Bigrig Ch. 12

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This chapter involves a simulated rape and some violence. If this offends you, please do not read it.

I appreciate all of the comments and emails that I have gotten from each of you. I do hope to continue to receive them.

For those of you who have begged me for this, here it is. And for those that have asked of Bruce, he will be present in the remaining chapters of this story.

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Everyone sat around the motel room discussing what should take place the next day, when Bruce had to go back out on the road.

“I don’t think he should be left here alone, Tony.” Bruce complained as they discussed leaving the next day.

“He won’t be alone, Bruce. Not with this program, I promise you.” The man assured him urgently.

“Bruce…” Greg leaned over his shoulder from behind, as he wrapped his arms around him loosely. “…I’ll be fine. You take Tony and Jonathan, and go. I’ll be fine.”

“I can leave Tony with you.” Bruce suggested then.

“No, Tony needs to be with Jonathan. That’s what we’re paying him for.” Greg affirmed then.

Jonathan coiled from across the table. “He’s being paid to baby-sit me?”

The three of them looked to him realizing the truth had been revealed. It was not meant for him to know this. Unfortunately, now that Greg had divulged it, allowing it to slip out, they all had to inform him of the truth.

“Yes, Jonathan…” Bruce watched his response for anything negative.

“Can I please be told the whole truth now?” the youth seemed a little put out about the matter, as he stood going to the window of the room they had rented.

“Get away from the window, Jonathan.” Tony jumped to his feet instantly.

When the youth appeared defiant, Tony went to him, grasping his arm, pulling him back toward the table. Jonathan glared consistently at him, the entire time he was being dragged to the table. When the man released him again, he jerked his arm away.

“And I thought you really cared for me.” He groaned hurtfully.

“I do, Jonathan…” Tony barked back. “…Don’t start nothin’, and there won’t be nothin’.” He added.

“I don’t believe you now. All of you. You’ve all lied to me.” He snapped, rushing off to the bathroom to be alone. The door slammed shut, closing himself away from everyone there.

“Well, at least he’s learning to stand up for his self.” Tony muttered.

“Damn, Greg…” Bruce looked up at him from where he sat.

“I didn’t mean to let it slip Bruce. I’m sorry.”

“I really don’t think this is entirely about that, though.” Tony mentioned, as he looked down at the floor. “I think he’s scared. This is gettin’ too close to home for him. And I think he’s afraid one of us might get hurt. If he pushes us away, now, it won’t hurt so much in the end.” He thought out loud.

“In other words, he’s acting out…” Bruce asked as a statement.


“Okay, so…” Bruce stood planting himself between the two men. He looked at one then the other. “What now? How do we deal with this?”

“Just love ‘I’m, Bruce. Let him act out if he needs to, unless it becomes a disciplinary problem. For his safety, we should make sure he’s never alone. He’s confused, and might resort to some old habits, if we do.” Greg advised. “…As long as he’s not a threat to himself, or to us, he’s fine.”

“Speakin’ of which…” the man moved to the bathroom door quickly. Trying the knob first he found it locked.

“Go away…” Jonathan called from the other side.

“No, Jonathan…”Bruce returned gently, but firmly. “…I won’t go away… I won’t leave you alone, and I won’t stop lovin’ you. Now, you open this door, or I’ll come in after you.”

“You don’t care about me. You hardly even have anything to do with me anyway.” Jonathan called back.

“Is that how you feel? Or are you makin’ this up as you go?” the man almost grinned.

There was no answer this time from the far side of the door.

“That’s it isn’t it. You’re makin’ excuses, pushin’ us away. I know you’re scared, Jonathan. We all are. But we’re not tryin’ to shove you into a corner. Come on…” he leaned against the door as he spoke. “…Open the door and let’s talk like grown men, here. We’ll tell you everything you want t’ know.”

The time between the last word Bruce had spoken and the moment the door opened again seemed endless, to those that waited. They that truly cared for him paused, wondering what he would say in return. Or what would he do in response to this plea. Their lives intertwined in an entangled web of love and immodest pleasures, they seemed breathless at the moment. Their hearts were at the point of fainting, as their troubled minds waited for Jonathan internet casino to react.

He stood in the doorway looking up at the man that stood there. Then pressing past him, he went to his duffel bag, pulling out a long-sleeved shirt. Quickly he slipped it over his shoulders, pushing his arms into the sleeve of the shirt.

“What are you hiding, Jonathan?” Greg asked right away.

“Nothing, Greg…” the youth looked down at the floor while his right arm glided into the sleeve.

Greg and Bruce traded stares, both having the very same thought.

“Did you cut your arms, Jonathan?” Bruce asked blatantly.

The youth looked up at him right away not saying a word. In silence their eyes locked. It seemed they challenged each other in their stares.

“You have, haven’t you?” Bruce finally said.

Jonathan knew he didn’t tell a lie well at all. And he knew that if he tried, they would know. Too many times already they had been able to divide the truth between his fabrications. So, he just didn’t answer. Breaking off the stare with Bruce, he looked down at the floor again.

“Jonathan, you don’t have to do that anymore.” The man chided gently.

“So, you say…” the youth was only slightly bitter in his reply.

“Yes, I do say, kid. And as long as I’m responsible for your safety, that’s my belief. I don’t mistreat you, or make you do the things your Uncle has. None of us do. So, why go there?” Bruce stood firm where he was, as he spoke to the youth. He was apprehensive in the fact that if he approached him, Jonathan might clam up completely.

And the youth sighed heavily. Plopping down on the edge of the bed, he put his face in his hands for a moment. Hair cascaded around him obscuring him, as he did.

“You know we love you, Jonathan.” Bruce’s voice was so calm and soothing to the youth.

“I know…” he finally admitted.

“And I will not treat you like a child, unless you act that way.” The man informed him then. “Now, if you just want attention, or to be disciplined, Tony would be happy to sate that need. I for one would prefer that we talk and cuddle gently. But Greg and I will step out, and allow you the freedom you need with Tony, if you like. You only need to say so.”

“You promised to tell me the truth.” Jonathan looked up pushing his hair behind him again, with his long, slender, graceful fingers.

“I did…” Bruce finally approached him, sitting on the edge of the bed across from him. “…And I will. But I want you to willingly show me what you’ve done first.”

“Please, Bruce…” the youth sat up straight as if to get away from him somewhat. “…There’s nothing to see.”

“If you’ve cut your arms, yes there is. Now, show me…” The man was patiently firm.

Jonathan stared at him for a moment. He knew this could get well out of hand if he didn’t comply. Bruce was a strong one and would have what he wanted, like it or not. He imagined the three men holding him down ripping the sleeves off his arms just to take a look. That would be so unnecessary to say the least.

Lifting his left arm, he pulled the sleeve back with the right hand to allow him to see the damages. And they were minimal. It seemed Bruce had caught him in time, stopping him from doing any real harm. The singular small cut was no more than a scrape.

Greg and Tony approached leaning over to inspect it themselves.

“You didn’t really have time to go as deep as you normally would. I’m sure that with a few more minutes, you would have sliced that open and might need stitches.” Greg commented.

“You don’t have to do that, Jonathan. Just talk to us, baby.” Tony said the last quickly, as the youth was about to protest his comment. “We understand yer scared shitless. We all are, actually. And we realize that yer fear of us gettin’ hurt, or worse, is makin’ you wanna pull away from us. We all understand so, if you’d just talk to us. That’s all we ask of you.” He paused to allow that to sink in.

“Jonathan…” Bruce leaned forward, planting his forearms on his thighs. “If we didn’t’ love you, or even care about you, why would we go to such an extent to keep you safe? And why would we put our own lives in jeopardy, just to see you freed from your past, and your Uncle? You think about that next time you want to accuse us of not caring.”

“Stop it! I don’t wanna hear it!” he cried, planting his hands to his ears in desperation.

“I told you…” Tony looked at Bruce then turned going back to the table to sit.

Bruce watched as the Jonathan turned curling his body on the bed. He seemed so helpless in that pose… So very vulnerable at the moment… And the man’s heart ached for him and the emotional turmoil he was going through.

Silently he rose stepping toward the bed Jonathan was curled upon. Crawling toward him cautiously, he stopped when the youth abruptly half turned onto his back almost sitting up.

“Don’t…” he whined, tears streaking his face.

Bruce refused to hear him and started toward him again. Moving up behind the youth, he settled, canlı poker oyna pulling him to his body. Molding himself to Jonathan he began to gently caress and sweep stray hairs from his face.

“It’s okay, baby…” his left arm moved beneath the youth’s head cradling it against his shoulder.

Jonathan felt such a terrible pain at just the thought of loosing his new friends. His anguish seemed to run deep and quickly turned to anger. Such thoughts and emotions tormented his soul. He was beginning to fear the things that crossed his mind.

How he hated James Bowman for all of the crap he had put him through. If there was one man he longed to die, it was he. And that was a thought he feared so deeply. The last thing he wanted would be to see Judgment Day come while he thought that. But his anger was so strong. And his hatred of this man, so very deep, that if he had the chance himself, he would pull the trigger before anyone else could even get that chance.

The more he cogitated on the way he felt and the thoughts that run ramped in his mind, he wept soundly. Bruce attempted to console him with his gentle words and soft whispers. It washed over the youth from time to time finally soothing his aching heart. He drifted into sleep once more taking him away from his sorrows and distress to a place that might offer him some solace.


It was perhaps an hour or so when Jonathan woke again. Only now Tony rested beside him. The room was silent but for the soft sound of the man’s breathing. He opened his eyes to find them alone. It made him wonder where Greg and Bruce had gone.

“They went to see a movie, Jonathan.” Tony volunteered, seeing the question in his eyes. The sound of his whisper caught his attention. Their eyes locked for a long moment. Then Jonathan broke the silence with the question that burned in his soul.

“Tell me the truth, Tony. Please…” he muttered gently to the man.

Tony smiled somewhat having known that would come soon. “I’m a bodyguard, for hire, Jonathan. That’s what I do best. And at the moment you are my first and foremost concern.

“My job is to keep you alive until this matter with your Uncle can be resolved or he dies, whichever comes first.

“And I do work at the hospital as a nurse when I’m not on an assignment. It pays the bills and I’m happy with that.”

“Well, I guess that explains why you have a boss that’s different from Greg’s.” Jonathan probed then.

“We are from a kind a very secret organization. Bruce knows my boss. They’re close friends and he’s known me since we were kids. So, it wasn’t hard for him to get in touch with me and ask me if I would help.

“He really cares about you, ya know. You should ease up on the insults a bit. It was never intended for you to find out until after everything was cleared up. But since you know, now, you have to promise me that you’ll do everything I tell you. Bruce means to take you with us tomorrow and attempt to get you away from all of this. At least for a time, anyway.”

“I’m goin’ on the truck tomorrow?” Jonathan perked, yet he cautioned himself in the event that he might be wrong and hadn’t heard him correctly.

“Yes, Jonathan. You’re goin’ with us.” Tony affirmed. “And by the way, you little twerp…” Tony suddenly grasped Jonathan’s jaw in his hand. “…I care deeply for you, you jerk. And don’t you ever forget that.”

The youth gasped abruptly, his eyes locked onto the man’s as his hand quickly clenched his jaw. A slow gentle smile played across his lips as he listened to what he had to say.

“You wanna make me?” he teased then. He couldn’t help it really. It just presented itself. And he was going with it anyway.

The man moaned. Slowly, his lips turning up in a grin. “You want some o’ this?” he asked pointedly.

“If you have to ask…” Jonathan implied then. And with a chuckle, he rolled away, turning onto his left side waiting to see what the man might do.

“Don’t you turn your back on me, kid. I wasn’t finished with you yet.” Tony grasped his arm high at the shoulder even while he spoke. He moved over his back, half laying on him giving his bottom a good healthy slap.

Jonathan squealed trying to protect his rear with his hands. The man quickly subdued them slapping it hard again.

“I owe you a good spankin’, kid.” he half laughed as Jonathan began to fight with him some. Another strike, harder than the first two, forced the youth to tense and bolt. His head came up off the pillow as he yelled out his discomfort to him.

But the man would not let up, for the time being. Several more slaps came before he stopped rubbing the now stinging areas.

“You gonna behave now? Or do I need to give you some more?” Tony’s voice was gruff, yet filled with amusement.

“What did I do?” Jonathan giggled, as he whined playfully.

“Oh…” Tony thrashed his bottom repetitively, bringing tears to the youth’s eyes with his powerful stinging slaps. “…If you have to ask…” His voice was firm, yet the hint of amusement was still evident.

Jonathan poker oyna yelped over and again. The heat of the man’s strong delivery caused him to kick and squirm beneath his hold. Each strike was unmerciful bearing on his resolve relentlessly.

Still Tony went on, delivering a most unrelenting spanking. His hand slapped Jonathan’s bottom with a loud pop each time. The youth cried out. Writhing, his legs kicked while he wriggled from the stinging heat of the man’s cruel punishment.

“Okay!” he finally could stand any more. “I’ll be good!” Jonathan cried out to him.

The spanking ceased and the abusive hand now gently rubbed the sting away.

Pulling the youth onto his back, he pounced on him then. Jonathan let out a squeal of surprise, and then laughed shortly into his face.

Tony smiled at the sound. It was so rare that they heard it. And when they did, it seemed to be such a delightfully tinkling timbre. Greg had commented once that it almost sounded like wind chimes in a garden.

“What’s yer pleasure, baby.” The man asked then.

“I want you to force me.” Jonathan confessed to him.

“Is that so?” his body suddenly surged with unrepressed excitement. “How…be more specific.”

Jonathan stared blankly into his face. “I thought you knew me better than that, man.” He seemed surprised now, as he looked up at him.

Tony thought for a moment, recalling the night they had brought him home from the hospital, how Jonathan had rubbed his face over him in a worshipful kind of way. He remembered how it made him feel and had been irritated by Greg’s incessant parental ways. It struck him then, that they could take up where they left off.

“Okay…” he moved slowly, coming up on all fours, he hovered over the youth for a moment. “…Let’s jus’ see how bad you want this.” He almost seemed to moan.

He made his way to the floor, standing. His gaze reconnecting with that of the youth’s then. “Get yer ass over here, kid…” he growled meanly, pointing to a spot on the floor.

Jonathan sat up staring long at him. His senses suddenly become ignited. It seemed to advance over him in a deluge of abrupt sensation.

“I said; get over here…” the man barked impatiently. “NOW!!!” He growled again.

It was evident in the man’s eyes that he was in no way pleased with him at the moment. He had hesitated, not doing as he was told with the first order. In those eyes was the promise of a most terrible punishment, worse than he had already endured.

Jonathan scrambled to the floor coming to the man quickly then.

Tony’s expression was hard. He could tell he was angry. And what he was seeing at the moment, he had not pleased the man at all. He cringed the moment the man’s hand came toward him.

“Before we begin, little tramp…” the man’s hand slowly came up. Its fingers being lost in his hair, at the back of his head, that surrounded his shoulders at the moment. Abruptly, it clenched a mass of it in its fist jerking him forward almost bringing his face right to his as if he would kiss him. “…You will call me Master, from this point on, is that clear?”

Jonathan’s eyes flickered over his face. They were so close they could have kissed. The man felt his uneven breath and he knew Jonathan was already becoming aroused.

“Yes, sir…I mean, Master…” he changed quickly when the man stiffened suddenly; and would have slapped him if he had not said it right, as fleetly as he did.

Tony relaxed slowly again, one corner of his lips turning up into a quirky grin. “You’d better pay attention, or you might find yourself in a lot a trouble, bitch.” He muttered, knowing he didn’t have to talk loud, they were so close.

Jonathan’s lips parted slightly his breathing altering once more, his chest rising and falling in sporadic waves.

“You do as yer told, and I might reward you. I’ll have to think about that one, though. You’ve been such a pain in the ass lately, I just don’t know.”

Jonathan almost had to laugh. He knew he’d given these guys such problems, lately, with his attitude and moodiness. He really didn’t blame the man at all.

“If it gets too rough for you, Jonathan, all you need to do is say my name. Other than that, you call me Master and nothin’ more.” His tone was soft at the beginning, but quickly changed in mid-sentence to a hard, cold, sadistic one, that flooded the youth’s very being.

“I want you to get on yer knees and let me know just how bad you want it.” He then groaned. His one eye-brow lifting in that curious way it did when he doubted whoever he was speaking to could really match up to the conversation.

A grin was produced on Jonathan’s face. He’d take his challenge and prove him wrong if it was the last thing on earth that he ever did.

Going directly to his knees, his hands grasped the man’s hips, just before he buried his face in his jeans. There he spread it over the hardening bulge there, suppressing a giggle when Tony moaned lightly. And it suddenly occurred to him just what he wanted.

He too recalled that one night and how this man has responded to what he had done. It seemed he had never had anyone approach him like that. But Jonathan liked to do that so very much. Just the feel of it growing hard beneath his face was exciting to him to say the least.

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