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This is my second story, kind of a sequel to ‘No Harm In Asking’. I wanted to thank all the people who left me messages saying how much they liked the story, and also those who didn’t like it but the took the time to tell me why. I don’t kid myself that I’ve got a book in me, but I’m going to keep up with the stories for as long as anyone cares to read them, so if you like them, let me know.

Back For More

It had been nearly a year since that day at the sauna, but I can’t say that a lot had changed for me in that time. Lachlan, the skip on the ‘Mary’ had taken me back on the boat. We got along pretty well considering he’d caught me fucking his girlfriend up the ass, and had broken my arm. Sandy was my ex-wife, and I’d known Lachlan a lot longer than I’d known her, so me and him got together over a beer and decided she wasn’t worth falling out over.

One thing that had changed was my taste in women. Ever since that day at the Y, I’d been looking at the big girls in a totally different way. I’d had a couple of girlfriends in that time, both what you’d call large ladies, but neither of them had the energy of my first BBW, and so now I was back on my own again.

It was a Thursday, and the ‘Mary’ was heading back to port when we noticed the rear winch was busted. Lachlan put the call into the owner, but he didn’t want to pay for a new one, so we ended up ordering some parts in to repair it ourselves, which I went in to town to collect. That’s how come I ended walking down York Street that afternoon when I heard someone rap on the window of the Copper Kettle Coffee House.

I turned and damn me if it wasn’t my girl from the pool, smiling and waving. I smiled too and went inside.

She met me at the door and gave me a big hug. She blushed a little too, and said sorry for running out on me like she did that time. She told her name too…Maria. Man, it was nice to be up against that damn fine big body of hers. I could feel those huge tits of hers shift under her shirt as she squeezed against me, and I got a real buzz when she pushed her crotch up against my thigh. I guess she hadn’t forgotten me!

Maria and me talked for nearly an hour. She said how she was sorry about last time, but she was having man trouble, and was a little confused. It turns out she was working at the Oceanographic for a few weeks and we’d met on her last day. Now she was back for a week.

“I thought about getting in touch, but I figured maybe you didn’t want any more of me.”

I shook my head. “Are you kidding? I must have sweated off thirty pounds hanging around that sauna.”

She laughed, and somehow I knew right then I’d be calling Lachlan and telling him his parts wouldn’t be in ’til the morning.

About an hour or so later, me and Maria were sitting up in a motel room off the 102 with a big bag of corn chips and a bottle of very fine Bourbon. I was parked out on the lot downstairs, but it had been raining right heavy and we were wet through. I was in my pants and t-shirt, Maria was wearing a Leafs t-shirt and a skirt. We were kissing and messing about, already halfway down the bottle, when Maria skipped off the bed and went over to the window.

“Wanna see your old friend?” she asked.

I nodded with a smile on my face.

I watched as Maria hitched up her skirt. She gathered the fabric around her waist with one hand, then used the other to tug her panties off. She turned her back to me, gave her huge ass a wobble, then bent forward. Maria took her cheeks in her hands and pulled them apart to display her anus.

“Say hello. Isn’t she pretty?”

“She’s as pretty as the day I met her.”

Maria looked at me over her shoulder as she sucked a finger into her mouth, then reached around behind herself.

“She’s missed you so canlı bahis şirketleri much. Did you miss her?”

I sat on the edge of the bed, hauling my semi-hard cock out of my shorts. “Like you wouldn’t believe.”

Maria poked her wet finger at her crinkly hole, wiggling it around a little until it found its way inside, and she pushed it up to the second knuckle. She then tried to squirm a second finger in to join it, but she was having a problem. I’m a gentleman, so naturally I helped her out. I dropped off the bed and shuffled up behind her, taking hold of her cheeks and spreading them as far as I could manage. Maria took her fingers out and reached forward to grab hold of the window frame. That was my cue to get busy, and I didn’t wait.

I ducked my head down and started to lap at her crinkly anus like a kid with a popsicle, using big broad licks to get her all wet and slippery, then curling my tongue to tease her opening. She gasped, and her big body shook. I let go of one cheek and reached forward under her t-shirt to pinch her huge left nipple, giving it a hard twist for good measure. I knew she liked it like that and she let out a happy moan.

I was getting really hard by this time, my thick dick straining at my shorts and a damp patch forming where my precum leaked. I took my hand from Maria’s tortured tit and yanked my shorts all the way off, freeing my cock. It sprang up, angry and ready to get to work.

I had worked the tip of my tongue into Maria’s asshole by this time, and I was licking around her rim, taking advantage of the slight opening to taste her goods. I had the back of her t-shirt bunched up in my hands as I pulled my face up her crack. I swear I could hear her fingers rustling in her bush as she slowly, gently stroked herself.

I straightened up, my dick like an iron bar by this time. I shuffled forwards until the head was parked between the glistening ass cheeks of my big lover, but I stopped myself from forcing it in, concerned that I might need a bit of lube. I looked around the room, but there wasn’t anything there except a jar of sour cream dip left over from the chips. I figured that would do the trick just fine. I popped the lid and scooped out a dollop of it. I felt it smooth between my fingers and thumb, just room temperature too. Perfect. I slapped it onto my dick, smoothed it over my length.

“You don’t have a problem with dairy products do you?” I asked Maria. She just laughed as she slipped her t-shirt off.

With my cock smeared in sour cream, I pointed myself at her dark little hole and used one hand to grab hold of her bare shoulder. Holding myself steady with the other, I watched my head slip inside her butt, leaving a ring of cream around her straining anus. Maria moaned, low and soft as I slowly moved up into her gut. It had been a long time since I’d been inside her, but I felt right at home. Her body squeezed my length as I pushed in, and I felt her next shit bump against the head of my cock. I forced it back up until I came to rest, my stomach flat against her huge butt cheeks. I just stayed there for a second, in heaven. I rested both hands on her shoulders, gripping hold of her.

“Man oh man, it’s right nice to be back. I’ve missed you.” I told her.

“Missed my ass you mean.” she said, forcing out the words a little.

‘Missed all of you.”

I shuffled on my knees until there was no gap at all between us, my length clamped tight by Maria’s asshole. “You still like me in there?”

She nodded, her head hanging down, long brown hair reaching down to the carpet. “I love it. I love having your thick fucking cock in my ass, stretching me. It hurts so good. My body wants to shit you out, but you’re not going to let that happen are you?”

I shook my head, and canlı kaçak iddaa leant right over until I was just about whispering in her ear. “No. I’m not leaving your asshole until I’ve fucked it good and proper. I’m going to fuck your ass until I’ve pumped you full of cum, then I’m going to pull my filthy cock out of your asshole and you’re going to eat it.”

I was taking a bit of a gamble here, because despite what you might read in those dirty magazines, there aren’t many girls out there who like to taste their own ass-juices. I might have known Maria would be one of them. She looked at me over her shoulder and smiled. “Yes I am. I’m going to take your dirty, shitty prick into my filthy mouth and suck it clean. I can’t wait.”

What else could I do? Maria gave her ass a little wiggle to get me going, and I went for it, slowly at first. I poured on another dollop of the sour cream as I drew myself out, then slid my slippery dick up her red-raw asshole again, starting my thrusts. I wiped my hands clean on the carpet, then reached under Maria to grab a handful of her fat tits. I felt her long rubbery nipple in my palm as I gripped her udder.


I wasn’t sure if she meant my grip or my fucking, so I went harder at both, digging my fingertips into her breast and slapping my groin against her rippling butt at the same time. I didn’t stand a chance, and a few seconds later, when I came, I fell forwards across her back and wrapped my arms around her huge swinging tits, squashing them up against her body as I stifled a yell by pressing my mouth into the back of her neck.

After a moment I remembered the second part of the deal, and I pushed myself up from Maria’s back and drew my deflated cock out of her punished anus. It left her with a noise like a kiss, leaving her hole wide open. As I got up on my knees I got hold of Maria by the hip and rolled her over onto her back. Her flesh followed a moment later, her huge tits flopping across her chest as she lay there.

I moved up alongside her until my cock was level with her beautiful mouth. I held it there, right under her nose. “You ready?”

She nodded for a second then lurched forward and swallowed me whole. I felt her tongue swish around my prick as she tasted my cum and her ass-juices mixed together. She moaned with pleasure as she swilled me about, my filthy dick bulging against her cheek. She used her tongue to clean every last drop off my cock, then drew her teeth down its length as I pulled out of her.

I rolled back onto the carpet next to her and we kissed and cuddled for a while, then we just lay there together.

I looked over at her. “Maria, I’ve got a terrible confession to make.”

She just looked at me.

“After last time, I don’t know, I was right confused, unhappy.”

“Go on.” she said.

“I know it wasn’t too respectful of me, and I didn’t use your name, partly because I didn’t know it, but I wrote it all down, all we did.”

She sat up. “You did?”

“That’s not the worst part. The fact is, I sent in to a website, just to see what would happen I guess.”

I couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

“They put it on there, and a lot of folks have written in to tell me how much they liked it.”

“So you’re a writer now?”

I smiled. “I wouldn’t say that entirely.”

She thought for a moment, then reached over and ran her hand down my chest, until she got down to my prick. She scooped up my balls in her hand and gave them a little squeeze.

“I guess I should be mad at you.”

“I wouldn’t blame you if you were.”

She nodded.

“And I promise you, first thing I do when I get back is I’m going to take it off, and I’ll never do anything like that again.” I told her.

She leaned over to canlı kaçak bahis me and kissed me square on the mouth. “You leave it where it is. And you’d better make sure you get my name right when you tell them about this time.”

I smiled, relieved and we kissed some more. Maria pushed me back on the floor and rolled me over on to my front, squashing my hardening dick against the carpet. She kneeled behind me, between my legs and ran her hands up to my ass cheeks. She forced them apart and I felt her breath on my asshole. A moment later she was forcing the tip of her tongue up into my guts, just like old times. Again, she squirmed it around inside me, making me gasp and twist around. I was in heaven.

Maria drew her tongue out of my asshole and I felt the cool breeze.

“Get up on your knees.” she told me. And I did.

She shuffled over to the bed and reached into her purse, taking out a red rubber dildo, short and fat. She sucked it into her mouth, coating it in her spit, then spread my butt cheeks apart again. She lined the fat head of her toy up with my asshole, then shoved it up my butt in one slow move until I felt her fingers against my ass cheeks. I closed my eyes, and didn’t even breath until she stopped pushing. I know there are guys out there who don’t like taking anything up the butt, reckon it’s not right, but I guess you can tell I’m not one of them. When it’s a hot BBW like Maria, well, she can do whatever the hell she likes. She left the thing in my gut for a second while she shuffled around to kneel next to me.

She took hold of my big balls and began to gently massage them, and at the same time twist the dildo around in my ass. I felt the ridges of it move as she turned it around, then slowly started to fuck it in and out of me. I can’t describe how good it felt to have this fat shaft drilling into me.

I dug my fingernails into the carpet as Maria took hold of my dick and started to jerk me in time with the dildo thrusting in and out of my butt. I was going crazy with the feeling, and I really wanted back inside my girl. Reaching back, I took Maria’s hand from the dildo up my ass.

“Lay down for me girl.”

She swung around and leant back onto the carpet. I watched her big body move with her as she lay back and spread her legs for me. Her pussy glistened as I shuffled myself up to her and tucked my bright red prick head into her fur. The journey inside her puss was much easier than her anus, I guess because she was so damned wet. She rocked from side to side as I slid myself up to the hilt in her, knowing I wasn’t going to last too long. She pinched her own nipples hard as I bottomed out in her, then let her jugs flop down by her sides as I started to thrust into her. Maria’s eyes closed as I began to fuck her, watching how her big belly moved with my pushing, her tits bouncing back against it and rolling up under her chin with every stroke.

I took her big thighs in my arms and hauled myself a little deeper inside, grabbing a pile of clothing and tucking it under the small of her back to line her up a bit better. My knees grazed the cheap carpet as I fucked her, harder and faster, feeling my balls start to twitch and my anus gripping the big red dildo up my ass.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.” I told her.

Faster, and faster, deeper and deeper I went at her, turned on by the way her big body responded to my shoving until I could take no more. At the last possible second, I went to pull out of her, hoping to shoot across her belly and tits, but she had other plans. I felt her legs cross behind my back, holding me in place.

She looked deep in my eyes as she bit her lip, feeling my cum splash into her, and she smiled.


That was three months back, and it’s been a busy time. Maria’s expecting, and she’s moving all the way out here in a few weeks. Maybe we’ll get married too, who knows? One thing’s for sure, whatever happens between us, it’ll be right here for all of you to read and enjoy. Me and Maria, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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