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A lot of Black women in the world of BDSM consider themselves dominant, which is fine, but they seem to cater exclusively to White male submissive types. I take my clients anyway they come, since I am a professional dominatrix. I do enjoy playing with Black men, though. Unlike White subs, the brothers always make you work for it. My name is Shana Drummond and I’m a young woman of Ghanaian and English-Canadian descent living in the City of Toronto, Ontario.

I was born in a small town called Perth, Ontario, to an African immigrant mother from the Republic of Ghana and a White Canadian father of direct English descent. Being raised a mixed gal in a small, all-White town in Canada’s most populous province gave me a unique awareness of the world. People are so fixated on things like race and identity, they forget that we’re all human at the end of the day. I left Perth after high school and moved to the City of Toronto. I studied business administration at the University of Toronto, and while at school, I began exploring my sexuality.

My erstwhile boyfriend Jared Brownstone, a tall and ruggedly handsome brother from the City of Detroit, Michigan, introduced me to BDSM during my second year at the University of Toronto. I discovered I had a real flair for dominating men. Jared would ask me to tie him up and beat him, and I totally wrecked him with my whip and sex toys. Dude was six-foot-four and weighed two hundred and fifty pounds, so for a shorter and smaller gal like me to dominate him was a real thrill for me.

By the time I graduated with my degree in 2012, I was well on my way to becoming a whip-smart dominatrix. Originally, I only played in my private life but after getting laid off from my cushy job at RBC’s Call Center, I had to improvise. I needed to pay my bills and most businesses illegal bahis in Toronto weren’t looking for a recent university graduate with little work experience. That’s why I became a professional dominatrix.

Toronto is one of the largest cities in the world, and probably the most racially diverse place in all of Canada. And that’s how I like it. I’m five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, with frizzy Black hair, caramel-hued skin and lime-green eyes. I guess I inherited the best of both worlds from my African immigrant mother and European-Canadian father. Mixed chicks like me got it going on, eh?

Toronto is the only place that’s ever felt like home to me. I am good friends with a young Arab Christian woman named Cristina Abdullah, and she’s dating a Nigerian guy named Joseph, whose last name is something I can’t pronounce. I see all kinds of interracial couples and families in Toronto, and over a hundred different cultures are represented among the City’s demographics. As a mixed-race woman, I don’t get stared at. I’m simply another Toronto metropolitan resident. Finally, somewhere I belong.

I got a sinfully sexy story to share with you folks. Abdul Hassan came to me because he was curious about BDSM, especially female domination and male submission. Tall, lean and athletic, Abdul is of Somali descent, studied business at Ryerson University, and works for the downtown branch of CIBC. Abdul is married to a Somali sister named Zainab and they have a son together, Omar. A successful Black man, devoted husband and father, living a double life in the big City. Hmmm. Why am I not surprised?

As I was saying, Abdul Hassan came to me because he had some forbidden fantasies that he wanted to explore. Abdul is into all kinds of naughty things, such as cross-dressing, forced feminization, forced illegal bahis siteleri male bisexuality, and of course, strap-on fucking. I am totally down with that. That’s why I had no problem turning this tall, masculine brother into a pink panty-wearing, stocking-clad, Tutu-wearing, fully made up and properly wigged Sissy. I turned Abdul the macho Muslim guy from Somalia into Abby, my Sissy Slut. And it was a wonderful transformation.

Kneel before your goddess, I ordered Abby the Sissy, and like a good slut, she did as she was told. I smiled contentedly as Abdul/Abby knelt before me and began sucking my toes. We were in the living room of my apartment in Mississauga, and with total privacy, we could do anything we wished. Or, rather, anything I wished. I am in control, and that’s exactly how I like it. Abby the Sissy finished sucking my toes, then asked me if I had anything else for her to do. I smiled and rubbed my slut’s wigged head patronizingly. Then I smacked her across the face, hard.

Abdul/Abby the Sissy stared at me, stunned. Grinning, I ordered her to get on all fours. Without hesitation my slut obeyed. I admired Abdul/Abby’s sexy Black ass in those pink panties. I was amazed at the successful transformation. I turned a macho Black man into my own personal cross-dressing slut bitch. I patted Abby’s bottom and then ordered her to take them panties off and show me that ass. Yes mistress, Abby said, and did as she was told. I grinned and sprayed lubricant all over Abby the slut’s puckered asshole, and then donned gloves before inserting my fingers up in that ass. Time for the Black male Sissy slut to get her ass violated by this rather eager dominatrix.

My pussy tingled with excitement as I donned my strap-on dildo, and I smacked Abby the slut’s butt while fingering her canlı bahis siteleri hole. I asked my Black male bitch if she was ready to get fucked and Abby the slut nodded. Grinning, I pressed the strap-on dildo against Abby the slut’s asshole and pushed it inside. A sharp groan escaped Abby the slut’s mouth as I began fucking her with my strap-on dildo. I put my hands on her hips and pushed the dildo deep inside of her. I admired our reflection in the mirror as I fucked my first Black male Sissy slut, and smiled with contentment. Hot damn it’s frigging awesome!

I smacked Abby’s ass, and shoved the dildo real deep inside her asshole. A loud, shrill scream escaped Abdul/Abby’s mouth, and honestly, it was sweet and beautiful music to my ears. I always wanted to tame a macho Black man and transform him into my Sissy Slut, my Cross-Dressing Bitch and my own personal Man-Whore. I rammed my dildo deep inside Abdul/Abby’s butt, or ass-pussy, as I called it. I took the Muslim dude from Somalia and made him my bitch.

Finally, after getting fucked up the ass relentlessly by my strap-on dildo, Abdul/Abby the slut begged for mercy. I smiled triumphantly and pulled my dildo out of the Black male Sissy Slut’s dirty butt. I looked inside Abdul/Abby’s asshole, which was now gaping, and admired my handiwork. Nice, I thought, and smiled to myself. I’ve got major plans for this slut, and in time, I shall make them come true.

After the session, Abdul Hassan paid me handsomely for my time, two hundred and twenty bucks for the ninety minutes we spent together, then showered, put his manly clothes back on and left my domicile. I wished him goodbye, and since he promised to come back to me and gave me both his cell phone number and email address, I began plotting how to take Abdul Hassan to the edge. I’ve gotten him to explore cross-dressing and strap-on domination. Next time, I’ll bring another one of my subs along, a bisexual man, and have Abdul suck his dick. How about that? I think he’ll go for it. I honestly can’t wait! Am I a naughty mistress or what?

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