Christmas Tryst

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I was standing in front of the mirror when Laura got home. Our eyes met in the mirror as I put on my earrings, and she bent down to leave her briefcase next to the door. She wore a charcoal gray suit with matching vest, a navy blue tie and a sky blue shirt. Her dark brown hair was secured in a tight bun. She crossed the floor in bare feet, and I knew her shoes were lying next to the love seat downstairs.

“Good evening,” she whispered. She kissed my neck and ran her tongue over the shell of my ear. I shuddered and pressed back against her, dressed only in my strapless black bra, black panties and stockings. She put her hands on my hips and looked at my reflection in the mirror. “Is this what you’re wearing this evening? Because I may dress to match.”

I smiled and said, “No. You’re not as late as I led you to believe.” I turned in her arms and said, “We have an hour.” Her left eyebrow went up and I shook my head. “An hour that includes you showering and getting dressed and driving to the house. Behave.” I angled my head toward her and she kissed my lips. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and her hands moved down to my ass. I felt her fingers through the material of my panties and I suddenly regretted shooting her down so completely.

When she broke the kiss, she moved her lips along my cheek to whisper in my ear. “Leave the panties here.” She sniffed my neck, taking a moment to appreciate my perfume, and then slipped away. In the bathroom doorway, she shrugged out of her suit jacket. Something about the back of her shirt, the wrinkles in her vest, turned me on. She turned to close the door, saw me watching her, and smiled.

I waved my fingers at her, looked at my reflection in the mirror, and slid my panties down my legs and kicked them away.


The resort was lit up like a fortress in the woods, coming into view as we rounded a curve on the dirt road. I handed the keys over to the valet and gathered my shawl around my shoulders. I wore a wine-colored dress with thin shoulder straps, cut low on the chest and high on the leg. Laura put her arm through mine and pulled me close. Her hair was down, resting on her shoulders. She had changed into a dark black suit. The two halves of the jacket parted just enough to reveal the lace at the top of her blue camisole.

A discreet sign pointed us toward a cobblestone walkway covered by an arched trellis. Ivy and tiny white fairy lights trailed through the latticework. We walked through the tunnel of lights and greenery and found a pair of open doors that led to a ballroom. A dozen people filled a room large enough for easily ten times that amount. A trio of chandeliers hung from the ceiling, accenting the flickering candlelight from sconces along the wall.

A man in a white tuxedo approached us with a smile. I reached into my purse and withdrew the invitation we’d received in the mail. The resort was newly renovated, and this was the first Christmas party held in the ballroom. The invitation was simple; the words ‘Traditions have to start sometime’ written in gold script, with the address, date and time written underneath.

I handed the invitation to the man, and he smiled. “Welcome to my resort, Ms. Seward.”

I thanked him and he slipped away to deal with the next arrivals. I led Laura across the floor as the band played genteel dance music. A few couples swayed on the dance floor, but I felt awkward at the idea of dancing when there were so few guests. So we stood next to the refreshment table. I took a champagne flute, handed it to Laura, and watched as she tilted her head back and took a sip.

My eyes trailed over her throat, down to the wedge of her chest exposed by her jacket. When she turned toward me, I saw a bead of wetness on her upper lip. I reached out and wiped it away with my finger, and she sucked it into her mouth. Our eyes locked as she sucked gently, and a smile danced on her lips when I pulled my finger free.

We made the rounds of the room, pausing to talk to people Laura new from the practice. I smiled when introduced, idly listening to talk of work and cases. I sipped my champagne, dutifully draping my arm around hers as I scanned the room and tried to drown out her voice.

I spotted her first, a blonde with perfect Barbie doll features. Her eyes were wide and startled, blue as ice, and her lips were painted pale pink. Her blonde hair trailed down her back in a complex ponytail and, when she turned to look toward the refreshments, I saw that her pearl white dress dipped low enough to see the dimples above her rear end. I stood, transfixed by the line of her spine, and watched as she crossed the room. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-five, and I took a slow sip of my champagne.

“Laura,” I said softly. She turned and looked at me. “I need a refill.”

“Oh,” Laura said. She excused herself from her friends and led me across the room. I slid my hand down to hers and laced our fingers together. “I’m sorry if I was boring you,” she said.

I casino şirketleri smiled. “You never bore me. I just needed a refill.”

We arrived at the refreshment table and I made sure Laura was between me and the blonde bombshell. Up close, her skin was even more flawless. She looked up as we approached, gave us a shy smile, and moved to one side to give us more room. Laura immediately took in the woman’s bare arms, her small breasts and the gentle slope of her spine. I knew that look well; it was the look that meant Laura was picturing you naked, tangled in sheets, arching up into an orgasm. Preferably one she had caused herself.

Laura held out her hand. “Laura Sanchez,” she said. “This is my partner, Lynn Seward.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” the woman said. Her voice had a thick accent, but it was clear she was fluent in the language. She took Laura’s hand, squeezing the fingers gently. “Katya Martynova.”

“A beautiful name,” Laura said. She kept Katya’s hand in hers and said, “So what do you do, Katya?”

I put my hand in the small of Laura’s back and she turned to look at me. I smiled, dipped my chin, and stepped away from the table. Laura watched me go, and then turned to focus on Katya again. I picked up another glass of champagne from the table and meandered deeper into the room. More guests had arrived, and I greeted faces familiar to me from work and from the newspaper.

Meghan, the resort’s owner, was standing by the doors, and I took a moment to compliment her on how quickly the place had come together. Laura and I had been there a few times, weekend getaways from the urban sprawl, and we both adored the place. “It’s still a work in progress,” she said, “but I’m happy with it.”

I danced with Helena Thompson, a paralegal from Laura’s office I occasionally flirted with when I stopped by to have lunch with her, and we pecked lips when the song ended. “Is Laura here tonight?” she asked, her hands teasing the straps of my dress.

I knew what she was asking, so I smiled and kissed her again, longer this time. “Another night, maybe,” I said.

She smiled. “I’m going to hold you to that.”

We parted ways and I went in search of my love. The music had gotten louder, and the party was in full swing. I kept getting sidetracked by people who wanted to chat, but all I wanted was to dance with Laura. I needed to feel her in my arms, to hold her, sway with her. I reached the far end of the room without a sighting, turning to examine the room thinking I might have missed her. I thought perhaps she had persuaded Katya onto the dance floor.

I smiled at the thought. My dear Laura had a thing for exotic blondes, and Katya was definitely a prime example of that. I thought about her accent; definitely Slavic. I brought my champagne glass to my lips when I heard Laura’s voice behind me. It was quiet, barely a whisper, but I knew that voice like a mother knows her child’s footsteps. I turned and searched for the origin, taking a few steps toward it.

Most of the ballroom doors were closed, the rest of the building supposedly off-limits. But one set of doors was open a crack. I pushed it open far enough to see a dimly-lit hallway. Preparation tables for the caterers took up most of the space, but there were potted plants that I assumed were permanent installations. I stepped into the hall and moved behind one of the plants.

Laura was at the end of the hallway, framed by an arched window. In the glass, I could see Katya was standing in front of her, Laura’s hands skimming up and down Katya’s bare arms. Laura’s head was bowed and she was speaking so low I could only hear a quiet murmur. Katya’s eyes were wide, focused on the scenery outside, breathing hard. Her lips were parted and she gasped as Laura’s hands moved to her breasts and squeezed them through her dress.

*”Leave the panties here,”* Laura’s command from earlier in the night, and I smiled. I pressed my back against the wall, hoping the plant was large enough to hide me, and spread my feet apart. I inched my dress up over my thighs, watching as Laura pulled Katya tighter against her. They were both breathing hard now, and Laura gently bit Katya on the neck. I bit my lip to stifle a moan, and Katya’s hand appeared on Laura’s hip.

“We can’t,” Katya said, her voice barely a whisper but carried as an echo in the hallway. “You have a, a lover.”

“We understand each other,” Laura said. At that point, her eyes flicked up and seemed to find me in the reflection. I didn’t know if she was looking at me or some object out in the lawn, but she kept the contact long enough that I knew she was trying to get a message through to me. I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t want to break the spell by letting her know for sure I was there. Eventually, Laura lowered her head and kissed Katya’s neck.

Katya moaned something in another language and her fingers tightened on Laura’s hip, fingers digging into the flesh of her ass. I held my dress out of the casino firmaları way with one hand, sliding the fingers of the other over my thigh. Up and down, gently brushing, teasing myself as I watched Laura explore the stranger’s body in her arms.

Laura lifted Katya’s dress and I saw a pair of dainty white panties, see-through lace. Laura cupped it with her palm and Katya gasped, arched her back, and I saw her nipples were hard against her dress. Damn the window and its fuzzy reflection; why couldn’t Laura have done this in front of a mirror? Or, hell, as long as I’m wishing, why didn’t she just bring Katya home and give me front row seats?

I ran one finger along my labia, gathering moisture, and resisted the urge to sigh. I knew that Laura was teasing as well, running two fingers back and forth over Katya’s panties until it became too much. I closed my eyes and flashed back to the first time Laura had done that to me, sitting in her office. She was sitting on the desk, I was her client. Her foot, almost black in her stocking, eased my skirt out of the way, and I held my breath as it pressed between my legs. The look in her eyes, the question of whether she had gone too far, evaporating as I gripped the arms of the chair and rocked my hips against hers.

The two of us, fresh from court, fully dressed except for her right shoe. I fell in love with her right then and there, watching how aroused she got watching me come. Flirting with danger, having sex in her unlocked office. But even if someone had walked in, she could have just dropped her foot. No one would have been the wiser.

But oh… if someone had been watching…

I opened my eyes in time to see Laura slip her hand into Katya’s panties. Laura was whispering again, her lips against the shell of Katya’s ear. I would have given anything to know what Laura was saying, would have risked ruining the moment just to walk up behind them and join the fun. But that wasn’t what this game was about. I slipped one finger into myself and rolled my shoulders against the wall, watching Katya throw her head back in silent passion.

Laura’s hips were rocking forward, mimicking the act of fucking as her hand pressed into Katya. Laura moved her free hand up and tugged down the zipper at the back of Katya’s dress. The bodice fell forward and I saw that her bra matched her panties. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning when Laura pinched her nipple through the lace, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger.

Katya was moaning loudly now, and I wondered if people in the main hall could hear. My heart pounded; someone might come to investigate any second now. They would find me, hand between my legs, skirt up, fingering myself furiously as my lover fucked another woman twenty yards away. I sighed and strummed my thumb across my clit. I brought my legs together as I came, thrusting against my hand until the waves passed.

When I looked down the hall again, Katya was quietly panting. Her perfect skin was flushed pink, her mouth open and her lower lip trembling so deliciously. I wanted to take it between my teeth, hold it, sweep my tongue across it while Laura dropped to her knees and… oh, would Laura rim you, my dear? Or would she just fuck you with her tongue? I whimpered and brushed my clit again, breath ragged, skin burning hot.

Katya sagged forward and pressed her forehead against the window. Laura kept her body tight to Katya’s rear, holding her close, gently rocking her hips forward as Katya came down off her orgasm. Laura pulled back, helped Katya back into her dress, and kissed the back of her neck. She held her hand out to one side, her fingers glistening in the dim light of the hall. Katya turned and looked at Laura, eyes wide and innocent, and she licked her lips.

“There’s a bathroom down this hallway,” Laura said. “Third door on the right. Splash some water on your face. Compose yourself. Thank you for the dance.”

Katya nodded, understanding the brush-off, and wandered down the hall in a daze. Laura watched her go, then turned and walked back toward the dance hall. She saw me out of the corner of her eye and stopped, turning to face me fully. She ignored my lifted dress, my exposed pubic hair, and instead looked into my eyes.

I held out my hand to her, and she stepped forward. She parted her lips and took my wet fingers into her mouth. She brought her hand up, brushed her fingers across my lips. I licked them, sucked the slender digits one at a time, and moaned at the taste of the flawless blonde. When we were finished, we dropped our hands and came together like two bits of magnet.

I kissed her hard, and she moaned into my mouth, her fingers buried in my hair. I sucked her tongue, she slipped her leg between both of mine. I broke the kiss and slipped my hand into her jacket. I pinched her nipple through her sheer top and she grunted in pleasure. “She’s coming back any second,” I whispered. “She shouldn’t see me here.”

“Okay,” güvenilir casino Laura said.

I kissed her again, then pushed her away. Laura straightened her clothes as I pulled my dress down. I ran a finger along my bottom lip, tasting Laura mixed with Katya, and walked back to the ballroom. Ten minutes later, I was engrossed in conversation with a local doctor. I felt a touch on my shoulder and turned to see Laura. “Oh, hello, dear.” I leaned in and kissed her lips. “Dr. Gunn, you know my partner, Laura Sanchez.”

Laura and the doctor exchanged pleasantries, and Laura slipped her arm around my waist. She placed something in my jacket pocket, but I didn’t stop to see what it was until later.

The next time I was alone again, Laura off with another lawyer from her firm talking boring legalities, I remembered Laura’s covert move. I reached into my pocket and withdrew a pair of black panties. I recognized them as Laura’s. The pale pink lipstick on the crotch, however, belonged to Katya Martynova.

I smiled, brought the panties to my nose to surreptitiously smell them, and returned them to my pocket.


We left the resort a little past eleven. We found Meghan and thanked her for the invite. “You’ll have to come again on New Years Eve,” she said.

I assured her we wouldn’t miss it, and waited at the valet stand for our keys. It happened that we were alone outside, so once the valet left to fetch our car, I turned to Laura and said, “You will sit in the backseat when the car comes. Am I understood?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Laura said, having the good sense to at least appear contrite.

The car arrived and I went around the front to take the keys from the driver. Laura got into the backseat on the passenger side, drawing a confused look from the valet. We ignored him and I pulled away from the curb. The headlights cut through the darkness ahead of us as I followed the winding road away from the resort. When we were far enough that I couldn’t see the resort’s lights in my rearview, I glanced in the rearview and saw Laura was watching me.

“Tell me,” I said. “Everything.”

“How much did you see?”

“I saw you fuck her in front of the window. I saw you tell her to splash some water on her face.”

Laura nodded. “When she came back, there was a bead of water on her lip. I kissed it away. She tasted so sweet, I couldn’t stop. I pushed her against the wall. I told her how sweet she was, and she wanted to taste me. I took off my shoes and pants, standing in the middle of the corridor, naked from the waist down. She knelt in front of me, licked my thighs. She kissed me through my underwear, teased my clit with the tip of her tongue…”

Laura’s voice was rough, and I had moved one hand between my legs. “Don’t touch yourself,” I told her. I looked in the mirror and saw her arms move to the back of the seat. She whimpered slightly, but otherwise didn’t complain. She was always a good girl… when it suited her. I smiled and focused on the road again. “How was she?”

“Fabulous. She had such a small tongue… so adept. She would… flick it against me, and it was like a shockwave. She put one finger inside of me, and it was so slender, so barely there. It was like being fucked by a shadow. A bright, shining shadow.” She chuckled, and I could hear the desire in her voice.

I was lightly brushing my fingers over my labia, feeling how wet I was. “Why didn’t you invite her home with us?”

“I invited her, but she had an appointment. She needed to be up early, so she was staying at the resort before catching a flight.”

“Pity,” I said. But our loss may be Meghan’s gain. “Would you have fucked her? Taken off her clothes, covered her body with yours, fucked that sweet pussy?”

Suddenly, Laura was right behind me. Her lips brushed my ear, her hands sliding around and pinning me to the seat. She found my breasts as her tongue swirled in my ear. “No,” she whispered. “I would be worried about breaking the poor thing. So fragile. Not like you, my dear, not at all like you.”

I rocked my hips against my hand and said, “I should focus on driving.”

“Okay,” she whispered. She kissed my neck and fell back into the seat. “Get us home safely, darling.”

I smiled, withdrew my fingers, and brushed them across my bottom lip.


Laura carried me into the bedroom and spread me out on the blankets. She took off my shoes, but left me otherwise fully dressed. She kissed the arches of both feet and then placed them on the edge of the mattress. I pulled my dress up and she looked hungrily at my wetness as she backed away from the bed.

First, the jacket went. She undid the buttons, let it fall to reveal the top of her blue camisole. Her shoulders were pale in the dim light from the hallway, her nipples hard against the silk of her underwear. I licked my lips and watched her undo the button of her pants, push them down, and kick them away.

She knelt next to the bed and kissed my thighs. She ran her tongue up to my crotch, her hair tickling my sensitive flesh, and I closed my eyes. I clutched the sheets and fought the urge to thrust my hips against her, fought the instinct that made me want to shove her face into my pussy.

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