DD Delight

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Lynn Mounds stared long and hard at the ad on her computer screen.

Looking for Actresses for Adult Film

Excellent Pay $500 per day

Ages 21-30

Good Figure

Immediate Opening

Must Be Open-Minded

Apply at Maple St. in Person 9 AM-4 PM MIDE Films

No Phone Calls

Lynn was between a rock and a hard place as far as her financial situation was concerned. Her husband had run off with barmaid at the Lagoon Club, the local watering hole. She had two girls 7 and 4, $50.00 in the bank, a meager amount of canned food, cereal, and milk. What should she do? Welfare? Soon to be ex? Daddy? $3500 per week was good pay. If the job lasted a month that was $14,000. There would be food on the table, the rent would be paid, and expenses would be met. With it being a holiday today Mrs. Peter would watch the children while she checked MIDE films out.

Lynn was certainly attractive enough to qualify. She was only 25 with no wrinkles or blemishes on her tanned 5’5″ 135 lb. body. She had brown hair and eyes with a nice smile, full lips, high cheekbones, and a perfect nose. She had a large pair of breasts (36DD) which her ex thought were gross looking but the film company might like them. She had dark pink areolas and if sucked there were lovely nipples although it had been awhile. Sex had been zero other than masturbating herself.

Lynn decided to change her outfit and chose a simple white blouse without a bra that showed the dark nipples, a short skirt, she had good legs and black pumps. She left her shoulder-length hair alone but undid three extra buttons to show off her cleavage which was tight and inviting except to her asshole soon to be ex. She chose the right fragrance of perfume and headed to the bus stop for a simple ride downtown.

She arrived with some staring by men on the bus at the office building, found the directory, went to the third floor, and found MIDE. Two other attractive women were waiting. One was Japanese very well endowed, bigger than Lynn and a red-haired Irish looking woman who looked rather plain except for her long red hair tied in a ponytail.

“I’m applying for the job,” said Lynn extending her hand to the receptionist.

“I’m Claire. Let me get you an application, pen, and clipboard,” she said smiling and extending her hand. “Jill is waiting for me and Kamisaki is next.

Lynn sat down and filled out a very standard form which she completed in 10 minutes. While filling out the application a disheveled young woman left in a huff. Claire motioned to Kamisaki to go into the office. 10 minutes went by and a young stud opened the office door motioning for Lynn to come in.

“You can go in,” said Claire. “Rick wants to talk to both of you.”

Lynn adjusted her blouse for a maximum view and walked into the office.

“I’m Lynn,” she said extending her hand.

“I’m Rick,” he said also extending his hand. “This is Kamisaki.”

Lynn found herself shaking hands with a completely nude woman. She was shorter than Lynn maybe 5′, lighter weight perhaps a 100 lbs. but very large titties perhaps 34 FF. Her brown very erect nipples stuck out like pencil erasers only larger.

“Like you Lynn, Kamisaki is applying for a part. There is more than one available. Take your clothes off and let’s see you naked. Show me your titties.”

Lynn wasted no time in undoing the remaining blouse buttons but slowly pulled it off her shoulders before baring firm grapefruit-size pleasure toys. Her breasts were some of the nicest Rick had ever seen and in the adult film business, he had seen 100’s if not 1000’s.

Rick gave her a wolf whistle of approval as she stripped naked for him to see.

“I approve Lynn. That is one nice pair,” he said. I want George and Dan to come in and get an eyeful of both of you. Kamisaki has a little problem.”

Rick opened the door and George and Dan walked in both young studs in their 20’s.

“They’re both perfect for the DD Delight film,” said George with Dan nodding in approval.

“Kamisaki is objecting to the orgy/gang bang scenes. sınırsız escort And she is unsure about the titty fucking.”

“How do you feel about doing those naughty things Lynn,” said Rick.

“No problem for me gentleman as far as gang bang/orgies are concerned and titty fucking is a pleasure for me. However, since I don’t believe in the pill you can’t cum inside me. You can fuck me but pull it out. Okay?”

“Kamisaki is the titty fucking a personal thing?” Rick asked.

“Boyfriend,” she replied. “Okay I will do it but no orgy, okay”

“How about a little sample Lynn,” Rick said. “A little MFM with myself and Dan”

“How about it Kamisaki?” said George who began stripping down along with Rick and Dan.

“There are mats in the other room ladies”

“Do we get the parts?” Lynn asked

“Depends how good you are in bed,” Rick said. “Your DD’s look great but how good are your mouths’.”

“Okay let’s find out,” she said.

Lynn went over to Dan and Rick, grabbed semi-erect cocks in each hand and began stroking them, one on each side of her pointing them at her titties.

“If you’re not ready Kamisaki come over here, George. My mouth is free,” she said sexily.

Lynn took George in her mouth sucking on him like an all-day sucker from an old loops movie. Lynn thought about Rene Bond as she slurped licked the cockhead with her tongue, and took it down her throat. She continued stroking Rick and Dan until Rick broke free and decided he wanted to be mouth fucked. George decided that a little pussy was in order so he promptly rammed Lynn in her wet cunt.

Dan went over to Kamisaki who decided to get in on the action and started sucking him. As she sucked she took her big white boobs and did a combo on him, sucking and fucking him.

Lynn loved the feel of George’s big cock but also knew it had to come out or it would be baby maker time. Where would it go? She told Rick to go to the other side of her face and ram his cock in her mouth. This would free her up for George to straddle her and fuck her titties properly. Both of them could cum whenever they wanted. Her mouth needed a cum rinse and her breasts cum lotion.

Kamisaki was sending Dan into orbit with her fuck mounds and sexy mouth. She was putting enough wet saliva on him for a smooth ride in her tit tunnel and she was teasing him with her lips and tongue. Her tits felt so good, soft and pliable he wiggled them like bowls of Jell-O getting harder minute by minute He slid so nicely Dan contemplated staying put for an hour or more. Her sucking, licking, and slurping of his cockhead was driving him to want to cum again and again. He decided to give her the best of both worlds. He would cum in her mouth as well as on her tits. He was so horny and had lots of cum to deposit.

Rick and George were also having their way with Lynn. She had taken Rick’s fuck tool down her pretty throat ready to drain it of all its fluid. Her big breasts were getting fucked over and unlike what her ex wanted to do to her. The titty fuck felt so good to Lynn and George. The solid materials of the hardly used tits were driving him to slide harder and faster. He could feel his balls filling up with life-making semen wanting to explode all over her naked body. He wanted it all with this babe. Mouth, ass, pussy, and titties. Right now she was ready to cum over and over to get that job. She was passing the audition with flying colors.

Cum shot out Dan as he could no longer stand the fucking Kaminski was giving him. She was talking Japanese but she seemed to be so happy with the way she was being fucked that when he came she took it all like a good whore on her mouth and titties and nipples. She licked her lips and rubbed the cum into her breasts and nipples like body lotion. It was thick and gooey but she didn’t care at all.

Lynn was ready for her first MFM fucking and she didn’t disappoint either Rick or George. She took every drop of cum that Rick had cleaning the cock as he pumped rope after rope of cum down her pretty throat. At almost the taksim escort same time George exploded a huge load on her breasts, and neck leaving little pools of fluid on her which Lynn ran her finger through and licked. She rubbed in the rest of it giving moisture lotion to her big titties. All 5 of them collapsed on the love mat in utter exhaustion


An hour or two or three passed until the bodies began to stir. Rick was the first to get up.

“You’re hired, Lynn. We’ll get started tomorrow weather permitting. I’ll prepare a check for you for one week as I know how much you need the money. You can count on $3500 tomorrow.”

“You don’t know how much this means to me, Rick.”

“Prove it now.”

“What do you want?” she asked knowing the answer to the question.

“Let’s get in the shower. You have cum covered titties. Let me clean you up.”

“And?” she coyly said.

“Rick has the point system. More points more favors,” he said.

Hand in hand well sort of they walked down past the offices to a large shower area. Lynn stopped and kissed him deeply pressing her nude body against his naked one. As her breasts smashed against him, keeping her from getting close to him she could feel that he was being aroused again.

“Your breasts are fantastic Lynn. I feel them on my chest and it gives me ideas.”


“Yes. I was going to fuck your ass but now those big tits.”

“Before you fuck them clean up the mess George made on me.”

Rick turned the water on and let it get warm before the two of them got in the shower. Rick took the Dove soap and sexily put it in her cleavage pushing on the sides of her firm grapefruits soaping forward before he washed the goo off the tops and her pink areolas and nipples.

“Don’t forget to wash underneath. They get sweaty,” she said.

“Not to worry Lynn. Every square inch will be covered with my hands and the soap.”

“Do my tummy and below,” she said.

Rick washed her stomach, shaved patch, and slit before sliding down to his knees to use his tongue on her pussy lips. As he heard the groans from Lynn he continued with his tongue licking on the inside now, finding her clit and arousing it. She cried out in ecstasy as he found the hot spot and licked it.

He put his hands on her ass, found her hole, and shoved his finger into her feeling her squirm. Not now but he knew his cock was going into her sweet ass for a good fucking, maybe for the film.

Lynn got down on her knees, getting Rick to stand up. With the water pouring down on her she grabbed the soap and began to clean his cock stroking and rubbing it. It took no time for her to arouse him to attention. Satisfied he was clan she put his cock in her mouth and began to make it bigger. She saw a spot and immediately took the bar soap rubbing it off. Still slick with soap she put the big cock in her cleavage and began to fuck him. She loved to titty fuck and Rick was well equipped to fuck her DD melons. She was nice and clean now but had a feeling that her breasts were going to get painted soon.

Rick grunted as Lynn looking for points was fucking the pole like mad.

“Cum all over my big tits,” she cried.

Rick let go with another load filling her cleavage full of the white stuff. He watched some of it come out as she pressed her titties together.

“Look at the mess you made. You’re just going to have to clean me up again.”

Rick was only too happy to oblige Lynn. He used the bar soap to clean her up again. They dried themselves off and went back to find Kaminski getting fucked by Dan with George sitting on her stomach fucking her big tits. So much for her objections. Both of them were giving it to her and she was moaning for more cock.

“She sure has nice tits,” said Lynn. “Look at them wiggle like 2 bowls of Jell-O as he fucks them. Mine are firm and don’t do that.”

Dan was letting go of filling her full of cum. George let go with ropes of cum himself all over her love mounds. Kaminski was dripping cum from her pussy and tesettürlü escort tits as she got up and headed to the shower with Dan and George not too far behind. All in all, it was a nice day and there was still a lot of time left.


Rick called Lynn around 7 and brought pizza over for the girls. He wanted to go over tomorrow with Lynn and drop off the check. Her two girls were well behaved and ate pizza, drank coke and went off to bed while Rick and mom were enjoying beer Rick had brought over with the pizza.

“What happens tomorrow Lynn is your at the nude beach naked sunning yourself like you’ve been doing.”

“You noticed me?” she said.

“Yes, I noticed. Your breasts have turned a nice shade of brown. I notice everything about your titties. Your areolas are like dark red fruit with nipples waiting to be plucked. Have you ever used a nipple pump?” Rick asked.

“No but I’m willing to try,” Lynn said. “Do I get points?”

“You sure do baby,” he said. “They get real big and really hard.”

Rick came over to her and grabbed a free feel finding out she had no bra on. He slipped her t-shirt up resting it on top of her breasts and began sucking on her.

“Do you want to fuck them again?” surprised he did.

“I wouldn’t mind Lynn.”

“I don’t ever think they’ve been fucked three times in one day,” Lynn said.

“To finish up tomorrow you’re sunning yourself and one of the studs comes up to you and asks if he can take your picture. You stand up and pose for him letting him take a few shots full length, close-up of your breasts, etc. As he is taking the pictures you can see a tent in his pants and you ask if everything is okay?”

“He says he is horny and wonders if it would be okay if he cums on your tits.”

“Here we go with my titties again,” Lynn said.

“To continue please,” said Rick. “You get that look of lust in your eyes and agree to let him cum but nothing else. I’ve got these boys on the ice. They haven’t cum for a week so they’ve got big loads. After he cums he says he has friends who want to cum too and would it be okay?”

“He also asks if they can fuck your tits to help them cum.”

“How many guys are we talking about?” Lynn asked afraid of the answer she was going to get from Rick.

“You’re going to get lots of extra points,” he said.

“6 guys,” she said.

“30 guys.”

“You want me to get sprayed 30 times?” Lynn asked questioning the insanity.

“It will be so hot Lynn.”

“Does everyone have to titty fuck me?”

“One at a time. Most will cum right away.”

Rick started to suck again which brought electric signals to her pussy again. She couldn’t believe she was getting horny again and neither was Rick. She had an excuse because it had been a long time coming for her but Rick.

“I can’t believe you’re horny again,” she said.

“Your beautiful tits are doing it to me. It’s your fault, Lynn.”

“They’re that hot,” she said.

“You’re being featured in a movie called DD Delights.”

“Okay you can fuck them once more but I need some sleep.”

Rick quickly dropped his pants and briefs while Lynn pulled the short off and settled herself between his legs putting his cock in his favorite place. She got a thrill as she felt it almost instantly harden, the head spewing out precum as she began to slide it back and forth on her firm mounds of pleasure.

Lynn took it in her hand and rubbed it all over her breasts making sure she touched the top, bottom, sides, and especially the nipples and her areolas, making a circular motion and making the circle larger.

“I like it, Rick, when you fuck my titties. Do you have any cum left for me?”

“I do baby I do. Lots of cum for your pretty titties baby. They’re so beautiful and you make me so horny. Rub me some more and I’ll cum again.”

Lynn rubbed Rick again on her beautiful rack letting him feel all of the flesh over and over. She rubbed again on her hard nipples stroking it back and forth making the nipples harder and more sensitive. Rick was finally to the point where he could take no more rubbing and shot cum like a small cannon hitting her neck and then cumming all over hands which she rubbed onto her breasts like hand cream. It was thick and lots of it. She smiled at the power those funbags had on men and knew she was going to get her way a lot.

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