Deal Closer Ch. 02

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I had just been fingerfucked by my new boss, CJ, high in the sky in a corporate jet en route to L.A. He was testing me as candy for an important client my office just had to close a deal with. I had passed the fingerfuck test apparently, but it soon became clear that my testing wasn’t complete.

CJ laughed, extracted his fingers from my ass, and, in one smooth, athletic motion went back into his seat on his knees. He pushed a button on my seat that fully reclined the back so I went down flat. Then he grabbed my hips with his huge hands and pulled my torso toward him. I lifted my head enough that I saw his black battering ram of a dick standing up majestically between his legs. I moaned and jabbered a bit in fear, I’m afraid, as he lifted my left leg up to his right shoulder and pushed my left leg out and across the arm of his seat. His left hand was supporting the whole weight of my right hip and buttocks. I saw him push his big black club down and guide it to my lathered ass. I whimpered and tried to pull myself away, but he had me in a strong grip—and I’d already given my consent; I’d said I do anything for the job.

“No, don’t fight me,” he whispered in a low, soothing voice. “I know this is new to you. I’ll be careful. But it will be worse if you fight it.”

“Please, please,” I whimpered, as I felt the head of his cock come up against my ass. “Please” what, I didn’t know myself; I’d already said yes to this. It was just . . . just what he had there between his legs. The lubricant and his rimming had opened me up, I knew, but he was just so big. I fought to think if I’d passed anything as thick as that rod of his, I was sure I hadn’t.

Oh, God, I thought, as I felt two fingers of his hand enter my ass and spread the hole apart. I involuntarily tensed up, and once again he told me just to relax. When I had done so, I felt a third finger going in, up to the knuckles, and he was widening the hole as far as he could. He held his fingers in suspense until I’d had time to adjust to them, and then I felt what must have been that big dick head of his find purchase in my hole as he withdrew his fingers.

“Oh, no. I can’t,” I moaned in spite of my declarations. But CJ proved that I could.

“It will be better when I’d gotten in past the prostate,” he said. And he was right. When he had gotten position, he brought my right leg up to his shoulder, got a hold on both of my hips again, and drew me up as he stood up on the floor. I could now see along my own chest and up my suspended legs, to his dick, which was still only about a third into me, and on up his beautiful chocolate body. When he stood, though, he found that he had to hunch over because of the overhead racks in the airplane passenger compartment.

“This isn’t going to work,” he said, and he plopped his cock out of my hole and pushed me back up the seat and released my legs. I felt like a prisoner who had had his death sentence commuted, but that feeling lasted only a few seconds.

CJ pulled me up from the seat with the hands he had on my waist and hips, swung me around into the aisle, and laid my chest down on the cold table top between the facing seats across the aisle. He knocked my legs apart in a wide stance, with my feet on the floor; my chest on the table top, held down with a strong hand; my butt waving out into the aisle; and my face up against a porthole, where, nonsensically, I watched the world of patterned fields and small towns drift by below us as CJ’s huge dick plowed ever deeper into me. He was as gentle as possible under the circumstances, but the pain nearly overwhelmed the pleasurable feeling of taking him into me and listening to the murmurs casino siteleri of ecstasy of a man who held my career in his hands just as he now was holding my engorged cock and balls in his hand.

After having gotten who knows how far into me, CJ started a rhythmic pumping action with his rod, at first finely controlled, but near the end in what was more of a wild frenzy. Whether or not he had intended to do so, he shot off inside me, and I felt like a fountain was gushing up toward my stomach. I can’t say I was sorry when the pumping had stopped, but now I was sure that I’d be able to endure anything that this Binggum guy was likely to expect of me. CJ laid his chest down along my back and nibbled on my ear as he started a concentrated pumping action on my own cock with his huge fist. I turned my head, and we were in a long kiss when I came yet again. He then withdrew from my ass, helped me to rise, and hugged and kissed me when he’d helped me up. Then we both collapsed onto the heavily carpeted floor of the center aisle, our bodies entwined in a close embrace.

“That was wonderful,” CJ whispered into my ear. “You did just great. I would never have known this was your first time for all this—except maybe for the tightness of that lovely ass of yours.”

“So, do you think I will do for this CEO we have to impress,” I whispered back to CJ. “He couldn’t have a cock any bigger and thicker than yours, could he?”

“Ummm, I doubt you have to worry about that,” CJ said after a lengthy pause. “Binggum’s pretty much strictly a bottom. Except when he can get fresh meat—or nearly fresh meat. He’s always after me to find him a tight ass. He’s not really interested unless the hole has rarely been used. Of course, that wouldn’t be you, I suppose, if tell him the truth.”

I chomped on that a moment and decided to backtrack a bit by asking, “What’s a bottom?”

“A bottom is a taker rather than a giver in ass fucking. I’m afraid I haven’t been fair with you. I didn’t have to test you in this department, but you’re so luscious, I couldn’t resist. I was crazy to be your first. And I’ll have to say that you have one tight, luscious ass.”

“That’s okay,” I responded, “I’m glad you were my first. But I’m afraid it may all be downhill if I ever do this again.”

“Of course we’ll do this again,” CJ whispered. “I’m even more mad for you after having had you than I was before.” With this, he rolled me over to where he could give me a deep, wet kiss, and he returned one hand to fondling my dick and balls.

“So, I’m ready for Binggum?” I asked when CJ had let me up for air.

“Well, not exactly,” CJ admitted. “Binggum not only is a bottom, he’s a bit kinky. He’s into leather and bondage. We’ll have see whether you can handle that, if you can show a masterful hand and a bit of a cruel streak.”

“But, but,” I said. “I don’t think I could do that on you, up here. You’re still my boss, and I’m afraid you’d just swat me across the plane if I tried anything even slightly cruel with you.”

“Possibly,” CJ answered with a low laugh. “We might try it someday, but I have other plans.”

“Oh?” I asked.

“Yes, don’t look toward the galley now, but didn’t you notice that swishy looking blond guy who welcomed us aboard?”

“Yeah. You mean he’s been here all the time.”

“Yes. Well, I told him to stay in the galley until/unless we called for him, but I’ve noticed that he’s been peeking at us off and on for some time now. We’ll use him for our next checkout phase, shall we?”

“Is just slightly cruel okay for starters?” I asked.

“Sure. We won’t really want to damage the CEO we’re trying to suborn, do we?” CJ slot oyna answered in a low voice, and then, in a louder voice, as we both rose from the floor of the aisle, CJ called out, “Come out, come out, wherever you are, Greg, honey. I know you’re just on the other side of that door and you’ve been watching.”

The door to the galley slowly opened, and the air steward glided into the compartment. I say glided, because he obviously was into ballet. He was an effeminate blue-eyed blond of slight height, but very well proportioned with strong-looking arms and legs. His smoothly shaven face was more beautiful than handsome, and his head was set in wild blond curls. My first thought was that I wondered if he was a bleach-blond and gave himself home perms. He was wearing a blowsy muslin long-sleeved shirt, open enough at the neck to show blond curls almost up to his throat, but I would not have put it past him to have bleached and permed that as well. His white pants were tight and of a material that followed his strong leg muscles and bubble butt. I would not have been surprised to see that he had the pronounced codpiece fly like you see in the ballet, as well, but the reality was that his fly was still open. We must have caught him playing with himself as he watched us and only had time to stuff his dick back into his pants before CJ forced him to appear. The bulge running down his thigh confirmed to me that he had been exercising himself in that area.

“Greg? I may call you Greg, mightn’t I?” I asked him in a low voice as I bore down on him.

He had been giving me the once-over as he came in the compartment—which must have meant that he already had a great familiarity with CJ, because I wasn’t so vain that I didn’t realize that any eyes in a room of naked men would go directly to the milk-chocolate athletic build of CJ and that big black cock of his. There was a sloppy grin on Greg’s face, and his eyes were so languid I wouldn’t have been surprised if they were swimming in semen already from his recent voyeurism. He reached down to zip up his fly as I came close.

“No, let’s not waste our time with that, Greg, honey,” I growled, as I grabbed his belt loops on both sides and jerked his pants down. This knocked him down in the aisle, and I just pulled the pants and his thong briefs completely off his legs and tossed them aside. Greg came right back up on his feet as dainty as a cat. His expression had turned to surprise and his eyes now flared. But I didn’t give him time to respond further. My hands went to the neck of his billowing, diaphanous shirt, and I literally ripped the garment from his body. All doubt was dispelled. He indeed was a natural blond with tightly curled hair. The hair curled down from his throat and flared off to cover his well-developed chest and then flared back in to descend his flat belly and flare out again around a very presentable cock, which was at least three-quarters engorged. He had little gold rings pierce behind each nipple and in his cute little bellybutton.

“My, my, Greg. Aren’t we a pretty one?” I said, as I pushed him roughly back at arms length against the now-closed galley door.

Greg’s eyes were wide, and he was licking his lips. “Not anything compared to you, Sir. Please, can I touch you?”

“Just a touch, Greg, dear. Just a hint of a touch,” I said as I pulled very close to him, holding his eyes with mine. He reached one hand out tentatively to my left nipple and then slid it into my chest hair. My cock gave a little lurch of appreciation against his thigh. His other hand went to my cock. But just as he touched it, I pulled away again at arms length. “I said just a touch for now, Greg.”

He canlı casino siteleri wasn’t paying any attention to me, though; he sank to his knees and swallowed my engorging cock in one expert motion all the way down to my root. I was having none of that, however. I lifted him by his chest and slammed him back against the door. I went for his balls with my right hand and squeezed as he winced and writhed in pain.

“Not that for now, Greg. You have to learn who is in control.” I leaned forward and pulled at his right nipple ring with my teeth until he gave a little yelp. “Are we straight on that, Greg, honey?”

He nodded, in pain. I let loose of the nipple ring but not his balls. “Say it, Greg. Tell me who’s in charge.”

“You are. You are . . . Sir.”

“Good. CJ, what do we have here that will serve as restraints?”

CJ’s eyes looked around the cabin, and then he buried a hand first into one seat and then another and came up with two seat belts he had detached at their base.

“Ah, good. I suggest facing into that seat over there and using those rods running down the ceiling of the cabin over the seats.” CJ was quick to understand, and in no time we had Greg hanging with his hands tied very close to the ceiling of the cabin ceiling in a section with double seats and his knees on the seat facing the seatbacks.

“What do you say we go directly to the fuck,” I asked CJ jauntily.

“Whatever you say, Craig,” CJ answered. “But there’s something about our little steward that might interest you. Here. Give me a minute.” CJ went off into the galley, but before he got back, I’d found his little surprise. I’d gotten behind Greg and had lifted his bubble butt up and parted his cheeks, ready to prepare him for a good fuck, only to find the biggest and slackest asshole I’d ever seen. CJ, as big as his cock was, couldn’t have been the biggest dude this guy had been servicing.

“Oh my, Greg, what have we been doing, you naughty boy?” Still, I was doing this as much for whoever was going to fuck him as for him, so I went ahead and started tonguing around his rim and making little, very wet flicks into his hole. Greg was making little moans of pleasure now, and was reaching back with his hands and running them through my hair and over my shoulders.

“Oh, I see you’ve found out,” CJ said, as he returned. “Here, I know this is new to you. Use this.” CJ had brought back a huge cucumber that he’d found in the galley fridge and was lathering it with the lubricant he’d used before screwing me.

I took the lathered cucumber, which Greg hadn’t seen yet, and slid it right into Greg’s hole and gave it a little pumping action. Greg screamed in surprise when the ‘cuke first entered him, but I could tell the cucumber wasn’t bothering him all that much.

“Here,” CJ said, as he took the cucumber from me, tossed it aside, and slid up under Greg so that CJ was sitting in the seat facing him. He grabbed Greg’s hips, told me to position his cock, and then entered the steward as he pulled his hips down. He pumped for a while, but then told me to get behind Greg. When I was in position, he pushed Greg’s butt up with his pelvis and invited me to join in the fun. I’d never imagined doing this before, but I was game, and Greg’s ass seemed to be built for double fucking. So, in my dick went into Greg’s ass alongside CJ’s. It was quite a pleasant experience to be fucking Greg but also to be rubbing up against CJ’s cock at the same time. Greg was panting and doing a little moaning, but he was taking this quite well, I thought. CJ and I alternated between plunging together and plunging counter to each other in a piston motion. I reached one of my hands around Greg’s waist and found his cock rubbing up against CJ’s belly, and I gave it good enough attention that Greg came first and then CJ and I came almost simultaneously a few seconds later.

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