Black-N-White Ecstasy Ch. 01

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Kandy a happily married woman longs to explore the many erotic ways to add spice to her marriage. Some experiences involve one-on-one sex with another man, or a woman. Others are with hubby present watching, or taking part. And then there are the ones where he stays home or is at work, letting her have a little sexy fun on her own.

She asked her husband Wayne one day, what he would do if she told him she played online, and even had an email lover. She added that none of these people really knew her identity, after all is was him she truly loved.

To her surprise, Wayne, said, “I know where your heart is Kandy, because, you gave it to me. Honey, I do not care who you chat with or write to, as long as you are safe, and you have fun. All I ask, is you not meet them, and they not know where you live. After all, you are a beautiful sexy woman, and you often wear me out fucking! Oh, by the way, I have a good ID for you too, sexpot!”

Kandy does not write everyone. She prefers to have a few close sexy online friends, than a whole lot of horny people, with insensitive minds. She met John over a year ago in a chatroom and their friendship quickly turned intimate. Each is content with their marriage, but seeking more. A safe way they both can have some sexy fun, with no strings attached, to satisfy their sexual desires.

Kandy was the first to write John an erotic cum-filled email, wondering if it would turn him on and satisfy his desires. His quick reply, he told her, she was more then he ever dreamed of or wanted. He not only came hard reading her email, but also fucked his wife all night long.

The tantalizing words of John’s reply made Kandy’s clit swell and throb hard. She stripped and started masturbating right there, in front of her computer, as she envisioned him beside her on a bed. They were not her fingers touching herself, but John is, exploring her body.

She leaned down and took the nipple of her 42D’s into her mouth. Then she felt his teeth biting her nipple and his tongue encircling them. It was his fingers that rolled and pinching her clit, until she screamed and came in sheer ecstasy!

Now when she goes online to check her email, Kandy, she is often wearing a tee shirt and panties. If she is horny as well, Kandy knows John’s words will satisfy her hunger.

Kandy got comfortable once more and opened John’s email, and began reading.

“My Sweet Kandy,

Pretend for a moment, I come up for a quick visit and get a room in a cheap motel near you, and then call you. You drive over and I meet you at the door of the room. You are wearing black silk pants and a sheer white blouse. Your hair is pulled up atop your head with a soft cascade of curls descending from it. You are provocatively dressed adding to the alluring effect by wearing red lipstick, and three inch heels. I say hello, then pull you into the room and kiss you deeply.

I push you down on your knees and have you suck my cock until it is hard and wet. I help you lay on the bed, the pull off your pants as you remove your blouse and bra. I then jump on top of you and shove my cock all the way inside you on the first thrust.

Oh fuck, you are so wet! I fuck you slow, and hard then fast until I blow my first load of hot cum deep inside your wet cunt. You cling to me for a few minutes illegal bahis until our breathing subsides, then you slowly move out from underneath me and lick my cock clean.

While cuddling we talk about how it felt to fuck for the first time. We talk about previous sex partners and I get hard again. This time I take you doggy-style and pull your hair back as if I am controlling a fast horse. Your cunt spasms on my cock as you have your first orgasm of the day. I let go of your hair and you fall face forward on the bed.

I take a small vibrator (you brought toys with you, Naughty Girl) and gently move it up your ass. I lube the vibrator and slowly fuck your ass, it makes your asshole starts to burn, but it feels too good to stop. I pull my cock out from your juicy pussy and slowly ease my cock into your ass. I get about halfway in when you tense-up and shudder, as you cum again.

You are sweating heavily, the combination pain and pleasure, are making you go out of control. I slide the rest of my cock inside your ass and begin slowly fucking you, as I fiddle with your clit. You cum again and this time I join you and blast my second load of jizz up your ass

Kandy, write me back with what happens next (smiles).

Your lover,


When Kandy is done reading John’s email, she is sitting naked with her legs spread wide, shaking uncontrollably. She clamps down hard on her swollen nipple and pinches her clit hard, and screams, “Oooooooh fuck, John, I am cumming!” When Kandy is finished, she does not bother to even dress and start her reply to John.

“Dear John,

We both lay holding each other close on the bed and talking about how great our first fucking was. Kandy kissed John on the cheek and whispered, “I cannot believe you’re here what a pleasant surprise. Darling was it as good for you, as it was for me?”

John looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Oh, sweetheart, yes, you are more then I ever dreamed of, I am glad, we made love.”

The conversation changes to sexual experiences, things we have tried, and those we would like to try. You kiss my check softly and ask me what I would you like to try.

I reply a threesome, with you, me and another woman, or you, me and another man. I then tell you how; I always wanted to fuck a black and white guy at the same time. I tell you I never had that opportunity arise, and was not comfortable asking my hubby to try it yet.

You grin and say, “Kandy, it is about time you did. Oh my love, think about it since neither of us is anywhere near home how about right now! Come on, let us get dressed and go to a bar tonight, and see what happens!”

I say, “Ok, after all, when I packed I included my leather mini skirt, a black see through blouse, beige lace bra, and panties. Since I have never done this before, will you instruct me on how to dress? At the last minute we decided, I should wear no bra or panties. I tell you, “My cunt is drooling at the sight of myself in the mirror; oh fuck, I am about to cum right now!”

You tell me, “Oh baby, you look so hot, but please do not cum yet! I want to find a man or a woman willing to finger you right their in the bar we go to.” (Ooooh baby, I would love to be this naughty too!)

They walk into the dimly lit hole-in-the-wall we found about a mile up illegal bahis siteleri the road and sit at the bar. We order drinks and start talking, then look around. There are only a few people in the bar, and I observe most of the men are ogling me. You whisper to me and ask, “Are you still wet baby?”

I tell you to find out for yourself! You do not care who is watching, and slide your hand under my skirt and whisper in my ear, “DAMN, you’re drenched!”

I pull you close and run my tongue across your ear, “Lover, you make me this fucking wet!” I remove your hand and lick your fingers clean. We mingle around and I talk to a few men. After fifteen minutes, I look at you and pout, letting you know that no one is interested. All the sudden, my eyes widen with amazement, I spot a good-looking black guy who just sat down at the table next to you.

I nod my head toward him, and you turn to glance at him. I feel my nipples get rock hard once more, as I look at him watching me, and readjusting the bulge in his pants.

You get up, walk over to him, and ask id you can sit down and talk. I can tell by his expression that you are telling him about our hot plans for a threesome. I can tell he is interested, because he is now walking toward me and licking his lips. Out of the corner of my eye, I see you walk to the bathroom as if to relieve yourself with the intension of watching us.

The Black guy sits down at the bar next to me. I turn so only he can get a good glimpse at my pantiless cunt. He leans over and asks me if I want my drink refilled and I reply, “No. “

I lean over and give the black guy a kiss, and run my hand up his thigh. I trembled and traced the outline of his cock, as his finger slides into my cunt. He pauses and pulls her closer, and utters, “Oh god, I want you! Can we go somewhere private?”

The room is illuminated enough for you to see her swollen breast straining the fabric of my blouse and the action of his hand. I can see you out of the corner of my eye, watching us, readjusting your growing member in your pants. You get excited as you see me turning him on; you feel your cock stir again. You stand up and look down hiding most of your cock down your leg. You tell yourself to wait until we get into the hotel room. (Hum-well-maybe).

When you look up again, you see me breathing heavily and leaning on the guy, when you glance under the counter, my legs spread wide. You and anyone close can see his hand moving, and know he is fingering her cunt. I whisper in his ear, “Oh fuck, baby, let’s take this someplace where we can be alone. If we stay here, I am going to cum!”

By this time, you are standing next to her asking, “Kandy, are you being naughty?” I look at you and wink, you tell the guy we have to go, and he can come with use. Then you said, “How about it, want to have some fun with us? You can either follow us, or ride in my car.”

You say, “Hey, wait a minute!” As the black-guy looked at me, you slide your hand up under my skirt. He them smiles as you bring your glistening finger to my lips. I smile, and then eagerly lick it clean, sucking his finger like a small cock.

We leave the bar, and he tells you that we can all ride in your car. You pin me between the two of you. He is standing in front of me, kissing me as his fingers roll my canlı bahis siteleri nipples through my blouse. You slide my skirt up over my ass and shove two fingers hard and deep into my drenched cunt.

I lean against you and stifles a yell, to say make me cum, then you both stop abruptly. You unlock the car doors; I climb in ahead of you, as he gets in from the other side, putting me in the middle. On the way to the hotel, you drive and glimpse over me occasionally, as you watch him unbutton my blouse. You almost swerved off the road when you see my breasts pop into full view, with hard nipples.

When you stop for a light, you both cannot resist leaning over and taking one of my nipples into your mouth. You sit up and continued driving using your free hand to roll and pinch my nipple as his hand goes to my cunt and rubs my clit.

You keep going not caring who sees me, you slow down only long enough to pinch my other nipple. The black guy’s fingers continue working my cunt, and said, “Do it baby! Come on; let everyone we pass see you cum!”

I close my eyes and yell, “Oh my god, I’m cumming!

When we get to the motel, I am shaking so hard I need both of you to help me into the room. We barely make it into the room, when you both grab me and take off my clothing.

I then sit on the bed with you; you kiss me finger my cunt, as the black-guy undresses. Then you changed places, and as you take off your clothes, you watch me go down on his hard cock, taking it slowly into my mouth. You yell, “Hey wait for me…we need to share her! MMM, she looks so edible!”

I move so I can still suck his cock, and you can eat my pussy. My nipples feel so hard; I think they will break off if touched. You eat me for awhile then rise up and slide your cock into my cunt. My vaginal muscles milk your cock as you slide it in and out of me like a well-lubricated oil pump. You slap my ass her ass and exclaimed, “Oh Kandy, you’re so fucking hot! That’s it baby, ride my fucking cock!”

The black guy is mesmerized by the sight and starts talking dirty to me saying, “Oh god, suck my cock, white cunt! Oh that feels so fucking good, oooooh, yessss, just like that, harder cunt harder!” He looks at you and shouts, “Hey man, fuck her hot box! We need to fuck her good and fill both holes till they overflow with cum!”

You look at him and say, “Oh hell, lets change places, I want to cum down her throat!”

He moves and slides his big black cock into my wanting cunt, yelling, “Oh fuck yessss! Baby get on all fours, daddy is gonna fuck you, like you never have been done before!”

I do as instructed, then lean forward and engulf your cock completely with my mouth, and sucks you hard; making you almost shoot your load. You begin fucking my mouth and soon are in rhythm, as the black-guy rams my cunt. He nods at you, and then all of a sudden, he slides his cock all the way in my ass.

I trembled uncontrollably, and almost pass out. I keep going and do not miss a beat. I climax again…seemingly non-stop. You both ram your cocks deep and cum simultaneously. They stay there shortly until I had milked your cocks dry.

Then we all collapsed, on the bed. When I look over you both are smiling like the cat that just ate the canary. I give them both a mischievous grin saying, anyone ready for round two!

Oooooh John, think about it and write me what happens next! While I clean some cum up here and get dressed! Wow, I love you and the way you make me feel baby.

I love you XOX!


The End

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