Come Again?

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Big Tits

Even though you’ve been waiting for me to arrive the sound of the doorbell startles you. The memories of our late night telephone calls and the promise of what could be to come have distracted you and the doorbell triggers a surge of anticipation deep in your gut.

I’m standing on the other side of the door feeling my belly tighten. I’ve been in an insane state of arousal for days. Now that we are only seconds away for meeting face to face a flush rises to my neck and cheeks.

The door opens and there you stand, smiling at me. I only have a hazy sense of the rest of you; I’m lost in your eyes, locked on mine.

You reach out and take my hand; the first touch sends a little electric thrill through you. You pull me into your home. My hand is warm in yours.

I reach up and place my palm on your cheek. We haven’t spoken yet but there’s no rush; we’ve said all that needs to be already.

It’s too much. You lean down and gather me into you with your other arm, not willing to let go of my hand. My palm leaves your face and circles your neck as you pull me towards you. We hold each other close, sharing air, still locked on each other’s eyes.

I can’t breathe. I close my eyes first and tilt my mouth up to yours, knowing already that your lips will be soft. The first kiss makes me sigh; the second makes me moan. Your lips change shape and I can feel you smiling.

You release me long enough to pull me further into the room and close the door behind me.


We’ve been talking for what seems like a few minutes but has already been hours. We’ve shifted position on the couch many times. Sometimes we sit facing each other and holding hands or I’ve leaned back against you and you’ve held me from behind. We touch constantly, hands, fingers, lips, stroking, caressing, kissing. Once, when you leaned illegal bahis over to pick something up and your hand brushed my breast I lost my train of thought and you chuckled. Your rich, sexy chuckle; it made it even harder to remember what I had been saying.

It doesn’t matter what I was saying now; I reach over, take your coffee cup and set it down. It’s time. I pull you to your feet. And step back.

You look at me and smile. You’ve thought about this moment and now it’s here. You reach up and unbutton your shirt, showing me a chest I’ve seen in pictures and wanted to touch for a long, long time. You leave your shirt on and unsnap your jeans then pull the zipper down.

I don’t know where to look. Your hands? Your eyes? Your body? As your jeans slide to the floor my gaze shifts to your hands and to what you are about to show me.

Your breath is shallow and you hope that when you drop your shorts I still have that look of delight in my eyes. Your shorts join your jeans on the floor and you step out of them.

I’m riveted by your cock and once again I’m reminded of how inadequate photographs can be. You are beautiful. I want to touch and reach out but you give me a little laugh and step back, just out of reach.

You take your cock in one hand and slowly start circling the head. I can see the drop of cum at the tip. Oh! I want to taste! Your thumb lazily circles round and round; you step back and sit back on the couch in front of me.

I sink down to the floor at your knees. It’s everything I can do not to touch you but I know the rules of engagement for this time, the first time. Instead I slip one hand underneath my sweater and almost absent-mindedly play with a nipple, wishing my hands were on your cock and yours on my breasts.

The rhythm of your hand is faster now. You breathe deeply through illegal bahis siteleri your nose but a small moan escapes anyway. Or was it me who made that primal sound? My hands are cupping my breasts now, pinching my nipples and I’m squirming with desire as I kneel in front of you, my mouth only inches from your cock.

Faster, your hand is stroking your cock faster. I want to take you in my mouth so much, I want to taste you, feel you cum down my throat.

And then you lean back, give a groan and you cum all over my chest, my neck…I watch you shudder as you pant to catch your breathe and you hand slowly stops its slippery journey along your shaft.

I push you back onto the couch and stretch my body over yours. Finally, I can touch you, smell you, taste you, feel you under my hands. We lie still for a while.

After a bit, the feeling of my body settling on yours arouses you and you shift your hips underneath me. Your cock is hard and you can feel it trapped beneath my own hips. I clench my ass and push down; you sigh and throw one leg over mine, pinning me to you.

I’m not going anywhere. I lower my face to yours and we kiss, a long, slow kiss that starts at our lips and travels down, past my neck and hardening my nipples. Down through my belly and landing with a warmth between my legs. I can feel your cock and again I move my hips to rub up against you.

Your hand comes up between us and you slide your fingers underneath my sweater. You can feel my nipples hard against my bra. You reach up and free one breast and hold me in your hand, feeling the weight and softness. Your other hand rests on the back of my head, playing with my hair. Our tongues dance and probe; our hips continue to roll against each other, trapping your cock and my heat between them.


Your bed is firm beneath canlı bahis siteleri me. My face is down and I’m moaning into your pillow. You think about how you’ll smell my scent on that pillow later, after I’m gone. And then your mind comes back to the present as you feel the wave of an orgasm building. Your cock is buried deep in my pussy and your hips are pounding a steady rhythm into my ass. You can see the love bites you’ve left and smile, knowing that I will also have something to remember you by after we’re apart.

Every inch of my skin is tingling. My breasts are tender and my nipples so hard they are begging to be taken into your mouth again. The feeling of the sheets rubbing against them is almost more than I can bear but the feeling of your cock thrusting into me, harder and harder, over and over, overrules any other sensation. I can hear your breathing getting more ragged as you urge me on.

“Come on baby,” your hoarse voice urges me. You know that you are almost there once again. The sweat is beading on your forehead and chest. It’s been a wild ride. Suddenly you stop and I gasp as your cock leaves me empty. You fall onto your back and pull me on top.

Now it’s my turn to tell you what’s deep within me.

“Fill me with your cock,” I whisper. Then I moan as you do. The change in position has made me tight around you in a new way as I feel your shaft sliding up into me. I pull up, almost letting you go, then come down on you hard, leaving you gasping. Up, almost out, and down.

“Oh, beautiful baby, don’t tease”, you gasp, but I don’t stop, knowing how much you like it. My breasts swing in front of you and I lower myself so that you can take me into your mouth. When I feel you teeth come down gently on my nipple I scream a little and then give up every bit of control I had over my hips and your cock. I arch my back and ride you, hard.


Sex is good and this is great. We lie together, hot and sweaty and tired. You kiss my face and I rub your chest, your arms, and your belly. I curl around you and think, “When can I come again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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