Carol and Denny’s Exchange

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“I’m telling you.” She gritted her teeth in mock anger. “I know where he put it, and I still can’t believe he thinks you sleep through it.”

“Well, I honestly don’t think he’d get into our bed if he thought I was just pretending. Especially after you showed him how deeply I sleep when you slathered the make-up on me that time with the mascara and blusher and everything.” He laughed out loud at the memory.

“Anyway,” he continued as he probed his wife’s very hairy outer lips with his lengthening cock. “Are you sure he stuck it up your arse?”

“I might be stupid, Denny, but I can tell my arse from my cunt.” She swiped him playfully across the head and bucked her hips to welcome him home.

“Ouch,” Denny said, then groaned as he slid in “I meant, are you sure he knew that he was up your arse instead of your cunt?” He pushed back a stray lock of damp hair from Carol’s face, marvelling at the still-heightened colour in her cheeks and the way her lips were full and red in that post-coital glow.

“Well, I’m pretty certain. He dipped in my puss for lube after each push until he had it balls deep.” She said as she undulated her hips to Denny’s easy rhythm.

“Ok.” Denny leant back and rubbed his hands together with glee. “We can get onto the next part now.”

“Whoa, Denny,” Carol said, grasping his hands. “we don’t want to scare him off. It’s taken us three weeks to get here. It took a fortnight to convince him to get in our bed.” Carol closed her eyes remembering another exchange student whom they had seduced. “Karl.” She spoke his name.

“Karl,” echoed Denny as he increased the tempo. “They should all be like Karl. Two days and he was inside your knickers without any prompting.”

“Two days. He tried a grope that first night remember?”

“Really? The first night?”

“Yes. Didn’t I tell you? When he took the boxes out of my arms. He put his hands under the boxes and pushed his fingers past the edge ’til they were touching my ribs and then he curled his fingers and brushed them along the bottom of my boobs.”

“You never told me,” Denny said, excitement strengthening his erection as he eased in and withdrew in a leisurely fuck. “What did you do?”

“Well, he said ‘I have them, you can let go now.’ so I let go and slid my fingers down his belly and then I felt his rod in his jeans and I said ‘Are you sure you’ve got it?’ ” and he smiled that big Cheshire Cat grin while I ran the back of my knuckles across his dick. And then you walked in.”

A dawning light crossed Denny’s face. “That’s when he stepped back and fell over on the kitchen floor.” He cried delightedly.

Carol shushed him with a hiss. “Rob’ll hear you. Be quiet.”

“Sorry… Karl eh? Was it eleven or twelve?” Denny asked.

“Thirteen.” Carol sighed.

“Tell me, you dirty whore. I only counted twelve.”

“When you were taking his luggage to the car. Oh yes. Like that.”

“I was only gone thirty seconds.” Denny countered, incredulous.

“Tell me about it bitch.” He ground out between clenched teeth, punctuating the sentence with long deep thrusts.

With gasps and low moans, Carol recalled the episode of Karl’s goodbye fuck in the front hall.

* *

Carol was reaching for her coat from the hall-stand as Karl closed his fingers over her hand and she felt his stiffness grinding into her backside.

“No. Karl.” She’d whispered. “Denny will be back any second.”

Karl made no reply save for reaching in front of Carol with his free hand and grasping her bra-less breasts as he poured his hot breath in her ear, which he probed with his tongue, making her knees almost buckle. “Ooh Karl.” She’d groaned.

“I fuck you fast.” Karl almost growled in her ear as his hand slid searching, beneath her light summer frock. “Two push,” he continued in broken English. “Two push and I give you my spunk in cunt.”

“No Karl.” Carol hissed even as she arched her back and began to hitch up her frock. “Denny will catch us.”

Carol turned her head to see Karl pull from his jeans what she’d been using twice a day for the past week, that ‘lovely salami,’ as she’d christened it. She looked into Karl’s deep brown eyes.

“Two push.” She said. “That’s all.” Then she pulled aside the wet hem of her blue flowered knickers and pushed out her backside.

Carol almost jumped with shock as the head of Karl’s hot cock touched the inside of her hole. She heard him say, “One push.” as he speared her, full length, pushing her face deep into the coat-rack, where she bit down hard on the sleeve of Denny’s wool overcoat while he ground his pubis against her. Karl withdrew agonisingly slowly and she just knew he would be wearing that Cheshire Cat grin as he did so. “Two push.” He said.

Carol’s universe shattered amongst searing heat, pleasurable pain and the taste of wool as Karl shivered and shook his orgasm inside her.

“Fuck you.” He chanted in gasping breaths.

“Fuck you English. Fuck you.” Then suddenly he was gone and Carol became aware of receding footsteps and casino siteleri the opening of the front door. So, grasping the rack, she stood on quivering legs, sensing her frock falling to cover her modesty even as she felt the warm trickle of Karl’s ‘two push’ on the inside of her thighs.

* *

“What am I Denny?” Carol asked as she dug her nails into her husband’s fleshy backside. “Tell me what I am.”

Denny pushed into Carol hard and fast as he called her all the filth he could lay his tongue to. “You’re a fucking dirty cunt. You cheap slut. Fucking. Dirty. Filthy, cock-mad whore. You’ll fuck anything, you cunting bitch. You. Dirty. Fucking. Cheap. Fucking. Dirty cowbitch.” Denny drove hard on the last word and filled his wife as he gasped and lost control, convulsing until he finally lay quiet in her loving arms.

“So –t’s th- pl–?” Denny asked with his face planted firmly in the side of his wife’s breast.

Carol pulled Denny by the ears until their eyes were level. “What?”

“What is the plan?” Denny repeated enunciating each word separately.

“I’m not sure…” Carol replied. “Let me think.” She pulled Denny once more by the ears until he was comfortably suffocating on her breast.

“Well let’s think it through.” Carol said and then began listing scenarios.

“Has he caught you wanking yet?” she asked Denny.

“I think he knows when it’s me and either I haven’t seen him or he stays well away. Whichever it is, he’s never walked in. And I’ve never even seen his bedroom door open, never mind found the bathroom door unlocked.”

“Well, we can get round that easily enough. He seems to like the being caught thing. Either way; me or him, and he never locks the bathroom door and always leaves his bedroom door open when he knows you’re not in the house. So all we have to do is pretend you’re not in the house.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Well it might not work out like that, so let’s think about alternatives.”

“Catching us fucking.” Suggested Denny.

“He’s already done that.” Carol told him. “Then he just stood in the doorway and watched. I even gave him the glad eye and nodded him in but he just stood there and got his dick out and wanked.”

“What about… me walking in on you two in the kitchen? Just unzip him and I’ll walk through while you’re sucking his dick. Hm?”

“I’m telling you Denny, he’ll bolt. Like shit off a shovel. And then he might panic and tell. It’s got to be something he can’t back out of. Something he’s enjoying too much to leave go.” Carol eyed the ceiling of the bedroom as she ran her fingers through her husband’s finger length brown hair, lost in thought.

* * *

Denny walked into the kitchen, welcomed by the smell and sound of sizzling bacon. He scrunched up his nose and sniffed, detecting another familiar fragrance in the warm air. Carol turned from the hob where she was preparing breakfast, revealing a smug, sated grin. Denny raised an eyebrow in question.

For answer, Carol pulled one side of her house coat to reveal a bare leg and knickerless backside to her husband. “Apart from the bacon,” Denny asked “is that your freshly fucked chuff I can smell?”

Carol flashed her eyes.


Carol nodded towards the open door of an eye level cupboard where Denny noted the glint of a lens.


She nodded and smiled wider, then turned her attention back to the crisping bacon. “We can watch it tonight. There’s a nice surprise on there.”

Denny, imagination running on high, was hard put to concentrate all through his shift at the glass factory.

That night, Carol snuggled onto Denny’s chest whilst they sat in front of the television and pressed ‘play’ on the remote control, then, instead of watching the screen (she’d replayed four times today already) she watched her husband’s face and laid her fingers lightly on his crotch.

“Didn’t waste much time there.” Denny said, commenting on the developing screen image showing Rob, the exchange student, holding his wife’s hips and pressing home his advantage into her backside. “How did you know it wasn’t me?” He asked absently.

“I can tell the difference.” Carol told him.

Denny paused the home made tape. He looked down into his wife’s eyes. “You can tell the difference between his cock and mine just by the feel of it on your arse? Through his pyjamas and your nightie?”

“If you look, it’s just the nightie.”

Denny looked at the still image, moved the playback forward a couple of frames and saw that Rob had actually uncovered himself and was pressing his bareback cock into the crack of his wife’s covered cheeks. “Still. You can tell without looking. How?”

“It feels different. Different ridges. Different touches. It’s different.”

“So if we got say… five other blokes and blindfolded you, you’d be able to tell which cock was mine?”

Carol felt a quiver beneath her fingers resting on Denny’s crotch and at the same time the tingling hardening of her own nipples at the thought. “Don’t.” She melted. “Yes. slot oyna I think so.”

Denny pressed ‘play’ and let his free hand fall upon his wife’s breast where his finger grazed idly across the raised nub.

The video played on, revealing Rob sitting at the kitchen table whilst Carol moved in and out of shot, preparing breakfast. At one point, Carol’s hand moved into full view of the lens and when it moved out, the angle had changed slightly to point downwards at Rob’s crotch with its revealed youth centred.

“Nice camera work.”

“Thank you. Do you know what July the fourteenth is?” She asked.

“Bastille Day.”

“Anything else?”

“Independence Day?”

“That’s the fourth.”

“No idea then.”

On the video, Denny saw Carol lay Rob’s breakfast in front of him and ask. “Do you know what July the fourteenth is?” Rob just shook his head as he speared bacon and egg on his fork to follow the mouthful which kept him from speaking.

“National Nude Day.” Carol on the screen informed both Rob and her watching husband as she sat on the chair next to Rob and then froze.


Carol looked up into her husband’s dark eyes with their slightly effeminate long lashes.

“What the hell is National Nude Day?”

“It’s the day when the nation gets naked.”

“Since when?”

“Years and years.”

“Where?” Denny asked with suspicion.

“OK. I fibbed. But just a little bit. It is National Nude Day in America.”

“Oh. OK. Did he fall for it? Is that the surprise?”

“See for yourself if he fell for it, it’s all on tape. And no, that’s not the surprise, that’s on the tape, too.”

Denny pressed ‘play.’

On the screen, Rob finished his breakfast whilst Carol drank coffee and watched, her eyes flickering from Rob’s mouth to his crotch.

“This Naked Day. People just walk in the street without clothing?”

“Oh no. You’d get arrested if you did that.” Carol laughed. “No. There are beaches where people can sunbathe au naturelle.”

“Sun bathe? What is this? Take bath in the sun?”

“Well… sort of. Not bathing in water, bathing in the heat of the sun.”

“I like this. Bathe in sun. Sun bathe. Good word. Sunbathe. And what is this ‘oh natchur’?”

“Au naturelle. It’s French, I think. Like nature.”

“Nature. I know this: second nature, human nature, nature trail.” Rob smiled.

“That’s right.” Carol mirrored his pleasure. “Nature. Au Naturelle. Naked. Would you like to come?”

“With you? To see other ladies in the au naturelle? Yes, I would like.”

“With me and Denny.”

“Oh.” Rob’s face fell. “Perhaps it would be better if I don’t go.”

“I’m sure you’d like it.” Carol encouraged “Denny and I go every year, we meet lots of nice people… all naked.”

“OK.” Rob conceded “For you.” He paused. “If Denny not mind I see you naked without the clothes.”

“He won’t mind. He likes other people watching when I’m without clothes.”

“Me too.”

Rob pushed away his plate and leant back in his seat, watching Carol with a spreading smile revealing even, white teeth as he witnessed her increased breathing accompanying his increasing length.

“You like it?”

Carol pulled her gaze from his crotch to his face. “Oh yes. I like to watch it grow like that. Coming out to say ‘hello.’ “

Rob raised his fingers to curl into Carol’s hair. “You want to say ‘hello?'” Carol swallowed and nodded once. Rob moved his hand behind her head and coaxed her gently downwards towards her welcome.

On the couch, in front of the TV, Carol felt Denny’s response beneath her fingers as he took in the scene of his wife going down this young man. “Smoothly done.” He congratulated her.

“Why thank you kind sir.” Carol responded and pulled up the waist band of Denny’s shorts then slid her cheek down his belly to kiss the tip of his now glistening cock.

This was their special pleasure. Denny would watch the video or sometimes listen to his wife’s retelling as they copied the action that unfolded.

Carol’s mouth encircled Denny as she slowly took in the full length of him a second or two behind her video self sucking down Rob. Denny bucked in anticipation as he saw his on-screen wife extend her tongue and lick Rob’s balls while her mouth was full of his prick. Then he felt that delicious motion of tongue flickering. He rested the palm of his hand on her head as he moaned and closed his eyes.

Denny’s wife was an experienced and practised cock sucker and so he was taken by surprise when the back of Carol’s head pushed away his hand as she gasped and choked out “PAUGH.” Denny’s cock was suddenly un-enveloped and the quick chill made his eyes open wide. “Hit the pause.” She slobbered.

Denny looked up to see his video-wife literally jumping away from the shock faced Rob on screen. He hit pause, confused by this turn of events. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.” Carol said and slid her cheek upwards on Denny’s belly leaving a slick trail from button to nipple, causing a mirrored canlı casino siteleri tremor to trace flitting down his spine. “This is the surprise coming up. Rewind a bit.”

Denny rewound.


Denny hit play.

Again, Rob moved his hand behind Carol’s head and coaxed her gently downwards towards his stiffened cock to give her ‘Hello’. Denny watched with puzzled bemusement and a gasp as his wife-on-tape licked around Rob’s balls echoing precisely the on-screen gasp from Rob. As his screen wife started to raise her head with deliberate and exaggerated laziness, where Denny anticipated a moan or groan from Rob what he heard was a knocking on the out-of-shot kitchen door, followed by its opening and a familiar voice calling: “Chooee. It’s only me.”

On the TV screen, Carol’s head jerked away and along with the look of surprise on Rob’s face, froze. Denny’s laughter started in his belly, making light scatter from the viscous trail that lay there, pushed out his chest in irregular breath to rise loud and gasping from his wide open mouth.

“Your mam.” He wheezed. “Your mother caught you blowing the exchange student.” Carol giggled delightedly along with her husband infected by his amusement

“I knew you’d like it.” Carol said, taking a firm grip on Denny’s still exuberant cock and giving it a five fingered massage. “But that’s not the surprise.”

Denny sobered at the effect of the words, the tone of Carol’s voice and her physical distraction. He settled back into the cushions and hit play whilst Carol bunched up her skirt around her waist and laced herself across his lap. Digging her knees into the soft warm leather of the cushion, Carol hoisted her bottom in the air and reached under her belly to take hold of Denny’s prick and wedge it comfortably between her thigh and hip bone, they both wriggled adjustment.

On the screen, Rob sat in frame with terror and embarrassment taking turns across his face but curiously, Denny noted, no lessening of vigour in the trouser department, which Carol had attempted to conceal with partial success. On the settee, Carol continued to wriggle until Denny paused the tape and told her to ‘get comfortable, or else.’

“Or else what?”

Denny pressed pause, then raised the palm of his hand to hover over his wife’s backside, threatening short, sharp motion. “Or else I won’t spank you, you dirty girl.”

Carol pouted. “Not fair.” She said, and heaved herself up onto her knees to remove her blouse, looked at Denny and said “Clasp?” Denny obliged and deftly, with one practised movement, unhooked her bra. “That’s better.” She said as, cat-like, she stretched across Denny’s lap again, hip across hip to sandwich his glistening cock between them. Taking advantage of Denny’s apparent preference for tonight, Carol pushed apart the close fitting settee cushions where she would lay and lowered her pink and pointing nipples through the gap until her ribs touched the cushion, then she released the other and let out a luxurious mewl as the cold leather sprang back to hold her breasts in a velvet vice.


“Hhmm.” She wriggled again.

Denny slapped her backside and pressed play on the remote.

On the screen, Carol unfroze but Rob didn’t and his face had turned ashen. Carol pushed her chair under the table then picked up the breakfast plate and moved towards the kitchen sink on shaking legs.

“He- hello mum.” Carol quavered then she coughed before trying to speak again. “I didn’t realise you’d come back.”

“Back? Oh. Last week love, we had a grand time. Sheila, you know Sheila, who was the one getting married, well we had this hen night in the bar next door to the hotel and there was this male stripp…oh. I’ll tell you later.”

Carol’s mum came into shot and stood next to the table facing Rob. “Who’s this?”

“Oh, sorry.” Carol said turning back from the sink. She took a pace forward and made introductions. “Mum, this is Rob. Rob’s an exchange student. Rob, this is Karen, my mum.”

As Rob began to stand from his seat a flash of fright plastered itself across Carol’s face.

Karen put her hand on Rob’s shoulder and pushed him back down. “Oh, don’t bother standing up for an old woman. How d’you do, Rob.” She left her hand hovering in front of his chest, which he took in his hand and shook politely.

“Very pleased to meet you.” He said

“Not as pleased as me.” She murmured and then to Carol “How long have you been hiding this one?” Karen pulled out the chair and sat down resting her elbow on the table.

“About three weeks.” Carol answered from off-screen.

Karen turned her face to Rob, letting her arm rest across the table and her hand fall over the edge, fingers extended. “How do you like England then Rob?”

“It is very pretty and you are a very… what is this? Welcoming people.”

“You think so? Welcoming?” she asked with her hand waving idly over the edge of the table. “What is your country like?”

Rob became eager at this question and hitched his chair forward, beginning a long spiel about his homeland. As his descriptions became more animated, so did his body and he shuffled forward and back in his chair. “…and this is my home.” He eventually wound down seeming somehow defeated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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