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{NOTE: This, like all the other stories I write and post here, is 100% true.}

“Hey Sexy, I missed you,” Daniel’s breath is hot on my ear as he embraces me tightly. Already my body begins to tingle with anticipation.

“I missed you too,” I nibble slightly at his earrings, he has double piercing in each ear, thanks to me,” let’s hit the shower,” he nodded and smiled.

I let him turn on the water and I begin putting my hair up, I felt his bare arms wrap around the part of my stomach that my shirt failed to cover since my arms were raised. I giggled and put my arms around his neck, I looked at us in the mirror,” We look really good together,” he voiced my thoughts. I turned to face him and began unbuttoning my blouse, his eyes filled with a hunger and need for me that was so sexy I felt myself becoming more aroused as I felt him undressing me with those gorgeous eyes of his. I made eye contact as I slid the blouse off my shoulders and stood in front of him in my black lacey bra and blue jeans. He pulled off his long-sleeve shirt and bared his chest to me, now it was my turn to stare. His chest was well-muscled but not too ripped, a thin line of dark brown hair trickled downwards towards the waistband of his jeans. I reached out and traced the line it made. He turned me around to unhook my bra, I let it fall to the floor. His eyes glazed over as he looked at my naked chest, his gaze returned to meet mine as his lips kissed each of my breasts, pausing illegal bahis over the nipples. His hot tongue made my flesh quiver, and my nipples started to stiffen beneath his lips.

I knelt and used my teeth to unbutton and unzip his jeans, he sighed as they fell to the floor; then slowly pulled mine off, leaving me standing in nothing but a black thong. I turned around and slowly pulled it down, feeling his eyes on my exposed skin. I turned slowly and watched as he slid his boxers off of his slender hips and onto the floor. His semi-erect penis was inches from my face, I looked up at him and smiled.

We soon noticed that our bathwater was full and ready, Daniel turned off the faucets and we slid into the warm water together. He kissed me deeply and pulled my body against his, I put my head on his shoulder and nibbled his neck. His soft moans pressed against my ear as his tongue flicked over the tip. My hands roamed over his body freely and unhindered, clothing was so overrated. I traced his pecs and worked my way down to those gorgeous abs of his. He sighed as my fingers outlined his eight pack and then the narrow dip of his hips leading down to his now aroused sex. Kissing me deeply, he begin an investigation of my body. His fingertips grazed over my already sensitive nipples, making them harden. I put my head back and took in a deep breath of air, letting his lips graze my throat. He bit softly, knowing that I would let him sink his teeth into me illegal bahis siteleri if he should so desire. His hands wandered down towards my hips and cupped the roundness of my ass, massaging it gently. I moaned softly in his ear and sank my teeth into his shoulder, his body stiffened at the shock of it and he took a hissed breath. His fingers circled my puckered entrance and slowly delved inside, I moaned and threw my head back as he pushed one in.

“You like that?” he breathed in my ear.

“Yes, give me more,” I was about to lose control of myself.

“You asked for it,” he begin wiggling his finger inside of me and using his thumb to massage my now aching clit. I moaned and leaned against him for support.

“Let’s take this in the bedroom shall we?” his tongue flicked at my ears.

“Sure, but only if you promise to finish what you started,” I breathed.

“Of course, have I ever left you unsatisfied my love?” that mischievous smile crept over his face.

“Never,” I pulled the plug out of the tub and begin drying off with a towel before handing it to him as he followed me to the bedroom.

He picked me up and lay me down gently on the sheets, letting his thick cock press against me, he opened a dresser drawer and pulled out the bottle of KY, we rarely needed it but sometimes liked the sensation, and the vibrating dildo he’d bought for me, I’d been wondering what that was for because I don’t like vibrators for myself canlı bahis siteleri personally. His eyes never left mine as he spread KY on the 7 ½ inch dildo, still an inch shy of the smooth erection in front of me. I felt the tip of it press against my backdoor, slowly he inched it in letting me adjust to its size. He pumped it in and out at a slow and steady rhythm, then turned on the vibrating function.

I went wild,” Please, Daniel, let me come,” I begged him. His eyes sparkled and he begin to stroke himself, but I knew he wasn’t gonna let me off that easily.

“Since you asked so nicely,” the tip of his cock pressed against my now soaking pussy, I moaned as the head of his penis slid in. He pulled back and I wasn’t sure if he would listen to my request, but no sooner did the thought cross my mind than he thrust the entire length of his dick inside of me, he thrust in and out quickly and soon I was coming so violently I was screaming his name.

“How bout something new?” he asked looking at me with those devilish eyes of his.

“I’ll try anything,” I managed breathlessly, his cock slid out, leaving me vacant and he removed the vibrator out of my ass. The quivering vibrator brushed over my aching pussy and was pushed inside. Daniel spread lube over his still quivering erection and began pushing it against my ass. He kissed me deeply as his cock forced its way into me. I gasped at the feeling and moaned against his lips. He begin rhythmic thrusts and I felt his cock pulse, he removed the vibrator and came inside of my pussy, calling my name as he did.

“I love you, Cami,” he breathed as he wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled his face in my shoulder.

“I love you too, Daniel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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