Bella’s First Party

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Bella had never experienced a sex party. Although she had plenty of experience of group sex, the idea of a party was always one step too far for her; what sort of people would be there? What would people think of her? Would she enjoy it? She had always had an element of control in her sexual experiences, but at a party there were so many variables that she couldn’t influence. As far as she was concerned it was something that would always stay firmly in the realm of fantasy.

That was until she met Rob. He was relatively new to the swinging scene, having recently separated from a long and largely sexless marriage. He had felt that he had some time to make up though, so had since thrown himself into several swinging relationships. He had told her that during this time his favourite experiences were at parties. And so, after discussing the idea at length, Bella had hesitantly agreed that she would go with Rob to one. Although truthfully it hadn’t been that difficult to persuade her; Rob’s description of what he’d done and seen had got her incredibly worked up, and despite her concerns she knew that she needed to experience it at least once in her life.


The night of the party arrived far too quickly for Bella’s liking. The day was full of apprehension. Was she mentally prepared for this? Would she ever be ready? Rob was understanding but frustrated at Bella’s indecision. He knew from his own experience that she would enjoy herself, that her worries would fade away as soon as she started to fuck him. But that didn’t stop her nerves building. By the time she met Rob that evening she was almost shaking. She knew that the last thing he wanted was for her to not enjoy the experience, but at the same time she appreciated how aroused he was at the thought of what lay in store. She didn’t want to let him down. She looked at him, her eyes pleading for him to tell her it would be OK.

“Don’t worry”, he whispered into her ear, “I won’t leave your side, I’ll keep you safe”.

He kissed her gently and held her tightly, her body physically relaxed in his embrace. At that moment she understood that Rob would protect her, that if she didn’t feel comfortable all she had to do was say and he would take her to safety. Bella had nothing to worry about while Rob was with her.

The next hour was a blur for Bella. She hurriedly got ready but took her time to ensure her make-up was perfect. Rob had chuckled to himself, knowing that as soon as things started to get heated that her efforts would be wasted, but that didn’t stop him complimenting her by telling her how beautiful she looked. The couple barely spoke in the car on the way to the venue. Bella had had a couple of glasses of wine, just enough to take the edge off her nerves. She sat in the passenger seat, her legs clenched together, staring out of the window. Her mind was racing, never landing on a single thought. It felt like the longest ten miles she’d ever travelled.

They arrived and walked in silence to the entrance of the club. Rob was holding her hand tightly. Perhaps he was nervous too? The thought made her feel a little more relaxed; she didn’t want to show Rob how nervous she really was, she wanted to be strong for him and to make him proud. If he was nervous too, perhaps he wouldn’t notice the effects of her own apprehension? Her dry mouth, her shallow breath, her racing heart.

Bella walked behind Rob and up the steps to the venue. She stood next to him while he introduced them both to the host. The club was nothing like she’d expected. People mingled in the reception area, talking, laughing, just being, well, normal. There were no signs of sex, or that it even felt particularly sexy. She wasn’t disappointed, but just couldn’t imagine how this would turn into something more magical or even more sordid.

On Rob’s instruction she took her coat off, revealing fine black lace lingerie. She could sense Rob staring intently at her, deliberately scanning her body. She was pleased that her efforts hadn’t gone unnoticed. Other men nearby looked at her too, continuing their conversations while turning their heads to study her. Bella was tall and curvy and despite her nerves carried herself confidently. The thought of these strangers looking at her in that way boosted her confidence even more. Her back straightened a little, her chest jutted forward. She smiled and as she looked back at the men, she heard Rob’s familiar voice.

“Come with me”. He took her hand in his and lead her along a dark corridor to an open room. The sign above the door read ‘PLAY AREA: COUPLES ONLY’. He stepped through into the darkness.


Bella took her first steps into the play area. Her eyes slowly travelled across the room, barely able to take in the mass of naked, sweaty and groaning figures appearing from the dimly lit interior. Rob moved behind her and put his hand on her waist. Transfixed, she barely noticed as his fingers edged closer to her pussy and he kissed the nape of her neck. Her fears and doubts melted away, she leaned back and illegal bahis exhaled as she felt Rob gently bite her shoulder.

Rob moved in front of her and led her to one of the only free spaces on the large bed area. To one side of them were a young, athletic couple in their early twenties. They were fucking hard and barely noticed as Rob sat next to them. On the other side were a slightly older couple, probably in their early thirties, she guessed. They made eye contact with Bella as she took her place on her knees at Rob’s feet. The girl, a tall slim brunette, flushed with excitement, bit her pillowy lip as she eyed Bella’s body lustfully. Her partner saw this and also turned to look, visibly aroused at the sight of Bella and Rob. They continued to watch as Bella took Rob’s hard cock out of his boxer shorts. All she wanted was to take him in her mouth but knowing that she was being watched encouraged her to take her time. She wanted to show anyone watching how well she could handle it, how much she could please and tease him, and how good she looked with her lips wrapped around him. Maintaining eye contact with the woman, she started to get to work, stroking him up and down. The woman grinned, Bella smiled back. Without blinking Bella took Rob’s cock in her mouth, as far as she could. She could hear Rob groan as her mouth closed around his length. She held him there, slowly massaging his shaft and his full balls with her tongue. The woman whispered something to her partner, and although Bella couldn’t quite hear what she said, she was pretty sure that they had approved of her skills. Perhaps they wanted to experience her too? She could only dream as she moved her attention back to Rob’s thick, throbbing cock.


Rob leaned back. Any nerves that he had left faded away as he felt Bella’s soft fingers massage him. He scanned the room. He could sense eyes inquisitively glancing in their direction. Immediately in front of Rob, on the other side of the room, stood a broad muscular man, his thick cock placed firmly in his partners wide mouth. She was on her knees, one hand between her legs vigorously masturbating while the other pressed against his chest. Next to them were a larger couple, the man lay on his back while the woman confidently rode him, her ample breasts bouncing in his face and her round bottom slapping against his thighs. The sights and sounds of the play room aroused Rob, but nothing could compete with the attention that Bella was giving him.

Bella’s mouth felt incredible. She’d always boasted to him about her oral skills, and she hadn’t exaggerated. Her lips felt so soft and moist, her touch was gentle but effective. A little too effective, after a couple of minutes Rob could already feel himself close to orgasm, so he reached behind her head and gently pulled her back, his cock slid out and slapped against his chest. He pulled her head up to meet him and kissed her passionately, his tongue flicking hers, his mouth closing on her lower lip. But something didn’t feel right. Her kiss was different than normal, he could sense that Bella wasn’t paying full attention to him. He pulled back, not to find her looking lustfully at him, but to find her staring at the brunette next to him. Her eyes were hungry, he knew what she wanted, so forgave her lack of attention. She’d soon get her chance.

Rob stood and beckoned Bella to lie on her back. She did so without question, knowing exactly the position he expected of her; her legs apart, her arms above her head. She was Rob’s now, he was in control. He started by gently running his fingers down her arms, torso and legs. Her body reacted, shivering as he reached her soft thighs. She tried to close her legs, but Rob wouldn’t let her, placing a hand on each knee and forcing them apart. He leant close to her and started kissing her inner thigh, nibbling her as he moved his mouth closer to her pussy, his hands exploring her hips and breasts. Although she still had her underwear on Rob could sense how damp she was, the sweet smell of her wet pussy permeating the lace. He breathed gently on her, her hips rose off the bed to reach his mouth, but he pulled back; he wouldn’t make it that easy. He forcibly pulled her pants down, exposing her glistening pussy. He’d not known her get this wet with so little attention before. He couldn’t wait to taste her, but he wasn’t done teasing her.

He moved up her body, making sure she could feel his cock pressing against her. He held her wrists tightly above her head, his hands and body pinning her to the mattress. He looked into her piercing eyes and kissed her. He could feel her grind her body against him, desperately trying to capture his cock in her pussy. But each time she came near he pulled back. Her breasts had long since become exposed, her dark nipples were hard and taught. He squeezed one of them with his fingers, his mouth lowered on to the other. He took her nipple between his teeth and pulled, her breast rose with him. He nibbled her, and his tongue flicked her. He took a bigger bite and then sucked hard, illegal bahis siteleri her breast filling his mouth. He held her there for a while and then let go, feeling her breast falling back to her chest. He repeated this with her other nipple, using his hands to massage each in turn. Her breasts were full and soft, he could have played with them for hours. But he knew she wanted his attention somewhere else.

Rob edged back down towards her pussy, his tongue following the contours of her body. He lifted his head as he passed over her inviting wet lips, just allowing his breath to be felt on her. She moaned, she was desperate for him to touch her and Rob knew it. Was it fair to keep her in this state, clearly so desperate for him? He decided to show her mercy. With the lightest of touches, his tongue flicked the tip of her clit. And then again, each time with more contact, until his tongue was pushing hard against her. He went lower, gathering her wetness in his mouth as he moved back up to her clit. She tasted incredible. The couple that Bella had seemed so transfixed by, had followed Rob’s lead and were in the same position. The girls’ legs were touching, rubbing against each other. They had both turned their heads to face each other, watching each other react as they both started to reach orgasm.


Bella was first to cum. It hadn’t taken long, Rob knew exactly how to push her buttons, and did it expertly. Somehow, as they’d writhed on the bed, Bella and the brunette had positioned themselves close together and by now their faces were just centimetres away from each other. As Bella’s breathing quickened, the brunette leaned towards her and kissed her. It drove Bella crazy to have Rob eating her pussy and this beautiful woman’s soft tongue exploring her mouth, it was like nothing she’d ever experienced. She took a hand and held it gently against the brunette’s neck as they continued to kiss. Her breathing was so heavy now, her moans louder. As much as she loved this girls touch, she had to stop kissing but still held her head tightly. The brunette reached over and rolled one of her nipples between her long fingers, before taking it in her mouth. Pulling and nibbling her. The feeling was electric.

She could start to feel the orgasm build throughout her body, her legs clenched together, pressing against Rob’s head like a vice. Her body arched and buckled. Waves of orgasm came across her body as Rob continued to lick and suck her engorged clit. She turned again to watch the brunette. She wanted her to see what she was feeling. And she did. The sight of Bella cumming had started her off too. The two women moaning in unison both shuddered on the bed. Bella took the woman’s hand and squeezed it hard, she squeezed back. The orgasm felt never ending.

As it finally washed over her, Bella sank back into the bed. The woman next to her did the same, they looked at each other and giggled, half drunk on the ecstasy they’d both just experienced. They kissed, more playfully this time, both stroking each other’s arms as they did so. She could feel Rob’s gentle kisses make their way back up her body. He too kissed her mouth and she could taste herself on him, his lips and chin moist with her wetness. As Bella’s sensations came back to her she became more aware of her environment. First her own body, which was still trembling, her thighs sticky and her body flushed and warm. Then the other couples in the room. The young couple to the other side of her had stopped playing with each other to watch the two women orgasm, she smiled at them and turned back to Rob.

He kissed her and as he did so he became more aggressive, his hands fumbling at her breasts, his teeth biting her neck. Rob’s rough handling of her body aroused Bella further, and she willingly succumbed to him. She felt his hand reach up to her throat, his fingers curling around her neck. “Oh YES” she exclaimed as he squeezed tightly around her. Somehow, he managed to lift her from the bed and flip her over so that she was on all fours, her bottom protruding proudly in the air. She felt him move behind her, his cock resting against her pussy lips. She wanted his thick cock to fill her up so badly, she shuffled backwards, but Rob wouldn’t enter. His cock resting tantalisingly at her lips, there was nothing she could do but wait. As she felt Rob’s strong hands grip her waist, she tensed. Millimetre by millimetre she could feel his cock start to push inside her. She was surprised at how tenderly he entered her, she was expecting him to use his full force straight away, but he was taking his time. She let out a slow trembling moan as he slowly filled her. He held himself there, she could feel his cock twitching inside her. What was he doing? All she wanted at that moment was for him to fuck her, was he going to?

The answer came immediately. Without warning Rob pulled back and then again pushed himself inside her, this time with enormous force. She felt his heavy balls slap against her, her eyes widened, her body tensed as he continued with hard and canlı bahis siteleri deep thrusts. He felt magnificent inside her, his hands gripping her waist tightly. She felt one hand release, and then moments later a sharp smack on her right cheek. She smiled through gritted teeth, imagining the lust in his face as he had leant back and spanked her. Another strike, this time harder and louder. She didn’t want to let him know how much, but God it had hurt. There was nothing she could do but take the pain and keep her head down. A third strike, the hardest of all landed on her already sore buttock. Nothing could have prevented her body’s natural reaction; her head jerked back, her back arched and she let out an ecstatic scream. This only increased Rob’s sexual urge. He took a handful of her hair and yanked her head further backwards, his other hand reaching around to hold her by the throat, his arm tense across her body.

Bella’s eyes were shut tight. Rob was like a machine, relentlessly penetrating her. She had almost forgotten that she was in the club, her mind empty of thoughts. Her body felt alive. He continued like this for what felt like an age. She begged him not to stop, tears forming at her eyes. Another orgasm was coming, even more intense than before. Every muscle in her body tensed, waves of heat swelled from her groin and surged over her body. This time she could barely let out a noise, her energy drained by this incredible shuddering orgasm. Rob’s cock was still deep inside her, her pussy throbbing and contracting around it, she could only imagine how amazing it felt for him. Her body continued to tremble as she started to recover. She let Rob continue to fuck her as her breathing slowly returned to normal, her inner thighs were wet and sticky.

She exhaled and as she did so she felt a hand on hers. The contact made her physically jump. She opened her eyes and saw the brunette and her partner in front of her, God knows how long they’d been there. It was the brunette who had taken her hand and guided it to her partner’s own stiff cock. She smiled as she took hold of it. It was about the same size as Rob’s, thick and long, she didn’t stop to think as she started to stroke his shaft. While she did this, the brunette started exploring Bella’s body, tweaking her hard nipples and stroking her skin. Her free hand reached down to rub her own pussy, her long fingers sliding deep inside, emerging wet and shiny. Bella watched as she stopped masturbating, raised her arm and slipped her dripping fingers inside Bella’s mouth. She slowly and purposefully sucked them, making sure she tasted every drop.


The sight of Bella and the couple excited Rob, he loved to watch her pleasure other men, and it looked like they were enjoying the experience. It wasn’t long before she’d taken him in her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around him. Rob was still fucking Bella, so he slowed just a little so that she could better control herself. Bella was taking the man deep, her nose pressed against his groin. The man’s hips moved forward as he took hold of her head and pulled it into his body. Although he couldn’t see, he could imagine Bella’s eyes watering, trying to control her gagging as his cock reached deep into her throat.

As he lingered on this thought, he felt a hand on his body. The brunette had moved her attention on to him, kneeling next to him and pressing one of her hands against his chest, the other reached around and gently squeezed his taut buttocks. She watched intently as Rob continued to fuck Bella, her eyes wide at the sight of Bella’s drenched cunt being stretched by him. He hadn’t really noticed before, but she was pretty. Her hair was long and fell appealingly over her shoulder. He took one of his hands and placed it under her chin, lifting her head so that she looked at him. Her mouth was half open, her tongue brushed across her wet lip. He leant across and kissed her. A long and passionate kiss, her tongue lazily rolled into his open mouth. It reminded him of the hours that he and Bella would spend on the sofa, kissing and caressing each other. But as their kiss continued, he felt pressure on his chest pushing his body backwards. Was she trying to separate him from Bella? He looked at her bemused. She smiled back. As Rob’s cock slipped out of Bella’s pussy, the woman leaned down and took it in her mouth. Bella had been so wet and as the woman’s mouth engulfed Rob’s cock, Bella’s juices dripped from her lips. She took him deep, allowing his cock to fill and throb in her warm throat.

She stopped sucking, but continued to hold him, tugging sensually at his cock. She turned her head to face Bella and immediately started to eat her. Her tongue darting in and out of her pussy. Bella reacted and reached backwards, using a hand to pull her cheeks apart. The woman was clearly enjoying herself, and it wasn’t long before she’d given up on Rob completely and directed her full attention to Bella. Rob watched for a while as her face wedged between Bella’s red cheeks, her nose brushed against Bella’s arsehole and her tongue continued to explore her cunt. Rob was thinking how inviting Bella’s arse looked, and it appeared that the woman had agreed. She moved up, roughly circling her arsehole with her tongue before devouring it.

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