Banging The Critic’s Plump Wife

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My name is Hunter and I’m a writer for a blog that has received some decent accolades and followers. My fan base is mostly women that are intrigued with fantasy driven topics. Some are men as well, but the majority are lonely, but older housewives.

As a writer in NYC, I am constantly under scrutiny. Known critics will provide harsh reviews that I try not to take personally and use it to drive my next blog. There happens to be one critic that goes under the name “La Anonymous”, which I truly despise. Not because of his two word childlike reviews such as, “it’s crap” or “total shit”, but because he hides like a coward under the name anonymous when providing said review.

My whole career I’ve always respected any review I’ve received both positive and negative. Then I normally take the constructive criticism and apply it to my next piece. This however was different. It was eating me alive that I didn’t know who had a gripe against my stories or better yet me personally. Almost going out of their way to read a blog knowing they will hate it before even taking a glance.

After a year of these one star ratings and attacks on my writing skills, I decided I’m going to find out who this talentless guy or gal was.

It took about a month of networking and asking around, but I finally figured out the true identity of La Anonymous. His pseudonym was Mike Smallwood, which I immediately entered into a google search. I found his social media pages and did some online stalking. Most of his pics were blocked from non followers, but I was able to find a profile pic of him and his wife at a beach.

It was hard to tell any physical qualities his wife had from the pic. All I could find was that her name was Crystal and she appeared to be on the curvy side. The image was too blurry so I decided to do more digging on the wife.

I found out she worked at Lane Bryant which is a store for voluptuous and curvy women. I’d never been with a woman that was over 130 pounds, but who you’re attracted to is all relative anyways. I took my lunch break by the outlet mall she worked out of and eventually saw her walk out of the store.

Crystal was mostly gray with streaks of blonde running though. She had her hair tied up with a pen holding it in place. It was close to Christmas time so she was wearing a heavy peacoat which made it hard to tell what body type she really had.

I got out of my car and decided to walk past her. Our eyes met as we crossed paths. I continued in the same direction and then heard a woman excitedly yell out, “wait!” As I turned around I saw Crystal standing there with her mouth opened in amazement.

“Are you Hunter Riley?!” She exclaimed.

“The one and only. And you are?” I pretended that I hadn’t just spent an hour researching her Facebook account.

“I’m Crystal and am a huge fan. Could I get a selfie with you?”

“Absolutely. Anything for a beautiful fan like yourself.”

I put my arm around her waist to pose for the pic. She smelled like a retail store with combinations of strongly scented perfumes. It was a sweet aroma. After we had taken a couple selfies we looked at the pics together and laughed at my weaselly smirk.

I looked down at her Lane Bryant shopping bag and noticed a massive ivory colored bra that was almost bigger than the bag itself. She blushed and smiled after casino oyna seeing my surprised reaction to the enormous bra she had purchased for herself.

“You wouldn’t want to grab a coffee with me next door would you?” I eagerly asked.

“Sure! Coffee with Hunter! My friends are never going to believe this!”

Her hips swayed side to side when she walked as I followed them hypnotically into Starbucks.

Once we sat down, Crystal hung her coat and revealed her curves. She was wearing skin tight plaid Capri pants and a white turtleneck clinging to her natural breasts jetting outwards allowing her bra outline to be visible.

She had somewhat of an hour glass figure. Short in height and measurements around 36F-32-38. She had crows feet around her eyes, a couple of wrinkles on her forehead, and was fairly pale.

We were sharing fun stories from our college days. I confessed that I was a major dork and didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20. She then admitted she used to be a big time slut her freshman year. Everyone got a turn! Her words not mine. She’s settled down since then and married my arch nemesis. Ironically she’s a fan of my work which I’m sure drives him mad. I decided to try my chances and change the scenery.

I told Crystal that I get most of my fantasy ideas from strippers, which wasn’t a lie.

“So do you want to be my helper today and get some creative ideas for my next blog?”

“Wow. Well I don’t want to impose. It sounds like you have work to do.”

I grabbed her perfectly manicured hand and said, “let’s go!”

At the gentlemen’s club we got a few cocktails in us and started up fantasy driven conversations. Crystal told me she’s had fantasies where she’s a stripper and provides sexual favors for businessmen with money.

I jokingly offered to be the businessman in this scenario, but then she surprisingly sprang up and looked at me with a devilish grin. “Why not?!” She rhetorically asked as she slowly began to grind up against my crotch with her large rear. That R. Kelly song Bump n Grind was on in the background.

I handed a stripper a twenty dollar bill to give Crystal some pointers. She looked Crystal up and down and then whispered something in her ear. She turned to me and spread my legs, got down on her knees, and used her biggest assets. Rubbing her well endowed chest up and down on my hardening erection. One of the floor managers immediately ran over to kick us out. He said customers can’t be giving lap dances at the club, but we were allowed to come back anytime.

I hailed a cab to take her back home. When we settled into the backseat, we both looked at each other and started laughing at us getting kick out. She glanced down at my pants and saw that I was still pitching a tent from her lap dance.

“I’m sorry that I got you that aroused.”

“It’s ok. I’m guessing we can’t finish what we started huh?”

“Honestly I’d love to, but I’m married. I’m looking to leave him, but I can’t cheat on him either.”

I nodded my head and we were kind of silent for the rest of the ride. We eventually arrived at her apartment in the village and she kissed me on the cheek goodbye. As she shimmied out of the taxi, I thought about how this wasn’t about revenge anymore. Did I actually like her?

A month went by and I had forgotten about Anonymous, slot oyna but not about his wife Crystal. There was a cocktail party for writers and publishers on the east side I attended. It was boring as far as the normal crowd goes and the same conversations being had. As I was about to make my exit, in walked Crystal with Mike behind her.

She was wearing a form fitting sleeveless black dress held together by a belt. Her white sweater was a size too small and was tied together below her ample bosom. She gave me a side smile and I winked back. Fortunately Mike didn’t see any of that. When he noticed I was there he stopped smiling and had a more menacing expression on his face. The night continued and I decided to stay for another drink. I needed a way to get Crystal alone so we could talk in private.

It was almost midnight and the crowd had thinned out by then. I was searching for Crystal when I heard something that sounded like an argument coming from the stairwell. I opened the door and it was her and Mike. I overheard him say, “you look like a whore in that dress” and she responded by slapping him in the face. “We’re through asshole!” She exclaimed while Mike returned back to the party and I quickly closed the door as to not be seen.

Once Mike left I came down the stairwell with a glass of champagne. Crystal looked up at me and grabbed the glass out of my hand. She drank the whole glass in one sip and smashed the glass on the floor out of anger. “Hey are you o…” I started to say before she met my lips with hers.

“Fuck me right now!” She demanded. She wanted some type of revenge bang too.

I pulled her in closer to me by her big ass cheeks, which were now pouring out of both of my hands. Our mouths met for a long lasting kiss as my hands were caressing her plump body.

“I want you to talk dirty to me Hunter.”

My dialogue quickly changed to porn mode. “You’re a fat ass slut aren’t ya?” I spun her around so her jiggly ass was against my crotch. She reached behind her ass and rubbed my manhood until it was fully erect.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned. “I’m such as slut! Shove that cock into my sweaty asscrack!”

As she was grinding into my cock, I ripped open her sweater. I began kneading both of her tits. My member disappeared in between her deep and lengthy asscrack. I spun her back towards me and pulled her right tit out to suck on her pink nipples. I took my phone out and snapped a quick pic of me sucking on her huge hanging tits. She noticed, but didn’t try and stop me.

She unzipped my fly and pulled my average, but hard 6 inch cock out. I pushed her up against the wall, lifted her skirt up, ripped a hole in her nylons, and started pumping my throbbing cock into her wet pussy. Her thick thighs were spread around me as I thrusted my hips up towards her pussy. Her massive ass oozed over my thighs as I continued to pound her mound. “Oh god I’m such a fat slut!” She moaned which echoed throughout the stairwell.

We were both panting heavily as I pulled out and turned her towards me. “Fuck where do you want me to cum?” I hungrily asked. She got down on her knees and wrapped her tits around my cock.

“I know where you’ve been wanting to cum.” She looked up at me from the floor as she jerked my cock between her enormous jugs. I picked up speed motioning up and down through her canlı casino siteleri cleavage. “Oh wow! Yeah that’s it! Fuck my big slutty tits!” She pushed her tits together creating a tight tunnel for my dick to pump in and out of. I could see the head of my cock poke through the top of her cleavage. “You love getting those big tits of yours fucked!” I continued with the filthy porn one liners.

She loved the dialogue. “Oh yes honey. Give it to me! I can’t wait till you shoot that sticky load all over them!”

“How many guys have cum all over your huge jugs?” I curiously asked.

“So many! At least 30 guys!” She barely answered while panting. “Are you ready cum on my big slutty tits hun?” She spit on my cock and started pumping it between her saggy jugs as a fountain of my cum sprayed all over her tits, bra cups, and black dress.

I wiped the remaining cum dribbling out of my dick on her heaving chest. We were out of breath as we begun getting dressed. She stuffed her tits back into her cum drizzled bra cups and pulled her dress over them. Her make-up was smudged and she her cleavage was glistening from the coat of sperm I covered her in.

As she bent over to put her heels back on, my animal instincts kicked in again. My erection sprung back up in my pants as I stood back up and lunged towards Crystal. I lodged my prick in between her nylon covered gigantic ass cheeks. She let out a moan. “Oh my! You wanna bend my fat ass over too huh hun?”

Crystal willingly got on all fours as I positioned myself behind her. I pushed my nose into her asscrack and then tore a hole in her nylons with my teeth. My long tongue ran up and down her ass crack. After flicking her clit with the tip of my tounge I got her orgasming. I then aligned my cock with her round buttocks. She reached back to guide my cock plunging it into her drenched pussy. Her ass was sweaty as I pumped away doing her doggy style. “Oh yeah! Fuck my nasty fat ass honey! I want you to shoot that load all over my large rump!”

I grabbed onto her thick beige colored bra strap for leverage as I thrusted my cock deep inside her. My other hand was fondling her stretch marked saggy tits hanging out of her bra cups. Her humongous butt cheeks clapped slowly as they met my strokes back and forth. Her ass was sticking against me with our perspiration drenching our bodies. “Oh that’s it hun! Pump me harder!”

“Wow you’re such a big titted slut! I can’t wait to jizz all over that plump butt!”

With one last push into her, clumps of her ass rippled up against my stomach. I pulled out and shot streams of jizz on both creamy white ass cheeks and crammed my cock in her moist butt crack.

“Oh yeah hun! Mmm oh my! Mmm yeah! It’s so hot!” My sperm was trickling over her cellulite covered buttocks disappearing into that deep ass crack.

We quickly got dressed and walked back up the stairwell to the party. My dried jizz stains were splattered all over the backside of her black dress. Everyone at the party knew I had just fucked her in the stairwell. Luckily Mike had left the party by then.

Crystal and I parted ways after that night and I was hoping to see her again. A couple of weeks went by and I got a text from her asking to meet up. She told me her Mike we’re getting a divorce, but that she didn’t want me to be in the middle of it. Although I was disappointed, I understood why we couldn’t see each other for now.

My revenge was knowing that I fucked La Anonymous’ wife and had a pic to show for it. Although I haven’t sent this pic to him yet, I ponder the idea of hitting send everyday.

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