Cuddle Up

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Lying on my side, drowsily become aware that the morning was here I felt you turn and move toward me, slowly sidling closer and closer until I felt your arm moving over my waist to wrap around me, spooning me close. I could smell the aroma of your hair mingled with the fragrance of your perfume, but the most intense sensations came the warmth of your breath against the back of my neck and the radiant moist heat of your pussy, close and moving against the crevice of my buttocks, sensations that were filling my emotional senses with the knowledge that I was loved; desired, wanted.

The touch of your naked body against my own felt lovingly intoxicating! Your body moved sensually against me, rising, falling away, rising again as I felt the sexuality of you moving against me, wanting and encouraging… Your fingers slowly caressed my abdomen, moving over me, enticingly touching as they glided momentarily across the lower edges of my breasts only to slip away before returning to deftly touch again!

I could feel the rising need of desire emanating from your body to my own and I adored the grinding sensation of your crotch against my buttocks… From the hitherto teasingly soft touches of your fingertips I now sensed a gradual increasing of intensity from their previously meandering touch, fingers moved across my tummy but were now venturing downward, lightly caressing, stroking my mound before returning to tease again the lower hemispheres of my breasts…

I loved every move, every sensation that was coursing through my body and as you pushed your pussy against me one more time I involuntarily pushed back against you, releasing a telling murmur from my lips. A tingling sensation traversed through my body, I took in a deep breath, goosebumps excited every nerve ending, and I moved my body tightly back into the loving seduction of your touch.

Your lips, warm and moist were now erotically stroking across the back and side of my neck slowly becoming kisses and gentle licks close to my ears. I started to move, to turn toward you but you whispered: “Shush… Stay there my darling love, stay there.” Although I had the need to feel the love of your kisses I lay still, accepting, relishing in the need of illegal bahis your desires.

Increasing in desire I felt your hand now move to fully encompass first one breast, and then move sensuously toward and across the other. Deft fingers stroked and kneaded into my flesh; fingers spread wide to encircle the globe of my tit before gently stroking forward, teasing the periphery of my areolar before coming together to lightly squeeze upon my nipple, before repeating that same electric sensation to its partner. I was in heaven, loving the feel of your hands upon me… Gradually your touch moved teasingly from light to firm, teasing pinches of my nipples to then feeling only the open palm of your hand gliding over each; increasing engorged and darkened nipple. Tingling sensations pulsed through my tits and I gasped with the intensity of the sensation!

Responding to my murmuring release your fingers slowly held my nipple, gently squeezing, gently rolling within your fingertips the ever increasing erection of my nipples as your lovingly sexual attention to each breast demanded their aroused response, I moaned again, murmuring in anticipation of more.

The heat of your pussy was rising and rising, I could feel the moist vapours of your pussy caressing my buttocks. Your hand moved away from my tits; down, down again, now squeezing the mound of my pussy; I needed your touch and I opened my thighs to permit the access of your touch to me… Fingers deftly caressed my mound before sliding down and over my pussy lips. You made no attempt to enter, your touch just simply glided above me. I wanted your touch, I needed it now and I moved my hand down and over yours, pressing against the back of your middle finger, pushing you into the wetness of my slit and finally feeling the touch I so wantonly desired as your finger slipped into me, slipped so easily in, lubricated by the wetness you had created, sliding freely in and out as you fingered my cunt!

My love of you, my want of your kisses filled every sense within me and I rolled over and into your arms, molding my lips against your own in the delving need of my tongue to meet your own, passionate in my desire of your kisses. Mutual emotions murmured from illegal bahis siteleri within us both as our kisses increased and increased in the loving fervour of lust. Even though I was pulling constantly on your head in the passions of those kisses your finger remained within me, my legs wide apart open to all you wanted of me. Your mouth enveloped my tit, sucking down onto my nipple… Deeper, sucking harder and amorously into your mouth, then licking around the edges of my areolar before again sucking me into you, first to one tit and then the other, sucking, licking, gently nipping against the now truly hard flesh of my nipples; all the time your finger was fucking into my pussy as the wetness of quim flowed out toward you.

I could not take this anymore I needed the magic of you between my thighs. Grasping your hair I pulled you away from your loving attentions to my tits, pushing you down and down, driven by my lust, my need of you between my loins, your face in my pussy. I needed your tongue between the lusciously wet lips of my pussy. I needed to feel you push your way into the introitus of my cunt and to fuck me deeply with your tongue before moving your attentions to lick and suck down onto my wanting clit! “Oh yes baby, bite me, lick me, suck me honey, faster, suck me into you, Oh fuck baby, suck me hard.”

My driving lust for you was as intense as I had ever known. I wanted every attention of you against my pussy as your mouth devoured me and I relished in its love. As your tongue slithered across my now very swollen clit I felt two fingers return to my cunt, fucking, arousing, stimulating the rippled tissues of my G-spot. My pelvis writhed beneath your touch, your lips encircled to suckle and lick across my clit, you were moving your body a little further down, re-positioning your fingers… “Oh FUCK!”

My exclamation arising from your different touch; your mouth exciting my clit, but your fingers now split, fucking not only my cunt but then also teasing against the puckered edges of my anal ring, a prelude before they, in a manner so devastatingly slow, pushed within me… The combination of sensations, arse, cunt, mouth and tongue engorging my clit was overwhelming… My knees canlı bahis siteleri bent, I forced my legs high and wide, but still I could not get you as deep as I wanted. I wanted it all, I wanted your mouth, your fingers, I wanted you to fuck me hard, fast and deep. My cunt, my everything, was yours!

The intensity of your fucking me from all directions was amazing in its veracity. I had never known you so physically animated and I wanted it to never end. Time and again I pushed back the desire for orgasm, so intense was my enjoyment of the finger and oral fucking that you were giving me. One finger fucking my arse, another vigorously fucking my cunt and exciting my “G”, and with all this your mouth and tongue was exciting my pussy lips and my clit beyond all hitherto experienced feelings of need and want that I had ever experienced.

My body could hold off no further, the overwhelming sensation of electrical force empowered every nerve ending in my pelvis. My muscles contorted into the rise and fall of bodily movement pressing down and against your loving attentions to my quim… I screamed for you to suck my clit, your hands moved beneath my body and your fingers grasped deeply into the flesh of my buttocks, squeezing, kneading, yet supporting me as my pelvis lifted from the bed and my orgasm screamed its way through my entire torso, the juices of my pussy flowed and flowed across your face and into your mouth but you never ceased in your loving attentions to my need!

I was absolutely satiated with love as I collapsed back onto the bed. I lay there, breathing heavily, absolutely exhausted but never-the-less relishing in the now gentle sensations of your mouth and tongue lovingly kissing my wetness and swollen pussy lips, encouraging my relaxation. It was not long before you moved up to me, momentarily pausing to to lightly kiss each nipple before wrapping me in your arms and gently kissing me. Kisses I returned, loving the taste of me on your lips. I wanted you, I wanted the taste and feel of you, but I was drained of every ounce of stamina. Apologising, I kissed you once more, I could not help myself as I sank into the oblivion of sleep.



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