Cutty Ch. 08

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Donna found herself sitting in the food court amid loud chattering families, eating a meager salad, while Ms. Brendan had Chinese noodles with chicken. A real meal. She never expected Ms. Brendan to eat in such an ‘average’ place. After the expensive dinner, the hotel, the life style of her, this was completely against her nature.

“So tell me, how do you like our weekend so far?” Ms. Brendan asked.

Donna looked around and knew she could not speak freely about the sex and all, nor did she want to.

“It is different than I ever experienced,” she said politically, poking away at her salad. “Damn I’m hungry!” she thought “At home I would have gotten myself a big ham and cheese sandwich at least!”

“A bit more detailed and more positive, Cutty,” Ms. Brendan said. “What did you like?”

“Always this ‘positive look’ thing,” Donna thought hatefully, but went through her experiences the last two days to find something she liked, or could bare.

“The suites, especially the dark blue one with the matching handbag and shoes,” she said. She actually really liked that one. “It suits my body, and it is my taste.”

“Yes, I like that suite too, although it is the most old fashion one of them all,” Ms. Brendan approved. “It goes good with your skin and hair.”

“And what else?” she pushed Donna to reveal more of her personal feelings, Donna understood.

“Hmmm, the dinner yesterday was fabulous. I have never eaten that stuff, and it tasted great! The service was good, the wine was delicious…”

“It’s a good restaurant,” Ms. Brendan agreed. Mischievously smiling at Donna’s attempts to avoid the unavoidable.

Donna’s mind went on overdrive to find more things she liked. “The rest was just sex,” she recalled. She saw Ms. Brendan with her smile on her lips looking at her. “She knows I don’t want to say anything about the sex we had, anything positive that is, yet she expects me to do just that.”

“The night was just a blur actually,” she tried.

“Oh, come on!” Ms. Brendan teased, “You’ve done great up to know, please don’t ruin it now.”

“Just pretend,” Donna reminded herself. “Just pretend…”

“Oh, okay,” she blurted out. “I really enjoyed what we did in the car yesterday.”

“There you go,” Ms. Brendan approved. “But be a bit more specific. I need to know a bit more about what we did and your feelings, casino oyna emotions, about what we did. Then I can make the experience even better.”

“I’m in a food court, and she expects me to reveal my sexual desires out loud!”

“Well, obviously I liked the…” she changed her voice to a murmur; “licking.”

“Actually true,” she thought. “But still if I had a choice, I’d prefer Robert’s tongue.” It was a small act of defiance just to think that.

“Hmmm, continue,” Ms. Brendan encouraged as she took a bite, and waved her right hand in circles to get her going, not really looking at her, busy as she was with the big bite from the chicken leg.

“The caressing was good too, but…” her mind was racing to find something more to say without getting herself into trouble. She knew what she said now would be used against her later.

“…but the licking was the best, really.”

Ms. Brendan made some pointing signals, still smiling, to indicate her next question.

“I liked you ‘m-m-m’ me.” Donna replied at the unspoken question.

“Now me ‘m-m-m’ you I disliked, I hate to even think about it.” Donna thought.

Ms. Brendan finished her bite. “You have got to learn to be more open and honest about sex, Cutty,” she stated, getting annoyed. “You are way too shy.”

“Alright, Ms. Brendan,” Donna gave in. “Yesterday and this morning we’ve had sex and I climaxed several times. I won’t deny that. I never had sex with a woman before. It was way different than I expected. To caress a female body, to kiss a women, to climax together. It was frustratingly good. But Is still like sex with a man! I still long for my husband’s penis!”

“Let’s leave that subject for now…” Ms. Brendan cut in, grinning, as she had achieved her goal. Several families around them looked up, as the outburst of the challenged Donna had been pretty loud.

Donna turned beet red as she looked around at the staring faces, and quickly hid her face and wished to disappear completely. “Oh, my… Did I just say that out loud?”

“Yes, you did, you shameless woman!” Ms. Brendan said out loud, as she shook her head in mock disgust. “Please keep your voice down the next time.”

The crowd whispered their agreement, and words like “Shameless” and “Disgrace” flew through the air.

Donna felt both shame and anger, and wanted to run away. She now understood why Ms. slot oyna Brendan was having lunch in the open. She wanted her to embarrass herself in public. And what she said so completely fitted the outfit… Even she had to admit it was difficult to believe she was not like the slut she looked and acted. “That bitch!” she thought.

“Let me explain what we’ll do with the suites.” Ms. Brendan changed subject. “You told me you would do something for me, agree to an arrangement, as I pay for your new wardrobe.”

“Hmm, yes.., Ms. Brendan” Donna suspiciously agreed. “Well actually you blackmailed me into all this,” she thought.

“So this is what I expect you to do for me: you’ll start working for me…” Ms. Brendan let that statement sink in.

Donna sat up straight and then frowned at Ms. Brendan.

“Work? For you, Ms. Brendan?” she asked, a bit surprised.

“Yes, Cutty,” Ms. Brendan smiled. “I know you’ve studied, though never finished as you met Robert and got pregnant. I also know you were much more ambitious before that, and even a smart student. Though the study ‘Marketing’ is not really a very difficult one. It’s more arty, right?”

“Well, yes…Ms. Brendan.” Again Donna was surprised by the background knowledge of Ms. Brendan.

“Anyway, here’s what I see happening in the future. You’ll work for me. I’ll start you off slowly, do some charity work etcetera, and then we move you into the real world of business. I need some management assistants and you’ll do just fine. It’ll be a tough job, but the salary will be great, and you’ll meet lots of interesting people. Different than you’re boring group of housewives…”

“But Ms. Brendan, my family…” Donna interrupted. “I’ve made an agreement with Robert that I would be taking care of the kids, we both found it necessary to raise them ourselves. I can not possible go back on that promise…” Her mind was reeling, she felt a vibe she had not felt in a long time.

“You promised you would agree to an arrangement, well this is it. And don’t tell me you don’t find it exciting. Just think about working, doing something more with your life. The kids are grown up already, they don’t need you that much anymore. Time to make something of your life.”

Donna actually loved the idea of her working for once. It would be a dream come true, although she never really missed it. The family life had suited canlı casino siteleri her good too.

“But they won’t agree with me working, Ms. Brendan,” she said, actually hoping Ms. Brendan would have a solution for this problem too.

“You mean Robert won’t agree.” Ms. Brendan analyzed. “Your daughters will be proud of you, and support and understand you. Especially if you tell them their allowance will go up, again. With 15 and 17 both are more interested in boys, girlfriends, shopping, than staying home and being pampered by mommy.”

“Robert is the one that will complain, and you just leave him to me. He won’t dare to disagree with me on this, especially not if I ‘ask’ his permission. I know how to manipulate people, Cutty, you should know that by now.”

Donna was excited. She would work, for the first time a real job! And she knew Ms. Brendan could pull it off. The remainder of the lunch Donna and Ms. Brendan discussed her work in more detail, what she was expected to do, where to go, and she was explained in more detail how they would convince her family. When they finally stood up to continue the shopping spree Donna was smiling from ear to ear. She loved the idea of working so much, they would earn more money, she would meet more interesting people, Donna just couldn’t wait!

“How about a kiss now?” a smiling Ms. Brendan said as they stood in the center of the food court.

The excited Donna didn’t wait a minute. She placed her tray back on the table and kissed Ms. Brendan passionately, right there for all to see.

“I love you Ms. Brendan,” she said seductively when she finished with the kiss. And for the first time she almost meant it too. “This relationship is working out much, much better than I expected!” she thought as she saw Ms. Brendan’s smiling face, obviously approving her kiss. Donna just forgot her own obstructions against the lesbian relationship, forgot the open area she was in, and was deaf to the insults from the families around them. Having a chance for such a good future made all what happened lately just a mere bad memory.

“Very good, Cutty. Very good.” Ms. Brendan approved. She turned and walked away.

Just than Donna saw the families looking at her and Ms. Brendan. “Ooops!” Donna thought, but still didn’t really mind that much. She had been kissing Ms. Brendan on a daily basis like this, so for her it was all just business as usual. But most of all she was too excited with her new future to really be bothered with the stares of some hypocrite families. Yet she did blush and quickly followed Ms. Brendan away from the crowd.

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