College Boy

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I knew I was gay all through high school, but growing up in a town of eight hundred in West Virginia I never really had a chance to explore my sexuality with others. By the time I moved into the dorms at a small art school in Boston I was ready to do some experimenting!

My roommate in the dorms was another Midwestern boy who played lacrosse on the schools team. He was cute and a bit jockish but he seemed very aggressively hetero and I didn’t really think he was the best person to come out to for the first time. After the first few days of moving in we settled into a routine where after class he would go to workouts and practice and I would watch DVDs or waste time on the internet before dinner.

I still had my old family AOL account and I would sometimes linger in the gay Boston chatrooms. Unlike home, there were a bunch of different chatrooms for gay guys in Boston, and I was amazed at how many men must be around the city. I started trading IM’s with a man named Tennisfan36 who had noticed a picture of me on my high school tennis team in my profile. He asked what I was doing in the Boston room seeing that I live in West Virginia and I told him that I had just moved into town to go to college. He sent me a picture of himself and I must say that I was impressed with the way he looked. He appeared to be in his early 40s, wearing an impressive suit with a strong jaw and dark brown eyes. I thought he looked a bit like Pierce Brosnan.

After a few more minutes of chatting he asked what I was doing later that night. It was around 6pm and I was about to go eat dinner in the schools dining hall before coming back upstairs to watch TV. He asked if I would like to go get a drink with him at a bar near the school. I told him that I didn’t have a fake ID and I’d learned that Boston bars are notorious for carding anyone and everyone.

Tennisfan36: If you dress hot and come with me, i can get you in

I told him I’d think about it and that I had to go get dinner, then I shut off my computer and went down to the dining hall.

While loading my tray with gross looking pizza and tater tots down in the dining hall I started to think about the chat. He really was amazingly handsome and I thought that he would be gentle with me. I had never done anything with another man and while I was ready to experiment I was still very nervous about my first time. I ended up throwing out the pizza without taking a bite and going back upstairs to my room.

Upstairs my roommate had arrived home from practice and was watching TV. I said hello and then nonchalantly opened my laptop facing away from him. I muted the speakers and logged onto AOL while pretending to watch an episode of Pros vs. Joes. Tennisfan36 was still online!

WstVkid: is your offer still good? Tennisfan36: absolutely, i know a place we can get a drink WstVkid: can i call you?

He gave me his phone number and I quickly punched it into my cell. Then I logged off and closed my laptop. I told my roommate I was thinking of going to see a movie and quickly slipped out of the dorm room.

Outside on the street I called the number nervously. Tennisfan36 introduced himself as Charles and I told him my name was Tim. He gave me his address and told me to just take a cab and call him when I got there, he would pay for it. I quickly flagged down a cab and nervously told the driver the address, I chewed my nails as we drove through the brisk Boston evening.

When we arrived at the red bricked townhouse in the Back Bay, Charles was standing on the curb looking dashing in a dark blue suit. He paid the driver and shook my hand formally introducing himself. I sort of blushed and followed him up the stoop and into his townhouse. The townhouse was a gorgeous three story affair with hardwood floors and cathedral ceilings. I was amazed at how expensive everything looked, Charles led me into the kitchen where he gestured for me to have a seat at the table.

“It’s very nice to meet you Tim, I’m very happy to be able to escort you out to have a drink tonight.”

“Thanks a lot Charles, to be honest, I’ve never done anything like this before.” I looked down at the table sheepishly.

“What sort of thing? Be with a man? Or go to a bar?” Charles’ voice was soft and reassuring.

“Everything actually. I’ve never been with a man, I’ve never been to a bar.”

“But you are gay right?”

I looked up into his dark handsome eyes and felt myself flush with lust and attraction. “Yeah, I’m definitely gay.” I smiled up at him.

There was a twinkle in Charles’ eye. “Then I know the perfect place to go tonight!”

“Are you sure it will be ok?” Charles reached across the table and held my hand.

“Yes Tim I promise, you’ll love it. Let me just go get changed.” He stood up with me and kissed me lightly on the cheek which sent goose bumps all over my body. “Feel free to look around and help yourself to anything in the fridge, it will only take a few minutes.” Charles left me and I watched him walk upstairs. I looked around the kitchen and casino oyna then wandered into the foyer where there was a bedroom. Flicking on the lights I noticed the walls were pink and posters for the Pussycat Dolls and various bare-chested hip hop stars adored the walls. A pair of black pvc pants. I picked up the hanger and inspected the shiny material.

“You could probably pull those off you’re so thin.” Charles was standing in the doorway in jeans and a white button down shirt.

“You scared me!” I blushed ” I wasn’t snooping, I just didn’t know who’s room this was!” My cheeks were hot and I felt like I had been caught committing a crime.

“Oh it’s fine Timmy, it’s my daughters room, I get her every other weekend.”

“I see.” I still felt ashamed.

“You wanna try them on?” His shirt was unbuttoned on top revealing dark sexy chest hair and a muscular physique.

“No, I mean they’re girls pants.” He stepped forward and put his arms on my shoulders. As he leaned in to whisper in my ear my face came close with his chest and I could smell his intoxicating musk.

“Trust me Timmy, in the place we’re going these will help you fit in. Go try them on.” I nodded and quietly took the pants into the bathroom to change.

Inside I found that the pants were long enough to fit me, but absolutely skin tight. My boxers felt like a big puffy balloon inside them and I stripped them off and put the pants on my naked flesh. Charles was waiting for me when I got out of the bathroom. “Those show off your assets quite nicely Timmy.” He said. “Now let’s catch a cab and go get that drink!”

“Should I really wear this?” I asked, still a little uncomfortable wearing shiny skintight pleather pants in public. Charles grabbed my pants and boxers and tossed them on his daughter’s bed.

“Leave them here, that way I know you have to come back home with me later.” He winked and smiled as he put his arm around me. I leaned back into his warm embrace and let him walk me out of the room.

During the cab ride I felt every bump and vibration through the slick pants tingling my balls and ass. When we finally arrived at the club the sidewalk bumped with techno music and a large blue neon sign labeled MACHINE washed over the crowd of men standing in line on the sidewalk. Charles paid the cab driver and then took me by the hand and walked towards the bouncer, cutting the line.

“Hi Chuck, love the new boy.” The thick bald black bouncer said to Charles. He opened the velvet curtain for us and Charles lead me through by the hand, as I walked by the bouncer reached out and firmly grabbed my ass. I blushed and felt my cock jump in my pants as Charles led me through the bumping nightclub.

Loud music pumped through the sound system and I was surrounded by strobe lights and hot men wearing everything from 3 piece suits to tightie whities were dancing and grinding against each other. Charles led me to a large booth in the back behind the dance floor, where we sat down. I looked around and took in the scene, growing up in a small town I would never imagine a club this big, this bright, this gay! I was in absolute awe of this place.

“So what’s your poison?” Charles asked while giving my thigh a quick squeeze.

“Well I don’t know, the only alcohol I’ve ever actually liked was Smirnoff Ice” I looked down sheepishly.

“No problem cutie. You can drink whatever you want here.” He leaned in again “This is the one place in the world where you can be yourself.” He squeezed my thigh again before hopping up to go to the bar. I looked around and felt a great feeling of liberation. When Charles came back and handed me my bottle I clinked it against his and took a big sip.

Just then three men walked over to the table. “Hello Charles.” And older man with a British accent said. He was standing next to another older gentleman and a blonde boy around my age. The men were wearing suits, and the boy was wearing a mesh shirt and tight leather shorts.

“Tim I would like to introduce Kevin and Gerald, and this adorable little thing,” he pointed to the boy in short shorts “is Mike”

“Nice to meet you” I said as they raised their glasses to me. Mike ran around the table and sat down right next to me while the older men took seats across the table with Charles.

“This is Timmy’s first night ever in a gay bar.” Charles said. I blushed and Mike immediately started talking in my ear.

“Ooh! Those are adorable pants Timmy!” he squealed as ran his hand over the slick pvc.

I took a long sip of my Smirnoff Ice and smiled. “Thanks.”

“This must be great for you! Seeing all this hot meat.” He quickly brushed his hand up my thigh and against my cock. I felt myself stir in the slick constricting pants. “Come to the bathroom and have a ciggie with me!” he grabbed my hand and started to pull me up. I looked over at Charles.

“You boys have fun.” He said with a twinkle in his eye.

I let Mike lead me across the dance floor and towards the bathroom. The music was bumping loudly through slot oyna the club and the strobing lights mixed with the vibrations through the floorboards caused my cock to firm up under the tight pvc pants. Inside the bathroom Mike led me into a stall and closed the door before pulling a pack of Parliament Menthol Light 100s from the back pocket of his tiny leather shorts.

“You want a bump?” Mike looked up at me conspiratorially. Before I could answer he was unfolding a small sheet of tinfoil and knocking out little crystal clumps into the recessed butt of a cigarette.

“What is it?” I had only really drank and smoked weed in my life and was nervous about trying cocaine, which it looked like it was.

“It’s Tina, it’s sooo fun!” Mike held the cigarette out towards me expectantly. He must have noticed my bewildered expression because he held the butt right up to my nostril and said, “Here, like this.” He used a free finger to close my other nostril. “Now snort.”

The crystals shot up my nose with the most intense burning sensation I had ever felt. My head flew back and tears filled my eyes. Mike giggled as he retracted the cigarette and took a hit for himself. Just as quickly as the pain rushed into my head it drained away, replaced by an electric feeling that shot through my nerves. My body felt incredible and I was becoming increasingly aware of how horny I was standing in this toilet stall in a gay nightclub wearing tight pvc pants. Mike put the long white cigarette in his lips and lit it before offering me the pack. “The burn on this stuff is terrible but it makes you feel sooo good.” I took a cigarette from the pack and placed it to my lips as Mike flicked his pink lighter for me.

I took a long cool drag on the cigarette and exhaled towards the ceiling. “Wow, umm yeah,” was all I managed to stammer out. “I’ve never actually done anything like this before” Mike’s smiled below amazing cheekbones.

“You mean Tina?”

“Tina, being at a gay bar, being with guys, everything…” the words were sort of rambling out of my mouth. Mike’s eyes sprang to life and he let out a little gasp.

“You mean you’ve never been with a man?” He asked in an almost giggled whisper. My cheeks flushed a hot red and I shyly shook my head. Mike moved closer so I could feel his breath on the top of cheeks. I felt the back of his hand lightly trace my cock through the skintight pants. “But you want to don’t you” he whispered. He quickly leaned in and gave my lower lip a soft, wet bite before leaning back against the door to the stall and taking a drag on his cigarette.

I couldn’t even form words as I nodded my head and brought my own cigarette to my lips with shaky fingers. The menthol smoke hit my lungs and I could feel the surge of horny electricity well up in my body because of the drugs. “Yeah. Yeah I really do.”

Mike exhaled a thick plume of smoke directly at my face. “Well I think we’re all going to have a wonderful time tonight.” He dropped his cigarette to the floor and stubbed it out with his toe before turning around to face the door to the stall. He slid the long green box of cigarettes into his super tight shorts and looked back over his shoulder at me. “How’s my ass look?” He winked and opened the stall door. I took a final drag of my cigarette and dropped it into the toilet bowl before following him out of the stall. “Those pants look great on you by the way.” He said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the concussion of the club.

Mike pulled me out into the throbbing club and I felt the music surging through my body. Mike led me through the crowd towards the dance floor and before I could even think to protest I had my arms in the air and I was moving my body to the music. Any inhibitions I had about dancing melted away in the sea of sweating bodies grinding away at the pulsing music. I felt a man dancing behind me and realized that Charles and his friends had found on his the dance floor. Charles handed me a cold, new Smirnoff Ice and I could feel a bulge start to rise in his pants as the five of us danced together under the bright strobing lights.

I felt so alive and free dancing away that I completely lost track of time. The older guys were saying something to each other but I couldn’t hear with the loud music. Mike grabbed my hand and we all walked off the dance floor and out of the club.

The cold outside air hit me with a refreshing blast against my sweaty skin. I hadn’t realized it inside but my t-shirt was sticking to me in a sweaty lather. “How about we take this party somewhere more private?” Charles said with a big grin. I smiled and agreed with the rest of the group as Charles and Kevin went down the block to get Kevin’s car.

“You should take off your shirt.” Mike had pulled out his pack of cigarettes and held one out to me. “This cool air feels amazing on my skin.” I looked at his erect nipples beneath his mesh shirt and peeled the t-shirt off my body before taking the cigarette from his outstretched fingers. Gerald produced a Zippo from his pocket and canlı casino siteleri lit me and Mike’s cigarettes and I stood there, wet t-shirt in hand, feeling the cool Boston breeze glide over my body.

Charles and Kevin rode up to the front of the club in Kevin’s jet black Escalade and Mike, Gerald and I packed into the backseat. Everyone was a bit drunk and laughing during the ride back and Mike and I were touching and squeezing each others legs in the backseat. I turned to see Gerald watching us and smiling. I gave him a wink and reached out and tickled his knee. He responded by putting his hand on my thigh and giving it a firm squeeze. I was amazed at size and strength of his hand and felt that jolt of electricity shoot through my body again.

We arrived back at the townhouse and Charles led us all to beautiful living room. Two black leather couches surrounded a vast glass coffee table and Mike flicked on a set of lights behind a brass and oak bar on one side of the room. “I’ll be bartender!” He squealed as he started pulling bottles from the shelf behind him. I sat next to Charles on one couch while Mike was clanking and pouring away. Kevin and Gerald sat on the other couch as Mike produced a tray of hot pink drinks in martini glasses on the table. “Cosmos all around,” Mike took his glass and squeezed between Kevin and Gerald on the couch.

My throat was parched and I grabbed a glass and took a big gulp. I guess the bright color of the drink made me expect something lighter and more fruity but I felt the burn of alcohol bomb down my throat. I choked a little and Charles patted me gently on the back, “Whoa, slow down Timmy, you don’t want to get sick.”

Mike leaned forward and picked up his pack of cigarettes off the coffee table. “I’ve got something to keep him from getting sick.” He started to unfold the little foil packet like he had done in the bathroom.

“Oh you boys and your party favors.” Charles said as he got up and walked to the stereo. Mike hopped onto the couch next to me and held out an upturned cigarette with crystals in the filter. I held one of my nostrils closed and snorted hard, feeling the shooting pain rush up towards my brain. Mike took a big hit for himself and as the pain started to subside and the rush started to fill my body I pushed my bare skin back against the leather couch.

My body felt orgasmically electric and Mike leaned over and started to flick at my bare nipples with his tongue. I pulled his head towards my chest as he sucked my nipple deep into his mouth. I ran my fingers through his frosted blonde hair and felt his teeth delicately tease my hypersensitive chest. He moved his hot mouth up my neck licking and nibbling until he planted a nice wet kiss on my mouth. I had never kissed a boy before but within seconds we were frantically making out like excited highschoolers. I pawed at his leather clad ass and mesh covered chest as he sucked my tongue deep into his mouth and held it there for a long few seconds before slowly letting it out.

I was speechless as Mike pulled his head back and gave me a wink. “Very nice boys.” Charles had taken a seat on the couch next to Kevin and Gerald.

There was soft music playing on the stereo and Mike leaned into me again, taking my earlobe in his mouth. Between hot breath and nibbling I heard him whisper softly, “wanna learn how to give a blowjob?” I looked into his eyes and nodded as I started to grope for his cock. Mike quietly shook his head and moved his body from the couch to the floor, taking my hand, he pulled me down towards him. Mike got down on all fours and started to crawl towards the other couch. He looked over his shoulder back at me and nodded for me to join him so I got on my hands and knees and started crawling towards the couch where Charles, Kevin and Gerald where smiling down on us.

Kevin and Gerald had already taken their cocks out by the time we reached the couch and Mike greedily reached for them, grabbing one in each hand. Kevin’s cock was uncircumcised and looked smaller than my own 7″ cut member. Gerald on the other hand had a huge thick cock that seemed to be at least 9 inches and very thick. Mike’s little manicured hands looked tiny wrapped around that thick, veiny beast as he brought it to his mouth and gave the head a big wet kiss. Then Mike moved over to Kevin’s cock and gave it an even deeper kiss as he started to jerk both men confidently in his hands.

I turned and looked up into Charles deep brown eyes as my hands started to tremble while reaching for his belt. “Go on Tim,” he purred in a deep soothing voice. “It would make me very happy.” I undid his belt and zipper and reached my hand into the window of his boxers and held another cock in my hand for the first time. It felt warm and smooth and when I brought it out into the air I could see how wonderful it was. It seemed to be larger than mine, but not by much, and the skin was beautiful and unblemished. I could feel the thick vein on top throb as I ran my hand lightly up and down the shaft. I looked over at Mike who was slobbering back and forth between the two cocks in his hands and turned back towards Charles’ gorgeous organ with a new hungry enthusiasm. I opened my mouth as much as I could and tried to engulf as much as I could.

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