Dear Brother

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Dear Little Brother,

Oh little brother. I figured I’d make you feel extra special with your favorite meal on your birthday. Of course I’m going to let you take your first bite before I reveal to you all the very special ingredients I added, just for you.

It’s your favorite; Chicken Parmesan. Well, I prefer calling it Chicken Shit Parm. And yes, I will so relish in watching you eat your only, yet favourite, sisters shit.

You’re such a disgusting piece of shit that I figured eating shit is just perfect for you. It’s what you deserve. You don’t deserve anything better. You’re such a big nerd, you have to eat my shit. How are you going to explain to mom and dad why your breath smells so bad? You fucking disgust me. And you disgust mom so much too.

This isn’t even the first time I do this to you. Haven’t you ever noticed how after you shower you smell like disgusting piss and shit? Of course you don’t, you’re so fucking stupid. Anyways, it’s because me and my girlfriend’s take turns pissing in your shampoo. We shove the bottle right up to our dirty, unwashed vaginas and piss right in the bottle. Once I even added a log of shit to your bottle. Good thing you buy the value bottles, because it was a huge piece of shit too. It was about a pound, and it didn’t even fit in the opening of the bottle. I had to shove it all in afterwards.

It was thrilling. I just had to do more, and as you know I’ve also recently gotten interested in soapmaking. You’ve noticed, and I even gave you your very own, personal shit soap to use. I learned how to make my shit gelatinous enough that it stays solid and doesn’t melt. “Oh little brother, it’s all natural and soo good for your skin. Use it, trust me, you’ll be glowing after one use!” It’s so much fun, it’s hilarious to see you leave the bathroom with no clue. We all laugh so hard we piss ourselves!

Mom and I have been messing with your food and drinks since you were a kid. You were such a young age but we just couldn’t stand hearing you talk anymore. This one time, you were so young, but you were crying at McDonald’s. “Mom I want a milkshake!” That’s when we both started slow and it built up from there. I mean it was just us spitting in your shake that first time but we loved it so much that we bonded over the way we couldn’t stand you and how doing nasty things to you actually put smiles on both on faces. And from there we just couldn’t stop. Every chance we get we mess with you, with your food, your computer, your clothes, your room, everything.

You’re so stupid, you don’t even realize that the extra chunks in your ice cream isn’t chocolate. That’s my shit! Everytime I have a nice, soft shit I save it. I put in it a cooler to save until you get a new tub of ice cream and I’m gracious enough to let you have your first bowl shit-free. Then I mix my soft, chunky shit in that favourite ice cream of yours for you to enjoy every night while you play your stupid games, or read your disgusting, nerdy comic books. Which, by the way, I’ve also used to wipe my ass with. It’s amazing how you never notice the long length of time it takes you to get through each tub of ice cream. I add so much shit, the tub of shitty ice cream must weigh double the weight it should. And you eat every last drop! Like the disgusting, pathetic pig you are.

One time, me and mom ate spicy food all week. A lot of taco bell. We had a cooler full of our shit combined that we saved up for 4 days. There were at least 10 loads of shit in there. Each one was bigger than the last. It must’ve weighed a good 15 pounds. The cooler was practically overflowing, we had to get a second one! Mom actually threw up once opening one of the coolers to add her shit. At least she threw up into the cooler! Haha it was funny.. we laughed so hard on how bad our shit and vomit stunk. There was a little bit of blood in it too from how hot and huge it came out of my ass. Well we mixed 2lbs of it up with ground beef. Went overkill with spices so you can’t smell our shit. The red bits from my blood looked like red pepper flakes, and I’m sure added some nice extra flavour for you. That meatloaf was so dense, and chunky with our shit it must’ve weighed 5lbs. You looked like you were going to vomit with every bite you took. I knew you were a big liar, you disgusting piece of shit. You really believed us when we said the chunks were just extra bread crumbs we used. You’re so dumb, and just plain oblivious.

Remember that cake mom made you randomly? It wasn’t because she loves you, that’s for sure! It was just another way to torture you, for being such a pathetic piece of shit. Mom had some girlfriend’s over, and some coworkers too. They all got a bit drunk and they went along with mom’s idea. So all 10 women were in the kitchen squatting over bowls, shitting out pounds and pounds of shit, and pissing gallons together. It was actually a bonding canlı bahis şirketleri moment for them all. Then they made you that special, huge pound cake with over 13 pounds of shit. Every single pound went into the cake. It was so chunky, and thick with shit, it was so funny when you were like “some of these chocolate chunks are tasting a little off.” Of course they were, it was shit dumbass! But you believed us when we told you we used a new type of organic dark chocolate.

You’re so stupid, you don’t realise how much we hate you. You’ve never done anything but be the perfect brother, but mom and I, and literally everyone else just despise you. You’re a stupid fucking nerd, who’s never going to amount to anything.

Mom agrees with me. She’s even taken turns pissing in your mouthwash, and wiping her dirty, shitty ass on your toothbrush. When mom adds the piss to your mouthwash, she’ll request every friend of hers to take a piss, and not flush the toilet so it’ll all mix together, and the bowl gets so full of 7-9 different women’s piss. Then she’ll take your mouthwash, and dunk the bottle in the toilet to scoop up as much piss as she can. You should see how hard she laughs about it too. She laughs so hard that she pisses again and so your mouthwash gets even more full. How can you not tell that even though you use it every day, the amount never changes? It must be pure piss at this point!

You don’t realize how much effort we put into this. Do you know how much work it is to squeeze out toothpaste from the tube, mix it with our piss and shit, then put it back in the tube? Every time you get a new tube, that’s exactly what we do. I’ll take your toothpaste, and add my fresh, hot piss and a nice, huge, steaming shit to it in a bowl. Then I’ll use a funnel and squish it all back in the tube so every day you go to school reeking of shittier breath than you already have. You’re always so embarrassed, coming home from school crying and saying “ohh why won’t anyone talk to me?” and “why do people pretend to gag when I’m around?” Well little brother, they’re not pretending. Your breath smells even worse than when the shit is fresh. And that’s not even the full length we’ll go to to fuck with you.

Oh you know the smoothie auntie makes you every morning for breakfast since she moved in with us? Well she pisses and shits in it too! Every single morning, aunties first piss of the day goes in your smoothie. And she has some shit saved up to feed you. For her birthday last year I got auntie her own cooler to keep her shit in just for you. Yes, we even got her in on it. That’s how much everyone just despises you. One time our cousin joined in while she was visiting. You’re so dumb, you never taste it, really? I can’t believe how fucking pathetic and dumb you really are. Oh and the cereal and milk she gives you too? Well she hands it to mom first, and Mom takes a piss in that! Sometimes she spits in it, or hocks a loogie even. That’s not all. Of course, she takes a shit and adds little pieces of shit she balls up to the cereal. Did you really think those were chocolate marshmallows you were eating every day? And you eat it all up, and sometimes you ask for seconds. I can’t believe you don’t see the chunks of her phlegm and the yellow of her piss, or even smell the nasty stink of her shit that you gobble down like the pig you are. That just shows how stupid and oblivious you are too.

And your Nutella, your precious stupid Nutella, peanut butter, and Cheez Whiz. I took a big, fat shit and mixed it all up. It was such a huge shit too. As big around as my fist and a footlong at least. It had chunks in it from the corn we ate the night before. You didn’t notice how they were more full than before? You didn’t notice the stench? You’re so stupid, you even believed me when I said that Nutella and peanut butter get chunky after being opened for so long. And that Cheez Whiz turns slightly brown after being opened for so long. So fucking

stupid of you. I can’t believe how stupid you are sometimes. Just blindly listening to me, letting me feed you my shit unknowingly. And you eat every single bite every day.

Mom even got some of her friends in on it. She had a party one night, and made a ton of treats just for you. Pudding, hot cocoa, some more cake and even cookies. They had a blast all taking turns shitting into a bowl and using it as the “chocolate.” The detail they took, they grabbed little nuggets of shit and rolled them up into little balls to be chocolate chips for the cookies.

Melting the shit to be used in the pudding and hot cocoa was the worst smell I’ve ever smelt before in my life. The consistency it became, so thick yet goopy, and runny was a work of art from those women. They melted the shit down in a pan that’s saved just for your meals. It took a while, but eventually the solid shit started to melt, and become this runny, smelly chocolate looking liquid. They mixed it with cocoa powder, and poured canlı kaçak iddaa it into your favourite mug, you know the one that’s from your favourite video game? And added some little chunks of shit to the top, giving you some “chocolate” marshmallows.

I wish you could’ve seen the huge pile of shit they made you eat. It must’ve been 12 or 13 pounds of pure, steaming shit. All saved from the day before and fresh from that day. 4 women all together, baking away with shit up to their elbows. And you ate every last bite. You’re so stupid to really believe us when we convinced you it was all natural chocolate, and the taste is just from it being organic. You disgusting, pathetic pig.

Why do you think mom makes you all these treats all the time? It’s not because you’re a good son, that’s for sure. You’re so pathetic, and nerdy. All you do is play video games or read your comic books. You need to get a life you pathetic loser.

Remember last week when mom brought home a box of donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts? Well she told you that they were that new Nutella kind of donut. Truth is Nutella wasn’t the only ingredient. Mom has a friend that works there and yes, she was in on it too. Mom convinced her friend Cindy to take a shit while at work and inject it inside the donuts that were made special for you. You love food so much that you don’t even realize what you eat. It was so hard to not bust out the truth when you said “this Nutella tastes a little different.” You have no idea how funny that is! You’re so fucking pathetic. You are just too easy to shit on and for some reason every woman you meet seems to enjoy throwing shit your way.

Mom told me a crazy story. It’s so hilarious and nobody would believe it. But that time you got your wisdom teeth pulled out and you woke up with such a shitty feeling from the meds? Well our dentist; Dr. Amy is one of mom’s best girl friends. But you knew that. Mom gave me the details and I sooo wish I was there to witness it but all I got is photos. Mom had this all pre-planned! This was just purely for the humiliation.

They froze your mouth so much and put mom’s big piece of shit in your mouth. Permanently. While your gums were open, after the teeth were taken out, Dr. Amy took the shit mom brought with her and stuffed your gums full of shit. Right to the top of your gums, they were filled right up, overflowing even.

Before stitching up your gums, mom took out the 1.5lb frozen shit dildo she premade and brought with her. She got a huge mold, and made a dildo with her own shit, by packing it into the mold and freezing it. Dr. Amy took the huge shit dildo, and stuffed it in your mouth. It looked like you were sucking a disgusting, dirty cock! The cock was so big, you could hardly fit it in your mouth. It looks like it was as big around as a baseball bat! And almost as long as one too. Honestly, it looked like what you see in BBC porn. I’m sure you’ve watched your fair share of that, wishing and just yearning for a dick that big, both of your own and in your ass. Dr. Amy called in all her nurses again, and had them all laughing so hard. One nurse, Chantal, took the dildo and shoved it further down into your mouth so you were really deep throating it. We were all laughing so hard, Chantal even pissed herself! Of course, she was standing over top of you, with her legs on the seat beside your arms, and pissed all over your clothes. Then she took your hand and yanked down your pants, to make it look like you were jerking off to the huge cock in your mouth!

After making your whole mouth bloody from the face fucking, Dr. Amy then stitched up your gums. That shit will be in your gums for the rest of your life, now that the stitches are well beyond healed. That shit is in your mouth, you’ll never have a fully clean mouth again. You’ve probably got massive infections in your gums from the pure amount of shit they stuffed in there. You’re so fucking dumb, and pathetic for not tasting it.

So then they turned you over onto your side. Of course it only took 1 nurse to turn you over, since you’re so skinny like an ugly little twig. The shit dildo was so huge it would’ve needed so much lube for a normal person to be able to take even half of it. Good thing you’re not a normal person, because Dr. Amy then shoved it up your ass completely dry. There was lots of blood, and I’m sure you’ve got permanent scars from it. But you had no problem taking all the long 16 inches of it, and it looks like your ass was so stretched out, it’ll be loose like that for the rest of your life now. How they managed to fit the whole thing in your ass is beyond me. It made me think that you took a lot of dick up your ass throughout the years. You took the whole, foot and a half long dildo with no issue. It looks so incredible in the pictures, not even the most experienced porn stars can take a dick that long. It must’ve been touching your stomach. The dildo was so long, everyone who held it needed both hands to simply carry canlı kaçak bahis it. And the girth, it was as big around as my arm.

And you didn’t even complain about pain in your ass. You must be using mom’s dildos you sick fuck. I just wish I could’ve been there to witness it, it was hilarious. I saw the pictures Chantal and Nancy took. They sent the pictures and videos to every single woman in their contact list, with the caption to forward to anyone and everyone they could ever think of. It was even posted on a few revenge porn sites, Facebook, and it was trending on twitter. Which of course, you’re too fucking dumb to realize even with all the time you spend on your stupid computer.

So after fucking your dirty ass for a good 10 minutes, Dr. Amy finally decided to wake you up and get you the hell out of her office. Since then, I’m sure you’ve tasted a disgusting, dirty taste in your mouth. Have you had no idea this whole time? Dumbass.

The next time you had to go to Dr. Amy was amazing too. Your last adult tooth had just come in. You were crying and yelling that “I don’t want fillings”, and “why are my brand new teeth already full of cavities?” You never were one to question authority, so when Dr. Amy and Mom told you it must be all the sweets she makes you, you didn’t even bat an eye. I also recall you being very confused why everyone wanted you to be put to sleep for only 2 teeth you needed filled. I told you that by being asleep it would make it go by so much faster, recovery would be quicker and easier, you wouldn’t jerk around and get hurt accidentally, just so much bullshit. And you ate it up, because why wouldn’t you trust your perfect big sister?

Anyways, I got to watch the whole thing, and I even helped. As Dr. Amy drilled into the first tooth she drilled a little too much. As she looked to her nurses, she saw that everyone was laughing so hard, so Dr. Amy decided to keep going. She drilled and drilled until every single molar and canine tooth was completely hollow. Each tooth had just a thin layer of the bone left, the inside was completely gone. Dr Amy even took great care to sand down the inside of each tooth, so they were nice and smooth. Then she had me and her nurses go to the bathroom, and take the biggest shit we could muster up. Then we got to shove as much as we physically could into every single tooth hole. Then, once they were overflowing with shit, Dr. Amy put white fillings on every molar, and caps on every canine tooth in that disgusting, filthy mouth of yours.

She wasn’t too sure what to do about your front teeth as they’re so thin. But I came up with a good idea. She took a set of implants that were slightly larger than your teeth, and took the tiniest drill she has. She opened up the top of the tooth, the part that sits in your gums, and hollowed out as much as she could of those teeth too. It took a long time, since they’re such thin teeth, but there’s a reason she’s the best dentist around. Once the implants were stuffed full, she set them aside and moved onto the next part of the plan; pulling your front teeth out. I can’t believe you haven’t noticed that your 8 front teeth aren’t natural or even your originals. You’re so oblivious to everything around you, it’s frightening.

The implants were slightly too full, and she made a mess all over your face and mouth as she was inserting them into your gums. She got them in though, and I think you look better this way. With your shitty new teeth. It’s hilarious to think you’ve been walking around, with a literal shit eating grin every day since then.

I hate yet love how much you complain about how much pain you’re constantly in. You can hardly eat anything other than soft foods like the soup we melt our shit into, or the overcooked spaghetti and shitballs we make for you. You’ll never get rid of this pain, you pathetic bastard. It’ll follow you around, every single day for the rest of your life. There’s no getting away from it now, those teeth are in your mouth forever. Your adult teeth will be with you until the day you die. Pure torture with every bite you take, every breath you take, it’ll feel like needles jabbing into your gums.

I hate you so much, every chance I get I fuck with you. Whenever you leave your clean laundry laying around I squat over it and take the biggest piss of my life. Then I let it dry before you come home, and you’d never know the difference! That’s how dumb you are. You can’t even smell how pathetic and disgusting you truly are.

I love fucking with you so much, it’s almost a fetish for me. One time, I froze my shit in a frisbee and then I slid it into the CD drive on your computer. I bet you still haven’t noticed! You’re such an oblivious dumbass. You wouldn’t know your own ass from your head.

And you know your expensive keyboard, the one you saved up for months to buy? I sat there, taking off every single key. I stuffed a small piece of shit into each key’s base. Then I meticulously put each key back on in the proper order so you’d never know the difference. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. Or should I say the shits out of the bag? Haven’t you wondered why the keys stick down every time you use them?

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