Daddy’s Fetish Ch. 03

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Thank you everybody for the wonderful feedback I’ve received for the first two chapters of Daddy’s Fetish. Watch out for Chapter 4 as he has yet another surprise in store for Steph.

My cunt was throbbing from the intense pleasure of the last two days as I returned to my bedroom. Daddy had gone for a drink with Mike, the guy he’d brought around for me to fuck today. Yesterday I’d fucked Dave and both times daddy had watched us get on with it. I’d sucked off daddy both times.

True to his word, daddy had left me a gift. It was a crotch-less and cup-less white lace teddy. There was a note with it. It said for me to put it on now and sleep in my parents’ bed tonight. I would be woken up with a final surprise tomorrow morning. I couldn’t help wondering who was going to fuck me tomorrow. The last two days had been magical. These older guys had bigger cocks and so much more stamina than the ones I’d been with before. And they were experts at making me cum before they did. I knew that I was going to miss this when I went away to college.

I soon fell asleep. I woke up briefly when daddy came home and I felt him get into the bed next to me. He made himself comfortable with his hand cupping one of my tits and then I drifted off to sleep again.

The feeling of metal clasping around my wrist woke me up. My arm was being pulled to a bedpost and cuffed to it. Then daddy moved around the bed and repeated the process with my other hand.

“What are you doing, daddy?” I asked him worriedly.

“I’m setting the scene for your next visitor,” he smiled back and kissed me.

“Who is my next visitor?” I asked as my foot was secured to a bedpost.

“You’ll see,” daddy smiled and secured my second foot to the bedpost. I was now spread-eagled across the bed and I could feel the juices slowly escaping my cunt.

Daddy left the room and came back with his recliner. It was obvious that today’s fucking was going to take place in mom and dad’s bedroom and he was intending to enjoy every moment of it.

When he was done preparing daddy lay down next to me on the bed and started sucking on one of my nipples while he rolled my other nipple between his thumb and finger. I moaned with pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you baby?” he smiled against my tit.

“Oh yes, daddy,” I moaned.

“What did you think about yesterday?” he asked me.

“Mike was so good. I loved to feel his cock inside me. It was almost as big as yours, daddy,” I smiled.

“What part did you like the best, princess?”

“When Mike fucked me in the shower and I was in your arms.”

“You liked being fucked while I played with your tits, baby?”

“Oh yes. It was wonderful.”

There was no time to say anything else. We were interrupted by the doorbell. I looked over at the alarm clock and it was still only 7. But I knew that mom was due back today and daddy wanted this fuck session out of the way before she got home. The last two nights we’d fucked for hours and I didn’t think today was going to be any different. I could feel my wetness running down my crack. I was so ready for a cock.

I could hear muffled voices from down the hall, but I couldn’t make out who they belonged to. I was sure I recognized them, but I didn’t know where from. Soon daddy showed up in the doorway and spoke back to his guest.

“Leave your clothes in the living room. We’ll be waiting for you in the master bedroom.”

He smiled at me as he walked in and sat down in his recliner.

“Showtime, Stephie,” he whispered to me. “Are you ready to be fucked?”

I nodded at him and stared expectantly at the doorway. I gasped with surprise as I recognized the man who walked in, jerking his semi-erect meat.

“Uncle Fred!”

My uncle walked up to the bedside and smiled at me. “Yes, Steph,” he said. “When I heard that your dad was having you fucked I insisted on having a piece of you. Fortunately my friend who’d booked you for today didn’t mind sharing.”

“Your friend?” I asked incredulously. Daddy had brought around two men to fuck me?

“Yes, his neighbour and best friend.” The voice came from the doorway, but I didn’t need to look over there. I knew exactly who it was. My first glance at the naked man with an incredibly fat cock in his hand confirmed my suspicion.

“Mr Lehman!” I gasped as I looked into the eyes of the man who’d been my principal throughout high school.

“The one and only.” He smiled at escort beşevler me. “You’ve teased me for years with those bouncing big tits and that tiny little cheerleader uniform. It’s about time I got to taste what you’ve been promising.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was such a surreal feeling. These men, whom I’d known my entire life, were here to fuck me. I felt a bit uneasy about the prospect of my uncle and principal fucking me, but I’d been restrained to the bed, I couldn’t get away even if I wanted to. And I realised that I didn’t want to.

“Hey Tom,” Uncle Fred was speaking to Mr Lehman. “She’s all wet and ready for us.”

Mr Lehman stood next to Uncle Fred and they looked at my soaking cunt. They exchanged a glance and Uncle Fred climbed up between my legs and placed his tongue across my slit. He slowly licked all my juices before he parted my pussy lips with his tongue. I couldn’t help letting a moan escape my lips as his tongue made contact with my clit.

“You’re such a hungry little slut, aren’t you?” Mr Lehman said and climbed up on the bed. “I better give you some nourishment.”

It was such a sleazy line but it set me on fire. Mr Lehman straddled across my face, forcing his thick cock into my mouth. He groaned as I took him across my lips and sucked him down my throat. He wasn’t very long, but that was just as well as he had the thickest cock ever shoved down my throat. I could hardly breathe, but he seemed to enjoy that, fucking deeper and deeper down my throat. It tasted so good to have him in my mouth. I tried to move my tongue across his veins, but there wasn’t much space to move around in my mouth.

Uncle Fred was feasting on my pussy. I could hear him slurping and sucking on me. I felt his tongue sliding inside my cunt and I moved my hips higher to feel more of him inside. I knew that I was dripping around his tongue. How much longer could I stay like this? How much longer could I let him eat my cunt without cumming. I didn’t want this to end. Then I felt Uncle Fred’s fingers sliding into my cunt. I moaned around Mr Lehman’s cock. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Mr Lehman was pumping my mouth big time now. He kept gagging me with his meat and my gagging reflexes set him off even more. Uncle Fred had three fingers inside my cunt and his lips were parked around my clit, which he kept flicking with his tongue. My body started shaking, I couldn’t hold back. All I wanted was to knead my tits and wrap my legs around Uncle Fred, but my restraints held me back. Finally I felt myself showering Uncle Fred’s face and screaming out around Mr Lehman’s cock.

Uncle Fred moved up and Mr Lehman pulled out of my mouth. He placed himself between my legs and shoved his hard meat deep inside my throbbing cunt. I was so wet from cumming that he didn’t need to apply much pressure. I nearly screamed out when I felt his size stretching my cunt. He slowed down to let me adjust and then he started thrusting, with one hand on either side of my body.

I got to lick my juices off Uncle Fred’s fingers and he leaned forward and started sucking on my tits that were by now bouncing freely in response to Mr Lehman’s hard fucking.

“Suck my cock, Steph,” Uncle Fred asked me and kneeled next to my head, resting his cock across my lips.

I opened my mouth and tasted Uncle Fred’s shaft. I longed to play with his balls and feel his smooth meat in my hand, but I was still tied up. I could only please these men with my mouth and my cunt. Mr Lehman was sliding deeper and deeper into my cunt and going faster and faster. I opened my mouth to suck Uncle Fred inside. His pre-cum covered cock felt so good in my mouth. It wasn’t as thick as either my dad’s or Mr Lehman’s but it tasted wonderful. I let my tongue feel his veins and taste every inch of him.

With every thrust Mr Lehman sent shockwaves through my body. He slammed into my clit and his balls were squished against my pussy juice wet ass. I started moaning around Uncle Fred’s cock. I was tugging at my restraints. This only seemed to turn Mr Lehman on even more and as he fucked me harder I moaned for mercy, but there was none. Once again I started shaking, my cunt convulsing hard around the thick shaft that was filling it up. This seemed to be what Mr Lehman had been waiting for. He finally shoved himself deep inside me and let my quivering cunt milk him dry. He shot several squirts deep inside me before he escort balgat pulled out.

Uncle Fred was still fucking my mouth when I heard Mr Lehman and daddy exchanging a couple of words. Mr Lehman sat down in daddy’s recliner and I felt a body between my legs. Suddenly a mouth was drinking my cum mixed juices from my cunt. It must be daddy’s tongue that was slurping them up. I’d just cum twice but the feeling of my daddy’s lips on my pussy lips had me dripping again.

“She tastes great, doesn’t she?” Uncle Fred asked daddy who agreed. “How about I get to feel her cunt around my cock now?”

“Let’s get her out of these restraints so that my baby can suck off her daddy’s hard cock,” daddy suggested. The men quickly set my arms and legs free and turned me over. I was on my hands and knees. Uncle Fred pressed his cock against my wet opening and slid inside. Daddy held his hard cock in front of my mouth. For the third time in as many days I was going to taste my daddy’s meat.

Daddy and Uncle Fred were both moaning as they pumped in and out of me. Daddy’s hands were cupping my swinging tits and Uncle Fred’s finger was on my clit. How long could we possibly last like this?

“We should have done this years ago,” Uncle Fred panted. “Family reunions would have been so much more fun.”

The men all laughed. I looked to the side where Mr Lehman was watching the goings on. He was stroking his fat cock and it was fully erect again. I knew that he was the one who’d booked me today and I was hoping to feel more of his cock.

Uncle Fred was sliding in and out of me with long deliberate strokes. Each time his balls slammed into me and splashed my free flowing juices around. Daddy was fucking my mouth harder and harder. I sucked him hard and tasted the wonderful pre-cum and I couldn’t wait for him to cum inside my throat again. I swallowed over and over and then I sucked again. Daddy was moaning out loud. Uncle Fred was moaning out loud. My moans were muffled by daddy’s big cock. This was it. I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to cum again.

The moment my cunt contracted around Uncle Fred’s cock he released his spunk into my throbbing cunt. He pulled my hips tight and shot his load as deep inside of me as he could get. Daddy grabbed hold of my hair and shoved his meat all the way down my throat. There he finally shot his lot, leaving me no choice but to swallow every drop.

I collapsed on the bed with daddy and Uncle Fred pulled out of me. I had Uncle Fred’s cum sipping out of my cunt and I reached down to scoop it up. I slowly sucked it off my fingers.

“She’s mad for cum,” Uncle Fred laughed. “You’re still hungry for more, Steph, aren’t you?”

“Yes please,” I begged him and all the men laughed.

“Take off the teddy, sweetie,” daddy asked me and I stood up and pulled the garment off myself.

“Clean up all the spunk between your legs,” Mr Lehman asked and I stuck my fingers down there and scooped up as much as I could. There was nowhere to wipe it off so I licked it off my fingers again.

“Who gets which hole now?” Uncle Fred asked. “I’d like to get my cock cleaned by her wonderful mouth.

“I want her to ride me,” Mr Lehman stated and lay down on the bed.

I straddled my former principal and he guided his cock into my hungry cunt. Uncle Fred didn’t kneel next to me, but he lay down next to Mr Lehman so that I had to lean across to suck his cock. It tasted of my pussy and I felt my tits betting squished against Mr Lehman’s chest as I started sucking Uncle Fred hard inside my hungry mouth.

Then Uncle Fred and Mr Lehman grabbed a tight hold of me. I could hardly move my hips to ride Mr Lehman and just about move my head up and down across Uncle Fred’s juicy shaft. That’s when I felt it. It was cold and pressed against my asshole. Then I felt my ass getting smeared in something. It was a lubricant and it was squirted into my ass and around my back entrance.

Daddy was behind me. I could feel him jerking his cock hard again. It didn’t take him long. Soon I felt him pressing against my asshole and I nearly screamed in pain. Uncle Fred held my head in place over his cock so that my screams couldn’t be heard. The most immediate pain soon subsided after daddy’s cock head had penetrated my tight ass. But it was soon replaced by more as he slowly penetrated me. Mr Lehman had momentarily stopped fucking me as he gave daddy time to enter my virgin escort batıkent ass.

“Keep sucking, Steph,” Uncle Fred commanded me.

I was glad for his cock in my mouth. I concentrated on sucking it hard and pleasing him with my tongue so that I could forget the incredible pain in my ass. I even reached for his balls and caressed them with my hand, making him pant with pleasure. Soon I could feel daddy stop. He was buried deep inside my ass. My cunt was throbbing around Mr Lehman’s cock and my ass was burning around daddy’s cock.

Then daddy started pulling out. A strange feeling of loss came over me. I couldn’t believe it. I’d expected to feel relief. But daddy soon slammed back inside my ass. Next Mr Lehman pulled out and slammed inside. They started working me together. When Mr Lehman pulled out of my cunt daddy slammed into my ass and vice versa. Gone was the pain in my ass and all I felt was the enormous pleasure of having every single hole in my body filled by wonderfully hard and juicy cocks.

The room was quiet except for the wet fuck sounds and my muffled moans. I could hear heavy male breathing. Uncle Fred was the first to give in. He shot his spunk down my throat and I hungrily swallowed it. After he’d pulled out of my mouth he moved down and started kissing me. I was moaning out loud between his deep kisses.

“You’re wonderful, Stephie,” he said against my lips. “I hope you’ll let me fuck you again.”

I nodded at him and he disappeared. I heard the shower running and concentrated on the two cocks in my cunt and my ass. The burning pleasure was getting more intense. Daddy and Mr Lehman were fucking me faster. I moaned out and panted. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.

“Cum for me, Stephie,” daddy panted in my ear.

“Yes, cum now,” Mr Lehman moaned.

I was relieved to be able to let go. I shook between Daddy and Mr Lehman and my cunt contracted hard around Mr Lehman’s cock. Mr Lehman groaned out loud and shot his load up my cunt and finally my daddy let a roar escape his lips as he shot his spunk deep into my bowels.

We rested a couple of minutes, catching our breaths. As Uncle Fred stepped back in, fully clothed, daddy slowly slid out of my ass. I felt the cool air on my gaping hole. Daddy grabbed my hips and helped me off Mr Lehman. I could feel their cum running out of my cunt and asshole.

“Come and have a shower with me, baby,” Mr Lehman took my hand and walked towards the family bathroom. Daddy stayed behind with Uncle Fred, showering in the en-suite.

As we stepped into the shower cubicle Mr Lehman pressed me against the cold tiles and kissed me deeply.

“I really enjoyed fucking you, Steph,” he whispered. “You were even better than I thought you’d be.”

“I loved the feel of your cock inside me too,” I replied.

“Do you want it a final time?”

I nodded. I got on my knees and sucked his limp cock into my mouth. With my tongue I got him to grow hard in record time. He pulled me up and soaped my tits. He spent ages on each tit, soaping it, sucking it and soaping it up again. Then he grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He pushed me against the tiles and started fucking me fast and furiously. I held him tight, pressing my tits against his chest. The water was pouring down our bodies. We were fucking deep and hard. I moved my hips in unison with his, taking him deeper and deeper every time.

With a loud moan I eventually let go and felt my cunt convulsing around Mr Lehman’s shaft. He replied by shooting his load inside me a final time. I sank to the floor when he finally pulled out of me. I had no more strength in my body. Mr Lehman finished showering and stepped out, leaving me in a heap, with the water still running out of me. I felt like the whore I’d become.

Minutes later I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a soft towel around my bruised body. There was no sign of daddy, Uncle Fred or Mr Lehman. Mom and dad’s bed had new fresh sheets and the bedroom had been aired of all fuck smells. I could hardly believe what had been going on in there earlier. I heard someone at the door.

“Daddy?” I called out.

“No, it’s me!” mom replied. “Have you only just showered? It’s the middle of the afternoon. You can’t keep habits like this at college or you won’t get a degree.”

I mumbled something to her and fled into my bedroom. There was a box on my bed. It contained a black bra with holes for my nipples, crotch-less panties, a garter belt, stockings and high heel shoes. There was a note as well.

“Thank you for today. Wear these under your clothes tomorrow night. We’re going out for some more fun.



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