Blue Moon

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On meeting my old pal, Pete we had a lot to catch up with. He would always confide his most intimate life with me, our relationship was that kind of karma.

Last time I had talked with him, when I accidentally bumped into him in my home town Newton Abbot – he had come to the Wednesday market there – he had been having a homo-sexual relationship with Badger, his allotment friend and his accounts of their happenings together in Badger’s allotment shed have been quite revealing on the site he writes for.

But surprisingly he was telling me as we sat on a bench together under the old town clock, that although he thought the world of old Badger and thoroughly enjoyed being with him, he had come to the point, as you do, that it had become a little clinical, like when they met on the allotment they’d go to his shed as always, then. like numbers, they felt each other, masturbated each other, then the usual sucking and fondling which, ‘don’t get me wrong’ it always nice’ as was the resulting deep fucking which Badger always gave him with so much vigour, especially for an older guy – but having been with Badger for two years or so ‘don’t get me wrong because we shall still meet in his shed, and do all those things!’ but I just felt I wanted some more excitement in my life. The newness with Badger and I had gone and it was rime to put that to rights! – and when I met David I knew what that was, him being ten years younger, sweet eighteen just, I took special heed to find every opportunity to speak with him at the bowling club where I first met David and I was so delighted when I realised he was of my leaning.”

“And so your new relationship blossomed?” I asked

“You just couldn’t be more apt, you see it all began when I presented him with a blue moon rose from my garden as a token of our first kiss. It was only a simple cheek kiss but enough to make us both realise how much we were attracted to each other, and now I call him my blue moon, blue being the operative word, meaning I want him always to be blue for me.”

“I am glad for you,” I said with a smile.

Then he went on to tell me about their first time alone and these are his words…

David talked much about how he had discovered himself of late, how he had yearned to meet a compatible guy like me with some experience.

He was somewhat shy so I said for him just to chill and not to feel obliged or pressed to do anything, but he insisted he wanted to learn, that he was very fond of me and could not think of anyone else he’d like his very first experience with.

He was a beautiful guy, I stood up in front of him as he sat sprawled on my settee. It was going to be a magical time I just knew it. It just came as natural to undo my zip asking him if he would like to see it.

He looked flushed but I simply smiled and squeezed myself, then he responded:

“I would love to,” he replied with a lovely smile and I gradually unzipped myself and pulled myself out over the waistband of my boxer shorts which pronounced its stature. I was still growing as he looked with a glow in his eyes and I squeezed ever so gently to get it full for a first showing with dear David.

It was something so new and I went for it, David was curious and watched intently as I weaselled out my cock balls and all between my opened zip, loving his astounded reaction, his eyes popping.

“You like?” I asked him.

“It is so lovely, ” he returned and I enjoyed giving myself a gently wank as he watched me stretching it fully back to reveal the head , watching David’s response all the time.

“You can touch of you want to, would you like that?”

He was completely besotted I could tell and it made me feel so good and I felt completely comfortable with him,

“Can I, please, Pete?” he asked so very sweetly. “I have never touched one before, well no one else’s that is, and certainly one quite so big,” he smiled.

“Yes and you don’t have to say please, just take your time, get the feel of it, sniff its scent and eventually you may like to taste the flavour.”

I went on to tell him, as he started to fondle me, how my first time was and how, once I’d made the first move, the first touch, the first suck and felt my first fuck, I never looked back.

He was handling me over so gently and I said it wasn’t going to fall apart that he could be a little more firm with it.

“Like this?” he asked rubbing and squeezing its length.”

“Mmm! Lovely” I replied. See how it starts to jerk up and casino siteleri down. That is so nice and it is all for you, David.

“It feel warm and pliable, lovely to touch, Pete”

“David, try just teasing my p-hole with your little finger, I would love the feel of that.”

“Like this?”

“Mmm! Just like that, its lovely, don’t stop.”

“I won’t”

I was being sent into another world.

“I do love the way you smell, Pete”

He sniffed me there as he continued to manipulate my cock and balls all the time, eyes half closed he was being sent too, it was fantastic and all the time I was imagining what it would feel like to fuck him deep penetration.

We got onto talking about actual fucking…

“But will it hurt, Pete?” he asked cautiously, it is so big.

“We will take it as it comes and when it comes, ” I returned then I told him that perhaps for our first few hours learning about each other, we should leave the inevitable to last, and that is only of he wanted it.

All the time I can tell you, although with Badger I had always been the taker, I felt quite differently with David and had a fervent passion t find what he was like to be inside.

But for now it was delightful to stand there and watch his inexperienced hands explore me, showing him how to work his fingers on me, how to ball me up and jerk me.

“Let me lift up my left foot and put it on the arm of the sofa like this” I said and that way he could really explore every sinew down under. “There that’s better for you and for me, ” I said pushing my pulsing erection forward, prompting dear David to do more, but always in his own time, which made it all the more stimulating and thrilling, like I was being teased in waiting for the feeling of his mouth take me and how his suck would develop. He said he’d never sucked cock before and I returned there is always a first time and he replied like now?

I smiled and agreed mow was the time, he’d soon picked up the language of sexual exchange and we soon got into the mode of exchanging dirty talk which made for an even more wonderfully erotic pleasure. I rubbed my balls and cock against his cheeks and mouth, he closed his eyes moaning, I could easily have cum at that point showering his face with my cream, but I wanted to save it, it was so good enjoying it in slow motion, there would be plenty more time for everything else. But he responded by rubbing his face between my opened thighs, sniffing me up. It was lovely, divine, watching his flushed face bury itself into my crutch that way, I moved it for him, sort of in a small wiggling circle movement an felt the sensation of his nose and mouth and tongue, licking, sucking and sniffing me. He was a real sex pot, just how I liked it, and it was as if he’d been starved for it and was now making the best of it, I was so glad it was with me and not some skirt he’d said he’d been out with but never fucked.. She’d given him her worn panties he said but even that didn’t do it for him, it was as if all along he was geared up for this, and that was just fine with him.

“How do you feel about sucking cock?” I asked David and he looked up at me, my hard cock throbbing intensely now in both his hands as he squeezed and rolled my cock and balls between them, and then against his face once more – enjoying, he said the smell of me there was sending him crazy, that the scent of cock was a real turn on, and how it was more intense as he stretched my foreskin tight back, that it was lovely and he longed now to taste it.

“Then go ahead and taste it,” I said feeling the moment, that imminently I was to enjoy that certain magic of how it is and how it feels for both of us to suck cock simultaneously, my cock was ripe for him and no mistake.

And when suddenly – he took it into his open mouth, like he had made up his mind after some brief hesitation, that he was going to do it and he would do it, he made it something really to remember for both of us, the feeling was gorgeous, wonderful as he bathed me with his wet tongue, exploring and whisking around the head of my hard pulsing cock, his cheeks bulging with it as he took deep breaths and sucked and sucked and sucked.

“Steady on, David” I warned or else I’ll be cuming in your mouth. I pulled it away from him but he was defiant, like he didn’t want to let go, and when I did it made a loud suction sound, his mouth wide, his eyes closed, his moans telling me just how much he had enjoyed his first taste of cock.

I didn’t slot oyna want to put him off, that would come if and when it was mutually agreed, like another lesson for the future, but in the meantime we could explore the delights of mutual oral stimulation and when I removed his tight jeans. He looked so good in them, so very fuckable, that lovely well proportioned tight ass was just waiting for it, and I had plenty of it to give. He smelt good, his young cock peeping up at me like it wanted attention, time to down those tight jeans, briefs and all as I sniffed him there – and I began to stroke it, squeezing those firm balls so good and young, after Badger it was a real delight to get close to a younger guy – all the time he enjoying my cock with some fervour, I felt the urge to mutually suck him and the taste of new young cock was a delight to behold, he had a lovely strong and firm erection on him and lovely firm balls which I gently squeezed, in effect I was doing to him what he did to me afterwards like he was learning every trick and tht was absolutely beautiful. Somehow I had managed to hold myself back for a later crescendo and how great that would be.

I really could have sucked him forever I felt – and soon I was exploring his wonderfully tight young ass which was a real pleasure, he smelt and tasted divine and I felt myself throbbing more and more for the fuck of him, but for now I had to subdue the thought, he was tight I could see that, I sucked him there and discovered that he loved me doing that, but pushing a finger inside him he really did need an awful lot more stimulation there with a lubricant stretch him, and that would be a delight for the future, for the moment I pushed his head away yelling I was going to cum, he pulled back and worked briskly on my cock as I did with his, holding it firmly in my fist and really going for it, finding the touch that he preferred, the little sounds and grunts to let me know which movement was best for him, his cock hard now and a good six inches his, and when I felt him spurt it was a sheer delight, I wanted the taste of his cum and licked it up from the head of his now limp cock, licking his balls as he gasped and collapsed on the floor next to the sofa.

My Blue moon had experience his first male sexual encounter big time and I just could not wait to get the fuck of him, as already described, he had a beautiful tight ass just made for it, I would teach him how to wiggle for me, like I did for Badger but now it would be me doing the fucking, and I so looked forward to fucking David.

“Sounds good to me, Pete” I said, you will have to update me wont you. You are almost making me envious of this new guy in your life.”

“Steady on, let me have him first”

I smiled and said I was merely kidding. Yet I had a thought that perhaps I had ought to get myself a nice young guy.

“When are you seeing him again. Pete?” I asked

“This Sunday so wish me success Huh?”

“You gonna fuck it then?”

“Too darned right I am, cant wait to get the poke of that.”

“You lucky bastard” I returned wish I guess it was me, it had been a along time since Danny.

“Keep me updated Huh Pete?”

“Will do, I find myself throbbing now thinking about it.”

“You want a wank like old times?” I asked.

“Would you, I mean you wouldn’t mind?”

“Look, Pete we have been baddies for years, just tell; me how you want to fuck this David as I do it okay?”

“Will do, look I am really swollen now.”

I unzipped and wanked him as he gave me the sordid details of how he proposed to fuck David.

But you, dear reader will just have to wait for the next instalment to discover just how that was!

But how’s about I tell you now, it is a week later when I meet Pete once more, he looks well happy and I just could not wait to hear how he got on with his Blue Moon called David.

“I had him, David.”

“You did, you fucked?”

“Sure did. It was just how I thought it would be, but it did linger on a bit as I discovered more about David, I told you how I just loved him in tight jeans, how they pronounced that beautiful ass, he was well aware of that and when next we met he was wearing braces which looked rather endearing giving him that rather attractive boyish appeal. I asked him to do a display for me, you know like the models do up and down the catwalk. He was really fort that and like the models do, I said he would look more scrumptious, especially from behind, if I tightened his canlı casino siteleri braces, when I did that and I watched him parade before me, the effect of tight braces really pronounced and separated those gorgeous stackable cheeks and made for a very endearing aperture between.

“Come here,” I sort of ordered to which he obeyed and I started to realise he like me to dominate.

“Now twist it for me, David, twist and bend okay – I want to get the real thrill of this.”

Well he did and Boy! Was that something, I asked him to turn and bend in front of me at touching distance, I wanted to sniff and feel his contours through those so tight jeans. Then, to my delight it all started from a mere slap watching his ass cheeks bounce. He just whispered how he loved that and how he wanted to be spanked across my knee just like his father used to do.

It was absolutely new to me, but do you know what, it really did something for me, seeing David bent across my knee like that, his face nearly touching the carpet one side and his ass propped up for punishment.

As I gently ay first spanked each cheek about four times I felt my cock stiffen, he must have sensed this because IU felt a sudden squeeze as he plead with me not to stop. He’d found a way to manoeuvre a hand between and it was wedged against my hard erection. That did it, the more he squeezed, as if a signal he wanted more, the more I spanked his tight jeaned ass with the palm of my right hand. I was soon so wanting his fuck and he knew it. I asked him if he would l dike to try it now and he just looked at me and said id that is what I wanted.

“Will you make me ready, .Sir?”

That was something new, he was in this sort of master pupil mode and I soon found myself adjusting to that even though it was new to me, there was I thinking I was to be the teacher and it was turning out the reverse. But all I could think of then was getting him how I wanted him. Still bent over my knee he wiggled to help me pull off his jeans and I was treated with the most glorious pink coloured well spanked ass which he said had stung a lot but the sheer pleasure was overwhelming and he knew the ultimate effect would be that he wanted my fuck , that he was ready for it.

He wanted more cock sucking and somehow we managed to sprawl on the carpet so I could well lubricate that very inviting hole between his well slapped ass. It was fun squeezing my fingers into his tight orifice and it made him yelp a bit, but undaunted he wanted me to continue, he said he felt he was ready for it.

I laid back to enjoy his riveting cock suck, him squeezing and taking as much of it as he could into his mouth. His ass was squelching then as I found I could stretch him, enough maybe to get the head of my cock inside him.

“How would you like me for first time, Sir?” he asked so sweetly, his lips meeting mine for our first kiss, the deep wet kiss I could taste myself in, something very bazaar about that but really wonderful.

Just sprawl on all fours and put it for me, I want our first fuck to be magical, David.

He did just that looking so wonderfully inviting, I just had to smother my face into his crevice, tasting and sucking all, the taste was earthy and pungent and it felt that it really wanted the taste of my cock inside, at first it slipped in so well, covering just the head, he wiggled for me as if to help me push it into him further and when I got half way he gave a huge gasp saying how wonderful it was.

“Is it hurting?” I asked

“A little, Sir”

“Then shall I stop for now, we can finish each other off orally?”

He wanted me just to pause for a while, then try again, he said it was gradually easing as he felt my throb easing it for him.

“Then we shall go the full hog,” I said and soon I was right up inside him. We fucked a while and then paused, him telling me to stop and go again, that is what we arranged. It was one of the most gratifying fucks I have had for a long time and when it was over, when I shot my load into him, and then sucked him off, milking his cream into my mouth as a thank you for a wonderful fuck, he smiled so warmly, telling me just how good he felt to have actually at last been gratified by a real man.

Afterwards we lavished each other in a shower, I played with the shower head, changing the temperature as I moved it over his cock and balls, then another suck as he did the same for me, it was a beautiful experience and soon I hope to do it all over again.

My Blue Moon is really blue….

“I am glad for you,” I said and I felt so revved up by his story.

Pete knew what I wanted and it was his fault, He gave me the most gorgeous meaningful stiff wank and I was happy again…

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