D is for Dyke

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Her friends called her “Cat”, though at the moment she didn’t have any friends. Cathy had run away from home when she was sixteen, hooking up with a group of kids who’d decided to travel across country, see the sights and party, party, party.

That was three long years ago now.

One by one their little band had dwindled as funds ran out, or as many eventually became home sick for family and friends. Cat was the last, now on her own, hitchhiking cross-country, finding work when she could before moving on. She had no one to go home to. An abusive stepfather, drug addicted mother who’d never really even been a mother, and no siblings to look to for help.

She hadn’t eaten anything substantial for two days, aside from a bag of chips she’d lucked out in causing to fall from a vending machine, and scrounging just enough change to buy herself a cup of coffee at a nearby truck-stop where she hoped to hitch a ride to wherever she could get one.

She’d spent considerable time in the bathroom grooming herself, using the soap from the dispenser to wash her hair with. Tempted to cut it off as to make things easier, Cat refrained from actually doing so. In doing so, she felt it would be a way of surrendering to her situation, circumstances, and she wasn’t about to give in just yet.

Brushing her long auburn hair as best she could, wincing at the tangles she encountered, she received a very dirty look from a woman who’d entered to use the facilities. Cat stood in front of the mirror, topless, her small pointed breasts very much in appearance as she stood fighting with her hair.

“This IS a public restroom you know,” the woman said glaring at her.

“Go fuck yourself!” Cat spat at her, hissing. “Mind your own fucking business!”

Almost immediately the woman turned and left, Cat figured she had at best another two or three minutes before the manager of the truck stop came looking for her. It was time to leave.

“Shit!” she thought to herself as she pulled on one of the few remaining tank tops she still had. She’d spent every last dime she had on the coffee, and still hadn’t scored another ride as yet. All she could do now was go outside, stand around and wait for one of the truckers to head for their rigs where she’d intercept them, and hopefully beg herself a ride.

Almost as important as finding a ride, Cat needed a smoke too. She had slunk to the lowest of levels, finding a prick-assed guy who offered to give her one for a hand-job. She’d been desperate then, stepping out behind the 7-11 where he worked, quickly getting him off where he then had tossed her a whole pack. She wouldn’t be quite that stupid again next time. Hand-jobs were definitely worth a whole pack, and if she liked the guy, maybe a blowjob for an entire carton. Right now, she could use a single smoke, but couldn’t help but wonder what she’d be willing to do for that right about now.

“Mr.? Can I bum one of those off you?” she asked as a tall lanky-looking like cowboy complete with a large black Stetson on his head, and a pair of well worn pointy-toed boots left the café, lighting up one for himself the moment he stepped outside. He stood, eyeing her briefly as though curious as to her age before fishing another one out of the pack he was holding. “Thanks,” she said as he handed one to her, then cupped the same match he had used to light his with as she leaned in taking the welcomed flame.

“You wouldn’t happen to have an extra pack on you,” she dared asking.

‘Tex’, as she now thought of him, stood there looking at her as he took a drag on his smoke. Cat did the same, enjoying the sudden heady rush from having gone so long without one. She could tell a lot from a person’s eyes, almost reading their minds. Something you learned to do if you were going to live out on the streets. Sometimes it could save your life. He didn’t have an evil look about him, wasn’t all that unattractive either, but she had seen that look before. And the price of cigarettes was about to go up.

“Don’t have one I’ll just give ya,” he drawled. “But if’n you want it, you can earn it,” he leered at her knowingly.

“Where’s your rig?” she asked without haggling further.

That surprised him a little, but he smiled. “He must chew too,” she thought silently to herself as the bright yellow stain of his smile greeted her. “Beggars can’t be choosers,” she thought to herself once again, and then followed him across the lot towards his eighteen-wheeler.

“Climb aboard,” he told her opening the door, then taking the liberty to place his hand on the cheeks of her ass, pushing her up and in, nearly tossing her as he did.

“Gee, thanks,” she replied somewhat indignantly. But Cat couldn’t afford to piss this guy off either, she didn’t have her smokes yet.

Where she had all but climbed, he merely seemed to step, swinging into his seat, then sat there facing her with that same yellow grin.

“What do you want?” she asked figuring this guy for a blowjob. “At least he smells clean,” casino siteleri she considered thinking to herself.

“A blowjob,” he answered a bit nervously. Cat almost smiled. She had seen it in his eyes.

“That’ll cost you more than just a pack,” she ventured.

He shook his head no.

“For a pack, you can feel my tits.”

“You don’t have any.”

Cat ignored his comment. She was rather proud of her tits, even if they were small. “Two packs will get you a handjob,” she said stiffly, letting him know there wasn’t any room for bartering on this one.

Tex sat there considering the price of his need. “How much for a blowjob then?” he said giving in. Cat almost told him two cartons, but then figured that might be pressing it, and she wasn’t sure he had two cartons on him anyway, perhaps the one. Which she’d demand to see before doing anything.

“A carton,” she answered simply, quickly adding, “But I want to see it first!”

Tex laughed. “Shit baby, how much for a fuck then? A case?”

“I don’t fuck for smokes,” she told him. “That really would cost you.”

Truth was, Cat had never fucked anyone for anything. In the back of her mind, that’s what kept her this side of being a prostitute. Exchanging smokes for sexual favors was one thing, actually exchanging money for them was something else. And regardless of who she was, or what she’d become, her pussy still belonged to her, or whoever she chose to share it with. As Tex sat looking at her, she had a brief worry he might actually take her up on the offer. Breathing a sigh of relief when he reached into a cooler behind him handing her a carton of Camels. Having payment in hand, Cat reached over and began unzipping his fly.

“Take your shirt off,” he told her. She frowned. “Come on, give me something to look at, otherwise it will take a lot longer that way.”

They were sandwiched between two other rigs, so the likelihood of being seen was remote. And should anyone approach, she was reasonably certain she would hear them long before they could climb up inside their own rigs and see anything. Cat reached down pulling the tank top she was wearing up and over her head. As she did, she felt one of his beefy hands roughly mall her small breast. She was about to comment, then let it go. Fishing his rapidly hardening erection out of his pants, she squeezed it, looking for any kind of tell-tale sign of disease, even smelling it briefly before judging him to be ok, slipping him inside her mouth. “Don’t fucking cum in my mouth, or I’ll bite it off!” she warned as she continued mouthing him. Tex merely grunted an acknowledgment, his hand still roughly kneading and squeezing her breast. She shifted as though uncomfortable, hoping to dislodge his hand, but he simply followed her movement, if anything digging even deeper, more painfully into her flesh. As she continued sucking, she could only wonder where it was he might be heading, and then…wondered what it might cost her in getting a lift for a ways. Normally, just sitting next to the driver with her shirt off was the way to do it. Most got a kick out of having a female passenger sitting next to them flashing tits down the highway. But as Tex was obviously into bigger breasts than hers were, she wasn’t sure that would be enough of an incentive to give her a lift. She might, “might” she considered thinking to herself as she continued sucking his half-erect prick, that she might have to resort to the promise of yet another blowjob in order to achieve that. If that was the case, then she’d best make this a good one, otherwise he might just kick her ass out the moment he’d climaxed.

Cat began to concentrate on what she was doing.

“Oh yeah baby, yeah! That’s it! Suck it! Suck my fucking cock!” he moaned pleasurably.

Cat sat there sucking him, trying to gage how close he was getting, not wanting any surprises, and not trusting him to tell her when he was about to pop his load.

“Almost there,” he actually mewled in a half-whisper, surprising her that he had warned her ahead of time. She sat up, now taking over more fully with her hand as she fisted him, pulling and stroking his cock with a continual up and down motion, watching his face as he sat there grimacing, eyes closed on the brink of orgasm. He came suddenly, thrusting his hips upwards, his prick loosing a jettison of cream that shot upwards hitting the dash, though most of his spunk merely flowed from the tip of his prick bathing her fist afterwards. When he had finished, Cat let go, sitting back, her hands sticky, covered in semen.

“You have something I can use to wipe this off with?” she asked.

He tucked his prick back inside his pants, shook his head no, and then answered. “Sorry…no, use your shirt or something,” he sneered once again taking control.

She had no intention of doing that, and did the next best thing. She wiped his funky spunk into her breasts, massaging it in like lotion. It might not have been her preferred choice, but it was a hell slot oyna of a lot better than ruining one of her only tees. She could always wash up later, but the opportunity to do any laundry was a definite uncertainty.

“Where you headed?” she asked finally as he sat there with a somewhat surprised expression on his face as she finished massaging the last vestiges of his cream into her breasts.


“Mind if I catch a lift with you there?” She saw the look in his eyes, knew he was about to tell her to get out. “I’ll give you another blowjob when we get there,” she told him.

He closed his mouth, about to speak, then didn’t, thinking. Unfortunately, the look was still there.

“I’ll give you another when we’re halfway too,” she offered. That one seemed to close the deal.

“Ok, but keep your shirt off…I like seeing your tits!” he told her.

“Thought you didn’t like my little tits,” she told him.

“Well, they’re better than nothing!” he retorted.

They drove for several hours, most of it in silence. By the road signs, Cat figured they’d reach Reno sometime early evening, which meant she was due to give him another blowjob sometime the next morning. As such, she had enough time to perhaps catch a few winks before then.

“Mind if I get some sleep?” she asked looking back into the cab where his sleeper was.

“Go ahead,” he told her.

Cat climbed into the back, pushed away some of his discards, junk and some minor trash. “You got anything to eat back here?” she questioned hopefully. Once again he lifted the top of the cooler.

“Help yourself.”

Cat quickly located the second half of a cold sandwich, along with an almost too ripe banana and some stale Twinkies. But to her, it was a feast, which she consumed quickly before laying out on the small bed falling asleep almost immediately.

She woke just as the sun was coming up. “I need to pee,” she stated, sitting up hating the feel of her crust-covered breasts as she scratched them.

“Rest-stop three miles,” he told her. “Was gonna wake you up anyway,” he leered. “We’re about half-way,” he added with his yellow-faced grin.

Cat nodded her head in understanding and smiled. “A deal is a deal,” she thought to herself. Knowing she’d have to live up to her end, especially as they were pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. Even traffic was light, she’d only seen one another car pass them shortly before reaching the turnoff to the rest area. There were no other rigs in the lot either, and just one lone RV, no doubt some family that had driven as far as they dared without falling asleep.

Grabbing her shirt, Cat decided it was safe enough to risk exposing herself rather than putting it back on before washing herself up. She jumped down out of the cab and began heading towards the restroom.

“Where the fuck you going?” Tex said stopping her dead in her tracks.

“I told you, I gotta pee!”

“Not until you take care of this first,” he leered once again. Cat noticed his very erect cock sticking out of his un-zippered Levi’s as he stood there waving it at her. “Don’t worry, it won’t take long,” he added. “Been playing with it the last few miles waiting for you to wake up.”

Resigned, Cat approached him. “Where?” she asked looking around for some reasonable place for privacy.

“Behind the bathroom,” Tex stated already beginning to walk in that direction, his prick now leading the way. All Cat could do was follow.

He was right about one thing though, it really didn’t take long. As urgently as she still needed to pee, obviously his urgency to cum was even greater. She stood holding his discharging prick in hand as he got a sick delight out of spraying the back side of the building with his cock-juice.

“Don’t take long,” he told her. “I’m on a schedule.”

Cat headed into the restroom, finally emptying her overfull bladder. When she had finished, she wet a wad of paper towels, filled them with some of the dispensered soap, and finally began washing her breasts.

She couldn’t have been in there more than ten minutes when the sound of the truck’s tires throwing gravel up in an obvious hurry reached her ears. Racing out of the bathroom, she saw Tex already reaching the end of the parking area. Running as fast as she could, cutting across the picnic area, she nearly reached him as he again turned, increasing speed now as he prepared to enter back out on to the highway.

“Hey mother fucker!” Cat screamed. “You’ve got my stuff!”

Her satchel, containing all her worldly possessions was still inside his rig. And…he knew it. She saw him stick his hand out the window waving good-bye, then blowing his horn in some sort of sadistic satisfaction at leaving her stranded there with nothing but the proverbial shirt on her back, which ironically, she was still merely holding in her hand.

All Cat could do was wave back, though she used both middle fingers in doing so.

She stood there briefly watching the taillights canlı casino siteleri of his rig disappear down the road in the rapidly growing light. Once again she turned towards the RV, wondering if she dare approach them and ask for a ride. She knew however through experience, the likelihood of that happening was remote. Most would merely chose to ignore her completely, no matter how loudly she might pound on the door. A few actually carried guns for seeming protection, and would no doubt chase her away. Cat decided her best bet was to head out onto the highway itself. At least the chances of hitching a ride would be far greater rather than hanging around the rest area waiting for someone to show up, and then if she was even lucky enough, convincing whoever did in giving her a ride. No, her best bet by far was making it out onto the highway itself and hopefully catching a ride.

Cat finally put her tank top back on, reaching the highway, and began to walk. The odds of catching a ride eventually weren’t all that bad. Families traveling together would pass her by, ninety nine percent of them anyway. She had gotten a ride once from one such family, but then had had to endure a lecture about women hitchhiking alone until she’d asked to get out. Most of the time it was single guys, mostly salesmen traveling alone that picked her up. Usually they were pretty safe. Though most of these seemed to get off becoming suggestive if not downright vulgar. At least that she could put up with, even flirting back, as usually they were harmless with a wife and kids at home, and no intention of sticking their dicks into some strange pussy they weren’t familiar with. Cat always got a kick out of seeing them act, like naughty little boys with “I fucked this hitchhiker out on the road looks,” that Cat knew most would love telling their friends and buddies about. Without it really ever happening. No…the scary one’s were the single guys who seemed normal. She’d heard the stories, and had passed up more than one such offer for a lift.

Cat had been walking for at least twenty minutes without so much as a single car passing her by. The sun was just reaching the top of the mountain now, finally throwing some light down onto the highway. She hoped with the arrival of morning, traffic would increase, as would her chances. She saw a pair of headlights crest the ridge a head of her, sadly however, going in the opposite direction.

“Just my fucking luck,” she spoke to herself, watching the pickup truck as it sped on by. She continued to walk, surprised moments later when the glare of lights behind her appeared. Cat stepped off the shoulder slightly, not wanting to endanger herself in the event the driver failed to notice her, sticking her arm out thumb up with hopeful anticipation. To her surprise, she saw the vehicle slow, then pass pulling over just up ahead of her. It was the same truck she’d seen pass by heading the other way only moments ago.

“You in trouble? Need a lift?”

Cat stood peering in through the open window of the passenger side of the truck. At first, she wasn’t sure if it was a man or a woman who had spoken to her. It had sounded like a woman’s voice, albeit a deep one. But if it was in fact a woman who had spoken, she was a big one. And not big as in fat either, just big, husky big with a bit of a masculine look about her.

“I’m headed this way,” Cat stated, giving the driver a chance to beg off from her offer. “Some trucker just ripped me off, stole my stuff,” she added though why she felt she needed to explain all that escaped her at the moment.

“Name’s Betty, jump in.” the woman told her.

“Thanks,” Cat said climbing inside.

“Think I might know where we’ll find him,” Betty assured her. “There’s a truck stop about forty miles from here. They serve a great breakfast, so I’m willing to bet that’s where we’ll find him. Think you can remember what his rig looks like?” Betty asked.

“No problem,” Cat responded. “A big yellow one, just like his fucking teeth,” she said grinning.

Thirty minutes later they had reached the truck stop. Betty pulled her pick-up into the lot circling around. “See it?”

“Yeah! That one! Over there!” Cat pointed. “See it?”

Betty laughed. “Yeah, kind of hard to miss,” she admitted. Betty pulled her pickup directly in front of the big eighteen-wheeler.

“Now what?” Cat asked her.

“We wait.”

Tex had already been there nearing an hour, so the odds were he’d be coming out soon if he really was on any kind of a schedule. Sure enough, Cat soon saw him approaching. “That’s him! That’s him!”

“Stay behind me,” Betty said getting out of her truck. She walked towards him, at first, Tex failed to take any notice of her until he saw Cat standing just behind her off to one side.

“Well, well…look at what the ‘cat’ dragged in!” enjoying his own joke. “She as good at eating pussy as she is sucking cock?” he said grinning.

“Don’t know whether she is, or she isn’t. That’ll be her decision,” Betty said staring him down. “Right now, all she’d like is her stuff back.” “Don’t have it, threw it out,” he said reaching up towards the door of his truck. Betty stepped in the way keeping him from doing so.

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