Daddy Bruce’s “Daughter”

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Hi Again. I started this story earlier, but had to hit submit in a hurry because somebody came to my office unexpectedly. Here’s the second part.

After Lynn, Karen, and I had showered to go to dinner, the two girls went to change their clothes. I had to wear my same things because all my clothes were back at my hotel.

First Lynn came out of the bedroom wearing a short red silky dress with a vee neckline and bare legs. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra because her nipples stuck right out. Her titties were not big, but they were delightful to look at, hold, and suck.

She sat down in a big chair right across from me, and her dress slid up quite a bit.

“How does this look, Daddy Bruce?” she asked me.

I said,

“Lynn, you look so hot,” and with that, she opened her knees a bit and said,

“This is hot, too. Want some?”

and I could see that she had no panties on and her pussy was glistening. After a got a bit more saliva in my mouth, I said,

“Lynn, why don’t you drop the Daddy part and just call me Bruce?”

She said, “No way. I love the mystique that goes with daddy’s little girl fucking his second father. It sounds so much fun and so dirty. Even though, we have not seen each other for such a long time, I kept hoping that one day you would do me.”

“Lynn, it does sound dirty but exciting that you want to have sex with me, but it’s your choice. I never in my life thought this would happen with you.”

“Daddy Bruce, do you remember when I was in senior high school we all went to Mum and Dad’s place in Florida? Well, I just kept trying to tease you every chance I could get because I knew you were checking my body out even though I didn’t have much to offer. I used to lie on my tummy on the sand at the beach so you could see down the front of my bikini top and at least see my nipples. I used to sit cross-legged so you could see my pussy. I used to leave my bedroom door open a bit when I was changing because I knew you could see in from the couch where you always sat. I did everything to attract your attention: bent over so you could see my ass, stretched my arms above my head so my tits would look bigger, and sat on the bed to put some clothes on because it would show off my pussy. It was way back then that I wanted you to do something with me because I had such strong feelings for you. You weren’t just my second father (using air quotes), you were my make-believe lover. But you didn’t do anything about it and neither did I. Honestly, Daddy Bruce, I think I was in love with you.”

“Lynn, I just can’t believe this. Sure I was looking at you. I loved every part of your body and would have gone down on you in a NY minute. I tried and tried to sneak peeks at your pussy while you sat like you did and played with your Game Boy. Your pussy looked so inviting, and when your bathing suit got wet, you had the nicest little camel-toe. Fuck, you were and still are so hot.”

“Thanks, Daddy Bruce.”

and she got up and came over to the couch where I was sitting and gave me a long, wet, sensuous kiss.

“That kiss is all you get for now. The rest will come later–and maybe you will, too. What do you think of Karen? Isn’t she fabulous?”

“Yeah, she sure is. What’s the story here?”

“Well, we are both registered massage therapists and although we have our own clients, we also share a few. You know that rich-bitch I told you about? She is one of the ones we share, and it is because of her that I can afford a good lifestyle. I’ll tell you about her at dinner when Karen is with us. I really love Karen, although we are not full-fledge lovers. She has a man in her life, too, but most times she says she enjoys playing with her dildo with me. So do I, because with Sean, it’s fuck for five minutes, then get off and drink beer for the next three hours.”

Just then, Karen came out of the bedroom wearing a mini skirt shorter than Lynn’s, but she could do it because she was long and lean. She had on a black sweater with a scoop neck that accentuated her large boobs, and from what I could guess, it was a push-up bra because it showed off her tits and cleavage. Man, she looked good. When she walked away from us, you could see how wonderful her ass canlı bahis şirketleri really was but I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties or not or if she even had a thong on. I really didn’t care because I knew that Lynn was mine for the night.

Karen came back over to the couch and leaned down and kissed me; and when she did, I got a terrific view of her tits.

“You like them, Honey? Think they’re big enough for tittie-fucking?”

All I could think of was that no other person in this world could be as lucky as I was at this time. Before I could answer, Lynn said,

“Sure they are. You can hold that black dong between them and suck your own tits very easily.”

Karen said, “Oh yeah. I forgot about that.”

“We’d better get going,” Lynn said.

So we went down to the parking garage to get in Lynn’s car. I opened both the passenger’s door and the back door so I could sit in the back seat.

“No, no,” said Karen. You sit up front with Lynn and I’ll sit back here.” and she got in.

While I was holding the door open for her, she climbed in and made no attempt to do it in a ladylike fashion because she spread her legs and held them open for a bit. It sort of made me flash back to Britney Spears pussy show, only Karen did have small panties on.

“Looks good, Karen. You have great legs.”

She said, “Thanks. Maybe I can show you how I use them later.”

I sat with Lynn; and with her short dress, I got a wonderful view.

“What’s the matter? Don’t like my legs?” she asked.

“Sure I do. Why do you say that?”

She said

“Because you didn’t compliment me like you did Karen. Next thing you will tell me her tits are nicer.”

That brought a lot of laughter in the car and took me off the hook.

We got to the restaurant which was a large roadhouse and found a large booth right in the middle of a row up against a side wall. Lynn got in, and I motioned for Karen to sit beside her.

“No, you go ahead, I’ll sit on this side.”

I sat down beside Lynn and left a bit of space between us, but she moved over closer to me so that our bodies were touching. Karen sat across from us positioned so that she was directly in the middle of us.

We ordered drinks first and Karen told the waiter that we would order food later. We sat and gabbed for a while about nothing in particular, but Lynn had her hand on my thigh all the time. I really liked that, especially when she moved it up and down a bit, but not touching my dick, just up and down the inside of my leg.

Karen talked to both of us, but she leaned forward a bit so that her tits were in view.

“Karen, you’re such a slut showing off your tits like that. Why don’t you just take your top off and be a full-fledged cock-teaser.” Lynn teased

Karen replied,

“You’re just jealous that you can’t give a tittie show. Besides, don’t talk to me about being a cock-teaser. I can see your hand moving up and down Daddy Bruce’s leg. Watch out, Daddy Bruce, or she will be jerking you off.”

That discussion brought lots of laughter.

“Okay, girls. I have something to ask you. Tell me about the rich-bitches you service.”

Karen began first.

“Yeah, service is the right word. Two days ago, I was at Mrs. Dunphy’s house for a call. When I got there, she met me at the door with a short white robe/jacket, no slacks or anything. She said,

‘Come on in, Darling. I’m so anxious for you to start. I have this tightness in my neck, and it seems to stretch all the way down my back. Do something for me, Sweetheart”.

I took the collapsable table from my backpack and started to put it up.

“Do you think we could use something more comfortable, Dear? Maybe if I just laid down on the bed, it wouldn’t be so hard on me.”

“So, we walked into her bedroom, and she laid down on her stomach, and I stood beside the bed on her right side and reached over to massage her shoulder. She told me that it felt pretty good already, so I put a little more pressure on her.”

Lynn, interrupted her by saying,

“Tell Daddy Bruce what you were wearing, Karen.” She said,

“Oh, yeah, I had my fuck-me clothes on; and just in case you don’t canlı kaçak iddaa know what they are, they are what Lynn was wearing yesterday when you met her.”

“Fuck-me clothes?” I asked. Do you put a little extra in your work?”

Both of them chimed in and said,

“No, we’re not hookers, but we have some special female clients who like to explore their curiosity every now and then. And for that, we get extra–a whole lot extra, but both of us absolutely refuse to fuck our male clients.”

“So, back to my story. After I finished with the right side, I discovered that I couldn’t do an adequate job with the left shoulder by standing and reaching over, so I climbed on the bed and straddled Mrs. Dunphy. She told me that I was doing a good job.

She said, “Just a second, Honey.” and with that, she pushed herself up a bit by her elbows and took her robe off. She was completely naked underneath, but this wasn’t the first time that I had seen her like that. It was her signal to me that she wanted to full-monty massage treatment.

“As you can imagine, my skirt was riding quite high and I could feel the heat of her body against my thighs above my nylons. It felt good; and when she asked me if I wanted to get more comfortable, I knew what she meant. I crawled off her and the bed and stood right above her so that my pussy was just about face-high. I slowly and sensually took off my nylons, garters, and panties so that I was completely nude. She just looked straight into my pussy and licked around her lips.

I climbed back on top of her and began massaging her again. As I did this, my body was moving up and down hers, and it was agitating my clit as it rubbed over her ass. I was really enjoying this–every bit of it, so I got more aggressive with my massaging. I let my hands go from her shoulders, down her sides, and around a bit to feel the outside of her tits.

She moaned,

“Oh, you are so good at this Honey. Don’t ever leave me. These are the best days of my life.”

and with that, she lifted her body off the bed a bit so I could reach around and hold her full breast. Her nipples felt good. I was having more fun that she was because my clit was getting a good rubbing. Gradually, I kept sliding my body down hers and was massaging her lower back, then her ass. She opened her legs for me and I massaged the inside of her thighs from the back.

By this time, Lynn was massaging the inside of my thigh and was moving her hand around my cock and balls.

She said,

“Karen, you are making us both horny here. Daddy Bruce is as hard as a rock, and I’m getting soaked. If you don’t stop, I’m going to have to fuck him right on this table.”

Karen said, “Go ahead, I dare you.”

But all I could say was

“No Way! Not here. Are you crazy?” With that they both laughed.

Karen says,

“Hey are you going to let me finish this or not?”

We both said “sorry” at the same time, so Karen started again.

“I kept Mrs. Dunphy in the mood by periodically moving in close to her pussy and I could feel her jump.

“Yes, Honey, that’s it. I love that. Touch me there some more,” so I continued to explore her pussy and her clit. Man, she was wet, so I started to put a finger in every time I got my hand back up to that area. By this time, she had had enough and got on her knees and I could see her entire pussy. I knew what she wanted–and I needed the cash–so I finger-fucked her for about two minutes.

“Lie down with me, Honey,”

she said, so I did and she snuggled tightly into me.

“I love your body. Your breasts are so nice.”

and with that she started to suck them; and Lynn, you know how much I like that. I broke away from her snuggling and rolled over on my back. I knew what was going to happen next because within seconds, she was on me and licking my thighs and pussy. I was so fucking horny that I would have done anything she asked, but I didn’t want her to stop. She licked me and sucked me for about ten minutes, then moved back up to my tits and looked me in the eye and said,

“Karen, would you do me like I did you?” I told her,

“Mrs. Dunphy, you know that I don’t do that and we have gone as far as I said canlı kaçak bahis we could go. I don’t mind playing with you, but oral sex for you is pretty well out of the picture.”

“Karen, you know I am generous with you when you come here. Just this time, and the reward will be worth it. What do you say?”

Lynn, said,

“Fuck, I’d suck her cunt for the extra money. She really is generous to us,so why didn’t you?”

“Well, don’t get jealous, Lynn, but I did. I was so horny that I would have sucked her ass if she had asked me. I only had to take about six laps of her pussy, shove my tongue in once, and she grabbed me head and held me against her and had an explosion–and guess what: So did I. For a 40-year-old woman, she sure is sexually young.”

“Forget that, Karen. How much did she pay you when you left?”

Karen said, “She asked me how much my monthly lease payment was on my car and I told her. She said that it was pretty hard to hide over a thousand dollars in the bank account by recording it as a payment for massage therapy, so she wrote the check out to AADA Leasing for two months lease payments and she even wrote me another check for our regular service.”

I couldn’t believe what this girl did, but the longer I spent time with them, the more believable it was. Lynn was still feeling me up and I kept my hands on the table because I didn’t want anyone to see me with my hands on her. She was okay because my body was blocking the view from anyone else around.

“You two are having a good time. Did she make you cum, Daddy Bruce? Karen asked.

I said, “No, but almost.”

She said,

“Lynn, change places with me for a while. I’ll bet you I can make him cum.”

and before anyone could say anything else, Karen was over at my side tugging on her arm to pull Lynn out of the booth. Lynn slid out and went to the other side, but I noticed on the way by, she leaned into Karen and brushed her tits with her body.

Karen sat down beside me and immediately went to my crotch. She grabbed onto my cock and squeezed.

“You’re almost ready.”

and with that, she slid her hand up and pulled down my zipper, reached in and put her hand down inside my shorts and took my bare cock.

“O-o-h, it’s nice. Wish I could suck it right now, but you’re going to have to settle for a hand job until we get home.”

It didn’t take long for me to cum, and she took her cum-covered hand out and licked it off. Then, she passed me a napkin and told me the rest of the work was up to me.

“No problem, Babe.” I said.

“Look at poor little Lynn over there. Sad because you’re not getting anything, Hun?” Karen said.

“Well, you guys are okay, but you’re making me horny.”

Karen said, “I can fix that. Open your legs, Beautiful. My toes are coming in.”

and with that, she stretched her long leg over to Lynn and put her bare foot between Lynn’s legs. I noticed Lynn dropping her hand down to her lap, and all I could figure out was that she was positioning Karen’s foot into her pussy area. I just watched the look on Lynn’s face, and I knew she was being fucked in a way I had never seen before.

“Okay, that’s enough until we get home. I don’t want to cum here because I would probably scare everyone when I scream.”

We ordered our food; I paid the bill over their objections; and we left the restaurant. When we got in the car, I said,

“You can drop me off at my hotel, Girls,” I said.

“No fucking way! You’re ours tonight, Mister. Besides, we haven’t even told you about our other clients; we haven’t had a chance to learn more about you; and most importantly, we haven’t had our threesome yet. So, shut up and either play with yourself, play with Lynn, or come back here and play with me.”

I just told them, I have to save myself until we get back home. I said,

“Karen, you can play with yourself back there and keep me entertained.”

“That’s what you think, Buddy. Eat your heart out or come back here and eat me out.”

I chose to stay put and stare alternately at their bodies.

We got back to the hotel, we had a great night of sex. I was so sorry that I had to leave Lynn, but even sorrier that I had to leave two of the most loving, sexy, horny ladies ever. Honestly, I think I could have married Lynn that night. I’m going to see them again in January. Can’t wait. I’ll write about it later. In the meantime, let me know what you would have done in this situation.

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