Boarding House Blues

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The character Dwayne is to some extent autobiographical; however, the story is entirely fictitious. Please enjoy. (:-o)


Dwayne Richards was of average build with pleasant features and mousy hair. He was athletic, but did not participate in any team sport; he was a loner; an introvert.

He was destined to become a nerd, not only because of his genetics and his strict Methodist upbringing, but also because of two main events which occurred early in his life.

When he was in third class primary school, his father encouraged him to learn his “times-tables” until they were indelibly etched into his brain. This ensured that he always did well at arithmetic and later mathematics.

The second influence occurred when he was a first-year junior in high school. At a combined whole-school assembly two weeks before the mid-year exams, the head master suggested, “If you wish to do well in the upcoming examinations, you should spend the next two weeks revising your subjects and making summaries of the key points.” Dwayne heeded this advice and was amazed when the exam results placed him fifth in a class of thirty.

Before the final exams that year, Dwayne commenced his revision schedule in earnest six weeks before the actual exams. This left little time for anything other than school, eating, sleeping and studying. His effort was rewarded by being placed second in their class. That was it; he was now definitely locked into a life as a studious nerd. His goal was to become class dux.

However, the more Dwayne learnt, the more he realised he didn’t know. This left him unsure of himself; with little social skills, and rather clumsy around girls.


Dwayne never managed to become dux at high school, however his studies did have one benefit; he gained a full scholarship to study forensic science at Jefferson University, Linterna. The scholarship paid his fees and gave him sufficient funds to pay for his accommodation.

During the Christmas break, Dwayne was employed by Macy’s in the Cedar Grove shopping complex. This complex was situated in an outer western suburb of Cedar Hill, which was located in the south of the United States, and as such, the weather remained quite pleasant even during the winter months.

Over Christmas he had intended to share a house or unit with a few of his nerdy friends; but before that was organised, he saw a boarding house advertising a room and meals at a cost that was extremely enticing; more so, because of its location within walking distance to Macy’s.

The grounds around the boarding house looked tired, as if no one had spent any time looking after them for some years. But the building itself appeared sound and clean. However, the varnished timber cladding had long ago turned grey, giving the house a somewhat ghostly aura. A slightly corroded plaque near the front door had the name “Mount View” embossed on it.

Dwayne knocked.

The knock was answered by a man of about forty. He had a somewhat cheerful disposition, but Dwayne thought that was possibly due to the prospect of having finally found a new tenant.

As soon as the door opened, Dwayne stated his purpose, “Hello; I saw you have a room to let; can I see it, please?”

“Sure. Come in.”

To the left of the entrance was a door that opened into the dining room, with the kitchen beyond.

“Breakfast is in here at 8 o’clock each morning, and dinner is at 6:30pm. Is that OK?”

“Yes sir.”

“Through here is the lounge room.” The owner opened the door to the right and allowed Dwayne to look around briefly. In there he saw a large flat screen TV opposite a comfortable tan lounge suite. Either side the TV was a collection of 8 by 10 photographs.

“Now upstairs are our bedrooms and bathrooms.”

Dwayne followed him up the stairs.

“Now my bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, so this bathroom is virtually all yours.” He said this as he indicated the door to the main bathroom.

Dwayne saw that there was a large shower cubicle on the far side of the bathroom; and nearer the door, there was a wash basin with a large mirror on the wall behind it. Beyond that was the toilet.

“Would you mind having your main shower in the mornings? You see we have a solar hot water system on the roof; and if you shower in the morning, then the sun heats the water during the day, and there is no need for the backup electric heater to top up the temperature at night.”

“That’s OK; I’m accustomed to showering in the morning any way.”

“Good. And this would be your bedroom.” The owner opened the door directly opposite the bathroom.

Dwayne went into the bedroom. He felt the firmness of the double bed, and observed that there was ample storage for his clothes. When he glanced out of the one window, he could see out onto the street and the top of Cedar Hill was just visible over the rooves of the houses opposite.

“Well what do you think? Are you interested?”

“Yes sir. Can I move in next Sunday?”

“Yes… Do you mind paying in advance, say one week?”

“OK.” Dwayne pulled out his wallet casino siteleri and collected together the notes required to make the right amount, “Here you are sir.”

“Thanks. By the way I’m Mr Whyte; what’s your name son?”

“I’m Dwayne Richards.”

“Well Dwayne, I’ll see you next Sunday then.”


On Monday morning, Dwayne was shaving when the reflection of a movement behind him caught his eye.

He turned, and through the steamed-up glass shower door he could just make out a female form.

He was puzzled; he thought, ‘Didn’t Mr Whyte say the bathroom was for my exclusive use? Perhaps, since then he had let another of the rooms to this girl.’

Dwayne called out, “AH, HELLO… I’m sorry, I didn’t think there was anyone else in here.”

A soft girl’s voice responded, “It’s OK.”

“Tell you what; I’ll go and come back when you’re finished.”

“No; don’t do that.”

“Well, what then?”

“Well, I’d like you to help me once you finished shaving.”

“Help you? And what do you need me to do?”

Dwayne imagined she wanted him to help her once she had finished her shower and was dressed.

“I’d like to have my back washed. Would you do that for me? Please.”

Dwayne was flabbergasted; had he gone to heaven? A girl had just asked him to join her in the shower.

“R, really. Are you sure?”


“Oh. W; w, won’t be long.”

Dwayne was shaking so much at the thought of it, that it was amazing he didn’t cut himself as he finished shaving.

He was only wearing a dressing gown, and not wishing to get it wet, he removed it before he entered the shower.

She stood facing away from the door as he went in and stood behind her. It was only then that he realised how petite she was; she only came up to his shoulder.

She immediately handed him an exfoliating cloth and a cake of scented soap.

Dwayne proceeded to wash her back.

“B, b, by the way, I’m Dwayne; w, w, what’s your name?”

“Oh, hello Dwayne; I’m Alice.”

The shower head was attached to a six-foot long hose. Dwayne removed the shower head from its holder and began to rinse off her back.

“Are you finished?” She asked, when he returned the shower head to its holder.

“Ah; yeah.”

“Well then, let me do your back now.”

She turned around and he handed her the soap and cloth.

He couldn’t help staring at her breasts. They were small; but he thought they were still growing, because they pushed against her skin, making it taut. They were actually less than a handful, but were capped with the most beautiful, pinkish-brown areolas. And the nipples themselves, though short, stood out proudly.

He briefly looked up from her breasts and saw that she was staring at his partially erect penis that dangled between his legs. Being aware of her attention increased his arousal, and his cock stiffened and rose to greet her. This caused Dwayne some consternation; he wondered, ‘What should I do?’

She smiled at the sight, and her whole face literally glowed. “Wow! It’s so big and hairy! Are they all that big?” She innocently enquired.

“Ah; um, only when I’m aroused.” He replied, as he turned to hide his erection, and to let her wash his back.

“Is it big because of me?”

“W, w, well yeah.”

She giggled contentedly as she began to wash his back.

As she rinsed off the suds, she said softly, “Sorry; but I have to go, or I’ll be late for school.”

“Y, yeah; I can’t take too long either, or I’ll be late for work. W, what school do you go to?”

“Cedar Hill high school; this is my senior year.” As she said this, she finished rinsing off his back.

Dwayne thought for a moment, then he queried, “B, b, but, I thought all of the schools were on vacation!”

There was no response. He turned, and was shocked to find he was alone; Alice was gone!

After he dressed, he went downstairs quickly for breakfast; he was late.

“Sorry Mr Whyte; I got carried away in the shower.”

“That’s OK son.”

Dwayne arrived at work only a few seconds before his shift was due to start.


That night Dwayne spent some time organising his things within his room.

The boarding house didn’t have Wi-Fi; but Dwayne found that by positioning his computer near the window, he was able to obtain a reasonable internet speed via the mobile phone network.

After that, he spent a couple of hours on Skype boasting to his friends how he was sharing a boarding house with a very desirable young girl. He didn’t mention sharing a shower with her, because that would have meant admitting he was too shy and nervous to make a move on her, even when he had the chance. His friends said they wouldn’t believe him until he produced a selfie of the two of them together.

His friends countered with tales of the unit they were sharing. It was a 3-bedroom unit on the second floor in a complex of four buildings. Two girls lived in one of the other buildings, and his friends even produced photos to prove it. Both girls were tall and slender, just slot oyna like Victoria’s Secret fashion models. His friends admitted that there was a couple of body-builder studs living in the unit directly opposite the girls; however, the girls told his friends they weren’t interested in those gay guys. And to prove it, the girls had invited his friends to their Christmas party. Dwayne asked whether he could join them at that party.


Determined not to be late for work on Tuesday, he went to the bathroom ten minutes earlier than he did on Monday.

As soon as he entered, he checked to make sure the bathroom was empty before he slid the bathroom lock to “occupied”.

Dwayne had finished shaving, when the sound of the shower caught his attention. And there she was again.

His mind raced; ‘How had she entered without his noticing?’ Then he remembered the bathroom lock, ‘Maybe its defective and always shows “vacant”; maybe?’

“Excuse me miss, but how did you get in there?”

The reply was in the same soft girl’s voice as that of the day before, “Does it matter… I’d like you to wash my back again, like yesterday; please.”

“OK; but…”

“Well come on then; hurry up. I’m waiting.”

Alice stood facing the door, and she watched him remove his dressing gown and walk stark naked toward her. His dangling penis and balls swayed as he moved. She couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

Dwayne entered the cubicle and immediately stood behind her.

Once he had retrieved the scented soap from the nearby holder, Dwayne proceeded to wash her back.

This time he was less nervous and, as such, more aware of his surroundings. He noticed her buttocks; they were firm, rounded, and with flawless smooth skin. His groin twitched at the sight, and his growing erection soon reached out and nudged one of those glorious cheeks.

“Oh, I’m very sorry.” But as he was apologising, Alice reached around with her right hand and lightly held his now erect cock.

“May I play with it? Please.”

Dwayne was not about to refuse such a surprising request.

He just returned the shower head to its holder, and stood there enjoying the stimulation.

Alice turned to face him. She recalled a game of “truth or dare” she once played with her best friend Ruth. After a few rounds they became bolder, and when it was Ruth turn, she admitted, “I kissed my brother’s wee-wee.” “Wow! What was it like?” “He was a bit sweaty, but it was fun… I DARE YOU to kiss a boy’s wee-wee.”

So, Alice decided to wash his wee-wee before she would attempt the dare. She lathered up her hands, and proceeded to rub the suds all over his cock.

It felt very sexy; and if it was possible, his penis became even harder; soon it was truly throbbing.

“Oh gawd; oh!” he sighed under his breath.

He stood with his arms hanging down by his sides; his penis pointing up through the delicate fingers of a truly beautiful angel.

She stroked up and down the length of his cock, pausing only to feel its firmness. “Wow, it really does get hard; doesn’t it?” She giggled.

Her touch was very light, almost imperceptible, as if imagined. He had to admit it was so much more stimulating than any hand-job he’d ever given himself.

He looked into her eyes; she was smiling as she took his hand and guided between her legs.

He could see that her pussy was hairless. But he didn’t feel any stubble, so it wasn’t shaved. He thought, ‘Perhaps she had her pubic hair removed by a laser treatment or by electrolysis.’ But that wouldn’t explain what he was feeling; he decided it felt more like there was a coating of peach fuzz.

Although she implied she was of age, perhaps she was a slow developer. Maybe her puberty was incomplete, and her pubic hair was yet to grow.

Dwayne bent his head down and she kissed him; her lips brushed his so lightly that it was as if he had been kissed by a gentle summer breeze.

They continued to masturbate each other.

He enjoyed her stroking his cock; however, he wished to give her a similar pleasure, and was happy when he felt her twitch each time his finger touched her little love button.

Alice bent down, asking as she went, “Can I k…” She hadn’t finished the question before her lips touched his cock. Then she licked all around the fat, mushroom-shaped head.

She looked up into his eyes as she kissed his penis. He thought she seemed inexperienced, unsure of herself; looking for encouragement. He smiled contentedly and nodded reassuringly.

She progressed to licking the glands, and finally to taking its entire length into her mouth. This felt warm and wet, just like the shower water.

Alice’s fingers pumped his cock repeatedly as she sucked all around its tip.

Her lips brushed away the pre-cum that began to ooze from his cock. She licked her lips and thought, ‘Mmm; it kind of tastes sweet, and yet a little salty.’

She certainly was doing a magnificent job, whatever her experience or lack thereof.

Then he noticed that one of her hands had disappeared between her legs, and canlı casino siteleri he thought that she was undoubtedly fingering herself.

Dwayne certainly felt like he had gone to heaven; if not, then heaven had most assuredly come to him.

He felt her tongue swirling around his swollen glands one more time, and that was it; he threw his head back, closed his eyes and came. Her hand that partially encircled his cock, milked every last drop from it; while her mouth waited to suck up all of his cum.

When there was nothing left to taste, she asked, “Have you ever kissed a girl’s wee-wee?” She didn’t wait for an answer, but immediately continued, “Please, will you kiss mine; I want to know what it feels like. P l e a s e.”

Dwayne answered by lifting her up, and then he knelt in front of her legs.

He touched the insides of her thighs, gesturing for her to spread her legs. As she did so, he received an unobscured view of her tiny vaginal lips. He could tell her clitoris was already swollen and hard.

He was right; her mound was covered with very fine short hairs, like those of a pre-pubescent girl.

He thrust his tongue into her slit; she was so pure and innocent that he could not discern any strong aroma or taste. In fact, her love juices tasted like the sweetest spring water.

She moaned as he moved his attention to her love button, which was now peeking from under its hood. Her little clit was smooth and firm, and very sensitive. She screamed with pleasure each time he passed his tongue over it.

Her hands pressed lightly on the back of his head. She held him there between her legs, which often trembled as waves of delight shot up to her brain and back down again.

He continued to pleasure her thus, until she was satisfied; then she encouraged him to stand.

Alice asked, “Wayne, will you be my first?”

Dwayne noted that she appeared to have partly forgotten his name, but he was struck more by the rest of her question; “You mean you’re a virgin?”

“Yeah; you will be gentle, won’t you?” She pleaded as she stood up on her toes; her pout pussy lips were now just beside his throbbing cock.

He did not reply, but eagerly guided his impatient penis into her anxiously waiting vagina.

He did not notice his penis stretch her hymen as it passed through; there was just this warm wet sensation as he entered her.

“Ah; it feels so big! Ooh sooo big!” She moaned.

She remained on her toes as Dwayne thrust within her.

Her arms were wrapped about his torso as she held herself against him; her eyes were closed and her mouth opened as she breathed heavily, “Ahh; ooh; ahh; ooh…”.

Dwayne looked down where her firm breasts pressed against his chest. He could feel the heat of her body against his.

His hands ventured down her back and onto the smooth skin of her butt cheeks as they moved in unison, their hips moving back and forth.

Dwayne closed his eyes as he felt his orgasm approach. “Oh gawd, I’m cumming!”

“Please stay inside me; p l e a s e.” She asked before she kissed him again. This time her tongue explored the inside his mouth; teasing his own tongue and lips.

He thought that he would surely have a dry orgasm, since she had only just given him a most magnificent blow-job. However, her tongue worked real magic, and he was amazed when he shot two loads of sperm high up into her.

When he opened his eyes, he was alone. He wondered how Alice could have left so quickly and quietly.


By Tuesday night dinner, Dwayne had finally finished arranging everything in his room; and so, after dinner he went into the lounge room to watch TV.

Immediately he entered, he saw Alice sitting askew on the lounge chair. She was wearing a shiny white blouse and an iridescent grass-green mini-skirt.

She smiled when she saw him, and in fact her whole body glowed with happiness, giving her a dreamlike quality. Perhaps that was all this was; just a dream, and he would wake up at any moment to find that the last two mornings had been conjured up by his overactive imagination.

There she sat, with her legs slightly parted and her mini-skirt high up her thighs; he could see that she wore white panty trimmed with black lace.

“Hello Wayne. I liked what we did this morning so much that I have come back to ask you to do IT again.”

Dwayne pretended not to know what she was referring to, “But I can’t wash your back in here.”

Alice beamed, “Don’t be a tease; you know what I mean. I want you to kiss my wee-wee again.”

“But what about Mr Whyte? He may come in at any moment.”

“Don’t worry about Daddy; it’ll be a long time before he’s finished cleaning up; believe me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah; listen.” As she said this, Mr Whyte could be heard collecting the dinner plates from the table.

“OK then.”

Alice raised her hips and pulled her panty down to below her knees, then Dwayne slipped it over her bare feet and off.

She was eager and immediately spread her legs wide, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

Dwayne was listening. When he heard the distant clang of cutlery, he knelt down with his head between her knees. He stared at her swollen pussy lips that were so close, and saw that the slit between them was wet with anticipation.

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