Cheating Ch. 03

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Part 3 (J’s Nasty Night)…

Getting fucked for the first time was the shit. It totally blew my mind that my boy, Derrick, was the one that got up in me. Before that night, it never crossed my mind that he even looked at me in that way. I was always curious about what it was like to get fucked, but no nigga was hard enough for me to give my shit up to.

Every dude that stepped to me was a vers or a bottom. I wasn’t about to let none of them kats climb my back, yo. Fuck all that. D had enough swag & sex appeal to get me, though. I still loved my boo, Lance, but D had some shit that I couldn’t pass up.

Our friendship didn’t change at all. We were still boys, but D just laid down some dick ever so often. I was coming from the bathroom the other night when I saw D laying down stroking his dick. Man, that muthafucker looked so good. Lance was in my bed sleep, so I took the opportunity to get me some good pipe. I got in casino oyna D’s room and closed the door.

“Ay, J, what you doing?”

“I came in here to see if you needed any help.”

“It would be nice, but your man is in the next room sleep. That wouldn’t be cool.”

“Damn, I guess you’re right.”

“I’m always right. You can have some of this good dick tomorrow after Lance leaves. I ain’t trying to be no home wrecker and shit.”

“Damn. Aight, man…”

I left D’s room and went back to mines. The sight of my boy asshole naked got me riled up, so I woke Lance up with some soft kisses. If I couldn’t get any dick, some ass would have to suffice.

Lance turned around and kissed me deeply. We tore each other’s clothes off and got to work. I kissed down his body and got to his ass and tongued it down. I hadn’t noticed that D snuck in my room while I was eating my boo out. I felt a thick, hard slot oyna dick slap me on my ass. Then a tongue invaded my booty.

Damn, it was a good feeling to have a tongue up in me while I feasted on another ass. I got up and laid back on the bed. D got up on me & Lance, and then pulled his dick out of his boxers. He guided both of our heads to his dick. My boyfriend & I were sucking my best friend’s dick at the same time! This shit was wild!

Lance & I kissed with D’s precum between our tongues. It tasted so sweet. D laid on his back and Lance straddled his face. I suited him up and sat on his fat rod. I sucked my boo’s nipples while he bounced on D’s face. I grinded my hips onto my boy’s, getting him as deep in me as I could.

I got up off of D and got on my back. Lance got me a rubber and slid on my dick while D got back in my guts. The feeling of being penetrated while penetrating drove me insane, yo!

Before canlı casino siteleri I could nut, D grabbed Lance by the neck and got him off my dick. He put my boo on his knees and started banging him in. I shoved my dick in Lance’s mouth to keep him from moaning so load. D & I looked into each other’s eyes as we filled Lance up to the hilt. I felt my nuts tingle, and I couldn’t take anymore. I shot a load down my boo’s throat, while he came from my boy fucking him down.

“I see the both of you muthafuckers nutted, now it’s my turn. Both of ya’ll get on your fucking knees!”

Me & Lance both kneeled down and met D’s fat nut. It sprayed over our faces. He smacked us on our lips until every drop was out. I couldn’t believe that I just let my boy fuck me & my boo! He bitched us both out. You would think that this would have complicated things for the 3 of us, but it didn’t. My relationship with Lance got stronger, while my friendship with D was unbreakable.

My boo & I came to an understanding and decided to have an open relationship, full of honesty. We didn’t wanna complicate things with D, so we didn’t fuck around with him anymore, together that is…

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