Brian and I

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It had been two years since Brian and I had seen each other. Longtime friends since junior high school, we’d been separated by going to college hundreds of miles apart. Here now, we were both home for the holidays, ready to see each other. We made plans to meet up with two other friends for pizza, beer and whatever on our second night home.

It was a good time, the four of us, and being joined by others at our local place. Small town Georgia makes it easy to see your friends and reconnect after being away. Some of them were former team mates who had been into sharing cum back in high school, porn jacking, mutual jacking, just getting off. Some were brave enough to do oral and more, a couple had no problem with doing anal. But, with the girls around this night, no one brought it up. Just a few shared stories about fucking girls when the other girls couldn’t hear.

As the night went on, Brian and I got to talk more and more, catching up and such. The night got later and we found ourselves both alone out on the patio outside the place talking about this and that and school. We wound up at a corner, beer bottles in our hands, and got to talking about the old days. I knew he was looking at me, and I was looking at him, that slim toned body in the Under Armour shirt and his jeans. I knew what was under there, he knew what was under my t-shirt and jeans as well.

Things got quiet as we looked into the star-filled Georgia sky, and Brian looked around, then said, “It been a while since you and I have been alone.” I turned to him, eyes to eyes. We were both the same height, I was built a bit more than him, but it had never mattered. His sexy green eyes always captured my blue ones. My mind went back, back to that first time years ago, senior year in high school.

Back then we were standing on his back porch, well after midnight. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but he turned and looked at me, and those eyes caught mine. I had wanted him since like forever, and I knew this had to be then time. I was risking it, but I put my face close to his and he moved closer and his lips met mine. It was electric, and we both got into it, kissing deeply as our bodies drew closer. Arms wrapped around each other, we both submitted to our passion.

“What’s the matter?” I heard, and I brought me back to today. I smiled and said, “I was just thinking about our first night, our first kiss.” Brian put his hands on my hips, and brought me closer, both of us looking around to see if anyone was watching. “I will never forget that,” he whispered, “or the last time we kissed two years ago.” We both looked around again, and no one was in viewing distance, our lips met again, as they had done some many times. His tongue split my lips and I sucked on it, then I returned the favor. I felt my hands grip is firm casino şirketleri butt hard, pulling his crotch against mine.

Two years ago, our last time together, we had been swimming nude. Our tongues danced together as we rubbed cocks against each other’s under water, and I had his ass in a hard grip, pulling him against me. The sun was hot on our upper bodies as we kissed and slid cocks together. Then he broke our kiss and said, “I need you in me before I have to go.” Knowing there was not much time left, I took him by the hand and led him out of the pool, drying each other off, playing with each other’s cocks and balls, then led him up to my bedroom.

A short time of cock sucking (I loved sucking his cock since it just drooled precum once I started) and me licking his fairly smooth ass, he laid on his back, legs up, and I lubed up and entered his ass slowly as I always did, and then made passionate love to him, as only two men can do. It wasn’t a long session, maybe 10 minutes, before I buried my 7 inch cock into him and unloaded hard into him. He begged me to stay in him, and I grabbed his thick 6.5″ cock and jerked him till cum splattered his chest and abs. I laid on top of him and we kissed and cuddled until finally my dick grew soft and slipped out of him.

We showered together, then he got dressed, the emotions of parting building in to me. Down to his car in our driveway, we didn’t say much until the car door was open. Our lips met again, and our passion for each other passed between us. Looking into his green eyes, I finally said, “I love you. I hope to see you soon.”

And now, two years later, it was obvious our passion for each other hadn’t passed. I could feel his bulge growing in his jeans against my stiffening erection. We broke our kiss and looked at each other, and my lips whispered, “Spend the night with me.” Brian smiled and whispered, “Yes.”

We both drove our cars back to my folk’s house, and my cock was so hard the entire time, mainly thinking about all the times we were naked and cumming with each other that last year in high school. That night he lost his virginity to me, almost begging for my cock after I licked him for a long time. Remembering how it felt as his tight hole stretched open and my cock slipped in, him sighing and saying, “Fuck, that feels great!” And then about an hour later looking into his eyes as his thick cock penetrated me, then that look of slight surprise when he realized his 18 year old cock was balls deep in me. That feeling when he finally jammed his cock in one last time and sprayed my insides with cum. Seemed like yesterday.

We got up to my room, and probably for the first time ever undressed each other, slowly, making out as we did, kissing and rubbing as shirts came off and pants hit the floor. We pretty much before casino firmaları had almost always been close to naked or naked before we started sex, but this time we got to expose and explore each other, touching and licking all over, nuzzling at the bulges in our briefs. I hit my knees, needing to see the cock I had loved so much, almost ripping his Calvin’s off him, and his rigid cock slapping me in the face. I was happy to see that he was still shaved, and licked all around the smooth base of it. I couldn’t resist that cut mushroom head for long and went right for it, tasting the cock I had missed for so long, hearing that familiar sigh. I had sucked a few cocks since our last time, but none had tasted as good as his precum covered head. This was the cock I had always loved. Licking it from base to head, I could feel his knees start to get weak so I gently pushed him onto the bed where he sat and let my devour his cock and balls, spending a little time below and into his crack, which now had a good bit of hair. He tasted so good I didn’t want to stop until he gripped my head, making me look up at him, when he said, “I need to taste yours too.”

I stood up, and as we kissed, I shoved my FTL’s down, letting my aching dick free. He licked me from nipples down to my smooth crotch, then, dropped to his knees and started licking my cock from top to bottom, getting his saliva all over it. My ass hit the bed, and he returned the favor, sucking on my rigid cock, then my hanging balls, tugging them hard as he knew I liked. He came up from them and locked his lips onto my foreskin, pulling on it, then shoving it back with his lips, exposing my head. He sucked it a bit, then tugged my skin again, letting it pop back, and said, “I haven’t had uncut cock in two years.” He went on to pleasure me, expertly swallowing my dick as he always did, looking up at me as he backed off.

I felt a bit of a rise in my balls, so I gently pulled him up by his shoulders and we lay on the bed, him on top of me, as we kissed and fondled, cocks sliding against each other. The passion we always had shared was still there, and we eagerly and forcefully kissed and rubbed bodies together. The bed covers were torn away as we got into the heat of sex, rolling over onto each other time and again. Finally, I couldn’t take it any more.

I grabbed his face and kissed him, then gently spoke onto his lips, “Last time, it was me inside you. This time I want you inside me.” He smiled at me, and without a word slipped down my body and lifted my legs, exposing my shaved hole to him. He licked it a few times before shoving his face into my ass, tonguing me deep. I was in heaven feeling him eat my ass again, my cock throbbing against my abs and a bit of pre emerging as his tongue probed me good. There was nothing I could do but moan and güvenilir casino enjoy that feeling I had missed, Brian expertly working my ass with his mouth.

I don’t know how long he was down there, but at some point, my hole was really aching for his cock, and I told him so. He came up and stroked his cock while I reached into my bed stand and got out my bottle of Astroglide and gave it to him. I tried to watch as he slathered his cock with the lube, then felt its coolness on my wanting hole. I had my cock in my hand as he rubbed the lube on me, then put a finger deep into my ass. Another drool of pre emerged from my cockhead and he sucked it off, humming as he did, sending shivers down my cock and balls. Then I felt a second finger enter me, opening my hole up wide for his thick cock. I was lost in the pleasure of my ass being stretched open and those fingers rubbing all my good places. He hadn’t forgot how to get me ready!

And then, after what seemed forever, he slid up onto me, his cock right at the entrance to my ass, kissed me and whispered, “I’m so ready for you I might not last long.” I looked at him and said, “I don’t care if it’s only a minute, I need you and your cum in me.”

With that he pushed up onto his hands, and I pulled my legs back to my sides, and I felt his lubed cock begin to push against me. My hole opened up for him, and I grabbed his shoulders as his cock penetrated deep into me, the entire length filling me, pleasing me like it had done a hundred times before. No man ever made me feel like this but Brian.

He fucked me slow but hard, like he always had. My ass just filled with pleasure, and I was delirious with his loving me. It only lasted about five minutes and I could have taken him for hours, but when he said, “I’m gonna cum!”, I was ready to feel his seed. He jammed his dick deep into me and held me tight as ropes if his cum coated my insides. I was in total heaven, feeling his cock pulse and his body shake in a strong orgasm, which ended with him falling onto me, panting, heart racing against mine, Brian repeating over and over, “I love you” as he kissed me over and over.

A couple of minutes went by and I could feel his cock getting soft in me. He looked at me and said, “You need to cum,” and he quickly slid his cock out of my cum-filled ass and got his mouth onto my rigid dick. It didn’t take much of his nursing my ready cock before I exploded into his mouth, jet after jet of built-up cum, all of which he swallowed. He continued to suck on me well after my dick had gone to a semi-hard state, when he released it and looked at me. He smiled and whispered, “I haven’t had a load like that in a long time.”

We spent some time kissing and cuddling after, talking some and playing with our spent cocks. We knew we had the rest of the night to enjoy each other, so now it was just about us being lovers again. At one point I said, “I don’t care what it takes, but we will never go this long without each other again.” At which point he said into my ear, “Never” and began stroking my cock with earnest.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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