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It was a cool afternoon on Sunday. Tara and I had had alight lunch with a plan to go out in the evening for a theatre show. After lunch we hit the bed. I watched TV while Tara read for a while and started to sleep quite soundly.

Soon enough I fell l asleep as well.

At about 5 in the evening I woke up and felt for Tara. She was missing. I knew from the nice aroma wafting in, that she was brewing some very nice Darjeeling Tea. Soon she walked back and looked at me.

Tara asked “Have you been up long?’

I said “No. Just woke up.”

Tara said “Come – lets have tea.”

We sat together on the balcony of the house and sipped hot tea. We chatted and talked of the play that we were going to see. Tara was quite up on plays and writers. She never failed to impress me of her knowledge, while she had been a Biology student.

At about 6 PM, Tara said “I will go in and get ready.”

I said “Okay.”

She went in and I sat alone on the balcony watching the sun set. The birds were returning to the nests and I could hear their last chirps before they went to sleep.

In about 30 minutes, I heard Tara call, “Why don’t you get dressed?”

I walked into the bedroom and shut the door behind me.

Tara had just finished her bath and was in her Petticoat and green blouse, about to commence her make up and then start getting into a lovely saree. Her hairs were open and wet and she was smelling good.

I noticed she had taken out a smart combination for me and had kept it on the bed.

I went in for a bath. I quickly finished and looked around. I had forgotten to get my underwear. I opened the door a crack and peeked out and said “Can you pass my undies?”

She glanced back and said “Yes. Just a second”

She scooped my undies up and said “Do I kiss it before I pass it to you?”

I said “God. You have imagination. Yes. Why not?”

She located the spot where my cock would be located and kissed it and left a lipstick mark on it. She said “I hope the cock feels my lips while you wear it”

Tara passed the undie to me and I shut the door and stepped into my undies. I thought, I suppose the dick will feel better.

I stepped out and started to look for my Cologne. She passed it to me and continued with her make up. I sprayed my underarms and chest and slipped on my vest.

Tara said “Why don’t you spray some Aramis also? I like that.”

I picked up the Aramis and sprayed some.

I wore the shirt and was looking for my trousers, when Tara said “Wait. You have to not applied proper good smelling stuff.”

I said “What?”

Tara walked to the dresser and fished out a tube of Hermes Cream. She walked close to me and said “I will have to apply it”

She clinically pulled by underwear down and took some Hermes Cream on her finger tips. She said “Take of your shirt”

I did.

Tara took the cream and started to apply it on my crotch. She took more and more cream and applied it liberally on my balls. But very carefully. I was surprised and was getting a hard on.

Tara said “I like it. It is stirring to cream?”

Tara took more cream and pulled my foreskin back and applied the cream on my open cock knob. It was excruciatingly pleasant. Tara then applied cream to the whole cock as if, it being readied for a fuck.

My cock was in full regalia and erect. Throbbing.

She sat down in front of me and kissed the tip and said “Poor darling. Not now. This is in preparation for a grand night with your favorite pussy”

Tara swooped on to my undie and pulled it into place and said “Please put that down and put it inside the undie.”

I said “I did not know that this was your plan”

Tara said “I don’t plan everything. I go with the flow”

She went about wearing her clothes and applied all the perfumes etc that she loved.

While I was tying my tie she was swishing past looking her regal self.

I sat down to wear my shoes and Tara walked by.

I suddenly caught her saree and pulled her towards me. She said “Now what?”

I said “Nothing. Just a kiss”

I pulled her by her hand and made her sit on my lap. Tara said “Don’t crumple my saree. We have to go out.”

I just bizimkent escort caught her face and softly kissed her on her neck. She kept quiet.

I slowly ran my hand over her back and caught her head from the back and kissed her again on her forehead.

Her hair was coming in front of her face. I slowly put the hair back, tenderly. She purred. I kissed her on the small of her neck from the back.

Suddenly I said “Let us drop the play.”

Tara said “And have some foreplay instead?”

I did not answer. I softly kissed her again on her neck. Again and again.

Tara shifted her position to amore comfortable position. She knew that I would not like to go. I had some other plans.

I slowly made her stand up. I stood up and took her to the chair for two which had been placed in the bedroom to sit and watch TV.

I sat her down and sat next to her.

I said “We are not going anywhere. Except to the heaven of your love.”

Tara smiled and said “God you are romantic today. I don’t mind atall. Hmmmmmmmmmm”

I started to kiss her slowly and softly all over her face and eyes.

Tara was clearly enjoying it. I slowly scooped her from the chair to the bed. I slowly put her on the bed and ensured that her saree was primly placed.

I started to kiss her slowly again. Her face. Neck and eyes.

Soon I was exploring her low neck line and kissing on the contours of her breasts. She was enjoying the attention that I was paying to her every mood.

I took a small peck at her mouth. She slowly parted her mouth. I kissed slowly and vefry tenderly on her two lips one at a time. She parted her lips and the mouth was slightly open.

I kissed her on her lower lips and sucked it in a little.

I said “Sorry darling, it is smudging your lipstick” Tara did not answer.

All the time I ensured that Tara’s hairs did not get spoilt. I wasn’t sure if she would say “Let us go.”

I slowly lifted her by her back and started to plant hot kisses on her face and lips. She started to respond with her own movements.

When I started to suck her lower lip softly, she was sucking my lips as well.

I stuck my tongue into her mouth. She tasted good. Her mouth was sweet.

I played with her tongue. She was softly moaning.

Tara let herself go. I said “Go with the flow.” She wrapped her hands around me and started to kiss me softly.

I slowly probed her ear with my tongue. She went mad with pleasure. I had to hold her head while I probed. Tara said “Hmmmmmmmm. Stoip it. This is too much. I love it.” The moment I stopped Tara said “Don’t stop. Do it. More”

I realized that she was being a perfect women. When she loved it she would say Stop.

I probed her ear for a while and realized that she loved the surprise.

I said “Tara. I think you are enjoying this as much as I do. So just screw the play. Let us enjoy”

Tara said “Okay”

I softly removed the saree which was carelessly placed on her breasts and put it on the side.

I started to kiss in the plunging neck line of her blouse.

She placed her hands slightly above her head and was enjoying herself.

While kissing her neck line, I undid her blouse very softly. I removed each flap of her blouse with my mouth.

Her lacy bra was a peek-a-boo one. I could see the areola and her nipples were partly visible.

I slowly kissed everywhere except her areola and her nipples.

Tara said “Let me take off the bra”

She raised her back and unhooked the bra for me.

I did not rush and take it off.

I kissed her on the breast slowly moving the bra away little by little.

Soon the bra was out of the way and she was naked on the top.

Immediately I went back to her neck and face and eyes.

Tara was running her fingers through my hair and saying “Hmmmmmm”

After some time I changed my position and started to kiss her flank and her midriff.

I swirled her navel and kissed her on the navel.

I brushed my finger tips on her breasts. She arched upwards to feel them.

I let my tongue explore her navel. She shouted “Stop”

I held her down and continued doing what I wanted to bostancı escort do.

I slowly went up and started to kiss her breasts one at a time.

Soon I was kissing her nipples.

I sucked each one at a time and slowly let my hands play with the other.

I once again lifted her off the bed and planted hot kisses on her breasts.

I stopped and placed her back.

I said “Turn over”

Tara turned over.

I said “Lift yourself up. I want the breasts. They need more attention”

Tara lifted herself up on her elbows. Her breasts were hanging free.

I started to kiss her back. While I was kissing her back, I was slowly playing with her nipples one at time.

I started to lick her up the backbone from the small of her back with a thin tongue.

She shuddered and said “That is nice.”

Tara said “Why don’t you take off all you are wearing.”

I said “No darling. When I want to. You just enjoy now.”

She said “Okay”

I went on licking her and playing with her special parts as I liked.

I stopped and said softly “Turn over.”

Tara dropped and turned over.

I caught the diadem of her saree and pulled it out.

I dipped my fingers into her waistband and fished out the drawstring. I quickly pulled it and loosened the petticoat.

Tara was a little surprised at the speed with which I changed pace and almost felt I had lost control and that I would simply fuck her now.

I got up and went near her legs. I yanked the saree. It dragged a little but did not come off. Tara lifted her bottom and signaled to me to take ago at the saree. I pulled again and the petticoat slid down her legs.

She was stark naked – suddenly.

The aroma of her wet pussy was over powering and lovely.

I slowly lay next to Tara and started to play with her body again.

I went back to my favorite activity of kissing her all over. Slowly my tongue went down towards her pubis and ran all round it.

I slowly positioned myself the other way round. I caught each leg of hers and planted kisses on the back of her knees and then over the thighs. As my kisses came closer to her pussy she would say “Hmmmm”

I said “Want the pussy kissed.”

Tara said “Do what you want”

I told Tara “Hold your hands up. I want to play with you”

Tara slowly lifted her hands.

I slowly sniffed her snatch. It was smelling real wet and ready.

I kissed on both sides of her thighs and slowly caught her legs and parted them. Then I crooked one leg and the other was straight.

I slowly ran my finger softly through her bush without touching the pussy or the crack.

Tara arched her back with anticipation.

I kissed her all over while playing with her breasts.

Then I combed her bush with my fingers and parted the hairs.

I could see the red throbbing clit, erect and wanting to be touched. It was wet and juices were almost dripping down the pussy.

I very slowly parted her pussy lips and softly and tenderly ran my tongue over the opening, avoiding touching her clit.

Tara said “Nhhhhhhhhh. Take it”

I very slowly parted her pussy lips more and ran my tongue into every corner of the pussy.

Than very slowly and deliberately, I ran my tongue over her clit.

She jumped up and said “Wow. Mmmmmmmmmmm”

I swirled my tongue around her clit and the started to run it quickly in a flicking motion over the clit.

Tara went mad. She said “Take it. Take me. Now”

I picked up the Hermes Cream tube and applied some cream on my fingers and started to apply it on her breasts and nipples.

Tara said “On my pussy. Apply the cream.”

I said “No. I love the pussy love smell”

Tara said “Please take my pussy now. I am hot”

I caught her by her legs, parted them and started to tongue fuck her, while my hands were straying over her breasts.

She was raising her buttocks to meet the tongue thrusts.

Suddenly she pulled my face away and put her fingers into the crack and started to finger fuck herself.

She had her first orgasm soon.

I ordered her “I want to see you masturbate atleast six more times”

Tara büyükçekmece escort said “Help me”

I started to knead her breasts while she played with her clit. Her second and third orgasm came soon.

Tara said “Take off your pants. I want your dick”

I firmly said “No fucking”

Tara said “I will have an orgasm holding your dick. Just give it to me”

With that she sat up and tore off my pants and my undie and caught my dick.

She tried to reach down and kiss it.

I firmly said “No”

She lay down and closed her legs and started to feel my dick with both her hands and said “This is the dick I love. It is going in. It is humping me”

“Play with my breasts. Squeeze them. Take out its juices”

I rough treated her breasts while her legs squeezed against each other and started to have her next orgasm.

Sweat was pouring down her body with her exertion.

She fell back and rested a while. Then Tara caught my wrist and placed my hand in between her thighs and closed her legs strongly. Her hands running up and down my strong and erect cock.

She was mumbling “I am fucking doggy style. Fuck me. I am a bitch. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck”

She quickly had her next orgasm.

She collapsed with tiredness and relaxed and said “No more. I cant. I am tired”

I said “Darling why don’t you go to sleep for a while. I will watch you and may be kiss you when I feel like”

She said “Thanks.” She turned on her side and turned her top leg into a bent position and shut her eyes.

I let her sleep.

I kissed her many times on her face and neck.

Every time in her sleep, she responded and let me kiss her more.

After about a half an hour sleep she woke up and said “God. You truly made my day.”

I said “Why?”

Tara said “You only wanted me to enjoy. While you did not have a release”

I said “Some day. Some time”

Tara said “Why don’t I suck you and get out released”

I said “No darling. Only a fuck will give me what I love.”

Tara said “Then fuck”

I said “No. Not now. You look so lovely after enjoying sex. Your eyes are swollen and your face looks content. I don’t want to spoil this pleasure”

Tara said “Thanks. How do I ever thank you enough? Should I get one of my friends to fuck you. Or my little sister, Neera. She is about 20”

I said “Darling. I will ask you for the favor one day. May be you can get your sister to come along and she can see how you get fucked and how you enjoy it”

Tara said “May be she will demand to be taken too”

I answered “No Darling. You are special. I don’t fuck other girls. It is you I want to and fuck. As much and as many times I like”

Tara said “You love my pussy that much?”

I said “No. You are a true adult. You know God has given you a pussy so that it taken and you enjoy. Not to store and keep for the good times – till it cant function any more!!!!!”

Tara said “Fuckshun??”

I said “You are naughty. Isn’t it?”

Tara said “Actually I love what you do to me. I thinki Neera will love to get this kind of satisfying fucking”

I said “We will see. If our fucking turns her mad. We will see”

Tara said “Yes that will be good”

I said “But suppose Neera will rejects me?”

Tara said “She wont. I have told her about your skills at breaking the hymen and how you deflowered me most lovingly and how we have enjoyed ever since. Moreover, if you want I will tie her up and get her fucked. I will do anything for anyone who fucks me so well”

I said “God””

I slowly raised myself and kissed her on her forehead and asked “Are you hungry for more?”

Tara said “I am always hungry. . . . . . But hungry for a fuck or two. Not your having me to climax while your cock remains dry”

I said “Okay Okay. Enough. We will fuck when I want it. Otherwise your pussy will get what it deserves”

Tara said “Why”

I answered “Tara. This is beginning of your birthday celebrations.”

Tara said “That is seven days away”

I said “Yes. I know. You will enjoy your pussy for the next seven days in novel ways. You will thank God that you were born a woman and that you have a pussy. Better still that you have the guts to accept the fact that you love fucking like hell”

I added for good measure “Keep your pussy wet and expect to be fucked. I don’t like a dry pussy”

Tara said “God. I will thank God that I got a cock like yours. It fucks at its own will and never only to enjoy itself.” And kissed me.

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