaxed into the sensation and was enjoying it quite a bit, then he started playing with the intensity. He would turn it up and watch her squirm and writhe under her brother’s hands then back to low, where she was calm and content. “Blair, open your legs up wide for your father, I want to look at your pretty little pussy.”

Elijah’s hands had never left her nipples, constantly pinching, twisting, plucking, and rubbing them. She could feel a breeze from the air conditioner blowing across her exposed cunny and it felt so nice. Father decided she looked too relaxed and comfortable; he cranked the power on her clit clamp up to the max. Blair started moaning and wiggling all over the couch. “Be still Blair” she did her best to follow the command but she was having a hard time.

Elijah had finally started paying attention to what was happening, when he looked down on Blair’s aroused naked form, it was almost more than he could stand. Dad still had the clamp on high, pussy juice was going everywhere. Dad had begun to lap it up like a puppy, Elijah decided to get his cock sucked by his little sister’s pretty mouth.

Blair was cumming and she kept cumming because of that clamp. Her dad was licking and cleaning up her juice faster than she squirted it out. Now, Elijah had his cock shoved down her throat and was teasing her nipples like crazy. Elijah kept flicking his glance between Blair and their father, when she dared glance down she knew why.

Dad had his ass in the air, knees spread, and head down, like he was waiting to be mounted. Elijah pulled his cock out of her throat, it was now dripping with saliva and precum, and walked around behind his dad. He notices the hard dick, tight balls, and the asshole that’s just a smidgen too open. He reaches down and plays with his cock and is rewarded with a moan from his father.

He starts to massage his asshole and slipping fingers in and out randomly, Dad has started to wiggle. All Elijah can think is, “My father wants me to fuck him.” Elijah teases him a little bit longer and after he slips 2 fingers in all the way and spreads them without any muscle tightening up, he decides to go for it.

He lines his cock up and starts to push it in, slowly at first until he gets the thick head in, then he rams it. His dad yells and Elijah tells him to shut up. His dad does so quickly, his own dick getting harder as he gets pounded by his son. Elijah fucks him good and hard before he says, “dad start jerking your cock, because I’m going to cum soon.” It wasn’t 10 minutes before Elijah grunted, “Cum now!” and as Elijah pumped his father’s ass full of his hot sticky sperm, his father sprayed a messy load all over Blair’s tummy and pussy.

They were all draped somewhere catching their breath when her father finally spoke, “Elijah, let’s pull the plug and see what we’ve got.” Elijah walked over beside Blair, who was almost out cold.

“Babygirl, I’m going to pull the plug out and see if you’re hungry little cunny ate all the cummies or not ok?” Blair mumbled something incoherent but opens her legs wide so Elijah had easy access. He quickly shrank the expanded bit on the inside and slid it out, expecting a gush of his semen but instead he got a few drops of Blair’s sweet pussy juice and that was all. Had her greedy pussy swallowed it all up? Did it come out with her orgasmic tidal wave? Guess they’d know in a week or so.

Their dad, upon seeing the clean plug, just about did a happy dance. He really wanted Blair pregnant and watching them not be able to control themselves and have unprotected sex was a turn on.

Elijah was a little stunned. Sure, he’d done some pegging before, as both giver and receiver, but his father really seemed to enjoy it…way more than he had expected him to. Elijah glanced at the clock and was surprised to see it was already close to midnight. He scooped a sleeping Blair up, took her to her room, stripped her naked, and put her to bed with him joining her of course.

They slept a solid 12 hours, it was crazy, but they both awoke feeling refreshed. They had a quickie in the shower and then went downstairs for a bite to eat. Their father was at the table reading the paper.

He looked Blair over wearing nothing but tiny panties that left her ass hanging out and the rest of her beautiful body was nude. “Blair, honey, come suck daddy’s cock while I talk to your brother.” Blair dropped to her knees and took her father’s cock into her mouth, deep throating him immediately, while he played with her titties and spoke to Elijah.

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