Breaking the Distance

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Just when we thought life might be getting back to normal, the governor announced that our state was going back to the stronger lockdown procedures from early April to deal with a sudden surge in cases. We were going to be stuck at home for the rest of the summer, if not longer.

All and all, I couldn’t really complain. I still had my job, as my office was able to switch to telecommute easily, and in fact, we’d seen an increase in productivity over the last four months. I no longer commuted 4 hours a day to and from the office, and got to see Jill, my wife of a decade, far more often than I had in years.

At 40, Jill was every bit as gorgeous as the day I’d met her. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and taller than most women, Jill filled out the tiny, expensive bikinis I’d buy for her to lounge around our pool in all the right ways.

We’d just gotten done with a sweaty, hard, after lunch fuck, a regular staple since the stay at home order, when I went back to my home office to take a look at the afternoon task list and saw the text from Jason.

“FFS did you see we’re on lockdown again? Guess no getaway after all :(” The text read.

We’d been planning a trip out to a mountain cabin with our good friends, Jason and Erica, for the following weekend. We’d known them almost as long as we’d been married. They were a couple years younger than us, and though we liked to tease them about being millennials, we had a lot in common. None of us had kids, enjoyed good restaurants and going to sporting events, and loved to travel, though rarely did so together as Jason and my work schedules never seemed to line up the right way.

Like us, they had not been out with friends in months and always took the proper precautions when they had to go out to a store for essentials. We’d drank with them most Friday nights via skype since the lockdown first started, and in many ways had become closer than ever over the time.

“Fuck it,” I texted back, “if the homeowner will still let us rent it I say we still go.”

If I could convince Jill, that was. She had been adamant about not taking unnecessary risks, but this seemed safe enough. I called the homeowner to ask about the rental, and they said we were still welcome to come and assured me that they followed strict cleaning protocols after each renter and that it would be just as safe as staying in our own home.

At nearly a thousand dollars for three nights, I hoped that was the case. I went out to find Jill lying face down by the pool, her tiny bikini bottoms barely covering her firm ass, the strings of her top dangling down to the ground, my dick twitching in my pants even though it hadn’t been fifteen minutes since we’d fucked.

“Hey sweetie,” I called out to her as I walked over.

“They cut the office loose early today?” she asked as she lifted up from the lounger. With the strings of her top untied, her breasts pulled away to reveal her tiny, pink nipples as she flashed me a smile. “Or did you just come out to rub some lotion on me? A girl could get used to having her husband home to do that all the time.”

I walked over to her, grabbing the lotion from the ground and squeezing some on her back before beginning to rub it in.

“No, actually, I just found out the governor reinstated the stay at home order.”

I could feel the disappointment in her shoulders as they slumped, and she turned around to me. “Oh, Tom I’m sorry. I know how much you were looking forward to getting out of the house.”

She gave me a kiss, her tongue finding its way into my mouth as my hands slid across her back to her breasts, my cock now rock hard. Before COVID, Jill had been shy about being naked in the backyard, even though our neighbors had no view through the fence.

Over the last few months, she’d become more and more comfortable being topless while she sunbathed and sometimes even swimming in the nude. We’d fucked in the pool, the hot tub, on towels on the deck. I’d eaten her out while in the pool with her on the side, and she’d sucked my cock the same way. Like I said, there had definitely been benefits to staying at home.

I pulled away from the kiss and looked her in the eyes. “Well, I called the rental place, and we can still go.”

“Tom…” she began, but I put a finger up to her lips.

“I know, but really, how much of a risk is it? We can wipe down the place when we get there. We know Jason and Erica have been as cautious as us. Really, it would be just as safe as staying here, and I could really use the break.”

She looked at me with those big blue eyes, and I could see her weighing my wants against hers. We’d always been good at compromise, with rarely a situation that we couldn’t find a solution to make us both happy.

“You won’t complain if I spend the first three hours wet wiping the place.”

“I won’t.”

“And you’ll help, and get Jason to help too?”

“I will.”

She smiled a mischievous grin. “And will you give me the orgasm you neglected me a few minutes ago before you go back up to work?”

I smiled, kissed casino oyna her neck, then her breasts, then pulled her bottoms off and knelt on the ground, burying my face in her hairless pussy, my tongue working her clit as her fingers dug into my curly brown hair. Compromise was too easy with this wonderful woman.


Jason came into the kitchen of the mountain cabin, his hands full of used wet wipes to throw into the garbage can that Jill had set out for disposal. And, for the record, while I say cabin, what I mean is a mountain retreat. Four bedrooms, probably three thousand square feet, with an amazing back deck that overlooked the mountains with not a sign of another house in sight and a large, sunken jacuzzi tub right in the middle of it. Wiping down the entire place was indeed a task.

“You weren’t kidding when you said everything! I think I’m on my third container of wet ones.”

Jason was about as different from me as Erica was from Jill. He towered at nearly six foot eight, with the large, still muscular body of a former Division 1 lacrosse player, though he’d definitely gained a few since not being able to hit the gym for the last four months. Jason nearly had to duck when going through the doorways of the cabin.

I was just an inch or so taller than Jill, with a thinner, tighter frame. I cycled and ran to keep in shape, and as such didn’t have nearly the bulk that Jason did.

“I think we’re almost done, and then it’s cocktail hour.”

“Brother it’s been cocktail hour for the last hour,” he laughed and pulled out a flask from his cargo shorts, taking a quick shot before holding it out to me.

I briefly thought about the risk of sharing a flask with someone in these crazy times, then pushed away the worry. I grabbed Jason’s flask and took a swig, the whiskey burning at my tongue. I’m more of a wine drinker, as is Jill, but the shot went down easily and felt great. Breaking away from the distancing of the last few months with good friends felt even better.

“Don’t know how you and Jill managed to get thinner the last few months, all there is to do is eat sitting at home all day.”

“We work it off in the bedroom,” I half-joked, handing the flask back to Jason.

“If only that worked for us!” he replied with a laugh.

“Oh come on, Erica looks great!”

“Hey, I ain’t complaining, without the commute our sex life has gone through the roof these last few months.”

I smiled knowingly before grabbing another container of wet wipes and heading back to the bathroom.

The sun was well on its way to the tops of the mountains when we all finally got a chance to sit down on the back patio deck for cocktails. I poured a glass of wine for Jill and Erica, while Jason rolled his glass filled with ice and bourbon around in his large hand.

Erica really did look great. She was shorter and rounder than Jill, with thick, curly brown hair that came well past her shoulders. The sleeves of her tight Metallica shirt were cut off, the short cut off jeans frayed around the edges of the very tops of her legs and bottom of her ass that I couldn’t quite stop looking at every chance I’d had that afternoon.

“To a weekend with good friends,” I said, lifting my glass. We clank glasses and took a sip, my eyes moving away from Erica’s body to the view of the sunset beyond.

“So, what do we do now?” Jason asked.

Four hours later, with the stars above us and the moon peeking between the mountains, we discovered the answer was to get good and fully drunk.

“No, no, no, no,” Erica said with a slight slur in her voice, “I’m not saying I want this to go on forever, but having Jason home all day is great. Don’t you feel the same way about Tom?”

“For sure,” Jill replied, “I don’t know how I managed to get sunscreen on my back before all this.”

“You mean you didn’t have that as a task for your pool boy? I know I did,” Erica joked, and Jill nearly spit out the sip of wine she’d taken.

“It’s been rough having to replace all he did,” Jason added with a smile to his wife.

“Well, I do miss how he handled his big pole, but I’ve become quite handy with ours,” Erica returned.

“You two are ridiculous!” Jill exclaimed after getting the wine down. “But seriously, I’d forgotten how great afternoon sex was.”

“You guys too,” Jason asked. In the years we’d known each other, Jason and I never talked details about sex with our wives. Whether it was the wine or just the high of in-person human interaction, it seemed that everyone was a bit loose that night.

“Like college kids,” I replied.

“Sometimes two or three times a day.”

“Us too,” Erica said. “And we’ve gotten a bit more… experimental.”

“Oh go on,” Jill said.

Jason, meanwhile, was trying to put a hand over his wife’s mouth to keep her from saying more.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Jason laughed as he tried to cover up her mouth, “Jill and Tom don’t want to hear about the details of our sex life.”

I looked over at Jill, who smiled at me. We turned to them in slot oyna unison and said, “Yes we do!”

“Not a chance!”

“Oh, now you have to tell us,” Jill replied. “Or do you want us to guess?”

“You brought it up,” I said.

“Tom, I thought we were buddies!”

“This is what friends are for,” I returned.

“Fine,” Jason said, defeated and pulling his hand away from Erica’s mouth. “Three guesses, but they have to be something new you’ve tried in the last four months.”

“Wait a minute!”

“See, not so fun when it’s turned around on you, is it, buddy.”

Jill and Erica were now sipping their wine and laughing together, apparently proud of the chaos they’d unleashed.

“Okay, okay. Fine,” I said turning to Jill. “How about getting a blowjob on the deck of the pool in broad daylight.”

“Wait, you guys have been in that house five years, and now is the first time you’ve done that?”

Jill and I looked at each other sheepishly and nodded back.

“What took you so long!” Erica exclaimed.

“I’ve always been kinda shy about being naked outside.”

“Not anymore!” I replied and got a soft sock in the shoulder from Jill in return.

“But I gotta admit, it’s freeing to swim naked,” Jill said wistfully.

“And laying out in the sun without a wet bathing suit clinging to you,” Erica agreed.

As the girls looked up at the stars, a brief moment of quiet came over the group. A few minutes later, Jason broke it.

“Okay, so next guess,” Jason said.

“Wait wait,” I said. “Since we revealed something new, I think you should be the next to guess. Same rules, has to be something new you’ve done in the last four months.”

“That does sound fair, Jason,” Erica replied with a wicked grin.

“Shit,” Jason replied and picked up his empty glass of bourbon. “I’m all out, anyone need anything?”

“Guess first, drink after,” Jill said.

It was then that I noticed that Jill had rested her hand on Erica’s thigh. The two ladies had been sitting next to each other for the last few hours on a small outdoor sofa across the small coffee table from Jason and me. We each were in our own chair.

It wasn’t much of anything, but I noticed because Jill was never very touchy with other people. Erica responded by putting her arm around Jill’s shoulders. Perhaps it had been all the months in social isolation that led to just wanting to touch another person.

“Fair is fair, Jason. Or should I tell them…”

“Okay, okay!” He put the drink back down and thought for a second, then stood up with a grin. “So, we’ve been watching a bit of porn together.”

“Oh, you want to go there!” Erica exclaimed. “For the record, that started because I caught him watching during work hours, found out that it was something he did regularly, and decided if he was gonna watch it would be more fun to do together!”

“Yeah, but that’s not the reveal. The confession and guess is that Erica asked me after a few weeks of watching to cum on her face.”

Erica began to laugh, and her hand squeezed Jill’s shoulder, “I think the exact words were, pull that cock out of my pussy and cum all over my slut face, stud!”

Jill burst out laughing, and then I did as well. Jason took a little bow and walked back into the cabin to pour another drink.

Jill looked over to Erica and said, “Slut face?”

“Well it was totally slutty, and I discovered how much fun it is to be a slut for my husband!”

Jill was laughing uncontrollably now, and buried her head into Erica’s shoulder, just above the breast, and I felt my cock twinge a bit. Could this be one of those stories, I wondered, where two couples end up in a wild night due to crazy circumstances?

Jill and I had never talked seriously about swinging, but I had noticed Jill had been picking a lot of threesome scenes on our Wednesday Night Porn Showcase on the big TV. Both two women with one man and two men with one woman.

Jill’s laughing fit was just beginning to subside when Jason came back out with his fresh drink.

“So I’m guessing you haven’t painted Jill’s face with your love juice?” he asked as he sat down. Jill began another round of giggles.

“Haven’t had the pleasure,” I replied. “But we may have to correct that soon.”

Jill looked at me, trying to feign displeasure, but couldn’t control the giggling and instead waved a finger at me.

“Okay, for that, I’ll make the next guess,” she said. I instantly knew where she was going in retaliation for my comment.

“Oh, honey I was just joking! You don’t have too…”

“Oh yes I do! So tell me, Erica, before all this, have you ever had your pussy licked to orgasm?”

Jill stopped there, building the moment. Erica had a look of disbelief on her face.

“Oh come on, you want me to believe you’ve never been eaten out by your husband before?”

“Oh of course, but how about right after he’s cummed in you?” Jill replied as nonchalantly as she could.

Erica’s mouth dropped open at that reveal, and I buried my head canlı casino siteleri in my hands from embarrassment.

“You kinky little slut!” Erica exclaimed.

“There’s that word again,” Jill laughed. “Wait, does that make me a slut, or Tom?”

“Both!” Jason replied with a laugh of his own. “I’ll proudly admit I’m a complete slut for Erica.”

Erica nodded and smiled to her husband in agreement and then turned back to Jill, “So how did that get started?”

“Well, a couple months ago, we decided to have a quickie after lunch. Tom came before I did, and I asked him to get me the magic wand from the nightstand, which is my normal go-to when he comes first. But we’d left it downstairs from the night before.”

“Because of Wednesday Night Porn Showcase,” I said.

“Ah you see, you can only Netflix so much before you start looking for something more interesting!” Jason interjected, eliciting laughter from the group.

Jill continued, “I started rubbing myself instead, but wasn’t feeling it, and I guess Tom could sense it, so he started kissing my breasts and then moved down to my legs. The kisses on my thighs were working, and I was encouraging him with moans as he inched closer and closer to my pussy, until finally, he was almost there.”

Jill took a sip of wine before finishing the story, “I could feel the cum sliding out of me, down the crack of my ass and I just moaned out, ‘Please Tom, yes,” and he did, and the orgasm hit me like a thunderbolt. It was so…”

“Slutty?” Erica asked.

“Yeah, I guess that’s really the only way to describe it. All I know is the neighbors must have heard me, cause I’d never screamed so loud or cum so hard as when he slid a couple of fingers in for good measure.”

I’d taken my head out of my hands and was looking at my wife, who I could see even in the darkness was flush from retelling the story, her breath shallow, the hand that wasn’t on Erica’s leg now between her own legs making gentle circles. My wife was masturbating herself through her shorts right in front of our friends!

They stared at her intently for a moment, before turning their gaze towards me.

“And once I did, and it didn’t kill me, I realized I’d been missing out on something that could give Jill a lot of pleasure, and I haven’t been afraid to do it again since.”

Erica and Jason sat quietly after my explanation, seeming to think deeply about what I’d said. “So,” Jill asked, breaking the silence, “I’m guessing you haven’t tried that one?”

Erica got a devious look on her face, “Well, the night’s still young!”

Tom’s eyes opened wide and he tried to laugh it off, “No promises on that one sweetie.”

The group all laughed. It was getting late, and the drinks had me feeling a bit tired. The conversation had me horny as hell to take Jill back into our room and fuck her wildly. Sounds be damned, after this conversation, I thought.

“So,” Jill started, “I think there’s time for just one more question before I take Tom back to the room to fuck his brains out. Are we finally going to get the big secret? Can’t be much crazier than what we just revealed.”

Jason and Erica looked at each other across the table and Jason shrugged, holding his hand out to Erica in a ‘go-ahead’ motion.

Erica bit at the bottom of her lip and looked at me across the table, “Tom, tell me, has Jill ever strapped on a cock and fucked you in the ass?”

Now, I’m no prude, though before the pandemic I would say that my sexual tastes ran pretty vanilla. Jill’s too for that matter. But I certainly hadn’t imagined that. Couldn’t imagine Jason, the towering man that he is, getting penetrated by his short, round wife.

“Never would have guessed that!” I replied, looking over at Jason who was owning the confession with a smile and a nod.

“It started off a few months ago, we were watching Netflix and chilling on the couch, and Erica slid a hand down my shorts and started stroking me.”

Jill and I nodded, that we had done on more than one occasion.

“And a few minutes later she was down on the floor, pulling my pants off and giving me a blowjob. It was taking me a while, and I tried to get her to move up so we could fuck, but she says…”

“I want you to cum in my mouth, baby,” Erica chimed in. “That usually gets him over, but we’d fucked earlier in the day and it didn’t quite do the job that time.”

“But I wasn’t going to deny her, so I put my hands in her hair and started to move her head, pushing deep down her throat.”

“Which, that isn’t a new thing, I like it a bit rough from time to time.”

“But still nothing. And so I say to her, ‘I don’t think it’s gonna happen tonight.'”

“And I pull up from him and start sucking on a finger, looking at him with my big eyes.”

“And I know that look, it means she doesn’t want to be denied. And that she wants to try something. So I ask her, ‘what are you thinking.'”

Jill and I were completely enraptured by their retelling, and I could feel myself stiffening. The way they told the story. The way they were so trusting of each other was hot as fuck. Jill was still rubbing herself through her shorts, and her other hand had made its way up into Erica’s lap. Erica put her hand on top of my wife’s, gently moving it in circles.

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