Bobby’s Graduation Party

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Big Tits

It was a typical Tuesday morning for Bobby Smith as he awoke in his bed to the sound of his alarm clock buzzing. He reached over and slapped the snooze button on his alarm clock. He fumbled a couple times before he was able to hit the button. He still had trouble using his arms, since both of them were in casts. Five weeks ago he was in a bicycle accident and broke both of his arms.

Having both of your arms in casts, bent at awkward angles, could have been a real bummer for him. But instead, the past five weeks had been the best time of Bobby’s life. He was regularly screwing the school nurse, and the female gym teacher, under the pretext that he needed ‘sexual relief’. It was true, that with his arms in these casts, he wasn’t able to reach his dick to jerk off. Even his own mom gave him a blowjob every morning. Speaking of which, she usually showed up around this time.

Bobby’s bedroom door opened and his mother walked in, smiling at him and giving a warm, “Good morning, sweetie.”

He laid there for a moment, soaking up the sight of his mother. She was wearing the thin little nightie that she wore to bed most nights. His mom was a gorgeous woman in her late thirties, with short brown hair that came down to her cheeks, framing her face. Her body was as tight and fit as a teenager’s, and she had huge double-D tits. Her black nightie hugged her body nicely and her big titties bulged out at the top.

Bobby’s mother walked to the side of the bed and pulled back the covers on her son’s bed. She pulled them back past his waist, revealing her son’s huge hard-on. He was naked in bed, and stiff already.

“Did dad leave for work already?” He asked as his mother pulled back his covers and his dick sprung up, ready for action.

“Yes, I just heard him pull out of the driveway.” She told him. “Honey, it never ceases to amaze me what a raging sex drive you have. Every morning your cock is stiff!”

“Yeah mom, I really need this.” He told her. He had gotten the school nurse to write a note to his mom instructing her to ‘stimulate his penis to the point of ejaculation’ if need be, due to medical needs while his arms were in casts. “But I have to admit mom, part of me does really look forward to this every morning.”

“Oh honey, cut that out.” She said to him, giggling as she sat on the edge of the bed and reached over to start stroking his cock.

Bobby moaned and leaned back in his bed, enjoying himself as his mom started stroking his rod up and down in her hands. His mother caressed her hands up and down his rod for a while, then she leaned over and sucked her son’s cock into her mouth.

Bobby’s mom wrapped her lips around her little boy’s cock and began nursing and sucking on him hard. Actually, her son wasn’t a little boy at all any more. He had grown into a strapping, young 18 year old stud, and would be graduating high school in only a couple weeks.

Mrs. Smith held on to the base of her son’s cock while she sucked on him. Bobby groaned as his mom sucked his dick, and he arched his body and pushed his dick up into her mouth further.

They had to be careful when they do this. Bobby’s parents were still together, but his father worked long hours down at the car dealership. He left early every morning and usually didn’t get home until late in the evening. It was perfect for before and after-school romps. But still, they had to be careful. Once already, his father had come back in the house after leaving for work, since he forgot his cell phone, and he had nearly discovered his wife with their own son’s cock in her mouth.

Bobby’s mom was bobbing her head up and down her son’s cock, with her lips sealed around his shaft tightly. She wiggled her tongue along his dick as it slid in and out of her mouth. Bobby groaned and bucked his hips up against his mom’s head, wanting to bury his dick inside her mouth further.

“Oh shit mom, here I cum!” He groaned.

Mrs. Smith sucked harder and harder as she got the warning. Suddenly her son’s cock exploded inside her, filling her mouth with a huge load of hot jizz. Bobby was groaning as she swallowed the mouthful of her son’s sperm.

She licked her lips as she sat upright again and patted her son on the arm. “You better get up and get going, young man, or else you’ll be late for school again. And don’t forget, after school today you have the doctor’s appointment to get those casts off!”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

During his study hall that day, Bobby wandered down to the school nurse’s office hoping for one last visit. In a few hours, his casts would be gone, and so would his excuse for visiting her.

Nurse Cindy Brown was sitting in her office behind her desk. She was wearing a tight little nurse’s uniform, complete with short skirt and tight blouse that showed off quite a bit of her expansive busom. It seemed like she was always wearing something sexy and provocative that attracted the eyes of the male students.

“Hi there, nurse.” Bobby said to her as he walked into the office.

“Hi Bobby, how are you?” She said to him, casino siteleri looking up at him.

“Pretty good.” He said to her. “Well, today after school I get these casts taken off. I was hoping for one last visit to help with my problem here, ya know.”

Nurse Brown stood up from her desk and walked around to stand beside him. She reached down to feel his crotch, and squeezed his firm cock through his pants.

“MMmmm, that problem being this big stiff cock?” She asked him. “You want me to help you cum?”

“Yeah, I’m hard as hell, Nurse Brown. I was hoping since today was the last day with my casts on, you’d let me fuck you.” He said to her hopefully.

“Sorry Bobby, its that time of the month. Which would you like, though? I can either suck you off, or fuck you with my breasts.” She told him as she continued to play with his dick.

“Well, my mom just gave me a blowjob this morning, so how about letting me titfuck those nice big jugs of yours today.” He told her with a big grin.

“Follow me.” She told him, leading him into the back room.

Bobby followed the school nurse into the back room and sat down on the bed there. Nurse Brown knelt down in front of him and undid his pants for him. Bobby lifted his hips up a little as the nurse pulled his pants down, letting his cock spring up freely. Next, she undid her blouse, letting her huge tits spill out free. She had a huge rack just about the same size as his mom’s.

The nurse had a bottle of baby oil in the back room, which she kept back there just for this sole purpose (they did this on a regular basis). She picked up the bottle of baby oil and poured some into her hands, then began stroking Bobby’s cock up and down, smearing the slick oil all over his dick.

As the nurse was busy stroking his dick up and down, getting him nice and oily, Bobby picked up the bottle of baby oil and poured it across Nurse Brown’s chest, getting her tits soaking wet with the thick, slippery fluid.

Nurse Brown ran her fingers over her tits, smearing the baby oil over them. Her huge, slippery jugs glistened in the light as she cupped them underneath with her hands and leaned forward, sliding the student’s cock in between them.

Bobby pumped his hips up a little as his dick got sandwiched between the nurse’s gorgeous melons, and she began sliding them up and down. He pumped his hips up and down, wanting to help slide his dick up through the slippery titflesh.

Nurse Brown was holding her voluptuous tits on each side and squeezing them together around Bobby’s dick as she bounced them up and down. She felt his stiff, veiny member sliding up between her smooth breasts.

“Man, I’m gonna miss tittyfucking you, Nurse Brown.” Bobby groaned as the busty nurse rubbed her melons up and down his stiff rod.

Bobby’s cock slid up and down through her tits with the greatest of ease. There was so much lubrication, that Nurse Brown could rub her titties up and down Bobby’s cock so fast, that they were nearly a blur.

Cum erupted from the tip of Bobby’s cock, spraying out thick streams of gooey fuckjuice across Nurse Brown’s neck. As Bobby continued to cum, the nurse grabbed his cock and held it against her chest, letting his cum ooze out all over her breasts.

By the time he was done cumming, Nurse Brown’s chest was a complete mess: a mixture of slippery baby oil and sperm.

Later that day after school, Bobby did go to the doctor’s office and have his casts removed finally.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Bobby went downstairs into the kitchen where his mom was making a pot of coffee. He was completely naked as he went downstairs, and it felt weird to have the casts off finally. His cock was fully hard as usual, as he walked into the kitchen. Bobby stepped up behind his mom and reached around her, squeezing her big tits in his hands.

“Good morning, mom.” He said to her as he reached around, groping her chest.

Bobby’s mom squealed in surprise then turned her head to say “Bobby! Good morning honey. How do you feel?”

“Great! It feels so good to have those casts off. And I’ve been waiting for weeks to squeeze these tits of yours in my hands, and now I finally get to!” He said to her, rubbing and squeezing his mother’s large jugs through her nightie.

“Honey, I don’t know if I should let you do that…” She started, “We were only messing around before because you weren’t able to masturbate yourself. And, well, now that your casts are off, you can, so we should stop… probably.”

Bobby didn’t stop fondling his mother’s tits through the thin nightie she had on, and he pressed his stiff hard-on up against her butt from behind.

“Awww, but mom.” Bobby protested. “Remember that math test last week? You said if I got at least a B that you’d give me something special, and I got an A-.”

“Oh that’s wonderful news, honey.” She said. “In that case, sure. I have the perfect reward.” It seemed like she was looking for an excuse to give in.

Bobby was rubbing his hard-on up against his mom’s ass. “Oh slot oyna Good, what’s that then, mom?” he asked, still squeezing her tits.

Bobby’s mother turned around and lifted her nightie up her hips, exposing her pussy. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed, leaving her pussy lips visible. She continued to lift her nightie up over her head, letting her big knockers come spilling out. Now, both of them were completely naked in the kitchen.

Bobby grabbed his mother’s tits in his hands and immediately leaned down into them, sucking her nipples hungrily while he squeezed and rubbed her huge jugs.

“Since you did so well on your test,” His mom said to him, “Would you like to stick your penis in mommy’s pussy?” She asked him sweetly.

Bobby’s jaw dropped. He had never actually fucked his mom. She had given him blowjobs, handjobs, and he had fucked her tits before, but they had never actually had sex.

“Oh, would I ever!” He exclaimed.

Bobby wasted no time and grabbed his mom by the thighs and lifted her up. He pushed her back against the counter while he wrapped his mother’s thighs around his hips and shoved his cock up against her pussy and buried it inside her.

Mrs. Smith was pushed back against the countertop and she felt her son’s stiff cock shove inside her with absolutely no hesitation. Almost as soon as she offered it to him, she had her boy’s cock buried inside her.

“Oh fuck! Your pussy feels so good, mom!” Bobby panted heavily as he started thrusting his cock in and out of his very own mother. His cock was plunging in and out as his hips slammed up against hers over and over. He couldn’t believe his dick was buried inside his mom’s most sacred hole. His cock was fucking the very same pussy that gave birth to him eighteen years ago.

Mrs. Smith wrapped her thighs around her son’s waist as he pounded away at her. Her huge jugs were jiggling all over as her boy fucked her, so she lifted her hands up to squeeze her breasts, holding them together as she got pounded.

“Oh, fuck me, baby! I love you so much.” She told him.

Bobby continued to pound and slam his cock in and out of his mother’s pussy, taking full advantage of this chance. “Oh God, I love you too mom!” he said to her.

It didn’t take long for Bobby to reach his orgasm. His mother’s pussy lips wrapped around his cock was just so much, it drove him over the edge within just a few minutes.

“Mom, I’m gonna cum!” He groaned as he pounded her with his cock.

“Oh, its ok baby, you can cum inside me.” She told him.

Bobby exploded inside his mother’s pussy, sending shot after shot of his sperm up into her cunt. He held his dick inside her, buried as far deep as it would go, as his dick squirted a huge load of cum deep inside her.

He left his dick inside his mom, just enjoying the feel of her pussy, not to mention his dick wasn’t getting soft either. “Oh God that was incredible. Thank you, mom. I love you.” He whispered softly.

“I love you too, honey.” His mom told him, kissing him adoringly on the lips for a long while.

Mrs. Smith nuzzled her head against her son’s as they stayed in that position, with her son’s dick still inside her. As she turned her head to the side, she nearly screamed at she saw someone standing outside the front door, looking in through the door window.

“BOBBY!!!” She yelled, covering her breasts as she realized they were being watched.

Bobby turned and looked to see the guy standing at the front door. It was his friend Greg.

“Oh shit, I totally forgot Greg was going to give me a ride to school today!” He said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

About 15 minutes later, Bobby walked out the front door of his house. His friend Greg had been waiting outside for him. Mrs. Smith had offered to let him wait inside after she had a chance to put her nightie back on, but Greg had been too embarrassed by what he saw to go inside.

Greg and Bobby walked to the car silently and got inside. Greg was the same age as Bobby and had been his best friend for years. Once they pulled out of the driveway, Greg turned to his friend and said, “I can’t believe what I just saw happening.”

Bobby was extremely embarrassed. He was fidgeting with his backpack as he said, “Man, Greg, please don’t tell anyone about this. My family isn’t a bunch of rednecks or anything. That’s the first time that ever happened; I swear that’s the truth.”

“No man, I mean I can’t believe it.” Greg said again. “I saw your mom fucking you.”

Bobby sighed. “I know. I don’t know what to say. It’s so wrong, I know.”

Greg turned to look at him briefly as they drove. “No, dude. You’re missing what I’m saying. I can’t believe it! Your mom is a total babe. It’s not disgusting. I’m jealous, actually.”

“What?” Bobby said in disbelief.

“Yeah dude. Your mom is totally fucking hot! She’s a MILF, man.” Greg told him.

“A MILF?” Bobby asked, confused.

“A Mother I’d Like to Fuck.” Greg explained. “I’d love to fuck your mom, man. I’m jealous that you get to. Would you be mad canlı casino siteleri if I did? Or tried? I mean I guess that’s a sensitive subject.”

“Um… I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it.” Bobby said.

“Does your dad know?” Greg asked.

“No, he doesn’t. Like I said, Greg, please don’t tell anyone about what you saw today, ok?” Bobby asked him.

“No problem, man. But you need to hook me up man. Ever since you got in that bicycle accident, you’ve been a total pimp. I don’t know what got in to you.” Greg told him.

“Yeah, you have no idea.” Bobby said. “Well, you should come to my graduation party in two weeks. I’m going to invite some chicks.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Bobby hadn’t really invited anyone to his graduation party yet. So the next day at school, he spent the entire day telling people about it and trying to invite as many people as he could. Between classes he would stop people in the hall, and after school he asked several people but nobody seemed interested.

His friend Greg approached him after school and asked, “So how many people are coming, buddy?”

Bobby just sighed and said, “Only like 3 guys. I haven’t gotten any girls to come. This totally sucks. All the hot girls are going to Johnny Tucker’s party.”

“The quarterback?” Greg said. “Yeah that figures. Hey man, I got an idea, why don’t you invite Miss Stevens? You and her are pretty close.”

“Hmmm that’s not a bad idea. Maybe I can even get Nurse Brown to come too.” Bobby added, the thought forming in his head.

The following day after school, Bobby invited the girls’ gym teacher, Sarah Stevens to his graduation party, and much to his surprise, she accepted. It was pretty easy to get the school nurse, Cindy Brown to come as well once he told her that her friend Miss Stevens was coming.

The day of graduation was coming, and even after a couple weeks of preparation, Bobby’s party had a guest list of only a few people: Himself, his friends Greg, Joel and Dave, and also Miss Stevens and Nurse Brown.

Graduation day came and went, and the day after which was the day of the party, was finally upon them…

* *

The party started in the early afternoon around 3 pm. Bobby’s mom had been swimming in the pool and was walking around the house in her swimsuit. Bobby’s mother was wearing a little white bikini as she set some more food out on the table. For being in her late thirties and having had a child, Bobby’s mom was in excellent shape.

Greg was the only one who had showed up yet, and he and Bobby were sitting in the kitchen drinking beer. Bobby’s mother had gotten a keg for his party, which was going to be way too much booze considering how few people were actually coming. His mother was sipping on a glass of wine, her third of the day.

“Why don’t you boys take a dip in the pool? It’s beautiful outside.” She suggested to them.

“I don’t know, we may hop in the hot tub later.” Bobby said.

The party started to get going after two of Bobby’s friends arrived: Joel and Dave. The four of them sat around outside drinking beer for a few hours during the day, as Bobby’s mother soaked up sun in the backyard in her bikini.

All three of Bobby’s friends were glancing quite regularly at his mother, watching her stretch comfortably in her lounge chair as she soaked up the summer’s first heat. When she started sweating, their glances turned more frequently into stares. It was nearly impossible to ignore the way the sun glistened on her curves.

Bobby finished off another beer and then headed into the house to get another. Once he was out of hearing distance, Joel turned to the other two guys.

“Damn, can you believe how hot Bobby’s mom is?” He said enthusiastically, but still keeping his voice low enough so that Mrs. Smith wouldn’t hear it. She was lounging just on the other side of the pool.

“I know, tell me about, man. She’s got a killer body.” Dave agreed with his friend.

“Those huge tits, that ass… I almost pop a woody every time I look at her.” Joel said.

“She’s a total slut too.” Greg told them.

“Really?” Joel and Dave said simultaneously.

Greg leaned a little closer and whispered, “Yeah, this one time I came to pick Bobby up before school and I saw her getting it on with him.”

“What?” Joel asked in surprise. “What do you mean? She was fucking him?”

“Yeah, right in the kitchen.”

“You’re so full of shit, Greg.” Dave scoffed at him.

“Dudes, I’m not kidding. She fucks her own son! She must have some real pent up sexual frustration if you know what I mean.” Greg said quite seriously.

“Well, shit, I’d sure like to fuck her.” Joel said quietly.

“Ok be quiet, Bobby’s coming back.” Greg said as he saw his friend, the host, coming back outside after getting a fresh beer for himself.

“Hey Bobby, when are Miss Stevens and Nurse Brown supposed to get here?” Dave asked him.

“They should be here soon.” He said, sipping his frothy cold brew.

In just a short while, they heard the sound of the doorbell faintly, announcing the arrival of the school’s gym teacher and nurse. The four of them nearly raced to the door to greet them. Even Mrs. Smith wandered into the kitchen to welcome them.

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