Becoming Owned by a Master

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This is a true story featuring the history of my love for cock and meeting the man who is becoming my Master.


I’m on my way to see Paul again. It’s only a ten minute drive from my house, but the blocks go by slowly, the cars ahead of me don’t seem to know what the speed limit is…inside my stomach is aflutter with the expectation of once again being able to sexually pleasure the man I’ve started to think of as Master.

Yes, Master. For nearly a year and a half I’ve sneaked away from the wife and gone to Paul’s house to suck his cock.

That’s right, I’m a cock sucker…a submissive cock sucker who enjoys letting another man shove his dick in my mouth. I use all my years of practice to give pleasure to another man. I know that I’ve been successful when I feel and taste their man juice, their baby makers, their jizz, their cum. It shoots from the man meat that I’ve pleasured with my tongue and lips until I feel and taste the mildly salty issue on my tongue and feel the slippery substance slide on down my throat.

My first taste of a man’s cum was while only in my 20s. In a larger town for a meeting, I found a place with “peep shows”, as they were called back then. Cubicles with actual movie projectors grinding away, long before video tapes.

I sat down in one, plugged in my coins and watched porn, the only outlet, as there was no internet.

I don’t remember what sex scene I was watching as I started playing with myself. All I remember was that suddenly I saw a cock sticking out of the wall! Here I am, young country boy, seeing a cock in my booth. Yeah, I knew about homos, but never thought I’d have anything to do with one of those faggots. Now I’m staring at a cock, that’s obviously wanting someone to suck it.

I didn’t have to think twice. I stuffed my dicky back in my pants and ran out of there. Found another booth and this time checking and finding no holes in the wall. I start a new movie, but instead of watching, I’m seeing that hard cock in the other booth, still burned on my brain. I’m starting to quiver all over, as in anticipation. I don’t remember giving any thought or making any conscious decision…I just got up and went in search of the booth with the hole in the wall.

Going to the area I thought it was in, a well dressed young man with a neatly trimmed beard and glasses was in the aisle, giving me “the eye”. Now, I’ve found the original booth, enter, start the movie and wait. Yes, the cock reappears from the hole!’

With canlı bahis şirketleri no thought of should I or shouldn’t I, I went to my knees and open wide, taking the unknown prick into my mouth. It was hard and stiff as a board, yet the skin was so soft, as if covered in velvet.

My first cock…something I never thought I’d ever do, or had ever even considered doing. Yet here I was, bobbing up and down, rubbing my tongue back and forth over the bottom of his dick. I remembered you’re supposed to suck too, so I did. Time was suspended, so I have no idea how long I’d worked on that nice sized cock. Next thing I remember was my first taste of cum hitting my tongue. I’d never dared to even taste my own since I’d started jacking off. It wasn’t unpleasant. Swallowing the load just seemed like the right thing to do…and I did.

So, I’ve successfully given pleasure to my first man. My turn? I rose, pushed my hard small cock through the hole and soon I felt the warmth and wetness of a male mouth giving me a blow job. A couple women had sucked me before, never to completion. Now I was finding out what a real cock sucking was all about. He was very very good and soon I filled his mouth with a big load.

And that was that. I sucked and swallowed cum from a man’s cock and been sucked and pleasured in return. As time went by, I found other glory holes when visiting a big city. I also learned many guys I sucked would just cum and leave their booth, letting me take care of myself. I didn’t mind after awhile. I just loved being able to suck cock and give my partner the pleasure he was seeking. I’ve realized I’m a full blown submissive, so it’s easy to understand how I was so accepting of not getting a return blow job.

Now, here I am in my 70s, over 50 years since that first penis invaded my mouth and showed me the pleasure of pleasing men. That’s what I’m on my way to do now. Give Paul the pleasure he finds in fucking my face like it’s a woman’s cunt. In fact, he refers to my mouth as a cunt or a pussy. His cum dump.

Our meeting was by chance. I been attending a Naked Bi Men party for a few years. I didn’t get there often, but when I did made sure to get full enjoyment. Held in a private apartment, twenty to thirty guys would show up every Monday, get naked and play. Many, like me, were married with wives who’d stopped having sex. Entering this wall of man flesh, I’d go from cock to cock, sucking all sizes, big or small. Many would get close to cuming and then ask me canlı kaçak iddaa to stop. They wanted to wait until near the end of the party before cumming. Sort of oral edging, you could call it.

I usually managed to get two or three loads as the party wound down.

One Monday, I was sitting on the edge of the bed as three different men took turns with me. I’d suck one, getting him close, then he’d pull out, not wanting to cum too soon. A second took his place as the others watched me work on the stiff prick with my mouth. The third was really turned on from watching and held my head as he thrust in and out of my drooling mouth. Finally he withdrew, waiting to cum later.

As the three left the room, I was catching my breath, when up stepped another observer who’d watched all three use me from the side, out of sight. He was quite small, almost a head shorter than me. I have a tiny cock, only three inches long, maybe another reason I’m such a submissive. This guy was even smaller, maybe a little over two inches and very thin. He stepped in front of me and I quickly bent down and sucked his member in all the way. In less than a minute he jerked out and was panting for breath. Good Grief? Just sucking him in almost made him cum. I wanted that load.

I got to my knees and sucked him again. Again, he pulled out, ready to explode. He was like a firecracker with a very short fuse. I tried a couple more times and each time he’d nearly explode with just a few sucks and licks. I had to taste his cum! He said he wanted to wait and I made him promise his cum to me when he was ready. I got another surprise when he handed me a slip of paper with his phone number on it. He said to call him and that he could host. Never, out of all the cocks I’ve had in my mouth has anyone ever given me a phone number.

Yes, later, at that party, I did get him to cum. It was something to watch. It was like his whole body was cumming. He shook all over, like he was having a fit or something. And…he released one of the biggest loads I’d had in a long time. For a small person with a tiny cock, his body produced squirt after squirt of very sweet tasting cum. It was some job swallowing it all, but not a drop was spilled.

I did call him a couple days later. Yes, he still wanted me to come to his place and best of all he’s only a few minutes drive from me. We’ve been meeting ever since and as time has gone by, he’s getting more and more dominate with me each session. I’ve told him some of how my canlı kaçak bahis wife was my Mistress and all the ways she used and abused me…and that I loved it.

We’ve had numerous meetings over this past year and I’ve swallowed each time. I’m still amazed at how much sperm he can produce and feed me with. Slowly tho’, I noticed him becoming more forceful and demanding. He’ll put me in various positions and proceed to use my mouth as the source of his pleasure. I feel like I’m a bitch in a porno movie when he has me hang my head over the edge of the bed. He’ll fuck my face, then turn around and make me rim his butt. So disgusting, yet I love it. He started enjoying being a bit rough when handling my balls too…squeezing them and flicking them by snapping his finger over and over making my sack sting and balls ache.

Then there was the day we met after he’d been out of town for several weeks. We’d started our play as usual. Facing each other on our knees, he reached out and grabbed each of my nipples hard with his fingers. It hurt a bit, but was tolerable. Next, he started to pull, stretching my man titties and breasts out as far as the skin would stretch. If there was a photo, no doubt I’d look like a small breasted woman. I looked him in the eye and said, “That hurts!” which it sure as hell did. Paul just stared back at me saying nothing and I could see the dominance he was feeling over me in his eyes. So, I submitted and withstood the pain. Finally he released my now sore tits. Needless to say I dove in and gave him the best blow job I could give, until he rolled me on my back, mounted my face and started thrusting hard and fast into my fuck hole, finally unloading a tasty stream of cock juice.

Paul has started to add spankings and whippings into our “play”. Last few times I’ve laid face down as he whips me with an old belt, turning my butt cheeks red. In a 69 possession, sucking each other’s cocks, he’ll also spank my ass with his hands as I suck and am being sucked. The more he dominates me, the more I want to serve him and submit to him. I’ve called him Master and said he’s free to use me as he will, and I will submit.

I’m in front of his home now. Entering the unlocked door, I strip naked and mount the stairs, knowing he’ll be on the bed waiting for the pleasure and release I’ve come to give him. As I climb the steps, I can only wonder if this will be the day he totally becomes my Master. I know I’m willing to submit and be his slave, fuck toy and continued cum dump.

To be continued…

Author Note: Again, the events detailed here are true and examples of my love of servicing men and being a submissive. Part two will be fiction and outline what I hope will happen as we continue our journey to Master and slave.

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