Chasing The Perfect Chub

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Gerry was one hot chub and he knew it. A face as handsome as the devil would hand out with come to bed eyes and a mouth that was made for kissing and sucking was just the start of it.

He had broad shoulders and a great big, hairy chest that was home to two large, brown nipples that jutted out like little javelins. His big, firm beer belly rose up underneath his chest and gave way to an immensely hairy bush and a surprisingly long and thin, uncircumcized cock that hung over a pair of super fat, hairy brown nuts. His tree trunk thighs and shapely legs were covered in dark brown fur. But it was his ass that broke many a chaser’s heart. It was big and round and firm and as smooth as the day he was born. It was as pale as alabaster, contrasting with his olive complexion.

When I say that Gerry knew he was hot it doesn’t mean he was arrogant. Far from it; it just means he knew his worth and was not shy to get what he wanted. Sometimes when he was feeling lazy he let chasers hunt him down. At other times he charmed and seduced his way into men’s hearts. Gerry liked every kind of man going. One week I’d see him hanging around with some skinny, smooth twink with pretty boy looks and then the next he would be with a hunky black stud. I’ve watched him fuck an ass as fat as his own or get poked by a silver fox. Gerry liked men and fortunately for me, one hot summer, Gerry liked me.

The moment I saw him at the pool I knew I had to have him. His swimsuit could hardly contain that flesh boulders that were his gorgeous ass. I watched those beefy cheeks bouncing up and down as he walked over to the bar to get a drink. When he turned around I gasped as I caught sight of the top of his pubic bush and saw how his fat nuts filled out and strained the material of his swimsuit. He caught me staring and flashed me a smile.

With weak knees I lay down on my sun lounger and tried to hide my boner. I was lying there pretending to be miles away when the drinks waiter appeared and handed me a beer. I was about to protest that I hadn’t ordered one when he told me it was from ‘the gentleman over there’. He nodded in Gerry’s direction and my heart skipped a beat as I flashed him a smile and accepted his drink.

Well, even if I wasn’t into chunky, hairy, beefy, studly men Gerry would still have had his way with me. He came over and introduced himself and he was just so charming that I felt like I was the only man in the world. We casino siteleri both knew what we wanted but I wanted to string it out andmake it last. It felt so good having his undivided attention and I was really getting off on drinking in his beauty, trying to guess what his cock looked like, what his butthole would feel like as I slid home later on. Gerry knew exactly what to say and which buttons to push. I think he would be able to seduce even the most homophobic straight man if he set his mind to it.

He told me he was going for a quick dip in the pool. I wanted to join him, to keep the conversation going, but I also wanted to see what he looked like as he rose, wet and dripping from the water. It was well worth the wait. His swimsuit was slung even lower down as he climbed out of the water and I swear I caught sight of the top of his cock. It was just a quick flash of pale skin and then it was gone as he tugged on his swimsuit. It still clung to his manly flesh and he came and stood over me and let the cold water drip onto my chest. I could feel my cock stiffen and I did nothing to hide it.

‘You might like getting hard in public,’ Gerry said to me ‘but I might get arrested if I got down on my knees and did to that hot cock what I want to do.’

I told him that I needed to have him right away but he said I would have to wait until he got me home first. Ten minutes later we were back at his place. The moment the front door closed I was in his arms, kissing those cherry ripe lips of his. His kisses were out of this world. I literally felt faint as his tongued duelled with mine and his large hands clasped me close to his hairy, beer belly. My own hands reached around and grabbed hold of that massive man mound of his. It felt both solid and soft and yielding at the same time. I massaged his beefy cheeks through the material of his swim suit before slipping a hand down onto his smooth cheeks that were still cool and damp from the swimming pool.

As much as I loved kissing him I could not wait to have his ass any longer. I broke off the kiss and dropped to my knees and tugged at his swim suit. He stepped out of it and his slender, eight inch cock slapped up against his belly. It was a real beauty, perfectly straight and pale with a rosy crown. I took in my hand and admired it for a moment or two before greedily slurping it down my throat. I fondled his fuzzy nuts as I worked his rod in and out of my mouth slot oyna while he sighed and moaned. After five minutes he pulled me to my feet and bodily lifted me into his arms and carried me into the bedroom where he threw me onto the bed.

In a few seconds he had ripped off my swim suit and had gobbled up my throbbing tool. His large hands stroked my thighs and cupped my nuts. I felt a finger stray into my crack and prod at my little slut hole. He was gurgling deep in his throat like he would die of lust or something. He quickly flicked me over and I felt his tongue rasp over my rosebud. I yelped as a lightning bolt of pleasure shot through me. His left hand slid under my balls and grabbed the base of my cock. I don’t think I have ever been eaten out like that. I was a quivering wreck by the time he pulled away and I felt his slim arrowhead rub against my spit wet hole.

I was so desperate for him that I thrust back to meet him. He gave a gentle nudge and then he was inside me, moaning softly and telling me how warm and tight I was. He lay his full weight on my back for a minute or two and I felt like I was the most protected man alive. Then he started to fuck. We were both so horny that there was no holding him back. He fucked me hard, and the harder he fucked the harder I wanted it. My ass was alive to the poking of his skinny dick and the sensation of being brushed by his monster nuts and hairy belly. All too soon I heard his breathing change and he squealed like a wounded warthog as those big spunk bags started to off load deep in my hungry ass.

He pulled out of me and cuddled me close and within minutes was fast asleep. I lay there, feeling very contended and listened to his gentle breathing. I wasn’t sure whether to slip away or hang around. After all, I still hadn’t got what I really wanted which was a piece of his husky ass.

He woke about a half-hour later and said we should have a bath. He was so incredibly gentle as he lathered me up and then dried me off. He told me he wanted to fix me a meal and I readily agreed. A few hours later after a really good meal and a nice bottle of red wine I was ready for round two.

We kissed and cuddled on the sofa for a while until my aching cock demanded some action. I asked him if we could go into the bedroom and he led me there by the hand. Watching him undress I was struck with lust once more. I don’t know how to describe to you how beautiful Gerry was. canlı casino siteleri I told him I wanted to give him a massage and he lay down on the bed and I spent a very enjoyable half hour letting my hands wander all over his warm flesh. But then the beauty of his butt got to me. I massaged those chunky cheeky and he sighed softly. I hefted them apart to reveal his warm brown truffle. I pressed my nose into his crack and inhaled deeply; the heady mix of scented soap and his own funky man musk filled my nostrils and blew my lust into overdrive.

My tongue traced over the wrinkles of his asshole before plunging in. He spread his muscled thighs further apart to allow me better access and I really went to town. It was as if I forgot every other thing in the world, even my own name; all that mattered was eating that sexy ass. I licked my thumb and eased in into his hot hole. His assring clasped my thumb tight and he begged me to fuck him. I asked where the lube was and he told me where to find it. With trembling fingers I lubed him up and applied a dollop to my own thick cock. The cooling gel just about made me jump out of my skin.

My cockhead was soon warmed up as I pressed it against his pucker and his asslips melted around my cock and I buried my bone deep inside his chunky body. I moved slowly, savouring the delicious feeling all along my shaft and over the sensitive head. This ass…this ass, it was beyond perfection. I wanted our fuck to last forever but how could I hold back against the silky warmth of his interior, and the feel of his powerful assring clamping down on my shaft, and the power of all that was going on inside my head. I was so turned on that I was finding it hard to breath let alone hold out. Each stroke was better than the last, taking me closer and closer to the edge.

When my big, beefy assed chub started squirming underneath me and begging me to flood his guts with my jism I could only respond by doing just that. I was blown away by the force of my orgasm; I think I blacked out for a split second as my aching cock found relief by pumping out a massive load. Each spurt sent a shiver of delight through my body and when I was done spurting I collapsed onto Gerry’s broad back and lay panting for a few minutes.

We took another warm bath before climbing into bed. For two months my world was just perfect. But after that Gerry started getting itchy feet. He had to move on and I knew that if we were to stay friends I had to let him go. He still drops by every now and then and wiggles that ass at me and when he does I just know I’m going to have some of the hottest sex I will ever have.

Copyright 2006 Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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