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I just love being a tease. Oh, and showing off. Sometimes, when I’m in the right mood, the two together can be such fun. Even the most boring and mundane of housework can be livened up with a naughty mind. Yesterday just happened to be one of those times…

I’ve been putting it off since spring, so when I got up I decided that it was time to redecorate my bedroom. I’d already done the spare room, because my younger brother has finished college and is staying with me for the summer vacation. Our parents moved to Spain when he started college, leaving me with the honor of putting him up whenever he’s home. That’s ok with me: we’re close enough in age to get on fine, he does help around the house occasionally and his board helps me pay for essentials, like shoes and clothes and girlie nights out with my friends.

So, when I checked the garage and found that I didn’t have any lining paper left, I sent Pete off with a handful of notes and my car keys to buy some more. Not expecting to see notes, car, wallpaper or Pete back for some time, I dragged and heaved my paint, stepladders, brushes and other bits and bobs up to my room. Doing that made me really quite hot, with it being a warm, sunny day, so I decided to forego my normal scruffy clothes and changed into a pair of very short and too tight old shorts and one of my dad’s old shirts tied at the front under my breasts (it was far too warm a day for underwear).

Sanding down the paintwork around the windows was my first job and as I worked I found that the movements of my body caused my unrestrained breasts to rub against the inside of my shirt, causing my nipples to become rather excited. I also found that the gusset of my shorts rubbed my pussy in a quite delicious way. It wasn’t long before I was having naughty thoughts and enjoying decorating somewhat more than usual. My thoughts were turning towards my toy draw and the possibility of having a play-break when I saw my brother’s friend, Boot (his real name is Simon; I have no idea why everyone, including his Dad, call him Boot) approaching the house. ‘Oh bugger,’ I said to myself, knowing that my wank would have to wait. casino şirketleri I made my way downstairs and opened the door just as Boot got to the doorstep.

“Hi Alison,” said Boot.

“Hi Boot,” said Alison (that’s me), “Pete’s off out at the moment running an errand for me. Do you want to come in and wait for him?”

“Sure,” he replied, eyes fixed on my chest, “if that’s ok?”

I turned and walked back into the house, deliberately wiggling my hips, just a teeny bit more than usual, because I was still feeling rather naughty. I heard Boot shut the door behind him and follow me through to the kitchen.

“Would you like a drink?” I asked, walking over to the fridge.

“Thanks,” he answered, “that would be great.”

I opened the fridge, bent over a little more than necessary to look inside and pulled out a couple of beers. The cucumber sat in the salad draw caught my eye.

“I’m going to make a sandwich, are you hungry?”

“No. I’m ok. The beer will be fine, thanks.”

I put a loaf of bread on my chopping board, with the carving knife and a vegetable knife and went back to the fridge. I took out the cucumber and stood, tapping the end of it against my lips as I made out that I was considering what else to have. From the corner of my eye I could see that Boot was watching me intently. Eventually I settled for sliced ham and mayo. I carried everything across to the table and stood opposite my brother’s friend. Again I leaned over, far more than I needed, to cut slices off my bread, my boobs probably completely visible to Boot, down my very loose top, swinging as I sawed the loaf. I spread mayo on one slice, placed a couple of bits of ham on it and picked up the cucumber. It was fresh and unopened. I held it up in front of me, peeled back the cling wrap a little from the broader end and rolled it down with a few ‘wanking’ movements of my hand, before putting it down on the board and taking half a dozen slices off the end.

“I love cucumber,” I said, holding it up and stroking it.

I closed my sandwich, sat down opposite him and asked how his college course was going. casino firmalari As we talked and I ate, I let one of my hands down below the table, but my shorts were too tight to get it down the front, so I pulled one leg aside and, with my pussy now completely exposed, but just out of sight, began touching myself. By the time I had finished my snack, I was very wet and feeling very horny indeed. I pulled my shorts aside as far as I could and stood up, picked up the knives and board and took them to the dishwasher. With my back to Boot, I opened the machine, gave my shorts another pull up and to the side and bent over at my hips to put my dishes in. He saw me. I heard him grunt. I wriggled a bit as I rearranged the contents of the machine then closed it back up.

“I have to go finish up my sanding,” I told him, as I packed everything else except the cucumber away again. “Feel free to sit in the lounge and watch TV or something.”

Being an old barn conversion, my house is an unusual layout, with three bedrooms upstairs where the haylofts used to be, all along one side of a landing area that ran the length of and overlooked the large, open lounge. The stairs ran down one side of the lounge next to the kitchen. From the lounge you can look up and see the three bedrooms and Boot watched me every step of the way as I hopped up the stairs and into my room. I left the door wide open and went back to work. I could hear the TV come on while I sanded away for a few minutes. There was a fair amount of dust, most of it on me. I decided I should have a shower.

I left the bedroom and headed back downstairs. Boot looked up as I reached the bottom and I told him I was going to clean up. The main bathroom in my house is upstairs, at the end above the kitchen, but there is a shower room and WC downstairs, just off the lounge. That was where I headed. I pushed the door about half shut, turned on the shower and stripped off. I could see Boot turning to look occasionally in the mirror, but was pretty sure he could see nothing more than teasing glimpses. I got in the shower, pulled the curtain closed and enjoyed washing myself güvenilir casino down for a few minutes. I paid particular attention to making sure my pussy was as clean as possible.

Once I was done, I got out of the shower, dried down and wrapped a small towel around me. It was only just big enough to cover my boobs and half my bum, and only just tied at the side, leaving one side of my body almost completely revealed. I left the shower room and went into the kitchen, picked up the cucumber and headed back into the lounge. Boot looked straight at me with his eyes wide. I could see the bulge in his trousers as he sat in front of the TV. I wiggled the cucumber, winked at him and bounced back upstairs into my room, dropping my towel as I went through the door.

I sat down on my bed, directly opposite the wide open door, and un-wrapped the cucumber. I lay back, spread my legs wide and started playing with my lips and clit. I heard careful, but not silent footsteps as I licked and sucked the vegetable, making it wet and slippery. I closed my eyes. The footfalls stopped just by my door. I put my plaything between my legs and gently eased the tip of it in to my hungry hole. It was so large it took a minute or two of working it in and out, a little further each time, before my pussy had relaxed and stretched enough to get a decent length in.

Once it was in enough it felt delicious. So very hard and nobbly and big! I slowly pumped it in and out, playing with my clit with my other hand and listening to the frantic jerking sounds coming from the doorway. Each thrust I pushed down towards my bum, so the tip inside me rubbed the front and hit my g-spot. It didn’t take much of that before I was crying out and moaning as my orgasm came on. I felt something splash on one of my feet just as my climax was at its peak. I pushed the cucumber in hard, rubbed my clit as fast as I could and screamed out as I came.

Eyes still shut, plaything still inside me, I heard the toilet flush, then water running, then footsteps on the landing again. I pulled it out just as Boot passed the door so he could have a good view of my dripping, wide open hole as he went by.

I listened to him go downstairs, turn the TV off and call “Alison, I have to go now. Tell Pete I called, ok?” as if nothing had happened.

“Sure. Feel free to cum again anytime,” I called back and slid the cucumber back inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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