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I was driving through a desolate area of the Karoo in South Africa when my engine started to splutter. Shit! I cursed as I looked around me. In the distance I could see a windmill. I figured there must be a house nearby. If only my car would hold out until then.

I turned off the main road and down a dusty track, heading for the windmill. The car was jerking and splattering madly now. A short while later it died completely. I got out and started walking in the direction of the homestead. And then I heard a sound. I looked around and saw a tractor coming towards me. It drew up next to me and the farmer cut the engine. And what a sight he was.

Tall, well built and ruggedly handsome with naturally sun bleached hair. He had warm brown eyes and full red lips that looked a little too ripe and sensual. He was poured into tiny khaki shorts that framed his juicy, beefy butt and showed off his heavy package in the front. I could see tufts of brown hair in the valley of his close fitting shirt. Brown hairs dusted his shapely, sun bronzed legs. I got wood immediately and squirmed as I tried to hide it.

‘You got problems with the car.’ he stated as he thrust out his large hand.

‘Hi Kevin.’ I told him.

‘Koos.’ he replied. ‘We’ll tow the car back to the house.’

He got a piece of rope from out of the tractor cab and set about hitching me up. He was totally in control and I felt superfluous. All I could do was stand and watch, enjoying the sight of his shorts riding up into his butt crack and the mound of man meat on display as he squatted.

‘There. All done. Follow me.’ he told me.

We arrived at the farmhouse and his pretty little wife came out to meet us. She was as dainty and petite as he was big and burly. Her long blonde hair flowed free and her beautiful shoulders were bare. I found myself getting quite turned on by her too. This was going to be a difficult time, I told myself. But they were so friendly I soon felt at ease. The house was very sparsely furnished. They told me they had recently taken over an abandoned farm and were trying to make a go of it.

We sat down in the lounge and Riana brought us some coffee. Koos told me not to worry about the car. He would get a mechanic friend to come have a look at it the next day. In the meantime I was to be their guest. A half hour later Riana came in and told Koos that his bath was ready. She then looked very embarrassed and said something to Koos in Afrikaans.

‘We don’t yet got electricity.’ Koos told me in his slightly broken English. ‘We have to make fire for hot water, so I hope you don’t mind sharing a bath with me.’

My ears burned. I could not believe what I was hearing. This was beyond my wildest dream.

‘Not at all.’ I tried to sound as nonchalant as canlı bahis şirketleri I could.

Riana brought a large zinc bath into the lounge and set it on the carpet. Then she started bringing in buckets of hot water and half filled the bath. Next she brought two towels and a bar of soap. I waited for her to withdraw but she didn’t. She simply sat down in one of the chairs and took out her knitting. My hopes were dashed. I was going to see her big bear of a husband naked, but it would all be above board with no chance of any hanky panky.

Koos stripped off his clothes and I just about passed out at the sight of him. Dressed he was stunning; naked he was out of this world. My cock lurched into full erection. I didn’t know what to do; how could I get undressed in this state. If I turned my back she would see my stiffy, if I didn’t he would. But then suddenly my problems were solved. Koos’ big, heavy uncut cock started rising. Before my eyes it lengthened and thickened. He simply moved it to one side and climbed into the bath as if it were the most natural thing in the word. I stripped off and climbed in too. It was a tight fit and our crossed legs seemed to be in the way. But then he took my feet and put them on either side of his hips while his feet were just under my balls.

We started soaping ourselves up. My cock hadn’t gone done and I noticed that neither had his. It broke the surface of the water, like a periscope. The foreskin had fully retracted, displaying the beautiful plum coloured head. He wiggled his toes under my balls and then laughed. I smiled and he moved his foot onto my balls, pressing down and rolling them around. I was so incredibly turned on I felt like my cock might explode. I looked across at his wife, but she simply smiled. He reached over and took my cock in his large paw and started slowly jacking it. I couldn’t understand his outrageous behaviour but I certainly loved what he was doing to me!

I reached over and took his warm, hard spear into my hand. Oh! the feel of it, so full and heavy in my hand. I dropped down to his large nuts, grown larger still in the hot water. I rolled them around each other and delighted in the slippery feel. Riana got up from her chair and came and knelt as Koos’ side. I froze, not knowing what to do, but he carried on stroking my cock. She began to wash her husband’s back and then when she was done she did mine. It was almost as if she couldn’t see what we were up to.

Then Koos stood up, his hard pole jutting out in front of him. Riana took one of the towels and started drying him off. When she came to his cock she took that delicious sausage in her mouth and made love to it. I wondered if she was trying to tease me, showing me who that delicious cock belonged to. But then she told me to canlı kaçak iddaa stand and started drying me off too. When she came to my cock she looked at Koos. He winked at her and smiled and she took it into her warm, dainty mouth. She was a skilled cockswoman and she used her lips and tongue on me to good effect. As she sucked her long nails raked at my low handing balls, driving me crazy.

Then I saw Koos gently pull her away as he stepped out of the bath, He told me to step out too. As soon as were on the carpet he pulled me into his arms and our cocks rubbed together between our bellies. He wrapped his tight arms around me.

‘Which one of us would you like to fuck?’ he asked.

‘Both.’ I replied.

‘That’s what I like to hear. But first we eat.

Riana lit some oil lamps while we dressed. Then she laid the table and got out a bottle of red wine. Koos had me sit on his lap and kiss him while she busied herself in the kitchen. Then she brought in a lamb stew and dumplings and we sat down to eat. The food was incredibly good and the meal was one of the most interesting I have ever had. Every now and then Koos would pull me into a kiss. Then he would kiss Riana. After a glass of wine she grew bolder and started kissing me too. I’m not sure how we managed to eat in between all that kissing. Koos’ kisses were hungry, a man in the mood for sex; Riana’s were sweet and gentle.

Later we took a lamp into the bedroom and stripped off once again. I gasped when I caught sight of Riana’s small firm tits and flat belly in the moon light. She had an incredibly beautiful, firm ass, so different from Koos’ beefy, hairy man mound. But both were equally delicious and I wasn’t sure which to eat first. I chose Riana and lay her down on her belly. I kissed the small of her back and down her buttcheeks to the back of her thighs. I felt her shiver beneath me. Then I licked into her crack, swirling my tongue around her hole before dipping down to her pussy. She cried out something in Afrikaans and never let up moaning as I ate her out.

I could feel Koos’s thick prick poking into the back of my balls as I ate his wife’s cunt. The sensitive skin between my balls and ass tingled with the sensation of his precum slicked cock head gliding over it. I knew I had to have a taste of his cock and reluctantly I pulled my face out of Riana’s crack. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Koos towards me. I opened wide and took his juicy cock into my mouth. I slipped my tongue between cock and foreskin and made him moan with delight. All the time my hands stroked his hairy thighs and ass. Then I spun him round and pushed him over. He steadied himself on the window sill. I parted his hefty cheeks and buried my face in his warm, furry crack. I could still smell the soap we canlı kaçak bahis used at bath time.

My tongue sought out his juicy fuck hole and dived in. He pushed back against me as I forced as much of my tongue into him as I could. AS I did so I ran my hands up his sensitive inner thighs and fondled his big, smooth nuts. He started moaning and groaning and called out something in his native tongue. Riana stood at his side and stroked his back. She then kissed the back of his neck and started to slide between him and the window. I no longer had perfect access to his ass so I stood up and stroked his back and fondled his beautiful, big butt. I slid my hand around his belly and found that his cock was now buried in his wife’s twat. I wrapped my hands around the pair of them and offered them encouragement as they fucked.

Then Koos pulled out of his wife and reached for me. He kissed me deeply and then whispered in my ear. I knelt by the side of the bed and bent over it. I shivered and shuddered as his hungry tongue roamed the valley of my bum, poking into my eager rosebud. He ate me out like I was the last meal left on earth. My hard cock crushed uncomfortably into the side of the bed. Then I felt him apply something to my ass. His rough finger plowed into me, working the goop in further. And then it was replaced. I felt his warm cockhead up against my pucker hole and then he started to push. Tears came to my eyes because he didn’t let up until he had all of his thick inches buried inside me. I could feel his pubic and belly hair against me. Riana lay on the bed, whispering in my ear, asking me if he was doing it right.

Was he ever! The man was an expert, fucking all my senses into overdrive. My ass felt as if it had a life and a lover of its won. It wrapped itself around his man club and made love to it. He licked my back as he fucked, adding to my delight. Riana lay down in front of me and opened her legs. I buried my face in her sweet snatch and started licking her juicy pussy. When I teased her clit she squirmed madly and cried out in delight. It was a little more than she could stand so I went back to her luscious pink lips. Her finger came down to delicately tease around her clit. And together we got her climbing the mountain. Soon she was at the top and I counted off five orgasms.

The sound of his wife’s ecstasy was too much for Koos. He gave one final thrust into my welcoming ass and let loose a fountain of scalding jizz deep into my guts. His groan drowned out Riana’s sixth and final orgasm. Koos pulled out of me and flicked me over. He grabbed hold of my cock and started frigging me off. I lasted only thirty seconds before blowing a geyser of cum high up into the air. It landed back on Koos’ big paw. He held his hand out to Riana and she licked it off.

The next day Koos told me that it would be a week before the mechanic could get out to the farm. That proved to be the best week of my life. Any time I see a windmill now my cock starts to stir.

Copyright Daniel Blue

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