Based on a True Fantasy Ch. 02

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This piece is a collaboration. I want to thank my favorite author for taking pity on me and fulfilling one of my greatest wishes. WRITING A STORY WITH ME!

Brie: Fantasy Kiss

Daddy: YouBadBoy (thank you baby)


The whole afternoon was a blur, and being pulled along the street by my daughter and agreeing to get undressed with her had me unglued. I had almost decided to change my mind when the door opened and I was standing in her apartment.

What happened next had me so mesmerized; there was nothing to do.

And it came down to pussy. When she stepped out of that skirt, I saw her chocolate pussy. The hairs trimmed so close, her little lips pouting down between her legs. She wore no bra, so I knew she had this planned from the beginning, but I didn’t care.

I didn’t admit it, but I did notice her change in dress, all those years ago and that is when I felt the beginning of feelings no father ought to have for his little girl. I denied it at first, but after today, I can no longer do that. I had wanted to SEE her since I could remember. Had moments of trying to steal glances, had seen her wrapped in a towel, or in bra and panties. Other than those glances, I was very good at keeping control — maintaining the boundaries of our relationship. But the moment she stood there, just slipping off her things, became more than I could bear. What was I thinking when I began to ‘spank’ her? But, god it was so delicious. Her pussy was soooo beautiful, so wet. Her hard clit…


Feeling her warmth as she settled into my lap…

“Sir. The meeting.”

I looked up; my head was buried in my hands.

“Just a moment.”

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. Fine. A few family issues today that’s all.”

Gloria was eyeing me. ‘I’m thinking about fucking my daughter.’ I felt like she could read my mind as I walked passed her.

I laid out the paperwork, set up the projection equipment. Began to breath again, when…

“You got another shirt?”


Pointing, there was a wet line, a stain, running along the bottom of my shirt.

“What the –?” I touched it, stiffening the fabric.


When I got back to my desk I looked at my emails. One message titled ‘Daddy.’ My heart leapt at the sight.

She said…

“I hope what we did was ok. I hope I managed to keep my promise. I did just want us to only see each other. And we did a little more 🙂 But I think YOU wanted to.

Daddy, I really do want to go out on a real date with you. When can we go? I’m kind of busy this week, but next Friday. Can we? Can We? It’s your birthday. Let’s make it special.

All you have to do is say — yes.


That’s right. It was my birthday. I thought Laura would maybe have a party for me, but I hadn’t heard anything so, why not. She probably had to work late or something.

I wrote back.

“That would be fine, sweet. Friday, I’ll get off early and meet you out front. We can go to an early show, maybe dinner, and…”

I paused. Looking at the screen, “…see what we want to do after that.” I was so hard right then, and felt a pang of guilt. Picturing my little girl’s pussy, the short hairs, her lips pouting open, her dark slit. I looked at my fingers, imagining them up inside her again. Oh my.

“Daddy” and hit send.

A little while later another email.

“What should I wear?”

Reply: “Little girl, wear something like what you wore today. But…

No panties.



She was standing in the same place I met her before. She looked so innocent with this white little top, and a short loose skirt. Pleats. Sexy heels. Wonderful against her brown skin. She had red lipstick on, she looked nervous. She was chatting on her cell phone when I walked up, and when she saw me she immediately put it away.

As I drew closer, I could see the brown stain of her nipples through the thin white fabric. No bra again. She leaned in and kissed me, chaste on the lips. “I got your email.”

I didn’t say anything, simply took her hand.

“Where we going?”

“Lets go on a date, first a movie, then…we’ll see.”


I put my hand around her waist and she snuggled against me as we walked. The further we got from my office the bolder I got with her, stroking the small of her back with my thumb.

I honestly don’t even remember what the movie was, and I don’t think it much mattered. The seats we settled into weren’t oriented even to ‘watch’ the movie. It was on the outside edge toward the back. I settled in next to my little Brie, she was eyeing me; I think SHE was the one nervous today.

“What time is it?”


“How long is the movie.”

“What does it matter?”

“No matter.”

And she leaned back into her seat, her creamy thighs coming into view. The lights began to fade, and I lay my hand on her leg. I looked at her, she was watching the screen and didn’t move. I drew a line on her leg, and watched the thin illegal bahis crease of a smile.

She whispered, “Someone’s getting naughty.”

My finger continued to trace an invisible line up her thigh, and I could feel her pulse in her thigh quicken as she began to breath harder. But she still didn’t move. Her skirt rising up as my hand rose higher, exposed the dark patch of her cunny again. I had to see, not just feel. She was so beautiful. She still didn’t move, just lay her hand down on my hand.

“Daddy.” Her little girl voice. “Your going to have to wait just a sec.”

I paused.

“Cause I want something else. Can you give it to me??”

“What sweet? Yes.”

“Just that, you seemed so shy before, but now… tsk tsk. Bad Boy. I created a Monster.” And she laid her hand right over my hard cock as she said that.

“First things first. I want –” She leaned toward me and softly, so softly, kissed me on my mouth. Her mouth parted perfectly, her tongue tracing softly, I felt her tongue tracing the line of my teeth. I lay my hand over her shoulder, and melted into her, leaning her back into her seat. I could feel her skirt sliding up and as I kissed her, I lay my hand right over her puss.

She giggled, “One track mind and I’m liking the course.”

I whispered, growled more like it, “I want to fuck you tonight.”


She hugged me. I took her lower lip in my mouth and sucked on it. We kissed slowly, touching our mouths, feeling our tongues. And during the movie a few eyes darted from the screen to our embrace, we kissed and kissed and kissed leaning far back into her seat almost lying down. My hand cupped into her pussy, working her juices, sliding my hand up over her tummy, opening her shirt, letting her breasts hang out and press together before me. She was reaching up holding my cheeks as she kissed me, running her fingers through my hair and began to rise up and press me back, we switched positions, now she was on top and as we kissed she reached down began to unzip me. I let her.

“Second.” She said with her mouth touching mine.

“I NEED you dick in my mouth.”


“Hmmmm Hmmmm.”

There were a few more eyes on us now. The light was low but you could see the white of her shirt, the white of my skin. She leaned back and became silhouetted against the bright screen, her breasts stood out sharply against her white shirt. I couldn’t have been the only one who saw her, bared for my pleasure. They could see this young black woman and this old white guy, could see what they were up to, could hear her whispers, probably. How she called me daddy. If they only knew.

Leaning forward again, she kissed me. We just kept kissing the whole time, until that moment she looked down into my lap and began bending herself lower.

She leaned back from me slowly, one last time, looking up at me — just the whites of her eyes and a wicked grin, her lips wet and red from our kiss, her mouth held open. I could see her white teeth, her little girl smile.

She whispered, “We shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help it.”

She sunk down off my lap to the floor of the theater. I sat there panting as I watched her dip her head toward my lap. She began licking the outline of my cock through the fabric of my pants. I could feel the pressure of her tongue as it glided across me. I could see the wide shining organ move against my pants. She proceeded to pull my cock into her mouth and suck me, making my pants embarrassingly wet. If the pants weren’t dark I would have been terrible concerned. Rising up, she grazed her teeth against my tip, stretching me though the fabric. The sensation was electrifying.

“Mmmmmm, baby.”

Then she undid my belt, pulled my shirt out from my pants and opened my trousers, tugging them down my thighs. I lifted myself as they slid off and my cock popped into view. My cock ached, stood straight before her. The head of my cock lay swollen against my bare stomach as she lowered her face into my lap and just kissed the tip. She began to lick its length, to bath my cock and balls with her wet tongue, before taking its whole length into her red mouth. All I could see was her dark hair bobbing up and down on me. I tangled my fingers into her hair and held her to me, my little girl kneeling between my legs. I turned my head, and absently watched the movie, feeling the soft wet pressure the suction pulling, tugging at my cock and I closed my eyes. My hands rising and falling as it held on to her hair.

She was sucking me hard, and took me deep into her mouth. Moving faster upon me, letting her teeth just graze at the skin. I was moaning, guiding her, pacing her with the pressure of my hands as she sucked me.

“Keep doing that,” I breathed. “Oh God, Brie.”

I was rocking my cock into her, pressing harder. Her head was bobbing back with each thrust. I could feel myself getting so aroused, getting ready to cum into her mouth. Her red, open mouth. I wanted her to swallow me in, to spray all over her. I was so hungry. illegal bahis siteleri

Oh god it was so amazing…

And then she lifted her head up, looking at me, at the tip of my cock. She kissed just the tip again, soft little kisses and lifted herself each time, a thin strand of cum sticking to her lips slid down to hang off her red chin. Her mouth was no longer covered with her lipstick; she ate it off, but a good deal was on her chin. Looking down I saw my cock. It was bright red. She smeared most of it on me. It was so sexy and scary at the same time. I wasn’t used to my cock being a different color, but I knew I needed more.

“No baby, keep…” I was pushing her back down into my lap.

“We need to wait Daddy. I need you for tonight.”

“Oh, Brie! I Can’t. Just let me…”

“Mmmmm. Patience… I want some popcorn.”



My body was on fire, absolute fire. I never thought this day would come, me on my knees sucking my daddy’s dick. It wasn’t quite how I fantasized it, on the dirty floor of a theater, but it was better then anything I could think up. His taste, his smell, his reaction. I made my daddy want to fuck me and heaven knows I wanted to fuck him. He was the only thing that got me off now a days.

It was almost too much. I was wetter than I was when he spanked me. I loved it. There was a constant shift of air that flowed over me, caressing my bare skin, as I sucked on him, my nipples, thighs, my puss. It reminded me of how naked I was down there, how vulnerable.

I arched my back as I took him deeper into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could with my whole body. I wanted him filling me, feeding me his cum. My daddy’s cum. Sucking him was so good. I felt the cold back of the theater chair behind me, on my ass. It was electric. I just needed to be touch, by anything. I pushed my ass against the chair and spread my legs further apart. I was able to push my pussy up against the cold surface, I knew it was probably dirty too, but I didn’t care, I just needed contact. I continued rotating my head around his cock, licking and sucking his balls. He smelled so good. I moaned around him as I pushed my pussy up, harder against the cold surface.

“Keep doing that,” he breathed, “Oh God Brie.”

He rocked his cock further up into me, pressing harder. I continued to bob my head with each thrust. I was so aroused; convinced I was on the edge of cumming with him in my mouth. I had to slow down. I had to resist the urge to swallow him whole, to let him spray all over me. I was so hungry. He was so damn good.

I lifted my head up and looked at him, at the tip of his cock, and kissed it again — soft little kisses. I lifted my head after each kiss, and each time a thin strand of cum would stick to my lips, falling to hang off my chin. His cock was covered with my lipstick. I had to stop. It was too soon. I pulled away.

“No baby keep…” He was pushing me back down into his lap.

“We need to wait daddy. I need you for tonight.”

“Oh, Brie! I Can’t. Just let me…”

A shudder ran through me at the lust in his voice. I pushed my heated pussy up against the chair one last time, and savored the feeling. It couldn’t fill me. Only he could do that.

“Mmmmm. Patience…” I moaned. “I want some popcorn.”

Gripping the arms of his chair, I lifted myself up, enough to turn and find my seat. It was then that I noticed the eyes. Sinking low, I whispered to him.

“There are eyes on us. You might want to cover up.”

His eyes were closed. He was gripping the seat, trying to regain control of his body. For a moment I didn’t think he heard me, but then he reached down and started pushing his still hard member into his pants. I didn’t follow suit. I liked being naked beside him. I decided to wait until the movie was over before re-buttoning my blouse.

He looked over at me, staring at my breasts, watching as the colors from the screen danced across them.

“You promise to finish later?”

“Yes, daddy. I promise. I’ve waited for you for so long, I’m not quitting now.”

He looked up into my eyes then and smiled.

“You have lipstick all over your chin. “

I reached up to wipe it away, but he stopped my hand.

“You have me on you too.” Leaning forward his tongue flicked out and caught the small dot of juice clinging to my chin in a slow, firm lick that slowly traveled to my lips. My breath caught as his sliding tongue played with my lips, until finally slipping inside my mouth, finding my tongue and kissing me with more passion and intensity then I ever thought possible. His left hand blindly reached up and cupped my right breast, squeezing it whole, milking it, stroking it, driving me crazy as I pushed myself up, further into him. His moan was deep and erotic as the heat of his breath intermingled with mine.

“My little girl, you taste so good.”

His head dipped down low and lifted my titty to his mouth. He sucked on me, fucking my nipple with his tongue, pushing against it until it canlı bahis siteleri pushed back inside my breast, then releasing it only to suck on it again as if trying to draw me further out and make me harder. Imitating me, he bobbed his head back and forth, licking and sucking me with each little kiss.


He reached out a hand and pulled my hand back to his hard cock and together we stroked him. Then he proceeded to undo his zipper again.

“Daddy! No!” I command, like I was talking to a child, and I pulled my hand back. He sighed. He pulled away from my breasts and reached for my lips again, in a soft, sweet, kiss.

“Awright. I’ll get you that popcorn.”

Moaning, I let him go. I lay there, trying to regain control, as he did moments before. I reached up and wiped my chin and as I opened my eyes, I found myself staring into unfamiliar green ones. A stranger that took it upon himself to move closer to me after daddy left. He smirked a knowingly, perverted smile, looking over my wet breasts. Self-consciousness, I reached up and re-button myself. Daddy came back to our aisle a few moments later and the stranger moved again, further away.

Handing me the popcorn he settled beside me. Putting it in my lap, I raised my left leg over the arm of the chair separating us, exposing my pussy. He looked down and after a second his hand found its way into my lap. Cupping my puss, he slid a finger in deep and left it there.

Reaching over I unzipped his pants and slid my hand inside, curling around his semi-hard dick. Eating my popcorn, I went back to watching the movie. We stayed that way for the rest of the film.


By the time we got back in the car it was a quarter to seven. I made reservations at his favorite restaurant at 7:30. No place too fancy, but the food was amazing. After being seated at a side booth, with the seat that curves around the table, we were given menus. We each ordered a glass of wine while we waited on our meal. I offered a toast.

“Happy birthday, Daddy.”

“Thank you baby.”

“I’m surprised you were able to come. I thought you’d be doing something with Laura, tonight.”

“She had to work a bit late, but we decided to do something over the weekend.”

“That’s good.”

The waitress came with our salads. Asked us if we wished anything else and quietly disappeared into the background. It was just the two of us again. Things felt a little weird now. We didn’t know quite what to say to one another that didn’t involve the one thing on our minds.

There were looks though. He looked so handsome there in his chair. My daddy, all big and strong, like I remembered him as a little girl. He kept looking at my blouse, at my nipples, just staining through. I felt him staring and they became hard again, right before his eyes. He looked up, surprised.

Blue eyes found brown. Longing. Wanting. Desire.

Heat-it was everywhere. I felt it rising to my cheeks. Needing to cool down I reached for my water, but he reached for my hand. We collided, a bundle of nervous energy. My glass was knocked over.

“I’m sorry.”


At the same time.

“I didn’t mean-”

“No, it’s okay-“

A white arm came and took the glass away, replaced it with another and supplied a thin towel to cover the stain until the tablecloth was replaced.

I looked anywhere but at him. I suddenly didn’t want them to see. Here under the bright lights of the restaurant, I felt ashamed. It was different in the dark, at the movie theater. Secrets and bad things that felt good were always easier in the dark.

“Daddy –“

“Brie Brie –“

We laughed.

“It feels different again, doesn’t it? More real? We’re not in cyber world anymore, not in dark places or hidden away in small apartments,” I asked.

“Yeah. I sit here across from you and I see my little girl still. It’s hard to imagine just a few hours ago I had your lips on my…”

I giggled. If black girls could blush, I’m sure I would have at that moment.

“You know I love you, right daddy?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“And you know I would never have pushed if I didn’t think you were ready to accept this.”

He laughed. “But you knew someday I would be, didn’t you?”

“Yes. I saw the way you looked at me too, even if you didn’t know you were doing it. We’re soul mates, you and I. I think that is why I was born to you, because my soul knew and it found you. My daddy.”

I reached out across the table. He did the same and our fingers intertwined. The waitress came and removed our salads and replaced them with our food.

We ate our meal and began talking about our day and our plans for the next few days. He told me how he couldn’t get me off his mind when he was at work. Feeling all naughty as he went to the office with thoughts of wanting to fuck me. My day was much the same, but instead of nervousness, I felt excitement. I guess I had longer to get used to the idea. It wasn’t until I picked him up that I began to feel a bit anxious.

He and Laura were doing well, and I still didn’t see any boyfriends on the horizon, which at the moment was good. He could just come over whenever we wanted to spend time together. I really had to think about giving him a key.

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