Carrie’s Quest for Love

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Author’s note: My thanks to Carrie for asking me to write her sexual biography. We shared a lot of interesting emails and phone calls as she recalled all the men in her sex life. Our conversations became increasingly erotic as she became more comfortable recalling her adventures. This is her story.


Carrie closed her eyes and savored the sensation of having Brad’s cock in her mouth. She loved giving him a BJ and hearing him moan and sigh from the pleasure he was receiving. He matched the tempo of her strokes with his hips, thrusting his hard member deep into her mouth. She felt his balls tighten and moments later he exploded into her mouth.

With a smile of satisfaction, she milked his dick dry and enjoyed the taste and texture of his cum.

“Oh Carrie, that was wonderful. What did I ever do to deserve a girl like you?”

Carrie smiled then moved up on the bed to snuggle in his arms. She had found the man of her dreams, someone who could meet her mentally and support her emotionally, and equally important, an eager student. When she first met Brad, he was a sexual novice and she was more than happy to teach him the joys of sex.

She had some good teachers along the way and she thought about how it all came to be. She was never a head turner but not a ‘Plain Jane’ either. She did have one asset many of her peers lacked. She was very intelligent. She was also fortunate to grow up in an age where being a ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ was accepted. That proved especially valuable as early as junior high. She smiled as she recalled the memory of her first crush and how he put her on the path to sexual enjoyment.

She was a great swimmer and had quite the body for an eighth grader. Something nice happened after seventh grade; all of a sudden she had boobs. It was a time of being self-conscious about them. She really felt the stares from the high school boys when she enrolled in the lifesaving class. Eddie, a gorgeous guy that was a life guard and a junior in high school, soon took note and started making a move on her. She was very infatuated by his attention and how sweet he was to her. Eddie had other ideas and wanted to take advantage of her naiveté. The thought of ‘popping her cherry’ was clearly his objective.

It all started so innocently: some flirting, then asking for her help after the class, some special instructions, anything to allow closer proximity and touching. After a few days, Eddie gave her a hug and a simple kiss. That led to more of the same until finally he kissed her on the lips. From the way she reacted, Eddie knew he had scored a bull’s-eye. She, however, was taken aback and felt very flustered. Her heart was racing and she felt warm all over.

“I’ve never been kissed like that before,” she confessed while looking down and feeling embarrassed because it was true.

“Did you like it,” he asked as he pulled her chin up so he could look into her eyes.

All Carrie could do was shake her head yes.

The next kiss was even more intense for her as he pushed his tongue with enough force to part her lips. Her first reaction was to pull away. Ashamed of her inexperience, she felt unsure of what to do but she knew she liked it and more than just a little. She looked at him and he just smiled. She returned his smile then pulled his lips to hers and this time she not only invited his tongue but added hers with the kiss.

Eddie pulled her close and held her tight. He hooked a thumb around the strap of her swimsuit top and prided himself for summoning up ‘Herculean strength’ to not remove the entire top. Just thinking about fondling her lovely breasts made his dick hard and throb. There was no way she could not feel his erection and he pressed a little just to make sure. She had seen pictures of a man’s penis but feeling his hardness against her stomach put her into sensory overload. She felt her knees weaken and her heart was racing. There was a warm sensation between her legs that flustered her even more.

That night, as Carrie replayed what had occurred just a few hours earlier, she once again felt that warm sensation between her legs. Her hand instinctively reached down and was surprised by the wetness of her pussy.

Things did not go well when Carrie mentioned to her mom that Eddie wanted to ask her out. She thought her folks would be happy and was shocked at their reaction. They made it quite clear that an older boy was after only one thing. Despite their efforts there was no changing her mind.

Eddie was thrilled with Carrie’s defiance and turned on the charm even more. He was pleased that he hadn’t been too aggressive and that her kisses were getting more passionate with each meeting. Time to up the ante, he thought.

They had a ‘secret place’ where they would meet after Eddie finished his shift at the pool. Carrie would hang around the pool waiting to meet him. Seeing her in a two piece swim suit that displayed her lovely breasts, never failed to get him aroused. Watching him approach excited her and it caused her nipples illegal bahis to get hard plus her pussy warm and wet, two things she enjoyed touching every night at bedtime.

Eddie kissed her tenderly and after a few moments he moved his hands to her front and slowly slid them up until his thumbs were just touching the bottom of her breasts. She was excited and scared at the same time. Finally something she had been dreaming of was happening. But, she didn’t know what to do plus what if someone saw them and told her folks? All of that disappeared when she felt the top of her suit pulled down and her lover’s hands cupping her breasts. Weak kneed and breathing hard, she whispered, “Oh yes…Yes.”

His sensual touch was more than she had imagined and just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, he moved down and took one of her breast in his mouth and began to play with her hard nipple with his tongue.

Carrie was lost in a world of sexual bliss, of pleasures never before experienced. Eddie was excited too. He had finally achieved his first goal and the thought of getting into her pants made his dick throb. Suddenly they heard voices and the last bit of pleasure for Carrie was watching Eddie put her top back over her breasts.

“Darn,” he exclaimed. “I didn’t get a chance with the other one.”

“Maybe we’ll have better luck tomorrow, “she responded.

That night, as she lay in her bed, she closed her eyes and replayed her experience with Eddie. Her hand played with her nipple, pretending it was his tongue. She pinched and rolled her hard nipple and wished to feel his warm and wet mouth on it once again. Her breathing quickened and she felt that familiar yearning in her pussy. Without even thinking, she placed her fingers on her clit and was pleasantly surprised at how pleasurable it felt. Learning how to masturbate to orgasm would come later.

Sleep was elusive for her. She was in a battle between her emotions and her mind. She ached for Eddie’s touch and the way he brought her body alive with desire. However, she couldn’t get the warning from her parents out of her mind that she was just another conquest.

They met at the appointed time and place and it was a day that Carrie’s fears and desires clashed. Eddie wasted no time removing her top and once again she was in sensual heaven. Suddenly he took her hand and placed it against his erection, shielded only by the thin layer of his swimsuit.

Eddie’s hard-on was unmistakable and he wanted Carrie to touch it and do even more. For many days, he had been patient with the idea of having his cock in her cunt and mouth. Summer was dragging on and he wanted to cum somewhere else than in his hand. He was beginning to question his decision to pursue Carrie. Granted she had nice tits but her inexperience was growing wearisome. He decided to press the issue, so to speak, and smiled at his pun.

Carrie responded with a gasp and was in shock due to actually feeling a man’s hard penis. He made sure she felt his entire package by moving her hand from the tip to his balls. Since she didn’t withdraw her hand, he took that as a signal to go the next step and that was to quickly pull his shorts down and place her hands directly on his throbbing member.

Carrie responded as a young eighth grader would do. She looked at her hand, then back at Eddie and pushed him away.

Eddie knew there would be no more fun with Carrie and he started thinking about a replacement. He already had a girl from his class in mind. After all, she was cute and knew the score. He looked at her running away and thought, fuck it. He looked down at his cock sticking straight up and decided to jack off right there.

Carrie was an emotional mess. She didn’t know what to do or who she could even talk with. She knew what Eddie wanted but the reality of it all was too much. That night, after she had a chance to think about the day, she thought about the new experience of actually holding a man’s dick in her hand. Even though he was a jerk for doing what he did, she realized that in hindsight, seeing and holding his penis was not only erotic but actually enjoyable. There will always be Eddies out there, she thought, I just need to find the right guy to get involved with. With the image of holding his penis in her mind, she inserted a couple of fingers into her cunt. One day, it will be the real thing.

For most freshman girls, phys ed is the dreaded time of the day; not the class, but the locker room. It was the time when young girls were just developing but at different rates. Even though many tried not to stare, they wondered if her bra was real or had some help. There were a few girls like Carrie who had what others could only hope for. Although she was not one to boast, she did hold her head up high and pull her shoulders back as she walked among the others.

Being a geek with a body had its advantages. The boys hung around wanting help with their math or science homework. Then too, there were also the school dances. She never lacked illegal bahis siteleri for a partner, especially for a slow dance. Many of the boys would try to hold her tight and she would tease them by rubbing her body against their erection. She flirted but no one had her interest, yet. Fortunately, Eddie left her alone since he didn’t want anyone to know that he didn’t score.

Carrie’s freshman year ended with no boyfriend. She added romance novels to her fun reading. Many of the stories contained some pretty explicit love making scenes and her only sexual pleasure came from her fingers. How she longed to share reading those stories with a lover. One important thing occurred for her; it appeared she had finished growing. Five feet, eight inches tall and sporting a 36 C bra was right where she wanted to be.

Her sophomore year was pretty much a repeat except her folks lightened up on her ability to date. Her mom was well aware of the changes in her daughter especially when they went shopping for clothes.

The boys came around always hoping to score. She had heard or been told of the reputations of some of the girls as being “easy” and she was not going to be put in that camp. The only boys that she would let feel her breasts were her geek friends. Jocks, she learned, were the toughest to deal with. She literally had to fight them off. When word got around in that crowd that she wasn’t any fun, they left her alone. They certainly wouldn’t talk to a geek and no way in hell would they believe a geek saying they got to slip their hand under her bra.

Carrie was just left with her books and dreams. Her vivid imagination made the stories almost real plus she could incorporate her experiences with Eddie. She loved to direct the shower nozzle against her pussy while fantasizing about a lover in the shower with her. Touching herself was very pleasurable but she longed for the time when it would be someone else rubbing her clit and placing his fingers deep inside.

Everything changed during the summer following her sophomore year. This was the time of her fondest memories. A new family moved in the house next door. They had a teenage son, Pete, who was one year older and gorgeous. He was tall and handsome with the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. Maybe it was the influence of the romance novels, but for Carrie, it was love at first sight. She felt an immediate attraction and much to her surprise and delight, so did Pete. At first he wasn’t happy with the move but after seeing Carrie, he quickly changed his tune.

Fortunately for Carrie, Pete was at the same grade level but did not attend the same high school. Hanging out together after school and on weekends did not fuel the rumor mill. After a few weeks, the attraction and comfort levels merged. They were sitting on the porch just talking about their day when they found themselves in silence. For her, it was wonderful to just be with someone and enjoy the moment. She looked at him and he smiled at her. Suddenly they were in each other’s arms and kissing with wild abandon when there was a sound from the house. They pulled away quickly as his dad appeared.

“You two ok,” he asked?

“Great!” He answered as he gave her hand a squeeze.

For Carrie life couldn’t be more perfect. Living next door to the guy she adored and the heartwarming knowledge that it was mutual. That weekend they went on their first “official date”. This time they visited a park and their making out was more intense and pleasurable. Unfortunately, they were so caught up in the moment that they were not paying any attention to the time. When they finally got home, well past curfew, they both got an earful. Despite their “grounding” and the ever watchful eyes of their parents, they devised a signaling technique that allowed some secret meetings and stolen kisses.

It was a challenge but Pete and Carrie did their best to get on the good side of each other’s parents. After a few days, they relented and the dating was allowed to resume. Carrie made sure there was a wound up alarm clock in her purse from then on.

The making out sessions soon included some groping and Carrie made sure she wore a top that was easy to pull up and would allow easy access to her breasts. It didn’t take long before Pete moved his hand down to her crotch. Sensing her eagerness, he slipped his fingers under her waistband and she sighed her approval when he touched her clit. All her pent up desires were realized with several orgasms.

She couldn’t resist the urge to place her hand on the bulge that was very evident and soon she freed it from bondage. This time she was not the scared young girl she was with Eddie, but a young woman in love and eager to please her boyfriend. She took it into her hands and admired how hard and yet soft it felt. She wiped the wetness from the tip and tasted it. Nice, she thought and then traced the length of it with her lips and tongue. She was surprised at how it filled her mouth yet so very sensual. When she heard him sigh and gasp and call her name, canlı bahis siteleri she knew this was something special.

After some gentle coaching from Pete, she was soon bobbing down and up on his hard member. His hips were matching her strokes and his breathing became quick and shallow. Suddenly he cried out and filled her mouth with his load. Carrie was surprised at the amount and yet took it all. She swallowed and pumped his penis for more, eager to get every drop.

That night she knew that she wanted to go all the way and feel his beautiful dick inside. Later she told him of her desire and he was very excited about complying. However, she made it clear that as much as she enjoyed their parking activities, she didn’t want her first time to be in the car.

There were many dates to follow and when it came to parking, they both were very good at bringing each other to orgasm in the back seat. To his enjoyment, she really enjoyed giving him a BJ. Even though they lived next door, it was not easy finding time alone at either house for that “special” event.

It was mid-summer before the big day occurred. Carrie and Pete had gone to the pool and, as luck would have it, a storm rolled in and they closed the pool. They headed home and discovered her parents had gone. From the note they left, it would be a couple of hours before their return.

They read the note together and were naked before they reached her room. Fortunately, Pete had kept a condom in his pocket just waiting for ‘the day’. Carrie took great delight in putting it on his erection and then pulling it down to her love hole. She smiled up at him, then closed her eyes as he slowly filled her. It was all she had imagined it would be. So wonderful and with the man she loved. She watched his face and his look of pleasure as they made love. His breathing increased with his thrusting and soon he tensed and she felt his warm cum fill her vagina.

From then on, it was sex as often as possible. It didn’t matter if it was in the car, on a bed, or out under the stars. Their lust was intense. The stars are what Carrie remembers most because one evening she experienced her first vaginal orgasm and not only did it take her breath away, but she literally saw stars. It was an experience she would savor forever.

Carrie and Pete were inseparable or at least it seemed that way until they graduated from high school. Her parents insisted that she attend the same all-woman’s college her mother graduated from. Unfortunately it was several states away. Pete was unable to follow and enrolled in one of their state’s universities. Despite their vow to stay in touch, life happens, especially when you are a student with a scholarship as was the case for Carrie. Maintaining her grades soon left no time for Pete. Pete had the same problem with time and travel so consequently, their relationship withered and died.

There was a university nearby and it wasn’t uncommon for the boys there to hang around the dorms at her school. One boy that caught her attention was Kevin. He was in the dental college but also a very good pianist. She heard him playing the piano in their common room and when he started doing show tunes, she sang along. Soon Kevin was either at her dorm or she and other girls would drive over to his fraternity house.

It didn’t take long before a relationship developed between the two of them. By the third date, they were in his room making love. He had never dated a woman like Carrie and she was his dream come true. Although he wasn’t a virgin, his sexual experience was with only one other girl. He’d never experienced the pleasure of a blow job and when Carrie took his dick in her mouth, he knew what pure bliss was. Her technique soon had him near the edge and ready to cum. He was very surprised when she took his load in her mouth and didn’t stop pumping and stroking his cock until it was completely drained.

Although Kevin was no Pete, for Carrie he was a likable person and it felt good to have a man’s dick in her mouth and cunt. Masturbation was ok but it’s not as good as the real thing. She was both surprised and pleased that she gave him his first real BJ. It was also a bit of a revelation to her just how much she missed the sensation of a dick in her mouth and the excitement of bringing her lover to climax. How she had missed the texture and taste of cum as it pumped into her mouth.

Carrie loved to tease Kevin. When he was seated at the piano, she would sit beside him and with no one looking, she would reach over and give his cock a squeeze. It wouldn’t take long before they were up in his room and she was sucking on his cock. As often as he enjoyed cumming in her cunt, it was more fun in her mouth.

Carrie’s major was finance and she interned during the summer months at a firm in another town where her uncle was employed. Occasionally Kevin would drive up to visit on weekends and holidays. A favorite place they discovered by accident was a secluded spot at the zoo by the river. It was a hot day and the shade by the river was very inviting. Their passionate kissing added to the heat and soon clothes were peeled off and used as a blanket. Her wet cunt was very eager to be filled by his cock and he was more than happy to oblige. A new place in a public area greatly added to the excitement.

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