Boredom Can Be Dangerous Ch. 03

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Please read at least Part 2 to get a feel for the characters. This episode involves reluctance/coercion, so go elsewhere if not your preference.

Our son had just turned three, and my wife felt it was important to take him to see his Great Grandmother. I couldn’t imagine any torture worse than spending five hours in a car with a toddler, and I resisted the trip with all my effort. The lady was only seventy, but I guess her hip wasn’t up to the task of traveling. Fortunately, my mother-in-law gave myself and her husband a way out of the trip….stating that a Mother-Daughter trip would be fun for both of them. Jake and I didn’t object. Emily still tried to guilt me into coming, but the horror of listening to Brian scream in the car, and the thought of listening to three women gush over what a beautiful child he was for hours on end, kept me from falling into the trap.

“Sean, why don’t you come with me to the lake? We can spend the time mindlessly fishing as we praise our wives for not inflicting us with a weekend of pain.” My father-in-law said, patting me on the shoulder.

His wife and daughter both leered at him while I spoke. “Jake, that’s a damn fine idea. I’m sure we’ll need to be fully rested to endure the tales of their adventures when they return.” I said sarcastically.

A few days later, their journey had begun, and though I felt a slight twinge of guilt for not going, it soon passed. Jake was due in a few hours to pick me up for our weekend of doing mainly nothing. This was the first time I’d been around him alone for quite some time. Given our past history, I felt a little reluctant. We had shared some experiences when Emily was pregnant that satisfied some “needs”, and I can’t deny having enjoyed it in a weird way. Hell, we did it more than once…but it was never something I really craved, and the “experiment” faded after a while. We hadn’t shared any “male bonding” time in over a year, and I was fine with that. I assumed Jake had gotten tired of it as well…since Kim was as passionate and crazy about him, as Emily was with me.

I always enjoyed time at the lake. The whole arrangement was a little strange, and I couldn’t help but hope that Emily and I would benefit someday. The property had been in Jake’s family for several generations, and was nestled in the woods next to a decent-sized lake. At some point, the area had been annexed into nearby state park. Jake’s father was given the option to sell the property to the state, or keep it in the family. The only catch was that the land could never be sold privately…it either had to be passed-down through the family, or sold to the state at current market value. Fortunately, the property already had a well, septic tank, electric power, and a boat dock. The family could maintain the property, but never expand upon it. I guess you could call it a kinder/gentler form of eminent domain.

The drive through the forest was pleasant as Jake and I solved many of the world’s problems and generally traded a lot of bullshit. It didn’t take long to unload the truck and air-out the cabin. The house itself is nice, but not large. Built like a mix of log cabin and craftsmen bungalow, it has only three rooms….an open living room and kitchen with exposed rafters, and two bedrooms with a bath in the middle. It has some rustic charm, but with the conveniences to make it comfortable. We had noticed a few things needing repair, and I volunteered to get supplies in the morning. We were both tired after dinner, and Jake took the room he and Kim usually shared, while I slept in the lower bunk of the smaller bedroom. I dozed-off thinking how great it was that there was no “sexual tension” lingering in the air.

I woke up early the next morning and was already dressed by the time Jake hit the shower. “Hey man, I’m going to take the truck and get things on our list. Be back in a few.” I said, speaking through the door to the bathroom.

“Great…if the hardware store has fishing supplies, get some bobbers. A lot of them are cracked.” Jake replied, his voice mixed with the sound of splashing water.

It didn’t take long to get to town and gather the needed items, plus a few groceries. I was driving back to the cabin, maybe a bit faster than the posted limit, when I was pulled over by a park ranger. I couldn’t imagine that I was going fast enough to be a public menace, but I resigned myself to just playing it cool.

“Good morning. Do you know why I pulled you over?” The ranger asked politely.

“Uh…no, officer…honestly, I don’t.” I replied, trying not to sound stupid or confrontational. The last thing I wanted to do was piss this guy off. He had to be 6′-4″ tall, about Jake’s age, and built like an immense drill sergeant.

“Well, you were speeding a bit. I’m not going to ruin your weekend, but I do still need to see your license and registration. We’ve got a lot of kids camping this weekend, and the little devils seem to run out of nowhere.”

“Oh, casino siteleri I see. Thank you officer, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” I said, reaching over to open the glove box, and finding a bag of joints sitting on top of the registration.

“Why don’t you go ahead and hand me that bag along with the registration.” He said calmly, reaching his hand through the window. His biceps were so large they barely fit in the sleeves of his shirt.

I couldn’t believe Jake was dumb enough to keep shit like that in the truck. If he was here, I might have punched him. “Truthfully sir, those aren’t mine. You can see that the truck doesn’t belong to me.” I stammered, showing him the registration and then my license.

“This does present a problem. I don’t care if you get stoned in the comfort of your own home. But the idea that you might be using these while driving is an issue I can’t ignore.” He said, staring at me as though trying to discern my honesty. “Where were you going, and is the owner of the truck there?”

“I’m going to a cabin on Bluegill Lake…about two miles away. Yes…the owner of the truck is my father-in-law, and he’s waiting for me there.” I nervously rambled, saying more than I needed to.

The ranger had an unusual look on his face…a reaction I couldn’t quite decipher. “I know the cabin.” He replied curtly, before asking me to step out of the truck. The ranger had me place my hands on the hood while he performed a pat-down that seemed to spend more time around my upper thighs and crotch than really necessary. After checking the truck for firearms and other illicit items, he finally spoke with stern seriousness. “Here’s what we’re going to do. You are going to drive ahead of me, you will not do anything stupid, and we’re going to have a talk with Mr. Grimes. What happens next will depend on how cooperative both of you are. Do you understand?” he said with his brown eyes still boring into me.

“Yes sir…I’m anxious to clear this up.” I replied, as the ranger kept my license along with the other items and walked back to his SUV.

The drive seemed to take an eternity, and my heart raced with nervous tension. I stayed in the truck until the ranger told me to come out, and was only mildly surprised when he cuffed me and put me in the back of his vehicle. I watched intently as the ranger knocked on the door and had a fairly long discussion with Jake on the porch. Jake seemed almost horror-stricken as I looked at this face while the ranger came back to the SUV.

“There’s a reason I didn’t take you straight to jail and figure all this out from there. It’s time to see how much you value having a squeaky-clean record.” The ranger said, pulling me roughly out of the SUV and toward the house.

“Come-on, Phil. Sean had no idea about what was in the truck…I completely forgot about it myself.” Jake said, talking to the ranger as though he’d known him forever.

“How in hell does anybody forget about six joints of illegal shit sitting in their car? Do you really think I’m going to ignore everything that happens for a piece of ass?” The ranger said, sound truly pissed as he led me through the door and had me sit on the sofa with my hands still cuffed behind me. “Holy fuck, man…I had three college sorority bitches bouncing all over my shit two days ago, just to avoid a fine for camping without a permit!”

The ranger’s words didn’t sink-in at first, but I listened with more interest as their banter continued.

“I…I know, there’s no excuse for this.” Jake said, sounding remorseful and unnerved. “My wife and daughter are away showing off the grandson. Please don’t make them come back to get our asses out of jail. You know me, Phil…you know this is a dumb-ass mistake, not a drug-running operation.”

“Six joints hardly makes you a cartel.” The ranger said with a sarcastic smirk. “So he’s the one, huh? He’s the one that got you hooked again, but made you feel uncomfortable?”

“Yeah…look…let’s not get him twisted into this mess more than he is.” My father-in-law said, shifting nervously on his feet.

“Hey…wait a minute…I never got anybody hooked on a drug habit!” I said, hardly believing that Jake was throwing me under the bus.

“That ain’t the kind of addiction I’m talking about, son.” The ranger said, taking off his gun belt and turning-down his radio. “I think it’s high time to be honest with your family members. Strip…right here…right now!” Phil barked, at my wide-eyed father-in-law.

“Hey…Phil…don’t make me do this here. I’ll come by your office anytime…” Jake stammered as I looked-on, thoroughly confused.

“Not your deal to make. From what I hear, he already knows your secrets…so let’s show him how this fuck-up is going to get fixed.” Phil said, reaching down to grip his own crotch. “I ain’t got all day…do it now…and know this isn’t the end of it.”

I watched, slack-jawed, as my father-in-law peeled off his shirt and stepped out of his cargo shorts. slot oyna A familiar bulge was already prominent under his tented boxer-briefs as he stepped forward and began rubbing the ranger’s massive chest while unbuttoning his shirt.

“I ain’t into fairies, but a solid dude who knows what he wants can be a decent change from all the pussy that comes my way.” Phil said matter-of-factly, without bragging, while looking straight at me. “Papa was feeling a guilty about having fun with his little girl’s private plaything. We found a way to fix a fine for burning trash…and I’ve been fixing his itch ever since.”

I continued to stare in bewilderment as I watched Jake remove the ranger’s shirt and practically worship the man’s muscular chest. Phil looked as big as a linebacker, but without an inch of fat. His body seemed naturally smooth, as opposed to Jake’s furry, but neatly trimmed, physique. My toned, athletic frame seemed almost small compared to these heavily muscled men. Jake was trailing his tongue down Phil’s chest, almost kneeling in front of the thick bulge in the ranger’s pants that featured a growing spot of moisture.

“Do you like watching this, son? Do you like watching your wife’s daddy on his knees, begging for another man’s cock?” Phil said, grinding my father-in-law’s face into his crotch. “I know he sure liked taking up the ass what his daughter was taking in her pussy!” he said with a sinister chuckle.

This should have turned me off. The idea of a stranger talking about my wife and her father in such ways should have been repugnant, but I couldn’t help but sense a stirring in my jeans. At the same time, I was pissed that Jake would tell anyone about the things we’d done. He broke an unspoken, but assumed, vow of silence and my anger toward him started to grow.

“Wow…someone doesn’t look happy to have his story told, Jake.” The ranger said, turning my father-in-law’s face away from his crotch and forcing him to look towards me. “I hear all this began with an unplanned crossing of paths. Get over there, dumbass…show me how you got all this started.” Phil said, gripping Jake’s neck and moving him across the floor until he was kneeling between my legs with his face pressed to the fly of my jeans.

“I’m sorry, Sean…I’m so sorry about this…” Jake mumbled, as his chin rubbed against the fabric covering my balls.

“Fuck you, man. I can’t believe you’ve been telling tales about some seriously private shit…much less putting me on display for your favorite perv!” I growled, with my anger growing almost as fast as my arousal.

Phil laughed as he leaned against the wall and rubbed the swelling in his pants. “Yeah…I’m a perv, all right. I’ll fuck anything that interests me. Make it good, Jake. Your little girl’s man would be a prime catch in the lockup with that tight bod of his.”

I looked up at Phil, hating him for suggesting he was saving me from an even worse fate. This game wasn’t about keeping us out of jail…it was about him getting his rocks off. My eyes could have bored holes into his chest with anger even as I subconsciously admired the muscled pec covered with a marine tattoo.

“Get his jeans off. Let’s see you taste the fuck-stick that’s been breeding your daughter’s pussy.” Phil said with a commanding tone as he unbuttoned his pants and shoved his hand below the waist.

I squirmed on the couch; my hands still cuffed behind my back, as Jake opened my jeans and tried to pull them off my hips. “Go in the other room and play, you fucks! Leave me out of this shit!”

“Son, just shut the fuck up and go with it. This a damn site better than the alternative.” Jake said firmly, gripping my neck with one hand, and my cock with the other while Phil chuckled in the background. “He’s a fucking prick…but he’s got no interest in telling anyone about this shit…and I’m sure we don’t want the girls involved at all.”

“How do you know the bastard won’t try to blackmail them too!” I hissed as Jake tugged my jeans down, causing my cock to slap against my belly.

Phil whistled loudly as my cock came into view. “You weren’t shitting…that is an impressive piece of meat. It must be quite a sight to see that thing spreading your little girl’s pussy lips…much less your tight ass!” he said, walking toward us and spanking Jake’s butt. “Don’t worry son, I’m not into taking advantage of innocent victims. The ladies have nothing to fear from me, and our secret will be safe, as long as you keep your cool. You have as much shit on me, as I do on you.” Phil said to me, sounding firm but sincere. “You’ll have a hard time convincing me you don’t want to exact some revenge on this piece of shit…when your cock is as hard as that.”

“Fine, then fucking un-cuff me!” I shouted, as Jake pulled my boxers away from my ankles and threw them in the corner.

Phil just grinned as he stood behind Jake and stepped out of his pants. “Not just yet sport…after you’ve relaxed a bit, and are less likely to jump me.” The ranger canlı casino siteleri stood for a moment, still wearing a pair of white briefs that strained to stay on his body. “Suck him…get that cock down your throat!” Phil grunted, as he reached down and ripped the boxer-briefs off Jake.

I expected some sort of protest from my father-in-law, but I heard nothing. Jake licked my dripping tool and began inching his throat down my pole the instant Phil commanded it. My mind was a blur as Jake demonstrated improved oral skills while I watched Phil spit into my father-in-law’s hairy ass. Jake moaned with his mouth full of my cock as Phil worked more and more fingers into the spit-soaked hole.

“Time to pay the piper, numb-nuts.” Phil said gruffly, stepping beside Jake and tucking the front of his briefs under his balls. “Give it a good coat…it’s going in wet or dry…I could give a shit less.”

Jake pulled away from my cock, still stroking me as he turned to swallow Phil’s swollen tool. Both men were uncut, and similar in size at around seven thick inches. I knew my own nine-inch rod wasn’t typical, but these guys were certainly above-average and had nothing to be ashamed of. Like Jake, Phil had a few grey hairs in his bush…giving away that these well-built dudes were as old as my father. Phil’s cock had a thick vein that traced a jagged line along the side of his cock. I couldn’t help but think that it seemed fitting…adding to the rugged and muscled look of its owner.

“That’s good enough, you pathetic cock-whore.” The ranger grumbled, pushing my father-in-law’s face away and then kneeling behind him.

“Ooohh…fffuuucckkk!!!” Jake screamed, as Phil plunged into his hole with one solid thrust.

“Don’t touch your fucking cock, and keep sonny-boy happy!” Phil barked as he brutally plowed into Jake’s ass.

The ranger’s rhythm was hard, deep, and fast as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Jake’s eyes winced in pain and he grunted with every stroke into his bowels, but he still fed on my cock as though it was his last meal. I bucked my hips, forcing more dick into my father-in-law’s throat, satisfying my need to add to his humiliation. The assault on Jake’s body seemed to last several minutes before Phil had reached his limit.

“Gonna…fill…that…cunt!” Phil grunted…each word in time with his last strokes before pressing himself tightly against Jake’s hairy ass and unloading his seed.

The ranger had barely pulled-out before he grabbed Jake’s arm, lifting him from the floor and spinning him around. “You’re gonna get your fill tonight, dickweed. I want to see this young buck split you open. Sit on it…sit on that fucking cock!”

I was already slouching on the sofa, my ass at the edge of the cushion, when Phil pushed Jake over my lap, with his back facing me. I could feel Phil grip the base of my shaft as Jake squatted over my lap. Drops of Phil’s cum splashed onto my balls as my father-in-law lowered himself closer to my aching tool.

“All the way down. Your pussy is sopping wet for this boy’s prick!” Phil said, as he aligned my dick with Jake’s opening.

I moaned deeply as the head of my cock slipped past Jake’s stretched sphincter. His progress down my pole was slow, but steady, as I could hear the squish of fluids and feel the ranger’s prior deposit sliding down my shaft and over my sack. Jake grunted through halted breaths as he finally came to rest on my lap, his balls resting on mine.

“Big…too big…” Jake mumbled as Phil fondled our balls.

“I bet your little girl doesn’t say that. I bet she begs for more!” Phil said, before kneeling down for a closer look. “Big, heavy nuts too…this buck is going to breed you a house full of grand-babies! Ride it, cowboy…let’s see him seed your pansy-ass!”

Jake seemed to be uncomfortable at first, but managed to find his stride, and started to enjoy pulling nearly off me before plunging himself back down again. Phil tortured him with occasional strokes to his aching prick, but never allowed Jake to cum. With my hands still cuffed, my shoulders began to ache, but seemed a minor annoyance as my need to get-off smothered everything else.

“Fuck…that’s hot shit…my cum coating this boy’s prick and lubing your ass!” Phil said, tugging my loose sack and rolling my nuts with his fingers. “Come on, boy…let’s see you fill this old fart’s chute with your load!” the ranger growled, before coating his middle finger with the cum running over my balls and then shoving it firmly into my ass.

“Ow!…fuck!…back-off, bastard!” I shouted in response to the unexpected intrusion.

“Hah, hah…somebody’s got a tight little cherry.” Phil chuckled. “There it is…there’s that sensitive gland…just ready to burst.”

My vision almost blurred as Phil massaged my prostate and coaxed me even closer to orgasm. I couldn’t take it any longer…I had to unload.

“Aaarrrggg…ssshhiiitttt!” I grunted, as pulse after pulse of sticky cum shot from my cock and deep into my father-in-law’s bowels. My whole body seemed drained of all energy with the intensity of my climax. I could feel the warm cum as it oozed from Jake’s over-filled chute and flowed down my constricted sack.

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