Changeling Ch. 04

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A new friend for David and Me.

Continued from Chapter 03, Brenda and I naked together in the pool of the townhouse:

We just stare into each other’s eyes for a very long moment, until she pushes her breasts into mine as she kisses me. Then she breaks away with another squeal, and swims to the other end of the pool. I quickly follow and we are both laughing and splashing each other after I catch up with her. Her body feels so good against mine, as we stand at the four-foot level, so we are in water nearly up to our necks.

She looks deeply into my eyes, and then pushes her lips into mine again. My heart is pounding and I kiss back. I play with her tits, she plays with mine giving me a tingling feeling as she does (I love having my tits fondled!). I break contact from her and challenge her to a race. As a swimmer in high school, I win easily and we play, splash, and laugh for another twenty minutes before climbing out to dry off. The night air is cool and my nipples are rock hard.

Then I get a weird idea and say to her,

“Brenda, let’s see what David is up to, shall we?”

We creep into the master bedroom and see David lying in the middle of the bed on his stomach. He is wearing a T-shirt and boxer briefs. We are whispering and laughing quietly, but the volume of our surreptitious activities rises, so I am sure David can hear, but is playing possum. We slide up to him in stealth mode from opposite sides, and start in with little kisses and touches. I say something in a whisper to Brenda, and she whispers back, “Okay!”

With that, we carefully hook our fingers into the waistband of his shorts, and slowly pull them down and off his feet. He has to be awake by now, but the little shit is feigning sleep. We both start with little kisses on his buttery-smooth ass cheeks, and kisses to each other as well. I reach under him and start to fondle his balls and as much of his penis as I can get my hands on. Brenda slides her hands under his T-shirt and up his back.

“What are you two little twin-monsters up to?” I hear my sweet husband say.

He quickly turns over and we both squeal as he grabs for the first girl he can reach, which happens to be me. We are wrestling and he is attacking all of my most ticklish parts. Brenda is fighting back, tickling him from the other side. He retaliates and as he rolls over toward Brenda, he finds himself on top of her lying between her open legs.

He stops, and realizing the compromising positon he is in, with his cock now rubbing against her naked crotch, starts to get up. My heart skips a beat seeing him on top of this girl, however accidentally it happened. Brenda looks at me, and without thinking, I say to David,

“Go ahead, darling.”

He says, “I can’t do this Donna!” and as pushes up away from Brenda, but I stop him and reiterate,

“Go ahead David, it’s okay. Please honey!” (Oh shit!! What am I doing?!)

He shifts his body a little and his cock slides under her and between her buttocks. (Am I really going to let him make love to this girl? Should I stop it?) I am in shock as she opens her legs a little more, and I see him raise his upper body and shift a little so that his hard cock easily slides into her pussy. She closes her eyes, and starts to push her hips up to meet his thrusts.

Not knowing what else to do, I slide out of the bed, and tiptoe out of the bedroom, closing the door behind me. I walk toward the kitchen regretting my decision … I don’t really know why I made it! I am allowing this! I am allowing David to have his privacy with Brenda … I can still hear their moans. I am tearing up as I reach the kitchen.

Why did I tell David it was okay to be with this girl? A momentary reaction, and now I am starting to feel sorry for myself. So, not knowing what else to do, I make coffee for myself, the steaming cup before me warms me. I see a tear splash into my coffee. I start muttering to myself,

“Shit Donna, what the hell??? You husband is in there … and he is … and she … and you are out her having coffee? WTF girl?”

I can’t very well break in on them and stop it after I kept him from correcting the situation himself. He will make love to her … he really has no choice lying on top of her petite naked form. So, yeah, he will make love to her, and … and afterward, he … he will still be my husband … I hope!

I can’t stand it any longer, and I creep down the hallway, and quietly turn the doorknob and peek in to see Brenda on top straddling David. They continue to have sex in several positions as I watch for about ten minutes. They end up back in the missionary position with David grunting as he pounds his cock into her hard. She is moaning loudly, and I can see her shuddering in a strong orgasm.

After another five minutes, which seems like an hour to me, David stiffens, and I know that he is spewing his cum four-inches inside this girl, as she screams in another strong orgasm, shuddering and convulsing. I quietly close the door, and return to the kitchen and casino siteleri sit with shoulders quaking as I am crying into my hands covering my face.

“Oh, my God! I have lost David! I have lost my darling husband, and it is all my fault because it was my lust, letting another man touch me, that lead to David meeting Brenda in the first place. I feel so empty and alone!”

I am tired now, and I am sitting with my head on the counter next to my coffee cup, sleeping fitfully. After with seems like a long while, I feel a pair of hands on my shoulders. I rouse to see David with a rather sheepish look on his handsome face.

“Come, my darling, come to bed!” he says in a calm voice.

I let David put his arms around me and lead me back to the bedroom. It is empty. David has settled Brenda in the guest bedroom and I slide into the bed with him; we both fall asleep cuddling together. I am still crying softly as I let sleep overtake me like a dark shroud. It feels so good to be back in David’s arms again, but I succumb to my emotional exhaustion.

In the morning, David is up and making us breakfast and I wander out after wrapping the sheet around my naked body, trailing most of it behind me as I plod into the kitchen.

“Good morning angel!” David says cheerily.

He sees me looking around, and answers my unasked question,

“She’s gone. She left early in the morning for home, but there is a note on the counter with her number on it.”

“She gave you her phone number, David?”

“No darling, she gave you her phone number. Read the note!”

I put out a hand still clutching the sheet with the other, and pick up the folded piece of paper from the counter. It reads,

“Dearest Donna,

I am so sorry about how things developed last night, and hope you can forgive my weakness. I love you … please call me!

Love, Brenda.”


I look at the post-scripted phone number, look up at David and set the note back on the counter. I plop into a stool at the counter and a steaming cup of coffee appears in front of me. David’s hand is on my shoulder and his lips on my neck giving me a sweet kiss.

“I love you so much Donna! Have some breakfast, let’s talk a little, and call Brenda!”

He sets a folded T-shirt and pair of shorts on the counter with a soft pair of cotton panties, and drops a pair of my favorite tennies on the floor. I drop my towel, dress, and have breakfast with David, as he does all the talking. Afterward, he steers me into the living room and we cuddle on the couch without saying a word for a good twenty minutes. I look up at him with a very sad expression and ask,

“David, do you really still love me?”

“Yes, Donna I really, really do love you! You are my sweet little wife and the girl that still fills my heart with great joy!”

“A simple ‘yes’ would have sufficed, David!” Then I start to smile a little and continue, “But I really liked all the other stuff too!” after another second or two,

“David, kiss me!”

We kiss softly but ardently for several minutes and I settle myself in his arms with a satisfied smile on my face. He whispers in my ear after a while, “Call her!”

I hesitate as I start to get up, and then I do get up and walk to the phone. I pick up the note and key in her number. I hear her voice immediately,

“Hi Donna, I’m happy you called honey!”

“Morning, Brenda!” That’s all I can manage.

“Donna, I am so sorry the way things ended last night. I felt that I had to go home and leave you and David alone. I love you Donna, but I will understand if you don’t ever want to see me again.”

“Wanna meet for lunch today Bren?”

“Oh yes! God, yes honey! Where?”

“Café at the mall? Noon?”

“Yes, I’ll be there! Bye Donna!”


David puts his arms around me, and says, “I’m proud of you Donna, you are an amazing woman!”

“David, I can’t blame you for last night, I really blame myself. I put us in this predicament.”

“Yes, but we wouldn’t have met Brenda. You know you love her, and my making love to her hasn’t hurt anything. I am still madly in love with you, and you have a new friend. Not only that, but you have a friend who is a striking twin image of you … you two can have a lot of fun with that!”

“Well, um … yeah, I guess so.” I sweetened it a little,

“David, you are right, as usual.” Then I sweetened it further into a pretty smile,

“Brenda and I are getting together for lunch, and we are going to have some fun!”

“That’s my girl!” He says with beaming a handsome smile.

I put on a pretty sundress, and even condescended to put on panties, and a bra. When I reach the café, Brenda is already there with a glass of iced tea. I approach so I can see her a little before I come into view. She seems nervous, but she needn’t be since I intend to be open and forgiving. After all, she made love to David at my insistence but after the initial hurt, there was no ill effect.

She rises when I approach, slot oyna and I immediately take her into a warm hug, kissing her on the cheek. I can feel Brenda letting go of a pent-up breath and she says,

“Donna! I am so happy to see you. We are new friends but we have already shared so much; dancing at a club, warm kisses, skinny-dipping … sex with your husband!”

We both giggle at that last remark. I have already thought about the possibility of including Brenda in my lovemaking with David. And, my husband is right; there is a lot of potential for fun between Brenda and me. I take a seat, and I can see that Brenda is absolutely beaming,

“Donna I am so, so, happy you called. Let’s have some fun today. I want us to go shopping for a couple of matching outfits just to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into with them!”

“Oh my God, Bren, I swear that I was thinking the exact same thing. I am all for it. And, maybe we can also look for some, um, toys too, if you know what I mean!”

“Um, okay. N-not sure what you want, but I am open to anything!”

We finish our lunch, and head for the shops. We start with a favorite clothing shop grabbing some things off racks and hurrying into the changing area, and into the same changing room. We quickly undress and re-dress each other laughing our heads off. Of course, this comes with a few hugs and kisses and some little touches. At the end of the frenzy, we stand next to each other looking in the mirror at two nearly identical girls wearing identical outfits.

We get another couple of such outfits, and then each shop for some personal stuff. We try on the last outfit, and I am standing in front of the mirror in only bra and panties. I see Brenda’s image in the mirror behind me, as she slides her hands around me. She kisses me on the shoulder.

Without saying a word to each other, I feel her undo my bra clasp, and slide it off my shoulders. She slides her hands around and onto my breasts and I gasp. It feels so nice that I let her do what she wishes to me. My breasts are rather full for my small shape just as hers are, and it feels wonderful to have her soft hands squeezing them. She pinches my hard nipples causing me to shudder.

I turn around and we kiss with passion, moaning and mouthing each other. She pulls away, and I feel her fingers inside the waistband of my panties, and then feel them sliding down my legs, as she stoops down in front of me to get them off. She pushes my legs apart, grabs my ass cheeks, and I feel her tongue on my little clitty, just coming out of her hiding place. she is getting me very hot, very quickly.

Her mouth replaces her fingers already on my pussy lips, and I feel her tongue slip between them. I take in a quick deep breath, and let it out in short gasps as my arousal comes upon me like a slow freight train. As the electricity builds up in my buttocks and inner thighs, I come hard with my juices flowing. She rises and places little kisses all over my face as my shuddering subsides.

“Thank you darling! That was so amazing!” I say.

“You can pay me back later, Donna! Now get your ass into these new duds!”

We are laughing and giggling loudly, pushing and tickling and apparently making some noise, and we hear a rap on the changing room door as a young female voice asks,

“Is everything okay in there?”

We are both trying to stifle our giggling and Brenda answers,

“Sure honey, come on in … but you have to take off your clothes!” and we burst into a torrent of giggles, as we heard her walking away.

I slip the dress on without benefit of bra or panties, and then I strip Brenda of her under things as well. We decide to wear our new matching dresses (au natural underneath) out of the shop, and bag our old stuff along with other purchases.

As we check out, we notice that the tall, slender Twentyish blonde behind the counter has a knowing smile on her face. She is very professional as she rings up our purchases. She hands Brenda her credit card, and me mine, then says,

“Next time you girls come in, why don’t you let me help you with your fittings … and things?”

I see Brenda’s brow scrunch with a little confusion, but I know exactly what she is saying. I simply say with a smile,

“Well (I read her name tag) Delia, that sounds like just a marvelous idea. Perhaps we will!”

She smiles and says, “Anytime!”

~ ~ ~

On the way out of the store I turn to Brenda and say in almost a whisper,

“God, she’s cute, isn’t she? We’ll have to come back here again … soon!”

Brenda just says, “Mmm Maybe!”

We are twins for the rest of the afternoon! After our shopping, we decide to stop at a nice looking sports bar for a beer, and just to show off. We both order Bud’s in longneck bottles. We are chatting quietly when a couple of guys approach. I am expecting an old and trite pickup line like, “how are you girls doing?” or “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” or “What’s your sign?” or the ever popular and ubiquitous, “Didn’t canlı casino siteleri we meet before? You look familiar!”

The tall one leans an elbow on the bar, looks into my eyes and says,

“We’re taking a survey for Green Earth International. How do you feel about protection for baby seals?”

I burst out laughing and replied, “Now that one isn’t half bad darling! Unfortunately, Jane here (indicating Brenda) is my wife (showing him my wedding rings)! Nice try though, sweetie!”

He cocks his head a little, and says, “I don’t believe that!”

“Well, okay, she and I are not married, but I am married to a wonderful guy.”

“Does that mean I can’t buy you a drink?”

“Um mostly, yes!”

I didn’t realize that as I turned in my stool to face this guy, my dress rode up a little and my upper thighs were mostly exposed. I only realize this when I see his eyes drop from my eyes, to my tits, to my exposed legs (and whatever else I was exposing, since I am not wearing underwear).

His handsome smile tells me that more than just my thighs were visible to him, however accidental. He moves a little closer, now looking closely into my eyes, flips a business card out of his pocket offers it to me and says,

“Well, darlin’ keep this; it’s worth a free drink whenever you wish!” I scan the card and reply,

“Thank you … John “Jack” Sweeney … you will be the first one I call.”

He is smart enough to recognize sass and smiles, straightens up, looks at me and at Brenda and says,

“You girls have a great day!”

He grabs his friend who before this had been talking to Brenda, and they take a table across the bar. I put his card into my purse, mostly out of habit, since people hand me business cards all the time at work. Who knows, he might be a potential client for our firm since I notice (from his card) that he is a vice-president of marketing for his firm. Brenda notices me taking his card, but says nothing.

Out of curiosity, I turn toward Brenda in the same way I did to John “Jack” and asked her,

“What can you see honey?” I drop my eyes to my lap with hers following, they widen and she says,

“Holy Shit, Donna! I can see your naked cunny!”

I teased her a little by opening my legs a little more, and she says,

“Quit it, you little slut!”

“Whore!” (I retort quickly)

“Bitch!” (she replies)

“Skank!” (then I)

At which we hug and giggle our heads off then get back to our beers, talking a little. I tell her about the little French maid outfit I bought for David. Her eyes widen and she says,

“Oh Donna! Can I be there when he tries it out?”

“Sure! He can be our little maid for an evening, and do our bidding!” I giggle.

“Ah, sounds like a scrumptious idea! Actually, I am a member of a book club, and we could have a meeting at your home, or at the townhouse, and he could be your maid there! No one in the group would know him, and they are mostly women. There are a couple of guys in the group, but mostly it is um, just the girls who show up for meetings!”

I tell her excitedly, “That sounds great! The townhouse … definitely, let it be the townhouse!”

“Okay! I’ll set it up and let you know … it is my turn anyway to have the meeting!” Then she pauses a moment, “Donna, can I come back with you so we can discuss this with David? I would like to be there when you ask him!” She says.

“Of course! You have been intimate with both of us, so I’d say that makes you like one of the family!” I reply with a soft smile.

“That sounds so wonderful! I don’t really have a family right now … my parents are gone, and I have only a married sister living across the country, whom I almost never see. I will be such … (she chokes up a little) such a wonderful twin sister to you Donna!”

I tear-up a little from the heavy moment we are having, and say, “M-maybe you c-can be more than that, sweetie!”

We look into each other’s eyes, as I feel a delicate female hand sliding over my inner thigh. I reach forward and slowly move in for a sweet kiss first feeling her breath, then her lips on mine. She hesitates for just a split-second before pressing her lips fully into mine. She pulls back, opens her lips slightly, and I massage her open lips with my lower lip. I give her light little kisses. We slowly part lips; I look deeply into her eyes, so similar to mine.

Sometime during our most intimate kiss, I had scooted a little toward her, and uses her fingers to massage my inner thigh, high up. After our kiss, I take her hand and kiss her fingers, still looking deeply into her incredible dark brown eyes. I glance to the right to see John “Jack” with his friends watching the entire thing, with a smile on his handsome face.

“Let’s go sweetie!” I say softly, and Brenda follows me out of the bar after I deposit some bills on the counter, enough to leave the bartender a nice tip.

“Thank you ladies!” I hear her say over my shoulder as we walk out.

We drive directly back to the townhouse where we find David getting out of the pool, with the water dripping off of his slender body. He grabs a beer out of the refrigerator, and I grab a large towel from the counter to help dry him off.

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