College Days Ch. 08

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Ch. 8 The Shower and Pizza

We headed down the hallway to the showers, him butt naked and hands still taped behind his back. As we walked, I couldn’t help but notice his awesome ass. It was perfectly formed and his ass cheeks were muscled and well defined. No one was on my floor, so no one observed his naked, cum stained body as we made walked into the large shower room. I turned on the warm water and moved his under it. I then began to soap his body, being sure to remove the dried cum from his face, neck, chest, ass, legs, crotch and stomach. Of course, we both had raging hardon’s again.

“Please untie my hands, I promise I’ll stay here and do whatever you want, they are starting to hurt,” he pleaded.

“Tell you what,” I started, as I wrapped my hand around his swollen cock and gave a gentle squeeze, “I’ll untie you when we get back to the room.”

He smiled and then moaned as I continued stroking his cock. I reached for my shaving cream and razor, lathered his crotch, and after about four strokes, what little hair he had was gone. I rubbed my hand over the smooth, soft skin, now free of the small tuft of red pubes.

“I was going to do that anyway, after seeing your cock shaved,” he said.

“Well, I thought you might like it,” I replied.

I then turned him around and began soaping his back, ass and the back of his legs. As I thoroughly soaped his ass, I let my fingers tease his hole. He moaned. I then worked three fingers easily into his butt and he moaned louder and bent slightly forward, pushing his ass towards my intruding fingers.

I slid up behind him, pulled my fingers from his ass, pushing him further forward with my left hand, I took my right hand and guided my slippery cock towards his glistening ass. My cock slid easily into him, causing him to moan even louder.

He looked back over his shoulder, the water cascading down against the wall next to us and said, “Please, please fuck me!”

“I thought you said you weren’t into gay stuff?” I said, teasing him with my cock head only inside him.

He groaned as I pulled outward, letting it slip from his ass, “I thought you said I didn’t have to be gay to like this,” he moaned.

I then shoved my cock deep inside his soapy ass and watched the soap dripping down his body, the steam rising, his moans deep and filled with desire. I soon felt his perfect, beautiful ass cheeks touching my shaved pubic area and knew I was fully inside him. I then began to slide in and out, forcing my cock deep into his ass with each solid thrust.

Since I had already came so many times tonight, I lasted a long time, pounding him over and over, rocking his young tight body with each thrust. I watched his bound hands bouncing on his back as I jammed my hard cock deeper and deeper. He moaned that he was cumming and I reached under him, grabbing his small cock just as it erupted, filling my hand with his warm seed.

All it took was his warm cum hitting my hand and my own cock began to blast my load into him. It wasn’t a large load, only three spurts, but it was felt so good that I felt I was continuing to cum even though nothing more was coming out. I continued to ram his body until my cock softened and slid from him. I watched as a small, thin river of cum ran from his butt and mixed with the soap.

I regained my composure and finished cleaning him, then cleaned myself. I dried us both off. I noticed a bottle of body oil, probably belonging to one of the swimmers in the dorm. I coated him in the body oil, his body now glistening and shimmering in the light. I then led him back to my dorm room, both of us naked.

Once in the room, I took a coin from the desk and flipped it, it landed tails up. I then said to him, “Lay face down on the bed.”

He climbed up on my bed, laid face down and I reached into my drawer, pulled out four ties. I then casino siteleri grabbed on of his legs and moved it towards the edge of the bed.

“Hey! What are you doing? I thought you were going to untie me!” He yelled.

I swatted his ass four times, twice on each cheek as hard as I could, causing both cheeks to turn bright red and replied, “Shut up! I’m not finished! I said I’d untie your hands, and I will!” I then slapped both cheeks again, causing him to scream “ouch” loudly.

After I had each leg tied to the outer edges of the bed, leaving his legs spread very wide, I carefully cut the tape off of his hands and he moved them to the head of the bed, first rubbing his wrists, then spreading them to the upper corners.

I smiled as I realized that he actually wanted me to tie him up, spread eagle. I took his left arm, slid it more parallel to his shoulders and said, “So, you like being tied up I see.” I then reached for the right arm and began tying it too, I added, “That’s good, because I like seeing you tied up too.”

“I didn’t know how much I liked it,” he said, “until you got my legs tied, my cock is even hard again!”

I smiled, slid my hand under him and felt his rock hard cock. I positioned it so that it was directly under his belly, flat against the bed. I then leaned down and gently kissed his still red ass. I covered his butt cheeks in gentle kisses and licks and heard him groan as my tongue worked its way up and down his ass crack. I continued to lick and kiss his ass for several minutes and finally pulled myself up from his beautiful butt.

He was tied, spread eagle, his ass sticking up. I grinned as I admired my new little cock slave.

“Okay, I’m hungry, are you?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m starving too!” he said.

“I’m going out for pizza, and I’ll be back in about thirty or forty minutes,” I smacked his ass, playfully. “Don’t try to get away and don’t scream out. Remember, I still have you on tape stealing from us!”

He turned his head towards me, smiled and replied, “I’m not going anywhere, I promise!”

With that, I dressed in sweats and headed to the pizza joint. I was gone for almost an hour and when I got back, I carefully unlocked and opened my door to find him just as I left him, naked, spread eagle, only he was sound asleep. I took the time to eject the tape of him stealing and of our first sexual games and popped in another six hour tape. I found the VCR remote and set it near the bed for easy access.

I had a large pizza and two large drinks with extra drinks for later. I took a piece of ice and rubbed it along his butt. His ass was still pink from the spanking earlier and the ice began to melt, the water leaking into his crack and down his perfect globes. This woke him up.

“Hey! That’s cold!” he said, grinning.

“I’m sure I can warm it back up later,” I replied.

I then untied his hands and had him sit up on his knees, and he eagerly grabbed the drink and sucked on the straw. His cock wasn’t hard now, and was only about two inches long. I stripped, clicked on the recorder and joined him on the bed, the pizza box between us.

I then said, “Okay, so tell me more about your brother and sister and the things you guys have done.”

With a mouth full of pizza, he said, “well, my brother and I only did a few things, but my sister is like you, very demanding and bossy!” He smiled. “She’s made me do a lot, but she’s never let me fuck her.”

“What has she done?” I asked, my cock starting to stir, as his was.

He blushed slightly, but his cock gave away his true feelings as it rose to full attention quickly.

“Well, she’s made me eat her pussy, which is really cool! She cums like a guy,” he said.

“What?” I asked surprised, “How?”

He grinned, “When I like on her button, she starts cumming and this clear, thick liquid slot oyna gushes out of her, just like a guy, only it’s clear and doesn’t have much of a taste to it.”

I had heard of women doing this, but of course had never seen it. “What else?” I asked.

“Well, you know that she likes to fuck my ass with her hand, and she has a vibrating dildo she uses too.” He was turning a darker red, so I knew there was more.

“And?” I asked, reaching over and grabbing his cock and balls in one hand and squeezing.

“OH! OH!” he moaned. “Well, she’s a virgin and she won’t let a guy do anything to her, and she won’t suck dick, so she’s forced me to suck off her boyfriends.”

He said ‘boyfriends’ plural. I released his cock and said, “So, you’ve sucked off her boyfriends, while she watches?”

He nodded, and then added, “The first one was kind of a jerk and he threatened to break up with her if she didn’t blow him. So, she somehow got him to wear a blindfold and keep his hands behind his back and she made me do it.” He sighed, then moaned as I continued to stroke his cock, “I sucked him off and as I finished she pulled off his blindfold and made him leave. We never saw him again.”

“Ohhhh,” he groaned, “The last one, he, he had a very big dick, like ten or so inches and was big around as a coke bottle,” he moaned again, precum dripping from his cock, “she told him she didn’t do blowjobs and he settled for her jerking him off on their dates,” he said, stopping to roll his head back and moan again. “She asked me to suck him off for his birthday, and then told him about it, he agreed and so on his birthday, I sucked him off.”

I grinned and squeezed his small nuts and pulled on his cock again, “So, is that where you learned to like cum?”

Moaning, he said, “Yea, oh yea, OH! I think I’m about to cum!”

I stopped stroking him, then leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Our tongues played with each other for several minutes. I broke the kiss, wrapped my hand back around his cock and said, “Tell me more.”

“I never thought I’d get into that! Kissing you is awesome!” He exclaimed, smiling, now moaning again.

He then started his story up again, “I never was able to get his cock very deep, but I’d get about four or five inches in and then I’d choke. He’d always pull back.”

I stopped him, asking, “How many times did you do him?”

“Well, the first time, I sucked him off and he came like a gallon in my mouth. It spurted everywhere, all over me, my face, my hands, even my sister because she was kneeling next to me.” He moaned again and I knew he was going to cum soon.

“After that first time, I’d suck him off about once a week because he would ask my sister to let him.” He sighed and smiled, “then one afternoon he called me and asked me to come over to his house. I went. When I got there, he answered the door naked, pulled me in, stripped off my clothes and got on the bed, pulled me on top and spun me around into a sixty-nine position. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking and licking like always and he swallowed mine whole!” He stopped and moaned, “I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop!”

I released his cock again and just rubbed his tiny balls, slipping my finger under him and towards his butt hole, “Keep going.”

“He sucked me and I sucked him and in like two minutes we both shot our loads. Mine wasn’t huge like his and his cum bubbled out around my mouth, down his cock and on the bed. He swallowed all of mine and had me lick all of his up.” He sighed as my teasing finger slid into his ass. “We sat there talking, naked, until we were hard again, then we did each other again, this time I was under him so I wouldn’t spill his cum everywhere.”

“So, you sucked each other off, then what happened?” I asked.

“Well, nothing for about two weeks, then he invited me over again. canlı casino siteleri I got there, he was naked, I stripped in his hallway and walked into the living room and there were six other naked guys there. I had to suck them all off. I hated it, my stomach hurt for hours ’cause each of them shot off twice in my mouth.”

I pulled my finger from his ass and went back to stroking his cock. “Then what happened?” I asked.

His eyes rolled back into his head and he moaned again, “Oh, OH! I’m not sure I can hold back much longer,” he groaned. He then started up again, “After I’d sucked the last one off for the second time, the first guy was hard again and I figured I was going to have to start again, but instead, her boyfriend dropped down and started sucking him. After another minute or two, two others were hard and he was bobbing from one to another, sucking his friends. I left.”

“Did you ever tell your sister?” I asked, stroking him a little harder.

He nodded, “Yea, I told her that day, she made me eat her pussy and jerk off for her while I told her again and again, she broke up with him the next day, and…OH OH SHIT! I’m CUMMMMING!”

With that, his cock shot a huge load of white creamy cum all over a slice of pizza that was on a paper plate just below his cock. Though it wasn’t intended, it was too cool. As he finished his orgasm, I picked up the slice and held it up to his face. I then said, “Look! Creamy Cum Pizza!” I smiled and then gasped as he leaned forward and started eating the slice, taking big bites of the cum covered slice. He ate the enter slice then smiled at me.

“Can I have another cum slice?” He asked, reaching for my hard, aching cock.

I grabbed the last slice of pizza from the box and held it under my cock as he jerked me harder and faster. My cum began to spurt from my cock, covering the pizza slice with a thicker, heavier load than what he had produced. He then took the slice from me and gobbled it down.

He then leaned forward and took my wilting cock in his mouth, sucking it dry.

I finally untied his legs so that we could both go to the restroom. I didn’t have to say or do anything, he jumped up and we both went to the restroom, him holding my cock while I peed. I held his while he peed too. When we got back to the bed, he smiled and said, “Can I ask you to do something for me?”

I thought for a minute, and then said, “Sure, go ahead.”

He turned his back to me, kneeling on the bed; he placed his head down on the bed and in almost a whisper said, “Will you fist my ass again, please?”

I then slowly started working my fingers into his ass. First two, then three, then four. He was moaning and groaning louder and louder. My entire hand was now in his butt, and cum was oozing from his cock as I massaged his prostate. I was slowing inserting and pulling my hand back out, amazed that his tiny ass could take my whole hand inside him.

As he finished cumming, I pulled my hand from his ass and turned him over, planting my tongue deep inside his mouth. We kissed while his hand was slowly stroking my cock. I knew I was going to cum soon, so I broke the kiss and moved up so that my cock was even with his mouth. I sat, straddling his chest and jerked my cock off until my cum erupted, splashing all over his face. He held his mouth open, catching most, while some ran down his cheeks and across his nose.

When I stopped cumming, I bent down and began to kiss him again. We swapped my cum back and forth, with me using my tongue to clean his face, then depositing the cum back into his mouth.

We drifted off to sleep, cum stuck on both our faces. About three in the morning, I woke up and shut off the lights, the VCR and covered his small naked body up. I then thought that it would be cool to get his sister involved. After all, I wanted to see if her pussy really could gush cum like a cock.

**I hope you liked this installment; I hope to write one more, where Tamera, his sister, joins in. If you think that would be good, please let me know. And thanks again to all those who sent emails!!

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