Celeste’s College Adventures Ch. 01

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It had seemed like my junior year of college was going to be perfect. My assigned roommate never showed up, so I had a double room all to myself. I had rearranged everything to my exact liking and sprawled my things all over the place- well, as much as one can sprawl in a small dorm room. I had no 8am classes- and 4 out of the 5 classes I enrolled in were in the same building. Ah- the joys of having most of your gen-ed out of the way. Less than three weeks into the semester, it all came crashing down on me.

I came back to my room after my last class of the week- on a Thursday no less- being an art student does have its perks- to find the RA, Tabitha, and some strange black haired girl standing in my room, moving things around.

“Excuse me, my room. What’s going on?” I said, more than a little perturbed that people were in my room, touching my things.

“This is your new roommate, Kara. She’s a transfer sophomore. I’m sure she’ll be a positive influence on you and you can help her adjust to her new school,” my RA replied in her way too perky voice, completely ignoring my pissy tone. She was a sorority girl and she was trying her damnedest to make sure she embodied every stereotype. I looked them both up and down, trying to decide whether to scream at them or just scream in general. Kara apparently misunderstood my look and grinned a devilish grin at me and looked me up and down with one eyebrow raised in appreciation. I felt the heat rush into my cheeks so I quickly turned and started moving some of my things to my side of the room, which would be the one closest to the window, of course. Once my back was to them, I decided that I needed to speak.

“Welcome Kara, I’ll get your half of the room cleaned out as quickly as I can. I don’t need any help- I’d rather move my stuff myself. Maybe Tabitha can show you around campus and I’ll be done by the time you guys get back.”

I could hear Tabitha whispering and I already knew what she was saying. It was what several of the girls in the dorm said about me and only a few had the guts to say to my face. I’m anti-social. I’m aloof, I’m bitchy, I’m too good to hang out with the other girls. So, I didn’t want to join a sorority. That doesn’t mean I’m anti-social. So, I find most of the conversations the girls in the dorm carry on to be drool, demeaning to women and just plain boring. I don’t care who is screwing who on whatever TV show is hot at the moment, nor do I care if Professor Albertson is packing something in his way too tight jeans or not. I am a nerd, and I am picky about who I spend my time with- and I was praying that Kara would be someone that I could bear to spend at least a little time around. The library was only open so late these days.

“We’ll give you an hour,” Kara said in a playful tone. She looked me up and down again and subtly licked her lips before walking out of the room. What the hell kind of room mate did they assign to me?

It was actually two hours later when I was dragging her steamer trunks out of the hall and into the room. So much for my semester of sprawl. All the furniture was lined up as it was supposed to be and all of my things were crammed into my half. I had just lain down on the bed to rest when Kara came in the room.

“Good job, Celeste. I would have been more than happy to help you, but Tabby told me you’re antisocial and don’t like people around,” she said, flopping on my bed beside me.

“It’s not that,” I stammered, taken aback and impressed at the same time by her honesty.

“no?” she asked, looking over at me grinning. “So you’re a social butterfly then?”

“Um, no.” I mumbled. “I’m just picky”

“Well, if it’s not too far beneath you, I’m going down to the Strip to see what’s going on. I think it would be cool if you came with me- a nice little room mate bonding adventure.” She raised one delicate eyebrow at me in challenge. “If that’s not your scene….”

I propped myself up and took a long look at her. What was she trying to do? She’d just met me and here she was taking it upon herself to be my social savior. I wasn’t ready for that. I mean, someone besides me was lying on my bed! That was about all the personal space invasion I could take for one day.

“I think I’ll pass this time. I’m kinda beat from moving everything around,” I replied, looking down at the floor. It was nice to be invited somewhere.

She shrugged. “Maybe next time,” she replied, with a smile. And it was a real smile- the kind that meant she really would try again.

I went about my normal routine, and as she was about to leave to go to the Strip, it was late enough for me to go to the showers. I was gathering up my bath-bag when she asked me what I was doing- I think she thought I might have changed my mind about going out. I explained that I showered between the hours of 11:30pm and 1am to increase my chance of being alone in the communal showers. I didn’t like to be around all the other girls. I hated listening to their gossip as they shouted from stall to stall. I expected her to laugh. My last room mate did. But instead she just smiled and said something about it being good that casino oyna I was doing my part to keep the morning traffic down in the girls’ rooms. I was beginning to get the feeling that I would be able to live with her for a semester. She was very to-each-their-own and laid back.

I didn’t see her much over the weekend- I was working all three days and she was in and out a lot. I noticed posters hung on her side, a new rug for the middle of the room, and various other little things. Monday morning was a surprise though. I showed up for my first class and there she was, sitting two desks over from my normal seat.

“Art or art history?” I asked, slipping into my desk. She looked up and smiled.

“Art, with an art history minor, you know in case I have to teach,” she replied with a wry grin but a sparkle in her eyes. “You?”

“Art history, but I’m hoping to teach,” I replied in my usual apologetic way. Most people didn’t understand that I was completely aware of the future job prospects in my chosen field and still I continued down that degree path.

We chatted a bit more- she told me about the art program at her old school- until the teacher came in and began class.

After class, she slipped out before I could ask if she wanted to join me for lunch and honestly, I was a little disappointed. So, I ate lunch alone, went to class then went off and did my scholarship hours filing in the admissions office and went to work. When I came back to the dorm, she was already asleep, so I grabbed my bath bag and went to the computer lab to kill a couple of hours.

Tuesday was another surprise- my second class of the day, she was there again.

“You know, I’m going to think you’re stalking me,” she said jokingly as she sat down beside me.

“Hmm, seems like you’ve got that backwards. I think you might be stalking me.” I replied in kind.

“Would you really mind if I was?” she said, with her eyebrow raised in question and that witchy grin of hers that made me blush.

I was surprised with myself though- I had a witty comeback off the cuff “I’ve had worse stalkers. At least I know if you steal my panties, they’re just on the other side of the room.”

She laughed so loud people in the hallway looked in. I was a little embarrassed, but then I laughed along because I realized that it wasn’t just what I’d said that made her laugh so much- she had opened her backpack and stuck to her plush binder was a purple velvet thong.

“Just remember, I could carry them around with me first,” she whispered as the teacher walked in the room.

Over the next couple of weeks, we established a kind of pattern. Lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays turned into lunch pretty much every day and dinner at the café on campus where I was meeting lots of new people whenever I didn’t have to work. We were really beginning to become friends. She extended her invitation to come to the Strip again. It had only been three weeks since the last time she’d tried, but I decided to accept her challenge. After all, it was going to be the first time in a month and a half that I wouldn’t have to work the following Friday. It would be a shame to waste an opportunity like that sitting in the library.

“Ok. I’m game. What should I wear?”

Her surprise was visible. “Seriously? Wow. Cool.” And somehow I could tell that she meant it.

An hour later we were walking out the door. I let her dress me, kind of. It seemed to make her day that I let her dig through my closet. I drew the line on the short skirts though. I was ok with being seen, I just didn’t want that much of me to be seen.

Once we got to the Strip, it seemed like she knew everyone. Every time we turned around, someone was shouting “Hey Kara!” She would wave, say hi, introduce me to people and we would all chat for a bit before moving on to another person. I think a couple of guys hit on me, but it had been so long since I’d even thought about dating someone, I wasn’t sure. Boys were handing her drinks everywhere we went. She was young, attractive and outgoing- the perfect pick up target. I guess the drinks were why I thought nothing of it when she started touching me more- stroking my hand as we were sitting a table talking to someone she had met in her biology class. She appeared to be engrossed in the conversation so I thought the touching was just like a fidgety thing that she did when she got drunk- something she didn’t even realize she was doing.

It was almost 2 am when she said she was ready to crash out, so we started walking back to the dorm. I think I had met more people that evening than I had ever met in my entire life, and strangely, it didn’t bother me the way copious amounts of people usually bothered me. It had actually been kind of fun. She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her.

“Have fun?” she asked, grinning like someone who had just won a battle of wills.

“Yeah, I did actually,” I replied, feeling ok with being conquered.

“Good. You’ll have to come out with me again. People seemed to really like you- you must put off some good vibe or something.”

I was a little embarrassed. slot oyna “Hrump. Maybe- I think they like you. No one offered me drinks.”

“Oh god! I know! You’re so lucky in that. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of a drink without them seeing you? I hate to be rude, but I am not interested in going to jail for underage drinking or getting the bar in trouble. Besides, I don’t think I look that easy. At least get to know me a bit before blowing six bucks on a drink to try to get me to go home with you!”

I was surprised. I had thought for sure she was drunk. “So, you’re not drunk?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Not at all. Why? Was I acting like an airhead or something?” Her bright green eyes were sparking as if she knew something I didn’t.

“No… it just didn’t realize, I guess.” I stumbled with my words, unsure of what to say, or if I really wanted to say anything or not. We were back at the dorm by this time and I decided I didn’t want to be in the room with her. I just didn’t know what to think or what to say. Maybe she was just friendly- she *was* very social, after all. I just didn’t have friends that interacted the way she did. None of them had ever put their hand on my thigh, or stroked my arm. Or looked at me the way she had.

She saved me from having to come up with an escape plan. “I’m going to go shower, I’ll see you in the morning?”

I yawned so big my face hurt. “Yeah, I’m all out of energy. I forgot what it was like going out and being social. I think we may have to ramp up to normal social behavior for me,” I said, smiling as much as I could.

“Ah you’ve gone out with me now, so I know it’s possible to get you out in a true public place- you know -one not on campus. Just wait until next weekend. If you’re not working Friday morning, you’re so going with me.” She had a big smile on her face and it made me feel good that she wanted to hang out with me more. I was realizing just how much I had alienated myself.

After she left, I changed and got in the bed and was out before she ever came back.

It was late afternoon when I woke up. She was sitting on her bed, writing on her laptop and listening to her iPod. She nodded to me as I stumbled across the room. “Where you going like that?”

“I’m going to go shower to get the smoky smell out of my hair,” I said, scooping up my shower bag.

“Eat afterwards?” she asked.

I nodded and my stomach rumbled for emphasis. “Be back soon. They should be empty at this time on a Friday.”

I was standing under the water, letting the shower just wash away my worries. It had been a kind of intense week, new social butterfly metamorphosis notwithstanding. I heard some one open the door and I couldn’t help but get all tense. Community bathrooms had taken A LOT of getting used to for me. Back at home, I didn’t even share a bathroom with my family members. Thankfully, the showers here had little changing areas that were curtained off in front of them so it wasn’t like the nightmare showers I’d heard about as a freshman. I listened for a few and didn’t hear anyone, so I assumed they must have changed their minds. I went back to my unwinding.

My eyes were closed, water was running down my face and I was just breathing deeply when I felt her touch me. My first instinct was for my eyes to pop open and to push her away, but a voice inside me said relax. Anyone could be touching me- invading my privacy in a HUGE way, but the voice also told me that I knew who it was. Panic was just under the surface though- this went more than a little beyond friendly.

Her fingers traced down the side of my face, along my jaw line, down my neck and onto my collar bone. I was still, eyes closed, breathing deep. Her other hand gently went along the curve of my breast, down my ribcage and rested on my hip. I bit my bottom lip unconsciously.

“You’re even more beautiful than I thought you would be,” she whispered, her face much closer to mine than I realized. “May I kiss you?” she asked, sounding so vulnerable.

I nodded, unable to find my voice, and afraid to actually speak. I stepped out of the water enough that it was still on my back, but no longer running down my face. Her lips touched mine very gently. They were so soft and smelled of peaches. One hand still on my hip, the other moved to my face as she began kissing me harder and faster. None of the boys I’d ever kissed had felt like her. Her body was pressed against mine in a way that felt so natural to me.

“Have you ever kissed a woman before?” she asked, between kisses.

“No. Have you?” I responded, afraid too many words would make her stop. “ummmhum,” she responded, her lips on mine. The vibration between our lips was an interesting sensation- almost like a low level shock. Her tongue wrapped around mine and she pulled me tighter to her. I felt my heart rate jump up a notch and my breathing got shallower. Her hands were moving all over my body and I realized that I could touch her too. I began, timidly, trying to mirror her touches. She pulled back a little and started caressing my breasts, rubbing my nipples with her thumbs. I was biting canlı casino siteleri my lower lip hard and I could feel the heat between my legs growing to an intensity I had never known.

“Do you want me?” she asked, taking my hand and placing it on her small firm breast. I rubbed it, like I would touch my own, nodding in response to her question. I looked her up and down- she was so perfectly beautiful. Her skin was a soft golden color all over- not like she tanned, but like she was born that way. She had the subtle hour-glass shape of a woman that liked to play outside. Not athletic enough to be boyish and not voluptuous enough to be gaudy. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anyone- more than I even knew I *could* want someone. She brushed her finger ever so gently across my clit and my eyes rolled back in my head.

“How long has it been since someone pleasured you the way you deserve to be pleasured?” she asked, her voice soft and breathy.

I was embarrassed. I’d never had sex – with a boy or a girl. I had dated in high school, a little, but the only one I’d ever gotten serious with had never been willing to ‘return the favor’, not that I had gone down on him more than a handful of times.

“I’ve never actually been with anyone,” I finally mumbled.

“Really?” she said, with a mix of excitement and doubt. I nodded. She kissed me hard. “Well then, I think we have some catching you up to do,” she said, reaching up to move the shower head to point at a wall. “Give that a minute to warm up the tile. In the meantime, I think I need to give your breasts some much needed attention- as long as you don’t mind.” She looked at me, waiting for me to let her know that it was ok to proceed. I smiled and nodded, timidly.

“This is just really strange for me, like in a not real way. Not in a bad way though,” I said, wanting her to understand that I felt like I was in a dream and that in a moment I would wake up and be terribly disappointed.

She smiled then bent her head down and began sucking on my nipples gently- flicking her tongue softly then hard as they drew up into hard little buds. It felt like little shocks along my entire body every time she did it. Nothing I’d ever done to my own breasts while masturbating even came close to the amazing way her mouth felt on me. She attended to each of my breasts, then kissed up to my neck. Pulling my wet hair off my shoulder and neck, she kissed up to the base of my ear, then started nipping at the sensitive spot behind my ear that I didn’t even know existed. I moaned unintentionally, feeling like my legs were weak beneath me. She nipped at my earlobe. That was certainly an erogenous zone no one had ever explored on me before. My stomach was fluttering and my body was tingling from just that little bit of attention.

She reached up and moved the shower’s spray to the other wall and gently maneuvered me against the warm spot. “Lean back,” she said, crouching in front of me. All of a sudden, I got terribly nervous. She ran her hands up and down my legs.

“Such lovely legs. You really shouldn’t hide them in those baggy pants.” She kissed the inside of my knee and started moving up. Gently, she pushed my legs apart so she could kiss the inside of my thigh.

“Celeste- don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.” She said looking up at me, sensing my anxiety. “If you don’t want me to, I won’t,” she was watching my face carefully.

“I do, but,” I said, embarrassed for reasons I didn’t even know. I took a few deep breaths. “I do.” I finally said, with confidence. “I do want you to.”

My hair was neatly trimmed- it was an OC kind of thing for me. I couldn’t stand it not looking right when I wore certain panties. I was so turned on, my clit was poking out a little- bright red and oh so sensitive. She touched me first, watching my face the whole time. Her delicate fingers traced gentle strokes along my lips, then small circular motions on my clit- just barely touching. It was so strange to feel someone else’s fingers there. I was relaxing with each stroke. When she slipped her fingers in my wet pussy and lowered her mouth to my clit, all anxiety left my body. The first caress of her tongue had me seeing stars, in a good way. She had ahold of my hips with both hands as she licked harder and faster. She alternated long, hard licks with fluttery lashes. My head was tilted back, my breath coming faster and faster. I could feel my orgasm building- my legs were already beginning to feel hot and tingly. My feet were buzzing with the energy. I tilted my hips towards her, needing more, wanting more, amazed at how unselfconscious I felt with her hands and mouth all over my naked body.

She took two fingers and began pumping my pussy as she licked hard and fast. I was rocking my hips in time with her, grinding against her, moaning softly. I felt it come up from my toes, moving up my legs like fire. “I’m about to come,” I said breathlessly. She didn’t stop, slow down or anything. The fire was in my thighs then it erupted all over my body as my knees went weak, my back arched off the tile and I moaned “Oh my god,” much more loudly than I think I had ever done in my life. I realized she was holding me up with both her hands, her mouth still on my clit. When she made eye contact and I started to stand on my own, she began licking me again. My knees went totally weak and I slid down the wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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