Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 01

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I will first give a little background as to how I fell in love with cum and later Steve. For many years I had been self sucking and savoring quarts of my own cum. I had occasionally fantasized about sucking another cock but never really thought I would since I had a fairly regular girlfriend.

However, she went away for the summer. I then attended a few wild parties in her absence and got quite excited by some of the girls in their skimpy garments, but being as shy as I was nothing came of it. After one particularly wild night with girls dancing in their thong underwear I was soon sporting a powerful woody. I left, thinking I had to get home and relieve myself.

Not having a car at the time, I went to the corner to hitchhike a ride. After a short time I was picked up by a young good looking guy. We were making small talk when he suddenly blurted out: “Have you ever had a blow job?”

Me, “yeah, my girlfriend does it all the time.”

Young guy says, “until you get it from a man you’ve never lived.” He then put his hand on my thigh and continued, “I live nearby and can show you right now.”

He began rubbing my thigh toward my crotch which sent a jolt of electricity through me and instantly stiffened my cock. I said, “Okay, let’s go.”

To cut the story short, we got to his place and headed to the bedroom. I sat on the bed to get my tight jeans over my feet. Meanwhile he had pulled off his shirt and pants and stood right in front of me with a huge bulge in his underwear. By this time I was I was so hot I took hold of his cock and squeezed without thinking. He pulled his shorts down and this magnificent cock sprang to attention. He said, “do you like that? Have you ever sucked a cock?”

I said, “No, but I’m aching to have it in my mouth.” I took it in my hand and then wrapped my lips around the head. I was so turned on I was panting. I sucked in and out for quite some time until he tensed up and delivered spurt after spurt into my mouth. I swallowed it all. He then proceeded to give me the best blow job I ever had as he had promised.

After that night the only thing I could think of was that beautiful cock in my mouth and the taste of that lovely man juice. I was a cum lover.

I wanted another cock, but had no idea how to attain one. A couple of weeks later I was sitting at a table in a nudie bar when a black guy sat down next to me. He turns to me and when I look back I see that he is rubbing the bulge in his pants. The tits and pussy had already turned me on, but his growing bulge was so incredibly stimulating I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Black guy, “Hey whitey, you like to touch it?” I reached over and fondled his manhood. He then said, “Once you suck a black cock you’ll never want anything else. I live around the corner, game?”

I said, “I can’t wait to get that giant in my mouth and suck out your love juice. Let’s go.”

When we got to his place, he wasted no time and was naked in a flash. He lay down on the bed as I pulled my stuff off. I never saw such a monstrous and gorgeous piece of meat with a set of tennis sized balls. It flashed through my mind that I would be receiving a very large load of what I need from that cock.

His cock was not overly long, but was about two inches thick. I played with it contemplating how to get it between my lips. I told myself that it was now or never if I am to take his load. I took the bulbous head in just barely and then was able to move down 2 or 3 inches before my throat wouldn’t take anymore. I sucked in and out for what seemed forever and my jaw got tired, so I stroked a bit while licking and sucking those large balls. It seemed like he would never cum. I alternated sucking and stroking for what must have been an hour until finally I felt his body tense. I then got what I expected; gusher after gusher, maybe ten spurts, of luscious cum.

He then got up and took my cock in and I came almost immediately.

He said, “my goodness I turn you on. I told you there is nothing like black meat.”

Me, “you got that right. Give me your number, I need this again and then again.”

At that I left and then returned several times, falling in love with black cock and the cum that I craved. I had never been fucked until the last time we saw each other before he moved away. I couldn’t casino siteleri believe my ass could take that monster but he slowly eased it all the way in. It was painful at first, but the intense pleasure quickly overcame the pain. I loved it.

After the loss of my lovely black cock I had nightly wet dreams about it, but was at a loss of what to do. One day I noticed those free sex rags that have stories and ads for sex. I rented a mail box and decided to place an ad with little thought of anything coming of it. My ad said: “Young, well built, good looking white guy seeking a beautiful black cock to caress and suck.”

To my complete surprise, I received a note in my mail box a couple of weeks later. It said: “I have just what you are looking for. I have a muscular smooth bronze body with a ten incher and a perfect cock head. Call me and you can suck to your hearts desire, caress my large balls and I am told my gorgeous bubble butt.”

Wow, it seemed too good to be true, to have what he describes. I called and we set up a day and time. On the appointed day I flew with wings on my feet. My dick was getting hard before I even knocked on the door, but when he opened up, it became engorged as I beheld more than just a cock, but a lovely man. (I had never thought of myself as gay), but taking in this apparition, I instantly knew it would test that proposition. He asked if I would like a beer and went to the kitchen and brought two bottles. We sat talking about ourselves and finished our beers.

He then came and sat on the couch next to me, put his arms around me and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I never envisioned this before, but I reciprocated and my cock got even harder. He then got up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. We both stripped down in what seemed just one motion. I have never been so turned on, by either a woman or man, as I was by drinking in this Greek god. I stepped over and with cock to cock planted my mouth on his. He lay down and I got on top of him kissing all the time. I then moved to his perfectly formed tits and commenced to sucking one then the other while his cock was rubbing on my chest. I said, “get up I want to see that butt you mentioned.”

He did and I sat on the edge of the bed and drank in the enormity of the feeling I had on gazing on what could only be described as perfect, round and bronze. I started caressing and squeezing those lovely cheeks. Having sucked my girlfriends ass did not prepare me for the yearning to bury my tongue between those exquisite cheeks. I ran my tongue up and down the crack and greedily and sloppily kissed all over. When spreading the cheeks, I thought I would cum. I licked all around in there before planting a wet kiss on the love tunnel. I then licked and sucked pushing my tongue into the opening. Steve was moaning and crying out.

He then lay down again and moaned that he wanted tongue on his balls and my mouth around his what I now say was also a perfect cock head. With relish I obliged, taking one then the other ball in my mouth and what a mouthful. Went up and down the shaft with my lips then attacking the balls again. He groaned “take my cock head in your mouth now!”. I wasn’t ready, kneading the balls with my tongue and doing some tit play at the same time. I then sat up to admire that perfectly shaped and proportioned member. Steve moaned “please take it, this is torture”. Not to give in right away, I pushed his legs in the air and buried my face in the love tunnel again. My goodness, I was in love with that asshole. I then lowered his legs, took his pole in my hand and took that cock head like a lolly pop. For some time I just held the head in my mouth to savor the taste of such purity. When I tried to gobble up the rest I could only get four or five inches down.

Steve was yelling, “yes, yes, take it all”.

I said, “Steve I can’t, I’m already gagging.”

Steve, ” if you completely relax you can get it down your throat and I want that now!”

I relaxed my jaw and throat as much as I could and attempted to suck more of it in and started to gag a little. By slowly moving his cock up and down against the back of my throat it began to ease further in and the gag reflex eased somewhat and I was able to get about eight inches. I couldn’t have been more excited having that glorious black cock halfway slot oyna down my throat. I continued to suck that thing in and out of my throat for what seemed like forever.

Steve moaned that he was going to cum and began to tighten all over. At that I somehow took all ten inches as his huge load of cum exploded halfway to my stomach. I pulled back to the head in order to taste the continuing spurts of delicious love juice. After this frenzied love making we were both exhausted, turned around into a sixty nine position and collapsed cocks to faces.

After resting for a short time Steve started a tongue bath from head to foot, nibbling now and then on my cock and balls and darting in and out of my ass. Heavenly. By this time he had another raging hard on. He reached into the night stand and came up with a tube of KY. I almost shot my wad anticipating that gorgeous ten inches buried in MY love tunnel. After lubing his prick and my butt hole he lay on his back and commanded me to straddle him. He demanded I lower myself onto his cock and take the whole thing up my ass. I was ready and slowly eased it all the way in with my ass resting on his balls. We started grinding and moaning in unison. We became as one. Even though I had an on again, off again girlfriend this was the best sexual love I had ever experienced. After a bit Steve unloaded again deep in my tunnel. How delicious it was. He then rolled me over and performed the best cock sucking I could ever imagine. It only took a few minutes to have an explosive orgasm, more powerful than anything before. It was getting time for me to go, so we cuddled a little and tongue kissed, then said

goodbye, with the promise I would call ASAP. My cock came to attention in the car on the way home with just the thought of what just took place and knowing that it would continue.

Of course I called the next day. I told Steve it was the most fulfilling love making I had ever experienced and that I was in love with it. He said he couldn’t wait till next time in order to wrap his arms around me and kiss me hard on the mouth. He said we don’t have to always be so wild, but could just get naked and hold each other front to front, front to back, back to back, face to cock and nose to ass. He invited me to a home cooked dinner that coming Saturday.

When I arrived he was cooking buck naked except for an apron. It was all I could do to keep from burying my nose in that beautiful ass while he was standing in front of the stove. We kissed long and deep and both of our cocks came to attention. Whew, could we wait for dinner? Steve said we should have a nude dinner like “Naked Lunch”. No need to urge, I was naked in a flash. While dinner was cooking Steve opened a nice bottle of Bordeaux and poured two glasses as I sat on the sofa. He sat down and began to tell me about himself.

He said that he was 24 and guessed that I was 21, I only nodded being barely just over 19. He said that for the last three years he had lucked into a fabulous career in modeling, high fashion, avant-garde, underwear and bathing suits. At his young age he had been able to travel the country and the world for long periods of time for photo shoots. He said: “Let me show you some.” At that he opened a drawer and pulled out a number of magazines. In the first he showed me photos of him in conservative suits shot in Rome. Next was the avant-garde outfits which were shot on the streets of New York. Third, was an array of Jockey underwear by a pool in Palm Springs, hot. Next was a shoot for Speedo in Hawaii. Last but not least was a small catalog with thongs of all colors and contours, really hot.

Steve, “I guess I am telling you this because I am leaving tomorrow for New York, then Paris, Rome and last Tahiti. It will take two or three months. I almost canceled out of having to leave behind our fantastic sexual love.”

Me, “Steve, I am heartbroken. I am just getting to know you and I am falling in love.”

Steve, “I will write and fly back as soon as I can.”

We had both finished two glasses of wine when I asked what he was cooking. He had had some French cooking classes and was making “coq au vin.”

Hearing this, I took hold of his dick and said, “how fitting, cock with wine.”

He then went to the kitchen and announced that the cock was ready and that I should canlı casino siteleri sit down at the well set table. We ate, drank (he opened a second bottle) and talked. I told him some anecdotes of my life and about my self sucking. He was intrigued.

Steve, “after dinner you must give me a show.” He cleared the dishes and asked, “if I needed anything special.”

Me, “the bed will work fine, the shelves in the headboard are perfectly positioned.”

By this time I had a powerful erection, so was ready to go. I lay down and threw my legs over my head and hooked them under the lower shelf. I stretched a little so I could swallow as much as I could of my

rock hard cock. Steve lay down next to me in order to get a birds eye view. At first I just brushed my lips with the head. Steve was moaning already. Next I pulled my balls down and popped one in my mouth and rolled it around. He gasped at that. I then demonstrated the “full Monty”, sucking in first the head and then almost deep throating my seven inches. At that I told Steve that I could never hold out long as it so turned me on. He said, when you cum don’t swallow it at the same time as I blasted a load in my mouth. I lowered my legs and sat up with a full mouthful of my man juice. Steve kissed me hard on the mouth and sucked my cum into his mouth and then back and forth before swallowing. That is one of the most exciting things I have ever done.

Steve, ” When I get back you must help me do it myself.

We both washed down the remaining cum with the last of the wine.

By this time we were both pretty drunk and very tired, so we remained in bed and cuddled, while sucking each others tongues and lips. I want you to stay the night and cuddle as I said on the phone. In the morning we will say a proper goodbye. Steve was falling asleep and rolled on to his stomach as he went under. Being almost asleep myself I wanted to fall to sleep next to his sex. So I turned around and laid my head on his fantastic ass with my nose nuzzled into the crack and promptly fell asleep. Steve had moved during the night and I awoke with his balls in my face. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I started licking his balls and his ten inch member sprung up ready for action. I took it in my mouth and that woke him up. We proceeded to fuck and suck for most of the morning. He said that he had to get ready to go and we should say goodbye. I asked if I could have the catalog of photos with thongs, so I could jerk off gazing at his magnificent body and especially his ass. As I was about to depart after numerous deep kisses, I told Steve that it would be very hard for us to be separated after so short a time of glorious love and sex. I think I will miss the feel and taste of your cum the most. He said that he would miss all this terribly.

We parted at that time and as the days went by I marveled at Steve’s ass and bulge in the thongs. I jerked my cock many a time. About ten days went by before I received a small package from him. There was a letter recounting our 2 days together and what he would do upon his return. He ended by saying, open the package for a small gift of my esteem and to remember me by. I tore it open and was thrilled to see a small round antique box with an enameled cover. So thoughtful. I put it aside and reread the letter while perusing his photos. I was really turned on by this time and casually picked up the gift and opened it. I almost popped my load. It was full to the brim with delicious smelling cum. Now I realized how thoughtful he really was. What a treasure. I had to savor it on my tongue and lips and put my mouth into the box and sucked up some of Steve’s glorious man juice. I swished it around in my mouth for a long while jerking my cock to an orgasm before swallowing. I saved most of it for the following days. About every ten days he sent me another box full. I most certainly would have preferred to suck it out of his cock, but this substituted nicely.

In the fourth package came a devastating letter, apprising me of his great career offer from a top photographer and fashion designer in Paris, to remain for six to twelve months all expenses paid. Steve assured me he wouldn’t forget our love and would dash home as soon as his assignment was over. He promised to keep sending the delicious packages. I decided I would have to find some other outlet for my insatiable throbbing cock, at least for the time being. While the fucking and sucking with my girlfriend was very satisfying, I lusted for cock and most of all the cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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