Brother Samuel’s Summer 2009

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The time is the summer of 2009. The place is the town of Brockton, Massachusetts. The man is none other than me, Samuel Xavier. A tall, good-looking and openly bisexual young black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Champions. This is my tale of getting by in the big city. My last semester at Suffolk University Law School didn’t go too well. Socially speaking, of course. It seems that certain things will never change. White men and white women hate to see a young brother succeed. I’m ranked among the top three percent of my class and I’m on an academic scholarship. I even won an award for my performance with the law review. They really didn’t like that. That’s why so many of them have been giving me the cold shoulder on the college campus. I ignored them, though. Haters, man. What can you do?

After a semester of hell, I needed some fun. Just to get over the messed up things that I went through. How did I do it? With some cash, some good music and lots of sex. I love black women. Tall black women. Short black women. Muscular black women. Chubby black women. Big-bottomed black women. Skinny black women. I love them all. At times, they piss me off a lot. But I haven’t given up on them. It is my hope that they haven’t given up on me. Lord knows how much booty they’ve given me in recent times. I tapped so much black ass, I swear I thought my dick was going to be permanently sore from working overtime.

Let me tell you about some of my conquests. Recently, I told you about the lovely Sabrina. The deliciously voluptuous young black woman who lives on Belmont Street near the Dairy Queen in Brockton’s West Side. That dark-skinned beauty I’ve been eyeballing for years, waiting for the right time. I fell in love with her. And we had a great love affair. Unfortunately, our age differences proved too much for her. She was nineteen years old, just starting college. I’m twenty four years old, a student at Suffolk University Law School. I can’t believe she left me, folks. Why can’t I hang onto any woman? It’s not because I’m bisexual. I’ve been involved with several black women whom I was upfront about my bisexuality with. Stacey Wellington. Kimberly Isaac. Wanda Posy. They all knew I was bisexual and it didn’t bother them. So why do they all end up leaving me? I don’t know. That’s the billion-dollar question, folks.

I miss Sabrina sorely. Such a lovely young black woman. Cute in the face, big in the chest, thick in the body and gigantic in the booty. I had to find some way of getting over her, though. So I found myself a slut. The slut in question was this Asian chick named Amelia Chang. Five foot ten inches tall, busty and quite chubby, with a big butt. She came to Boston from some Chinese province. casino oyna She’s taking classes at Bunker Hill Community College and ran into me at the Boston public library. Sparks flew. She’s now one of my booty calls. We had some good times together.

I smiled as I recalled a steamy session the plump Chinese chick and I had in the back of a restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown district. I leaned against the wall of the stock room while she knelt before me and sucked my dick. Chinese chicks are really good in bed, folks. Especially the plump ones. Amelia Chang sucked my dick like there was no tomorrow. When I came, she drank my masculine seed without spilling a single drop. Then we tried some kinky stuff together. Amelia fingered my asshole while telling me she always wanted to fuck a black guy with her strap-on dildo. I was more than okay with that. She whipped it out of her purse along with some lube. We got down and dirty.

Amelia Chang lubed me up and then bent me over before sticking her dildo up my ass. I took it like a champ, without screaming. I haven’t been with many Asian chicks before. If they’re all as kinky as Amelia, I’m moving to China, folks. Seriously. The plump Chinese chick pumped her dildo up my ass while stroking my dick. She fucked me like this for a good half hour, then we changed the tune. I put her on all fours, took the lube she offered and used it to lubricate her asshole. Then I pressed my dick against her backdoor, and pushed it inside. Amelia’s asshole was really tight, which doesn’t surprise me since she’s a big woman. I gripped her hips and pumped my cock into the big Chinese woman’s butt hole. She squealed as I rammed my dick up her asshole. A good time as had by the both of us and we came time and again. Amelia Chang is a lot of fun. I see her at least once a week, when I need a sexual tuning up.

I haven’t neglected my black women, though. This one’s name is Veronique Angling. A tall, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned young black woman of Jamaican descent I ran into while visiting some friends at Massasoit Community College. She’s one of those church-going young black women who swear they’re holier than thou. They swear they don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t sleep around. I always thought the biggest freaks were found in church, not the night clubs. In Veronique Angling’s case, I learned that I was right. We went dancing and had a few drinks. Then I brought her back to my place. Folks, the stuff she did put a porn star to shame.

Veronique knelt before me as I sat on the bed. Watching this supposedly chaste, church-going young black woman suck on my Johnson like it was going out of style. She sucked my dick and licked my balls as if they were sugar cubes. slot oyna I didn’t even ask her to do that. She just went straight for the dick, folks. Veronique Angling was turning out to be a great cock sucker. She licked my dick head and ran her tongue over the length of my shaft while teasing my balls with her digits. Hot damn. I wondered where she picked up her skills. Damn, what are they teaching these young black women in church these days? I don’t know but I liked it. Veronique sucked me until I came, squirting my masculine seed all over her face. A lot of females hate it when a guy shoots his cum all over their faces. I don’t know why. If they like sucking dick, and a dick tends to cum after being sucked, then they shouldn’t mind the cum. Veronique wasn’t like that. She welcomed my spray of masculine seed all over her dark face.

Man, I love shooting my cum all over women’s faces. Especially dark-skinned young black women like Veronique Angling. We had some more fun together as the night went by. I laid her on the bed and spread her thighs before going muff diving. Folks, my oral skills are among the best. I have sucked my share of dicks and licked my share of pussies. Many women and men have praised me for my talents. Let’s just say that among my friends, I’m known as the Cunning Linguist. And it’s not just because I speak French, English, Haitian Creole, Spanish and Cape Verdean fluently. It’s because I’m the brother with the wicked tongue. I breathed in the scent of Veronique Angling’s pussy. Every woman has a scent. I’m not saying they smell bad, it’s just that each of them has a unique scent. And taste, of course. I couldn’t wait to taste the lovely Veronique Angling. I’ve had college pussy, police pussy, executive pussy and even political pussy but never church pussy. I’ve heard good things about church pussy. Supposedly, it’s got some unique qualities that keep black men coming back for more.

Veronique Angling was a real screamer. Most of the time, I consider this to be a good thing. However, I don’t like a squealer. She was squealing the entire time I worked up her pussy. I mean this was getting seriously annoying. This woman needed to get a frigging grip. I licked and probed her pussy with my fingers and tongue. And every move I made was punctuated by a deep sigh and a squeal from her. Every ten seconds, exactly like clockwork. Can you believe that? Ugh. I’m not sure if she came or not. Women are pretty good at faking these things. Black women especially. So, whether she got hers or not, I was ready to get mine. Thankfully, in this regard she didn’t disappoint. As it turns out, Veronique was an anal sex aficionado. We had a good time together, though I couldn’t stand her.

I made her canlı casino siteleri get on all fours and spread her big butt cheeks wide open. I smeared some lube all over her ass, then pressed my long and thick, uncircumcised black dick against her asshole. Slowly, I worked it inside her butt hole. I’ve lost count of how many women and men I’ve fucked in the ass. Probably hundreds. I crave anal sex the way an addict craves heroin. I can’t do without it. Whether I’m sticking my dick up some man’s butt or some woman’s asshole or I’m getting fucked by some dude’s dick or some kinky woman’s strap-on dildo. I don’t give a fuck. Anal sex is always okay by me.

I gripped Veronique Angling by those wide hips of hers and thrust my cock deep into her shit hole. If every woman got fucked in the ass at least once a day, they would lose their stinky attitude and the world would be a better place. That’s what I thought as I happily sodomized Veronique, my favorite tall, dark-skinned and big-bottomed Jamaican-American church-going slut. I loved watching her big black butt jiggle under the force of my thrusts. I smacked her ass, and she yelped. Man, I love fucking black women in the ass. I think I’m addicted to black women’s assholes. I fuck a lot of black guys in the ass and I don’t enjoy butt-fucking them half as much as I enjoy butt-fucking black women. Occasionally, I wonder why that is.

Maybe it’s the forbidden fruit aspect. Most gay guys know their asses will get fucked at some point. Most women, especially black women, act as if their big asses are off-limits while most of them will give up the booty hole to the penile invader at some point in their lives. Some for cash, some for love, some for lust and a few of them will even become anal addicts. Just like Veronique here. This church-going black bitch was an anal slut. I knew it. I could tell by the way she kept backing her big black ass up, driving my dick deeper into her asshole. She craves the cock in the butt. But she won’t admit it. Just like many black men love to have a woman shove a dildo up their ass but won’t admit it. I don’t have any sexual hang-ups. Hang-ups are for phones, period. I jammed my dick so far up Veronique’s asshole, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of her mouth. The tall black slut squealed as I went further up her butt hole than anyone before. What can I say, folks? I’m an explorer. After half an hour of intense butt fucking, I blasted Veronique’s asshole with my cum. Our screams of passion filled my apartment.

Yeah, I’m having some fun in the summer of 2009. After sex, I told Veronique Angling to hit the road. If she was lucky, I’d call her in a week or two for some more fun. I like my life simple. Don’t need any drama. Every time I open my heart to a man or a woman, they make me regret it. That’s such a shame because I’m a man with a lot of love to give. Too bad they don’t want it. Oh, well. It’s their frigging loss. Peace. I’m out of here.

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