Comforting Roshan

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I signed up for a seminar in the philosophy department on phenomenology. I didn’t know anyone there. There was another non-philosopher, a woman from the architecture department named Roshan. She was medium height but seemed taller because of her lean build. She had dark, dramatic eyes with long black lashes, gracefully-arched eyebrows, well-defined cheekbones, a slightly aquiline nose and her skin color was a rich, reddish brown. Roshan spoke with an Anglo-Indian accent and talked with her hands, hands that were long and elegant with clear lacquer on her fingernails. She wore stylish yet casual clothes for a grad student that defined her nicely proportionate curves and largish breasts. After the first day we commiserated about the impenetrable jargon some of the philosophy students used and expressed our insecurity about succeeding in the course. Whatever else graduate schools produce, anxiety is their number one product.

A common practice in graduate seminars is that the students sign up to present on one or more of the readings during the semester and Roshan and I each came to have our turns. Roshan was very nervous about hers but I thought she did a great job. When she had finished, the professor added his comments and clarifications, as was normal for the seminar. What he said didn’t seem out of the ordinary to me but it did to Roshan.

I was checking my email about an hour later when I saw a message from Roshan with the subject line “feeling wretched.” She felt that she had blown the presentation, and that the professor and other students must think she was an idiot. I responded that I didn’t think that at all and asked if she wanted to meet at the café to talk. She responded immediately and half an hour later we were sitting in the shade of an oak tree with hot beverages.

It looked like two buttons had come undone from Roshan’s fitted shirt, showing some enticing cleavage from straight on and considerably more when she turned to the side. As Roshan told me her troubles I tried not to be obviously distracted by the swelling tops of her breasts. What I thought was a disproportionate response to the day’s seminar made more sense to me as I learned that Roshan, although only 25, had divorced her husband a few months earlier. The marriage had been arranged by their parents in India but the two had never come together emotionally as a couple. Roshan’s family was furious with her, adding to her distress and general insecurity.

We got to know each other over the course of the next week, meeting often for coffee or lunch. Roshan was verbally and physically demonstrative, frequently touching my hand, arm, or leg as she spoke with animation. I’m a sucker for affection and I found myself more and more attracted to her, often thinking about the next time I would see her. I invited her to go out for dinner the following Friday and she accepted with enthusiasm. When I picked up Roshan I immediately noticed her eyes. She was wearing thick eyeliner and smoky eye shadow that made her big, bright eyes pop with drama. Then I noticed her outfit: a red silk shirt, unbuttoned to the front clasp of her bra displaying a generous expanse of cleavage, a short, tightly-fitting black skirt emphasizing her curves, and high heels that added definition to her calves—definitely not ordinary campus-wear. I had dressed more nicely than usual and had made reservations at a restaurant with a reputation for cutting-edge food. We ordered a bottle of wine with our meal and proceeded to have a wonderful time, enjoying both the flavors of the inventive dishes before us and each other’s company.

Towards the end of the meal, Roshan leaned forward and asked with a breathy voice, “can I tell you something, Liam?”

“I’d love to hear it,” I replied.

“My husband didn’t know what he was doing, sexually I mean.”

“That must have been frustrating,” I commiserated.

“It is. I mean it was. I mean it still is,” she said, stumbling over her words.

“Is he the only person you’ve been with,” I asked.

“Can you believe it?” Roshan replied. “I really need to catch up.”

If her words weren’t clear enough, Roshan placed a hand on my arm and I could see both the lust and look of invitation in her eyes. “A guy would be very lucky to help you with that,” I said.

Roshan just looked at me, her lips slightly parted. I leaned over and kissed her. Roshan returned my kiss passionately.

“Roshan,” I began. “I think you’re incredibly beautiful.”

“Will you teach me?” she asked timidly.

I kissed her again in answer and then said, “I want you to come back to my place.”

Roshan nodded, her chest heaving with heavy breaths indicating her excitement. I paid the check and took her by the hand to my car. On the ride home, Roshan put her head on my shoulder and I placed my right hand on her bare thigh. The John Coltrane CD in my car stereo suggested animal passion and divine transcendence.

I asked Roshan to take a hot tub with me. In a kind of haze she answered, “okay.” I pulled the cover off the tub and the steam ataköy escort rose into the air. I approached Roshan and unbuttoned her blouse, then pulled down her skirt. She seemed to be in a kind of trance, standing there in just heels, bra and panties. I pulled off my own clothes then approached Roshan again, kissing her and pressing her body to mine. I unsnapped her bra, and tenderly kissed her full breasts, then pulled her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and stood before me in the moonlight.

Roshan’s body was perfect. She was lean, she had nice breasts with dark, pointy nipples, she had a thin waist from which her hips curved out beautifully. I wanted to eat up her long legs which led to her pussy with a wisp of hair at the top. I took off her heels and kissed her lovely feet. I wanted to possess her body and give her every pleasure I could.

In the hot tub we kissed deeply and ran our hands up and down each other’s body. “Oh, Liam,” she moaned. “I’ve wanted this, but I didn’t even know if it was real.”

“Does it feel real?” I asked her.

“Yes, I mean I feel it so strongly, but no, it feels like a dream, like it couldn’t be real.”

As we kissed I ran my hands up and down Roshan’s back and then brought them around to caress her breasts. They felt heavy in my hands and although they stood up firm, they felt very soft and jiggly to touch. “Are they okay? Are they too big?” she asked, not so much fishing for compliments but expressing her insecurity.

“Roshan, they are amazing,” I reassured her. The tips of her breasts hardened as I touched them and her nipples stood out stiff and purple-red from her brown breasts. She softly moaned into my mouth.

“My ex-husband would just paw at them sometimes. He never made me feel like this.” Roshan said. “Oh shit! I shouldn’t be talking about him when I’m with you. I’m so sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“It’s okay,” I reassured her. “This is all new for you. You’re nervous but it’s going to be fine. Actually, I hope it’s not just going to be fine because I think it’s going to be amazing.”

“You always say the right thing to me,” she said, giving me a kiss. “I know I’m kind of a mess but when I’m with you I feel better.”

After another ten minutes of making out with Roshan I was feeling pretty hot from the water and decided to leave the hot tub for another time.

“Come with me,” I said, taking Roshan by the hand and leading her to my cottage. No lights were on but with windows on four sides the cottage was flooded with moonlight. Roshan’s body gleamed.

After drying her body with a towel, I lay Roshan down on my bed and proceeded to apply almond oil to her body, working my way from her feet and hands towards her torso.

“No one has ever done this for me,” she said gratefully. “But shouldn’t I be doing this for you?”

“Another time I would love it,” I said. “But for now, let me take care of you.”

I massaged her neck and shoulders, worked my way down to her chest and then her stomach. As I reached her mons and leaned down to kiss her and then started to gently lick her pussy lips.

“I don’t deserve this!” exclaimed Roshan, bursting into tears.

I stopped for a moment and sat up, looking Roshan in the face. “Roshan,” I said. “I think most people are unhappy because their expectations are unreasonably high. But in your case, I think you can safely expect a bit more than you’re used to.”

At this I resumed licking Roshan’s pussy, laving her lips with my tongue and pressing gently against her clit until I brought her to a moaning orgasm.

“That was so good!” she exclaimed. I laid beside her and Roshan pressed her lush body against mine. Her hand reached my cock and began to slowly stroke it. Roshan kissed me, her amazing eyes staring deeply into mine. “I never wanted, you know, to perform on the flute before,” Roshan said shyly, “but you have a beautiful instrument and I can’t wait to get my lips on it.”

She slid down, rubbing her hard nipples down my chest. When my cock was cradled between her breasts I told her to stop for a moment.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked in concern.

“No,” I said, “just the opposite. What you’re doing right now feels great and looks incredibly sexy. I’ve never had a lover with such beautiful breasts. Can you stroke my cock between your breasts for a while?”

“Oh,” she said, “I get it, like this?” Roshan held her breasts with her hands and pushed them together forming a tight tunnel for my cock. She rubbed them back and forth, her hard nubs pressed against my body. “Wow!” she said, “this is exciting me too! Does that feel good? Can I make it better?”

“It’s great,” I said, “the only improvement would be to add some lubrication.”

“How about if I spit on it? Or is that disgusting?” she asked, suddenly embarrassed.

“I’d love for you to spit on it,” I said. “And nothing about you is disgusting.” Roshan bent down and slathered her wet tongue all over my cock, then resumed sliding her tits ataköy eve gelen escort around my cock. I moaned in pleasure, “Roshan that feels so good!”

Roshan was smiling at me, her eyes sparkling as she gave me a great tit-fucking. She brought me to the brink of orgasm a couple of times then said, “this is really fun but I need to suck it. I’ve been wanting to do it for you for a couple of weeks. Oops, I shouldn’t have revealed that. Does that make you feel weird that I’ve been lusting after your body?”

“Roshan,” I said, “If someone doesn’t reciprocate the feeling they might feel uncomfortable but that is not the case. I’ve been lusting after you since the first time we had coffee.”

Roshan smiled and looked up at me as she slid my cock into her mouth. She just kind of explored her way around my cock with her lips and tongue. I loved watching her and it felt really nice. She pulled off for a moment to comment, “I like this a lot. I guess I just needed to find someone I wanted to do it for. I was going to ask you not to, you know, shoot it in my mouth. But now I’m excited to try it. So when you’re ready, just let it go. I want it in my mouth.”

Roshan found a nice rhythm with her sucking. Her mouth was really wet and the way her full lips enveloped my shaft produced exquisite sensations. I was moaning, which inspired Roshan to push her mouth down further so that she had most of my cock in my mouth. I could feel her tongue pressing firmly against the underside of my dick, flicking back and forth until I finally lost it, yelling out as I spurted my first jet of come into my new lover’s mouth. Roshan paused a moment and my second spurt flooded her mouth. She moaned and began sucking up and down rapidly, drawing another three shots of my cream out through the end of my cock. Pulling her lips up to the head of my cock she lovingly kissed and licked it which produced one more drop of come that she swiped up with her tongue and swallowed.

“Roshan, that was so good,” I told her.

She smiled, sliding her breasts up my chest until she was lying on top of me and said, “I loved everything about that. This is the most intimate experience I’ve ever had. I love your beautiful penis, I love that I can give you so much pleasure, and I loved it when you ejaculated in my mouth—I even had an orgasm! I can still taste you. The flavor isn’t what I expected. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s intoxicating and I know that I’m going to want to have that taste in my mouth again.”

I stroked her lovely face and ran my fingers through her hair, basking in the afterglow of an incredible orgasm and appreciating the lush body draped over my own. I ran a finger over Roshan’s lips and she sucked it into her mouth. I wouldn’t thought that this uptight young woman could be so relaxed and sensual but I really liked this side of her.

On Monday night, Roshan came to my house. After giving me a sweet kiss she told me “I’ve been doing some research,” and emptied her bag onto the table spilling out books and magazines that ranged from scholarly human sexuality to Tantric scriptures to Cosmopolitan. “I’m going to be the best lover you’ve ever had,” she said with an arch smile that seemed to indicate she was only half-way joking.

As a graduate student I knew that Roshan was very thorough, reading all assigned work and then going further by tracking down and familiarizing herself with other sources cited in the text. She was using this same method to pursue excellence as a lover. She had a list on a clipboard and started talking to me. “I got a prescription for birth control pills today so you won’t have to use condoms anymore. But I want to know what your preferences are on some other issues.”

“Fire away,” I said, both amused and excited.

“Pubic hair,” she began. “Do you want me hairy, trimmed, partially shaved or with a Brazilian wax which leaves the entire area bald?”

“You make me excited just talking about it,” I said. “But before I respond, can I ask if you are drawn to any of these options? Because if there are any ideas that turn you on, well, I mean there are two people here, not just me.”

She looked at me with a determined look. “Liam, I have thought about this and what turns me on is giving myself, or at least a part of myself, over to you. To have you tell me what to do so I can fulfill your wishes. I don’t know how far I want it to go but it really excites me to think about being submissive to you. So please just tell me what you want and what to do and I’ll do it.”

My cock tented in my pants at these words and I realized that Roshan’s fetish excited me too. “Brazilian,” I said. Roshan just beamed.

Wednesday it rained. I was glad because this was the day I spent all afternoon in my tiny office, reading and writing up précis of scholarly books and articles. Rainy days just seemed to put me in the mood to stay inside and work so I did. I had a very productive day and then at a few minutes after I heard the bell tower ring four o’clock there ataköy grup yapan escort was a tap at my door. No one ever visited me at my office and I figured it was a lost undergraduate. I opened the door and found Roshan standing in a long raincoat, shaking off a wet umbrella.

“Come in,” I said with a smile. “I’m ready for a break.”

Roshan looked excited and a little nervous. She entered and sat down on my other chair. About six inches separated our knees in the cramped space. With a determined expression on her face, Roshan began unbuttoning her coat and I could soon see that she was naked beneath it. She took the coat all the way off and spread her legs for me. Her pussy was entirely bald showing her pink lips and clit. “Wow,” I said, drinking in the sight of my voluptuous lover. I got on my knees and kissed all over her mound. Her skin was unbelievably smooth to my lips. I began to lick her pussy lips and she sighed deeply. I mashed my mouth against her pussy and flicked my tongue back and forth, up and down, gradually concentrating more and more on her engorged clit. Roshan shuddered in orgasm.

I sat back in my chair. Roshan said, “take off your pants. I want to suck your cock.” I complied and sat back down as she got on her knees between my legs. “Your cock is so beautiful.” She took it gently in her hands. As the rain pounded against the window, Roshan’s mouth engulfed my cock. Her long black hair swung back and forth and her tits jiggled as she sucked my cock. I reached down to pull on her nipples, which caused her to moan as she worked over my hard shaft. In just a few minutes I launched my load of hot come into Roshan’s mouth. She moaned and swallowed, gurgling a bit as my seed went down her throat.

She held my cock in her mouth, slurping and sucking it, then licking it all over until she was satisfied she had gotten every bit of my come. “I love it when you come in my mouth,” she said. “Serving you on my knees, with my mouth on your cock is the best feeling in the world. I feel so complete when just by using my mouth I can give you so much pleasure. When you spurt between my lips I know that I’ve given you pleasure. It makes me so happy.” She paused for a minute as I looked at her beautiful face and sexy body and took in her exciting words.

“This mouth is yours to fill with your cock and come whenever you want it,” she said. “But most of the time you won’t even have to ask me because I’ll already be down on my knees, helping myself to your delicious cock, just like today.”

We made plans for the evening. Roshan put on her coat and left. I tried to do some more work but all I could think about was Roshan.

On Friday night Roshan and I went out for a drink. The rainstorms had passed but there were still occasional showers. When I picked up Roshan she was wearing her raincoat and tall black leather boots with heels. I wondered what she had on underneath and knew I wouldn’t have long to wait. As we entered Beckett’s, Roshan took off her coat and asked me to carry it. She wore a black dress of shiny material that hugged her curves to perfection. The hem was only a few inches below her ass, leaving a long expanse of her dark brown thighs visible to where her boots began. On top the dress had a deep vee down the front, presenting the most daring cleavage I had ever seen her in. The mounds of her breasts swelled bare and beautiful. A small gold figurine on a long thin chain bounced between her mounds. Her earrings matched. Her arms were bare and all of her exposed skin shimmered. She lifted her chin to one side and stood there for me to admire, just inside the doorway where she undoubtedly captured the attention of other patrons. “Does my attire meet with your approval?” she asked with a sly smile.

“You are a wet dream come true,” I answered.

“I feel so vulnerable exposed like this, showing off my body in public, in a place where our colleagues might even see me,” she said. “But I want you to be proud to be seen with me. I want other men to envy you. I want them to wish that they had a lover who would dress like this. They can just imagine that if I would submit to you by dressing like this, that I am probably submissive in other ways. And the best part is that they would be right.”

Roshan kissed me and I led her to the corner of the bar where there were two unoccupied stools. I considered finding a more secluded booth in the back but realized that giving Roshan more opportunities to show off would add to the sexual charge of the evening.

We ordered two martinis from the attentive bartender and I went to hang our coats. As I returned I admired the vision of Roshan perched on the barstool. The guys next to her were flirting with her and I could see her laughing as she turned down their offers to buy her drinks. I sat next to her and she put her hands on my thighs and gave me a deep kiss as the guys next to us watched.

“They can look but not touch,” Roshan told me. “You can do anything you want with me but they can only dream.”

After our first drink, we ordered another round and Roshan was already tipsy. “I’m going to do something special for you tonight.” she said. It was necessary to speak loudly in the noisy bar and Roshan’s voice naturally carried anyway. She didn’t know it but I realized that the guys next to us could hear everything she said and that she had gotten their attention.

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