Cabin Adventures Pt. 01

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‘All characters in this story are older than 18 years’


“Come on James, just a few more meters!” Andrew shouted.

“Come on little man, pull up like you mean it!” Chris followed shortly after.

James threw his upper body up and grabbed a rock on his right side, he pulled himself up and allowed his feet to rest in a small hole. James looked up, just one or two more meters to go and he would be on top of the cliff. He tried to pull himself higher up, but his arms were tired and his backpack was a heavyweight on his shoulders.

“A little help guys!” James shouted up, suggesting that they would pull him up on the safety cord around his waist.

“No! We got your back, but you gotta do this on your own!” Chris shouted.

James sighed, but silently admitted they were right, he gathered all his strength and pulled himself up further. James took his time to inspect the rocks above him when he saw a point he could grab he stepped a little higher and placed his hand on the rock. When he was assured of a stable position he pulled himself up with all the upper body strength he had left. He dragged his body over the edge of the cliff and landed on the soft grass, to find himself getting greeted by his friends.


“Alright! Nice job Jamesy!” his friends said while patting him on his shoulder and rubbing through his hair.

James wiped the sweat from his forehead and gave a tired but thankful smile. At that moment a large bulk of a man came towards him, “Told you that you could do it.” he said friendly and patted James on his cheek.

“Thanks Troy.” James said.

After a short break, Troy stood up, “Alright, troops listen up!” he shouted while everybody was gathering around, “From this point forward it is about 4 miles to the cabin, if we put our backs into it we can be there before nightfall!”.

When Troy was looking at the map with Chris, everybody hanged on their backpacks again. James took off his climbing attire and put it into his backpack before hanging it on.

“We need to go North-West,” Chris said, “We will go down the mountain and passed the river, after that it’s just a walk in the park!”

When everybody was ready to move again, all 10 men walked down the mountain path. Troy and Chris in the front reading the map and determine the directions, while everybody was following in rows of two.

Troy and Chris were the ones who started this outdoors club. Both of them were in the military and had served in Afghanistan, now that they were currently off duty they decided to start this club for everyone who loved exercise and adventure.

During the summer months, the club came together every now, and then for a few days. They would stay in a cabin that Troy and Chris hired and have a lot of activities outdoor. They were in the forests of West Virginia, so there was enough space and lots of things to do. From hiking and canoeing to climbing and survival courses.

Troy was the man in charge, he was 26 years old, 6 feet tall, well build, and muscled from his years in the army, a man people would follow out of respect. Though he was bald, it didn’t diminish his prestige one bit, he had a strong chiseled jawline covered in neatly trimmed stubble, dark deep eyes, and a beautiful smile. He only wore a tank top which revealed his masculine arms and broad shoulders, with some tattoos covering them, his hands were large and hardened, a sign of a hard-working man. His chest was broad and covered in hard muscle, and you could even see a sign of chest hair running in between the middle. He wore shorts, which revealed most of his legs and thighs, that were just as impressive as the rest of his body. Troy was calm, respectful, and considerate in his attitude, though he knew how to push everyone to their limits.

Chris, 27 years old, was Troy’s buddy in Afghanistan. Now if you thought Troy was large, Chris was massive 6,3 feet in height and just as beefy, a bear of a man. Chris had piercing blue eyes, short blonde hair, and a small well kept beard covering his jaw and cheeks. Chris wore an old T-shirt and long outdoor jeans, despite that he was more clothed, you could tell he had rock hard muscles all over his body, from the way his chest went up and down, to when his biceps flexed as he lifted his backpack. Unlike Troy’s calm attitude, Chris was wilder and more adventures, he was a ‘get out there and get shit done’ type of guy, while Troy was more of thinking things through and choose the best plan of attack. Despite their personalities were opposite, Chris and Troy respected each other deeply and were best friends.

Behind the two leaders walked Timothy and Aron, Timothy was the oldest and largest man in the group, he was 30 casino siteleri years old and 6,4 feet. He was a rugby player by profession, buffed up and muscled, but yet calm, like if you mix Troy and Chris. He had short brown hair, with even a trace of silver-grey running in his sideburns, and a trimmed beard walked across his strong jawline and hazel eyes. He wore an outdoor shirt, which surprisingly remained in one piece with his hulking torso muscles pressing the fabric, he carried his 20-pound backpack like it was nothing.

Next to Timothy walked Aron, a 25-year-old half Polish half American man. Around 5,7 feet in height, not very bulky but still in a good shape with lean muscle. Aron was a construction worker and a pretty relaxed, laid back guy, though sometimes a little cocky. He walked at a steady pace, toothpick between his teeth, enjoying the view. He had short black hair and was clean shaved, his eyes were dark brown and you could see traces of his Eastern European lineage in his face, due to his higher cheekbones. He also had a little accent. He wore a training vest and long jeans, he didn’t wear anything under his vest, and his slightly open zipper suggested this man had an impressive amount of chest hair.

Just behind them were two other guys named Jay and Nick. Jay was truly a gorgeous man, 6 feet in height, 29 years old, he had half long dark hair and brown eyes, a light stubble covered his refined face. His body was just as beautiful, he wore a black tank top and shorts, which revealed his muscled and tanned body, he was a professional boxer, but everything seemed so refined on him. He was a nice, funny guy who liked exercising and having fun with his buddies. Jay took a few sips from his water bottle and handed it to Nick.

“Oh, thanks.” Nick said gratefully as he sipped from the bottle. One could say that Jay and Nick were brothers if you had never met them before, they looked a lot alike. Nick was also quite large, 6 feet and 27 years old, he had half long, neatly combed hair and a one-day-beard and mustache, grey eyes and dark eyebrows. He was not as masculine as Jay, but still in pretty good shape, like Aron, he was a construction worker. Nick wore an old, ripped shirt while he had his vest tied around his waist. His body was decently built, with his arms and upper body tanned from working in the summer sun, a trail of chest hair walked in between his chest and his abs.

The last four guys were Ahmed, James, Andrew, and John. Ahmed was of Maroccan lineage, 27 years old, and a fitness coach. Despite that he looked somewhat intimidating at 6,2 feet, broadly muscled and with a thick, dark beard, he was a very friendly and compassionate man. He was dressed in his sports attire and seemed to do this hike with ease. Ahmed had dark hair and beautiful hazel eyes, a broad chest with a thin layer of hair on it, and big, beefy arms. He, Chris, and Timothy were always in a friendly competition with each other for the biggest and strongest male status.

Andrew did seem to be half American half Thai, he was not very tall, around 5,6 feet, but he had an amazingly strong body and gorgeous face. Andrew was 25 years old and worked as a security guard. He had short, gelled up dark hairs, clean shaved and dark brown eyes, which matched his tanned skin beautifully. He wore a vest, but he had tied it around his waist to cool off a little and show off his muscles a bit, and who could blame him? His upper body was beefed up and muscled, though not the ugly bodybuilder type, it was very elegant and refined, a torso that you wanted to slide your fingers, if not your tongue over.

John was a bit taller than Andrew, about 5,8 feet tall, and 26 years old. John had shortly shaved blonde hair and stubble on his chiseled jawline, his eyes were blue and he did seem to have some Eastern European lineage, despite being fully American. John worked as a truck driver, but he didn’t have any of the overweight problems, he was in a good shape with strong muscles covering his arms and his chest under his tank top. Where Andrew was a more playful, crazy guy and a bit of a showoff, John was more serious and more akin to Troy in his personality.

And then, the last guy, James, the shortest, youngest, and some would say the sweetest guy in the group, walking next to Ahmed. James was 22 years old, though turning 23 tomorrow, and he was 5,3 feet in height. Unlike the other men, James was slim build but had a nice amount of lean muscle, and was overall in decent shape. James had short blonde curls, was clean shaved and had enchanting blue eyes, along with a pretty face and flawless skin he was a pretty good looking guy. James was a graphics designer, a job he really liked and where he could put his creativity slot oyna to good use. Despite that he liked his job, it was not the most physically challenging, nor the most masculine. So to keep his testosterone levels stable, he had decided to join this club.

James was with this club for around 2 months now and he just loved every day with it. The guys had welcomed him with open arms and he had learned so much, from surviving, catching your dinner, climbing, to basically being more of a man.

James gained a little smile on his face when he thought back on their first trip in these woods, it was hard and challenging but so much fun. However, that week James felt he could trust this group and share something personal with them. The last night of the first hike, around the campfire, he told the group he was gay. Everybody had a good laugh about it…until they realized James was serious.

But thankfully, nobody had any trouble with it, in fact, they seemed to like James more for it. Everybody liked goofing around and have fun with the little guy, the guys accepted him as one of their own, and James was so relieved about that.

But in the following weeks, there was a bit tense. It was hard for James to keep his eyes off from the handsome, strong hunks that accompanied him, while he did his best to resist his urges, it was difficult for him. The guys realized this and they had to admit, that these outdoor, physically challenging days increased their sex drive as well. So on the night of the 4th hike, they came with a solution, which they guaranteed that James would like.

That night, the group agreed that every last night of a hike would be the ‘grand finale’. On that night, they would go back to the cabin, get comfortable, get naked, and push their straight values aside for James, just for the night. The moment that Troy and Chris proposed this, James could barely hold in his excitement. All these handsome men, willing to have sex with him?! This was like a dream coming true!

Though James was a lot smaller, less physically impressive, and a little shy compared to all the other strong and confident men, which made things sometimes a little scary. So to prevent the grand finale from turning into something… ugly, everyone agreed on 2 rules.

Rule nr. 1: James had ALWAYS the final say during this night. If James would be uncomfortable with anything and didn’t want to do certain things, the night was off, no matter how horny everyone was.

Rule nr. 2: What happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin. Nobody of the outside world needed to know that these straight men had sexual intercourse with a gay guy.

The guys had made it so that every grand finale, James would be in command, and hell, James liked that. He just had to give the order and the guys would lose their shirts, a snap of his fingers to get their pants out as well. With one command, he could let all the guys kiss each other, even Chris turned into a massive cockslut when James demanded so. Every one of the men praised and pleasured him on those nights, with their hands, mouths, tongues, torsos, and dicks. James was treated like a prince and he loved it.

Despite James loved the grand finale nights and he appreciated that the guys would do such a nice thing for him, something felt missing. A blush appeared on James his cheeks, he knew all too well what it was. Every grand finale night so far, James had been the one in control, but he actually desired…being not in control at all. He would so love it if the guys treated him roughly for a night, not just roughly, but as a total little slut.

James closed his eyes and inhaled softly as soon as these thoughts entered his mind, how he would be pinned down and fucked into the mattress. How he would be forced on his knees and have a nice dick shoved down his throat, how the guys would call him their little dirty slut, tie up his hands and pull his hair as they cummed in his face.

“Getting ready for tonight Jamesy?!” Nick said. James woke up from his trance and saw Jay and Nick walking in front, looking back at him.

First James didn’t know what he meant, but when he looked down he knew what Nick was referring to. You could easily see James his boner resting in his shorts, James stuttered and blushed while Jay, Nick and Ahmed chuckled.

The group kept on walking, they just passed the river, which meant that it was just 2 more miles to the cabin. James sank back into his thoughts, he had not kept this dirty fantasy as a secret. During the last hike he told Troy about it:

Previous hike:

“Sup Jamesy,” Troy said as he walked towards James who was sitting near the campfire.

James gave the larger man a friendly smile, the guys and him canlı casino siteleri had just finished an amazing grand finale. While everybody was inside, joking around and having a drink, James was outside, enjoying the warmth of the fire and the post pleasure feeling.

“Aren’t you coming in man? we’ve got a beer for you.” Troy asked.

James shook his head, “Nah, Thanks Troy,” he replied “It’s a nice evening, I rather stay here and enjoy the silence for a moment.” James said.

“May I join you?” Troy asked, “You’re right it’s a nice evening.”.

James smiled, “Of course!” he replied and invited Troy to take the seat next to him.

After James and Troy had a little small talk, James inhaled and looked at Troy, “May I ask you something?” he asked.

“Sure man, anything.” Troy replied while returning his look to James.

“I was having…this fantasy for a while…” James said as he rubbed his hands, “A pretty odd fantasy actually…” he chuckled uncomfortably, James was a little nervous but Troy didn’t seem to mind, staying controlled and focused, as ever.

“I was wondering…during the grand finale night…would you guys…” James gulped and inhaled deeply, “like to treat me like a slut?” James asked as he felt his cheeks burn up.

Troy raised one eyebrow, “I…don’t quite follow you.” he replied.

James exhaled softly, he hated it when he had to explain himself, “Well, I mean…all this time, I had been in control of the grand finale night… don’t get me wrong, I loved it!” James said, still a little nervous, “But it would seem so… thrilling to me, to not be in control, that you guys are rough with me and I have nothing to say over it.”

“Hmhmmm” Troy nodded while he kept his gaze concentrated on James.

James looked into Troy’s brown eyes, flickering in the firelight. “I understand what you want us to do,” Troy said calmly, “But can you get a little more into depth? ‘Not being in control’ you said, tell me a bit more about it.”.

James blushed a little and lowered his gaze over Troy’s chest that was covered in a loose shirt, god! he looked so hot! Even when they just had their grand finale, James was getting horny from all of this again.

“Well err… I was thinking, like you guys tying me up, and calling me dirty names…and…things like… that.” James stuttered nervously as he looked into Troys eyes again. He could be mistaken, but it looked like there was a little smile growing on Troy’s face.

James looked into the mans glistening eyes, it was like he could look in Troy’s mind, how he imagined James laying tied and gagged before him.

“It does sound…interesting,” Troy said with a slight smirk, “But we promised you we would follow rule number 1, what if we would go too far with you?” he asked.

James thought for a second, Troy was right to ask that question. “Well, I could have a safeword,” he replied, “An unusual word that I say to give you guys the sign to stop.”

Troy nodded, “Seems smart,” he said, “and what word would you use?” he asked.

James was trying to come up with something, “Gillatine pudding!” he said eventually and Troy chuckled, clearly amused but he nodded in understanding.

“So…what do you say?” James asked, playing with his fingers ever more nervously.

Troy took a sip from his beer as he kept eye contact with James. “It sounds very interesting for sure,” he smiled, “But I want to know what the other guys think of it, alright?” he asked and James nodded in understanding.

Troy stood up, “I will propose this to the guys,” he said, “You stay here, I suppose you don’t want to do the story all over again,” Troy said.

James nodded, grateful that Troy wanted to give it a shot. “I will be back with you in a minute,” he said and walked to the cabin.

After a little while Troy returned with 2 beer bottles in his hands, James stood up and looked hopefully to the older man. Troy handed one beer bottle to James, who gave him a thankful nod.

“I talked to the guys about it, and errr…” Troy began, “They understand completely that you have such a fantasy, but it goes a bit… far for us,” he said.

James his smile faded slowly, “oh” he said disappointed as he placed himself back in his chair.

Troy padded the younger man’s shoulder, “I am sorry Jamesy, but you must understand, we are not gay, so some things that you like, may seem a little… uncomfortable to us.” Troy said as he placed himself on the chair next to James.

James sighed, but he understood the motivation, the guys wanted to do him a great favor every last night already, so he should be grateful for that.

“I understand Troy.” James said and looked at the man next to him, “Well, thanks for trying anyway.” he said and smiled friendly.

“Anytime man.” Troy said, James turned his head to the campfire smiling because of Troy’s kindness, but he failed to see the devious smirk on Troy’s face.

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