Brand New Me

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I know that I’m not the man I was before the accident.

My wife Monica and I had been in a skiing accident, a weekend on the slope. We tried to get off the mountain before the storm hit, but in white-out conditions Monica became disoriented. I was following her because these were the slopes that she’d grown up learning to ski, her family had a modest little vacation home on the mountain. So I was following her, could barely see her, and I don’t know what she saw, how she was navigating. She vanished before me on the slope and I followed her over the unseen ledge. Monica survived the fall, but died days later of a pulmonary embolism. My head had been gouged open and I took a seven month nap.

There was a news story I’d read about this woman in the UK who’d suffered from some brain sickness and she’d come out of her coma perfectly fine except that she now had a Jamaican accent. A little British housewife talking like Marley because her brain disease affected the parts of her brain that control speech.

I woke up a different person.

There’s a disconnect. I know this because I can still remember the guy I used to be, but I just don’t feel the same way about things that he did. The changes are mostly inconsequential: I like yogurt now, I read a lot more, and I have no idea why I used to like basketball. Some differences are extreme: I have a compulsion to run at least three miles every day, I don’t miss Monica with an appropriate depth of loss, and then the other day I fucked the shit out of my daughter.

Jill. She’s out of college now and manages a shift at a fairly up scale restaurant. Before my head was scrambled we’d had a good father/daughter relationship; I was never dad of the year, but I did okay, and Jill was a real sweet kid. I was very proud of her. And none of that has changed except the relationship thing. I like her like anyone close to me, but my paternal circuit is shorted out. I know she’s my daughter but I don’t feel it. Jill’s just another woman to me.

I tried not to let it show, but it turns out it’s easier to pretend you don’t love someone than it is to pretend you do. She saw through it before too long, and I think it shocked her; we haven’t really spoken much since then. She’s got her friends and her life and I just let her have all the room she needs. From her perspective, Jill’s lost both her parents, but having me around isn’t going to help out either of us.

Still have the mountainside cabin and I still like to ski so I’ve been staying out there mostly, just me and the mountain that kicked my ass. It’s been very good for me and I have come to treasure the solitude, being alone means I don’t have to wonder how others perceive this different me. I didn’t realize how used to being alone I was until I stepped out of the shower one evening and surprised Jill.

She had her own key, and maybe it was the weekend? Sometimes the meds I take for my headaches make me loose track of what day it is, but then I guess she’d just wanted to get away from the city, maybe hit the slopes, maybe cry a little at night for her Mom? I hadn’t told her I was staying at the cabin but for whatever reason she was there I was glad to see her. I was standing there, wearing nothing more than the cloud of steam that followed me out of the shower.

Jill wasn’t shocked and the surprise had worn off, she just sized me up like she’d probably done to a hundred other guys, a hundred guys who weren’t her father, and she looked so much like Monica. The pale skin of her arms turning pink where I grabbed her, the black mane of her hair was a curtain that opened around her face; her blue eyes went wide as I drew her to me. They were the bright color that frames a coral reef, the color of drowning. Nobody in the family had those eyes, so maybe she wasn’t really my daughter, but that had nothing to do with it anyway. I didn’t take her because she was or was not my daughter; I took her because she was a woman. She didn’t say no, never showed revulsion or outrage. In that moment when I snatched her arm and pulled her to my naked frame I saw the waves of desire rolling across those coral blue eyes.

Her voice was far away like she was trying to remember a dream. “This?” she was perplexed, astonished, “This is what I have been feeling? I thought …oh god Dad, I thought there was a weird distance between us, growing apart, but that wasn’t it. That wasn’t it at all.” The tension slipped away from her, she molded herself into me, the dark shroud of her hair spilled over her face as she turned her eyes away. One of her hands reached up and slowly her fingers traced the scar. Hardly speaking; sotto vocce, “How do you want me?”

“On your knees.”

She didn’t kneel, she threw herself down, she crashed down on her knees, and ran her open mouth down the side of my cock, her lipstick smearing red through the trail of spit she slathered on to it. It was so wrong I thought my fucking head would explode.

Her soft mouth stretched and her breath rasped casino siteleri and heaved. Jill’s tongue never stopped dancing. I closed my eyes and wove my fingers through her hair, every muscle in my frame was tense enough to hang a suspension bridge from. My cock slid over her juicy tongue and down her throat, stretching out her face with every thrust. I looked down at her. The tears and the wincing, Jill’s lips distended around my engorged cock. She looked just like her mother and when she took me all the way, forcing her face down, down even further, so determined to get me all the way in, she felt like Monica too. Her throat spasmed and opened up. Jill’s nose was mashed up against my stomach and her rubbery tongue lapped away at my balls.

“Good girl! Oh… my good girl!” At the sound of my straining voice, Jill looked up at me. Her lips were stretched wet around my cock and there was pride in her eyes. I went crazy, it was too much. I took control then, holding her head tightly and fucking her mouth in full stroked abandon. The head of my cock came out to her lips and then I drove her face back across the length of my shaft until my balls were on her chin. Every time I pulled back, her tongue hungrily slathered the head, a splash of saliva poured across her face and soaked sticky her breasts. She began to scream and cry, but I didn’t give a shit about her, I just wanted that mouth. What the hell is wrong with me? My own daughter and I was throat fucking her like a crack whore. Who the fuck have I become?

At the time I was too busy smacking my sloppy dick across her face to ask these questions. A beast had a hold of me and it told me to mouth fuck this girl. I popped my cock from her mouth and she made desperate noises as she gasped for air. “oh God oh God oh God…” Her face was slathered with drool, dripping and slimy.

“What’s the problem? This is what you want? If this isn’t what you want, you know what to say?”

Jill shook her head, the beard of drool waving like a sticky curtain hung off her lip. Her eyes were a blend of angry excitement. With her arms limp at her side, I grabbed the base of my cock and used it to wipe away the tears. Calmly and soothingly I said, “OK. We need a magic word. This magic word will put a stop to this. I’m not raping anyone. It’s only good for me Jill if this is what you really want. What’s it gonna be?”

She thought for a moment, wiped her mouth and choked out, “We’ll use my porn name.”

I almost had a fucking coronary, “You’re porn name! Jesus that explains a lot!”

Sigh. “No dipshit, …you know that old thing people joked about a few years ago? The name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on.”

“Oh. Huh. Thennn …your porn name is Larry Eleventh Avenue.”

“Sheila Eleventh Avenue.”

“What, the cat?”

“Yeah, my first pet.”

“Nononono… what about the turtle?”

“Who the hell is Larry the Turtle?”

“You were two. Don’t remember?” I shoved my cock between her lips so she wouldn’t interrupt the history lesson. “Sheila was the first pet you remember, but there was a whole menagerie before that cat. The Turtle. Dozens of fish. A Guinea Pig.” I was gently sliding over her tongue, poking around in her wet mouth. “Larry the Turtle was your first pet. You were fascinated by him. You remember any of this?”

Pop. “Not so much”

Thrust. “Well when this gets too dark for you …and saying NO isn’t going to convince me to stop, just say your porn name.”

Pop. “Larry Eleventh Avenue.”

Thrust. “That’s right. So when you said that just now were you just trying it out or we’re you telling me you’ve had enough?”

Pop. “Just practicing, I want more, faggot.”

I slapped her sloppy face with my cock as she laughed. “Dipshit. Faggot. You got a real nice attitude Jill, real nice. You know I’m tired of looking at your fucking disgusting face. Turn around.” Her eyes lit up like lightning. She turned around on the floor, down on hands and knees ass up in the air. I paused to marvel at this woman, skin smooth and unblemished, she still had the glow of youth. The exciting curve of her ass framed the rosebud of her anus and moist enthusiasm dripped from the puffy mound of her slit. She was trembling, anticipation and lust. My raven haired daughter was the most brazen and wanton slut I’d ever been with and I wondered if she was like this with every lover or if it was just the forbidden lines we were crossing. I knelt and ran my mouth across her backside, starting in the folds of her tangy cunt and licking up to her puckered asshole. Jill squealed and pushed her ass back into my face as I ate her out, smearing her juice across my stubble.

“Ooh, your face is scratchy,” she said, “but please don’t stop. Keep going, ungh …sweet hell that is fucking awesome! It’s wrong, but awesome!”

My tongue was on her smooth pussy, unraveling and parting the folds, devouring my way to her engorged clit. When I got there I attacked it, worked slot oyna it over like a boxer at a quick bag, back and forth, back and forth, my stiff tongue batted her rubbery clitoris into submission. The folds of her cunt turned rosy pink and the little man in the boat stood up and cheered. Jill was panting loudly and sporadically barking out unintelligible squeals of encouragement.

I drew my mouth away to catch my breath. “Fuck! Jill you’re so delicious! Your cunt tastes like something sweet and rare: moonlight and whiskey on Prom night!”

She looked back over her shoulder, her lipstick had pinked up around her blowjob lips like when she had Kool-Aid mouth as a kid, and her shock blue eyes were rimmed in red, tear streaked eyeliner framed them like a raccoon’s. “Dad …oh god, I hope we never come to our senses, I hope we never come up for air or awake from this dream or whatever, …but I swear if you don’t fucking get back to work down there I’m going to stomp your balls. Drop the poetry and eat me!”

She squirmed and laughed and I gave her the works. I slathered my daughter’s cunt with saliva and mercilessly drove my tongue down onto her clitoris mashing it down into her pelvic bones. She went wild and sprayed her girl cum onto my chin. I tongue fucked her, sliding between her labial lips and into her cunt, sucking up all of her juice. She came a second time and pleaded with me to stop, no no keep going! I lifted my mouth up to her ass and spread her cheeks wide until her anus was a puffed out blossom. I leaned in and spat my mouthful of cunt juice on to her asshole and then I tongue fucked that too. I rimmed her out while working my fingers across her hairless pussy and when I shoved three fingers into her, her cunt just fell wide open.

In complete disbelief it stared into her. At 22 I knew she wasn’t a virgin but this was pretty extreme. “What the fuck Jill!? I could park a canoe in there!” Panting she explained about a college boyfriend whose thick cock had been a challenge to accommodate but she’d managed to work it in, and soon realized that it was one of her favorite things about sex.

“Some girls want length, but I needed it thick. He fucking made me crazy.”

Jill turned over on her back and dragged the back of her hand across her sticky mouth. “It was tough after we broke up, I mean I like all kinds of shit but that was something else. So I started using these big fucking dildos. It’s not the same but it’s close enough sometimes. The upshot is I’m thoroughly stretched out.”

I watched as she spread open her pussy and mashed her fingers down on her clit, furiously working it and rebuilding her fire. “OK …ok you need to fuck me now, fuck me right now!”

Now my cock isn’t some little tootsie roll or anything, it’s on the bigger side of average and it gets the job done (unless I’m wasted in which case it doesn’t do anyone any damn good), but I knew looking at my daughter’s wide open cunt that there was no chance that my prick was gonna do the job. I mean it would be like tossing a fence post through a picture window. “Hey girl, you know this isn’t going to work, right?”

She already had the vibrator in her hand.

“Where did you get that from? Did you have that in your bag?”

“I take it with me kind of a lot actually. It’s not like I’m a perv or anything. You just literally can’t plan on when you need it sometimes, and I need it sometimes.” The way she emphasized “need” really spelled it out for me. “My daughter is secretly a fucking slut! …and also you enjoyed your father’s cock fucking down your facehole so I think that qualifies you as a five star perv.” I shoved my cock into her vast cunt. I thought was gonna need a map to yank it back out, but then without hesitation Jill brought the humming vibrator between us and jammed it into her pussy, sliding it in on top of my thrusting cock.

“Ungh! …S…sometimes I just go with where the day takes meeee.” Jill pinched her eyes shut and squealed. I stopped fucking her as she fed more of that plastic cock into her, “Today this is what I want.”

“Deviant.” Two syllables and it was all I could possibly get out. Her cunt had been loose, but now as she slid more and more of her vibrator in, there wasn’t anymore room. My cock felt constricted, it was very tight now, but it was also vibrating too. The feeling was just unlike any pleasure I’d had before and it was blowing my mind. Jill just laughed and squealed. We were in an awkward position, the vibrator was about the same size as my cock and she was working it in with both hands so I just leaned back and marveled at what I was seeing and what I was feeling. My slut daughter was heaving and sweating, squirming around on the floor in tandem with me. With a final cry of agonized desire Jill shoved the last two inches of the vibrator into her snatch and the folds of her cunt enveloped it completely. I could still feel it, but I couldn’t see it. For a moment we both laughed at this bizarre accomplishment, but then I got canlı casino siteleri down to the business of fucking my little girl.

I had to start up slow, I had been so close to cumming and I wasn’t ready to go there just yet, not when Jill still needed more, and I wanted this terrifying, wonderful experience to reach as high as it could for both of us because I wasn’t sure it would ever happen again. I began stroking the full length of my cock into her and the noises she was making became more urgent, more insistent. I could feel the muscles of her cunt convulse and spasm against the onslaught of my increasing thrusts and the mechanical vibrations from her plastic friend. It’s a dubious testament to my daughter’s vaginal muscle control that the vibrator never popped out, but remained lost inside her as I fucked her hard. The rhythm reached a furious pace and I was so focused on my performance that I hadn’t noticed that she was shuddering through a series of orgasms, spilling out her passion across our thighs as we ground against one another. We were soon a sticky sultry mess. I kept pounding into her but she was pounding me, railing her tiny fists against my chest in an attempt to break my concentration and get my attention.

“Ogg! Gawd! STOP! …fuck …L-Larry! Larry-ee!”

I stopped. “Larry Eleventh Avenue?”

Unable to speak, she just nodded furiously and pushed at me to disengage. I withdrew, my cock popped out of her shimmering wet and looking huger and happier than it had ever been before. She fell aside from my embrace and with a grunt of effort she pushed the dancing vibrator out of her, launched it like a torpedo. I made a noise against the tile floor like an enraged hornet and as it skittered around it left a wet trail of juice behind it.

Jill was heaving and shaking and trying to catch up with herself.

“Jill? You going to recover here or what?”

She gulped in some air and gave me an exhausted smile from behind the dark curtain of her hair that hung limp and tangled over her face. “Yeah, I’m good that was just …so …just farther than I’ve ever been.”

“We ain’t done. Open up.” I stood up and walked my erection over to her mouth. It slid it right in, between her smeared up lips, her beautiful face concealed behind a mask of sweat and spit and lust. She was passive at first, just holding her mouth open for me to fuck and I tried not to get too rough, giving her sometime to recover before I really laid into her. With smooth strokes my cock landed the runway of her tongue and looking down I flashed on a memory of her as a child being spoon fed from tiny jars. Was this woman really the same girl? I could rationally define our relationship, but my head injury had stirred me up so much that I just didn’t feel like her Dad. Twenty-two years past baby food, I was smearing something else across her face.

Jill was starting to respond. Her tongue and lips and the sucking of her mouth was fanning the fires. She closed her eyes and moaned as my strokes became thrusts. I went the distance and just like before her throat took all the cock I had to give. She huffed and choked and breathed out of her nose and I held the back of her head and mashed her face into my abdomen. “Listen up.”

She turned those haunted eyes up to me and I tenderly brushed away the strands of hair that had fallen across her face. “Think wet. Think sloppy. Slather me up. You’ll thank yourself in a minute. Comprendez vous?”

Jill went work, spitting and sucking and coughing up gouts of slime. I remained still and she fucked her face down on to my pole. Our eyes were locked on to each other; mine were filled with astonishment and her’s were turning hard, as though I’d insulted her with a challenge. Jill’s eyes were the eyes of a competitor hungry to prove herself.

“I know what you want next.” She pumped my sloppy cock in the furnace of her grip. “I am going to make you cum so hard.”

Jill went down, down father, her throat gasped as I slipped into her gullet, and when she pulled back she forced out a curtain of saliva and mucus that tented my cock. She didn’t even pause to wipe her mouth but instead spun around and stuck her ass up in the air. Her voice was thin from the ordeal my cock had inflicted on her throat, “You’re not going to get any sloppier than that so do it!” As I looked down, and began to position myself, I saw the quivering bud of her anus pout open ever so slightly. “Did I read your mind?”

“You’re blowing my mind.” I slowly lowered my mouth and licked my daughter’s asshole. My hands spread her ass cheeks apart and I tongue fucked Jill’s anus, running my tongue around the muscular ring of her ass and plunging it inside. She moaned and writhed, pushing her ass back against my mouth. I did that for a short while, until she was wet enough and relaxed enough, and then I grabbed my cock and ran it up the crack of her ass. Her fingers clawed at the tile floor, looking for purchase against what was about to happen. My cockhead is slightly bulbous and about the size of a plum and I set it in the crater at the center of her anus and when she felt me on that spot my daughter Jill pushed back against me saying, “Ok Ok. Okay Dad. Ok. Do it, Fuck me there!”

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